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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Paris Perfect.  I was provided accommodations and services in exchange for posting about my experience.  As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

A couple of weeks before my trip to Paris, the plan was to stay in a hotel in the St. Germain area and plan our own schedule.  But then, I got an e-mail from Paris Perfect that changed all of that.  I’m paraphrasing here, but the e-mail said something like, “Do you have accommodations already?  If not, would you like to stay in one of our apartments in Paris?”

Let me think about that for the tiniest fraction of a second.


Once I said yes and cancelled my hotel reservations, I realized I didn’t know anything about Paris Perfect.  In my excitement, I didn’t even think that this might be a less-than-legit company!  I immediately hopped on the computer to do some research and was delighted to learn that it is a wonderful company with great reviews, started by an inspiring woman, with apartment rentals in key locations around Europe.  (London, Florence, Normandy, Provence, etc.)

I waited to receive details on the specific apartment we’d be staying in along with what outings would be scheduled for us.

The next day, an e-mail arrived in my inbox with those details.  I was laughing out loud out of utter joy when I was looking at the pictures of the apartment.  I immediately called my mom to let her know of our “upgrade”.  We were both laughing in disbelief.

Paris Perfect put us up in a 3 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and views of the Eiffel tower.  It was bigger than the first house Jeff and I bought.  We had so much space, I invited Wendy (of Front Porch Mercantile) and her husband to join us, since they were in Paris at the same time.

Paris Perfect also put together an itinerary working around things we already planned and had tickets/appointments for (like the Louvre and a dinner meeting with my UK distributor and a couple of retailers) and they filled in some other outings based on what we wanted to do – a guided flea market tour, tickets for Museé d’Orsay, tickets for a cruise on the Seine, and a patisserie tour.

We arrived in Paris knowing just where to go and that we would be taken care of.  I’ll tell you about the flea market tour later, but that is what we did when we first arrived.  Right off the plane, we went touring at what felt like the middle of the night for us!  It was surreal, but a great way to stay awake.

Anyway, after the tour, we got to check into our apartment.  Our bags were being held at the Paris Perfect office, so we went to pick those up and a member of their staff, Virgil, showed us to our apartment.  Here was our address…

Our apartment was on the 7th floor, so there was a small lift/elevator to bypass the stairs.  Virgil told my mom and I to get on with a couple of suitcases and everyone else would follow.  He handed me the apartment keys and I stepped in with some hesitancy.  You see, I have been stuck in small elevators before (along with a couple of enclosed bathrooms) and that has left me claustrophobic.  This was a nice elevator and I’m sure it was fine, but I still really didn’t want to get in it!

With everyone waiting for us to get in the elevator, I went in.

The small elevator had a glass door, so you could see the floors slowly pass.  You could also feel it swaying slightly in the shaft and hear small creaks in the walls.  All of this, along with the slow ascent, made me start to panic.  I couldn’t wait to get out.  We finally made it to the 7th floor and I quickly opened the interior door.  The exterior door wasn’t opening, though.  I reached out to try to open the door.  The door started to slide into its pocket and, as that happened, the keys slipped out of my shaky hands and managed to land directly in the 1/2″ gap between the elevator and the floor.

It took me a minute to realize the clinking of metal was the keys, the apartment keys, falling seven stories down the elevator shaft.

We clumsily got our stuff and ourselves off the elevator and the full realization of what happened hit me.  I was mortified.  In my exhaustion from the jet lag and travel, I leaned over the railing and, forgetting that people actually lived in that building, carelessly yelled down the stairs, “Virgil, I dropped the keys!”

In hindsight, I can laugh about it and I do wish I could’ve seen the scene below.  Wendy told me they could hear the keys falling down the shaft, then hear me faintly yelling, and Virgil just put his hand over his face as he thought through what to do.

Fortunately, they had an extra set of keys at the office, so Virgil fetched the keys and we were able to get in.  (As a side note, they do think the keys can be recovered, but I let them know I would be happy to pay for a replacement set if they could not.  It was completely my fault.  And I did hoof it up an down all seven flights of stairs the rest of the trip!)

One step into the apartment, though, and my heightened anxiety was soothed and the embarrassment of dropping the keys faded.

The apartment we were staying in is called The Margaux and it is beautiful.  Breathtaking.

It has old Paris charm with modern amenities, like air conditioning, a large kitchen, dishwasher, washer & dryer, two bathrooms (one with a large soaking tub), electric awnings for the balconies, etc.

And every room has French doors that open to a wrap-around balcony.  I stepped outside to take in the view…

…and I was captivated by the neighboring buildings.

And then I rounded the corner and saw the Eiffel tower.  I gasped.  It was so close you felt like you could just reach out and touch it.  The pictures can’t even begin to do it justice.  This is what you want when you stay in Paris.

