the transferware jackpot

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I know this is going to be an incredible shock to some of you, but I love ironstone and blue transferware.  I would say it’s out of hand, but I do sell far more than I keep, so it’s not totally out of hand.  You can tell the minute you step in my house, though, that it’s a soft spot.


So, when Kriste told me she spotted a bunch of blue & white transferware pitchers she thought I would like at a local antique shop, my ears perked up.  She pulled up a picture she snapped of them on her phone.  I knew immediately from the shape and faded blue pattern that they were old and the kind I specifically hunt for.  

“How much were they?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  About $10-15/each, I think.”

I just about fell off my chair.

You bought them all, didn’t you?!?

Kriste looked a bit surprised at my passion.  “Um, no.  But I would imagine they are still there.”

That’s when the paranoia kicks in.

 I know they are going to get wiped out before I can make it there.  

So, I set out to run some errands and do some shopping yesterday.  I stopped by a friend’s shop, intending to buy a chandelier, but I ended up buying a marble-topped table and some amazing architectural pieces.  I mentioned I was headed over to hunt down some blue pitchers Kriste tipped me on.  At that, she cringed.

“I just bought some blue & white pitchers from there…”

I knew they would be gone!  

So, I went to the shop, preparing myself for certain disappointment.  I had never been in this antique mall before and it was huge, so I had a hard time even finding the second floor, where Kriste said she spotted the pitchers.  I finally found the stairs and, as I passed through the first doorway, there they were.  Just like they were in Kriste’s pictures.

I turned over the tags, slightly anxious that Kriste had perhaps misread the price and they were $115/each instead of just $15.  She read the tag right.  I scooped up four gorgeous blue & white transferware pitchers and coffee pots and they were all priced under $20/each.


I’m fairly comfortable balancing ironstone, but my precariously situated armload did get a few sideways glances.  They all made it safely to the counter.  And I relished in my victory.

Pieces like these, even ones with chips and stains are usually at least $50, so these were a bargain, even with all of their imperfections.



I love the stains, the shape of the spouts, handles and angled sides.


…and the details…




…and the hallmarks!!  Oh, the hallmarks.  I don’t know why they make me all a’flutter, but they do.



Speaking of ironstone, I was working on another fall photo shoot today and Jeff noticed me looking through cabinets, humming.

“What are you looking for?”

I answered with my head tucked in a cabinet, focusing on the contents, “Oh…a piece of ironstone…”

“You mean, there’s one you don’t have?”

Hardy har.


When I wasn’t entirely consumed with finding the pitchers, I shopped for accessories for Megan’s office makeover as well as the upcoming Market on Chapel Hill (in Pike Road, Alabama, October 3, 2015.)

And, I found some great pieces for both…

the transferware jackpot

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