Off the kitchen, there is a sitting area, a dining room, and a living room.  The sofa is a sofa bed and there was an ottoman that folded out into a twin bed.

Down the hallway, there are three bedrooms and a den/TV room.  The den has a sofa bed as well and the two non-master bedrooms have beds that can be pushed together or made as two separate beds.

All of the decor is charming!  The chandeliers and mirrors and textiles and beds…

And each bedroom has its own balcony – one led to the Eiffel tower view and connected with the kitchen/living room balcony and the other had a balcony overlooking the building courtyard.

The master bedroom had a private bath with a shower and tub, a queen bed…

…and a private balcony with a view of the Eiffel tower.  I stayed in that room and I didn’t want to close the curtains, so I could soak it in as long as possible.  I would draw the curtain right when I was ready to sleep and would throw it back open as soon as I woke up.  That view was a great cure for morning jet lag.

And, it was in a beautiful arrondissement (district).  Everyone told us we were very fortunate to be staying in the 7th.  We were just a short walk away from the Eiffel tower, not to mention Rue Cler.  It was easy to catch the metro to other destinations we wanted to see, but it didn’t feel touristy.

When we were first planning our trip to Paris, we looked at staying in an apartment, but I was concerned about picking one that was in a safe part of town, that was a good location, and was as-described in the listing.  I have heard of some scary experiences, so I just went with a hotel, knowing it wouldn’t be a part of the experience, but just a place to stay while we were there.

As we were flying out of Paris to our next destination, my mom and I agreed that we wouldn’t do Paris any other way than to stay in a Paris Perfect rental.  We felt safe, supported, and the place to stay became a part of the experience.  We loved heading back to our apartment after a long day sightseeing.  We would sit out on the balcony and take the city in.  My mom would sip wine and I would journal about the events of the day.

The Margaux is a large apartment that can sleep 8 and runs from €896 – €2745/per night, so it’s the kind of place that’s better shared with a few couples or a small group of girl friends.  (If you book it out of season, eight people would just pay over €100/ night, which beats a lot of hotels.  Paris Perfect does have smaller, less expensive rentals, but they are all in safe areas in prime locations.

One more accolade for Paris Perfect is they thought of everything to make your stay comfortable.  They have outlet adapters, laundry soap, shampoo & conditioner, slippers, extra towels, guide books, a huge book of tips put together by their team for seeing Paris or taking day trips or using the metro.  They stock the fridge with juice, milk, and a bottle of wine.  They even have a book for each apartment with details about opening the awnings or running the washing machine or turning on the AC.  And they are just a phone call away if you have any problems.

It made our trip to Paris so special and enjoyable.

I felt like Cinderella at the ball and didn’t take it for granted for one second.

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    1. Catharine

      I’m just breathless! What an absolute treat for you and your Mom! I hear you on the elevator. I just don’t do elevators. Sorry you had some anxious moments! Enjoy the rest of your trip. I am living vicariously through you! Blessings.

    2. Eileen

      Ooh la la!
      What a place! Now I really want to go to Paris! I had heard of Paris Perfect and am happy it is as nice as I hoped. Great reference

    3. Karen L.

      Wow, if my husband and I ever go to Paris again, we’ll look into that venue (albeit for a smaller, less expensive apt)! It looks so wonderful! Good decision, Marian. Hope you and your mom are so enjoying your terrific trip together.

    4. Lorna

      You’re living a wonderful dream , Marian. I wouldn’t close those curtains either. What a beautiful way to experience Paris. The rooms are exquisite!

    5. Elizabeth

      You deserve this, Marian. It is fitting that you should stay in a fabulous, beautifully decorated Paris apartment, considering all of your hard work instructing and inspiring your readers in the art of home decorating. The look of the apartment was just right. I can’t wait to see which decorating ideas you’ll pick up on your trip and weave into the look of Miss Mustard Seed.

      You are such a good story teller. The elevator tale was priceless. It sounds like the kind of situation where fear of a thing causes it to happen. I hate that kind of situation. I’m glad it turned out to be no big deal and that you can laugh about it now.

    6. Susan M.

      What a treat! That took my breath away too!

    7. Dolores Pap

      Even during the off season, such as November, Paris is divine! Plus, there’s very shorter lines for the Louvre, and other attractions,plus strolling along the Seine, with the sidewalks covered in wet leaves is just so romantic..
      I would definitely stay at this wonderful apartment!

    8. Louise

      Wow, this makes me want to go to Paris. You describe things so well. . Thanks for sharing.

    9. mary m

      Hope you took a picture so you can paint it at a later date! Held my breath as
      I read your details.

    10. B. Folk! I am so happy for you, Marian, and the rest of your group. Thanks for sharing what will probably be the only trip I’ll ever make to Paris:)

    11. Stacey Arps

      I’m so happy for you to have this inspiring experience! What a wonderful blessing!

      The photos of the paintings you posted from the Musee d’ Orsay were breathtaking…I can only imagine seeing them in person. But it struck me when you said that thinking of filling such large canvases as those at the Louvre was overwhelming to you. You have already conquered that hurdle, when you did the mural in your dining room. Give yourself proper credit, girl! I know it isn’t the same thing, but then again…you are your own kind of artist, as it should be.

    12. Jane M

      I’ve used Italy Perfect and know they are amazing…now I can’t wait to use Paris Perfect too! Enjoy your trip!!

    13. Karen K from Buffalo

      OH MY……just oh my!!

      Enjoy Princess Marian…..enjoy!!

    14. Toni

      Hi Marian!! Tre magnifique! In other words, WOW, WOW. WOW. This was an awesome post, and I can’t wait to check into the website of “Paris Perfect”. Your beautifully written words, gorgeous photo’s, and energy can be felt through the entire post. Thank you for sharing your experience!!!

    15. Patty Soriano

      All I could think when I saw the view from the balcony was “oh, my goodness….look at all those chimney pots!” 🙂

    16. Crystal

      Wow, such fabulous photos of an incredible apartment. Next time be sure to go to the Museé Marmatton Monet. You will love it. Loved reading about your adventures!

    17. Connie

      It was a beautiful spot to be able to stay! I have followed Paris Perfect for quite a while now, just in case I am ever fortunate enough to return again!

    18. MaryLisa Noyes

      Beautiful place. You had a true Paris experience. I’ve saved this company because I would definitely book through them. Thanks for sharing.

    19. Alicia Acosta

      Oh! Ms. Marian! How you have been blessed!
      Thanks for all the photos. Do you have one of the bathroom with the tub??? I noticed the painted furniture and thought of your MMS products! And those armchairs with velvet upholstery! Mmmmmm. I am so happy for you, and your mom to have such an unexpected blessing. And the Eiffel Tower right there within arms reach!!!! Wow!
      Looking forward to your next post!

    20. Kim

      How fantastic is that!!!!

    21. D

      I can identify with the keys down the elevator shaft! I worked on the 5th floor or a large ofice building in Texas. One evening long after everyone had left the building, my husband and I were walking toward the row of elevators when I dropped my car keys. Just as my keys skittered across the floor, one of the sets of doors opened and my keys slid right in. We were fortunate to find a maintenance man who rode the elevator with us to the basement and retrieved my keys from the dark cavern at the bottom of the shaft! He had a good chuckle and a fantastic story to tell his crew!

    22. Betty Young

      Hi Marian,
      I love your apartment; it is in the perfect location of Paris. My daughter, two granddaughters and I stayed in a hotel on Rue Cler, and it was magical, The girls were surprised when they saw the elevator. We had a lot of laughs when one person and a suitcase was all that would fit. We were in Paris for five days in June, and the weather was perfect, and I walked 100,000 steps (50 miles) according to my Fitbit. I have been following you on Instagram and so happy you are enjoying your trip. Thanks for posting about Paris Perfect apartments. I would consider renting a small apartment for myself and a travel companion. Happy Travels.

    23. Sari

      As Gertrude Stein once said, “America is my country, and Paris is my home town.” Having visited Paris twice, this quote rings true for me; I have loved seeing Paris again through your eyes (and lens). Thank you, Marian, for taking the time to bring your readers on your journey. Paris Perfect sounds like an apropos name for a company that offers such quintessential Parisian surroundings – how lovely for you and your mom. I look forward to more postings as your travels continue. Merci beaucoup!

    24. Pat

      Thanks for sharing this beautiful accommodation in Paris, I would Lovett stay in an apartment rather than a hotel. And that view—ooh la la, I think I see a future painting depicting that Paris experience.

    25. Linda

      What an incredible experience and I am definitely saving the link to Paris Perfect for when I make it to France! My daughter will be going in February so I will definitely share it with her now to see what type of accommodation they can offer her and her boyfriend!

    26. Tamie

      We stayed at a Paris Perfect rental on our trip in March, it was lovely! We were in the 7th District as well and it was such a wonderful location. It was great to have a place to spread out and relax and nice to have a refrigerator and small kitchen for our breakfasts. Paris Perfect also has rentals in London and Italy and I will definitely be looking in to the Italy one next year. Not an ad, just loved our experience too 🙂

    27. Betsy

      We also love to stay in apartments when we travel. But something most people are unaware of is that Paris is having a huge problem with illegal apartments up for rent on places like Paris Perfect and Airbnb. To be legal, the owner must have a registration number. Paris Perfect does list it on their site for their apartments that have one, but not all of them do. If you rent via Airbnb, you should ask the owner for the number. Otherwise, you could end up in town with nowhere to stay if the government caught onto the illegal apartment. Most of the time it works out just fine, but it would be horrible to be caught unaware.

    28. Kris

      What a perfect place to stay! Thanks for passing on the information …. I don’t think I’ll be going to Paris soon, but ya never know! And thanks, too, to Betsy, above, with her comments.

    29. Dianne

      Amazing! So happy for you! Thanks for sharing with us. Like someone else said, it is the only way that I will ever see Paris. That is the most beautiful apartment, ever. It looks like it was made for you. “Paris Perfect” sounds PERFECT! It really in unbelievable, beyond a dream. Happy your Mom could experience it with you. Maybe next time Jeff and you could go! (My husband’s suggestion. I read your blog to him and show him the photos. He loves you too.) Happy Times!

    30. Elizabeth

      Oh wow! If this is what French decor really is, I love it! I love the colors on the walls! They’re actually very similar to the colors in my home. And the Eiffel Tower view! I never had any desire to see France but things like this I could go see!

    31. Marlene

      Lucky you! Sounds perfect. Although I shall never get there, I enjoy the trip through your eyes and post!

    32. Debbie T

      How truly blessed we are! My husband and I were able to visit Paris in 2013. I kept saying over and over again that I couldn’t believe I was in this place. For someone that is from a very humble background, it was an amazing experience. If my dad had been alive, he would have been calling all of his friends to tell them his daughter was touring in Europe.
      We were able to rent a small apartment just down from Musee Rodin and around a lot of the Embassy locations.The kitchen was so small that both of us couldn’t get in it at the same time, but there was plenty of room for the two of us. It was great to open the windows of that apartment and see the small bakery across the street and the small produce supplier a little way down from him. It was great fun and a wonderful experience.

      • Marian Parsons

        It sounds delightful!

        Our visit was pretty surreal as well. I couldn’t believe that this little business I started when my kids were in diapers had led me there. 🙂

    33. Pamela Allen

      All of your life that you have shared with us is proof, of what happens when we allow our Creator to guide our life. Everything up to the first time you put yourself on this path was to prepare you for this adventure. Not only do you share your adventures with us, but you reflect Jesus to us in His grace and love for His children. Thank you for being a wonderful mirror.

    34. Gabrielle

      Wow Marian! The beauty of this apartment made me hold my breath. I would love to stay in this beautiful apartment. Your trip looks amazing. Looking forward to more posts.

    35. Laurie

      Great review! Sounds like THE way to go! The similarity of their furnishings to your own was incredible!

      • Marian Parsons

        The owner has been reading my blog for a while, so I think they picked a place that was similar to my style. 🙂

    36. Dee Poquette

      And did I see little Eiffel tower monograms on the pillow cases? The French think of everything.

    37. HOMEiA

      Thanks for passing on the information !

    38. Kate

      Thanks so much for sharing. Love the apt and what Paris Perfect does. Maybe I can get my husband to take me to Paris. I can always hope.

    39. Jessica | Petal + Ply

      I just can’t even!!….The apartment you stayed in is amazing!!! So so lovely. What a dream!

    40. Amy

      Absolutely incredible. You and Wendy are both so hard-working and selfless. You deserved this beautiful gift and all the wonderful experiences you encountered. Your pictures of this apartment and the city are simply beautiful and truly capture the essence of what I’ve always thought Paris to be. Thank you for sharing your adventures! It’s a joy to witness.

    41. Katie Mansfield

      That is amazing. What a view! That apartment is absolutely adorable.

    42. Dominique

      I Am a french girl Who loves your blog and cant wait to read you each Time but for the first Time I write à comment just to tell you that for the price of the appartement I Am very happy that they put Orange juice and wine in your fridge !!!! Next Time you come to paris don’t worry about safe places…. I live in bordeaux but each Time I go to paris I feel safe every where and so Many beautiful places so cheaper !!!!
      Hope to meet you one Day… hopefully I can buy your lovely paints by amatxi deco !!!

    43. Tina

      How fun! That apartment looked like it could have been decorated by you!

    44. Kristin

      Oh. My. Word!! I mean, how does an apartment like that happen for ANYONE staying in PARIS?!?!! It was so beautifully done! It actually reminded me of your style in certain ways. Wow. Cool. I’ll be looking into that company up straight away.

    45. homespiration

      So so lovely. What a dream!

    46. Vickie

      Oh I love recommending Paris Perfect to my clients who want something besides a hotel. They have incredible properties! Your pictures show the reason to go!


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