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I remember the very day I typed “home decor blog” in the search bar for the first time.  I didn’t know such a thing existed until a friend told me about them.

That’s a thing?  I thought bloggers were all guys in their basements ranting about politics and sports!  

Well, obviously, I figured out that wasn’t the case.  That first search was like inserting a key and opening a door to a world where my people were all hanging out together.

Sarah was ripping the carpet off of her steps, Layla was renovating her small cottage in Alabama, The Nester was sharing about the desire to clean and organize that accompanies fall, and Melissa was sharing all of her decorating wisdom.  I was so inspired and immediately wanted to be a part of it.  So, I started a blog.

Fast forward to now and, while many things have changed, I am still inspired by all of the home decor bloggers out there.  And this is just the most recent example of that!

I was following Melissa’s small kitchen makeover on The Inspired Room and I was excited to see the final reveal.  When it was finally done and posted, first off, it’s just gorgeous.  Every detail from the oval window to the dutch door.  Yummy.  But, even in with all of those big statement pieces, I was zeroed in on one thing – the little brass bell hung on the wall…

It was so charming and unique and referenced another time when shouting up the steps wasn’t lady-like.  I loved it and started hunting for one.  I would keep an eye out for one any time I was shopping for antiques and I would often search eBay and Etsy, but always came up empty.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I found three!  Two of them were dull, but one of them was shiny and exactly like Melissa’s.  It was being offered in a traditional auction on eBay, so that meant bidding, watching, waiting, and breath-holding, but I was the only bidder and won it for around $30.


I received it in the mail earlier this week and it’s just as I hoped it would be…

I hung it between the sliding door and the kitchen cabinets.  It looks a little lonely there at the moment, but it will fill the space better once the curtains are up.

It’s just one of those little things that makes me smile when I see it and it has the prettiest ring.

If you now “have to have” something similar, try searching “brass wall bell”, “service bell”, and “dinner bell” on Etsy and eBay.  And, a reader actually found them on Amazon!  You can buy one HERE for $27.50.

As an aside, most of the listings indicated this was a service bell, not a dinner bell, but who knows!  They also seem to be reproductions made in the 1970’s as opposed to genuine antiques, but I’m not sure and it doesn’t make me love it any less.

Despite the avocado appliances and foiled wall paper, there were some good things that came out of the 1970’s…


  1. Brenda C

    It’s lovely! There’s also a chance it came from a church- small bells like that often hang by the sacristy door in Catholic churches and are rung as mass is about to start. In a way it’s a call to prayer.

  2. Lisa

    It’s so funny, I had the same reaction to Melissa’s bell! I searched online until I found the right name for it but the one I found was too expensive.
    After reading this, I searched again and found them on Amazon under “Antique style shopkeepers triple bell” for $27.50 and ordered my own.
    I love watching you transform your new home!

  3. TAG

    I have two grown boys and a bell…a gentle “dinner is ready” “ding, ding” was always taken seriously. If I just called out (louder) it took longer to get everyone to the table!

  4. Deanna Rabe

    I’ve always loved Melissa’s bell!

    Yours looks great in your kitchen, too!

  5. Kate

    Bells have such a fascination. I had people practically fighting for my large iron bell at my moving sale. I wasn’t originally going to sell it, figuring it would be a pain to take down off its perch outside (it was there when we bought the house). I considered leaving it for the buyers. At my garage sale, people kept asking if I would sell it. I kept saying no. One woman finally told me she would give me whatever I wanted for it and she would come back with her husband and his tool box to see if it could be removed. Well, he got it down and she went away very happy.

  6. Teresa

    Beautiful! In all my years of going to antique fairs, sales and shops I don’t think I have ever see any. Patience pays off!

  7. Beth Cameron

    My father always rang the sleigh bells when my mother said it was time for dinner while I was growing up.
    They’ve been gone for 2O plus years but I still have the bells.
    Enjoy yours in your new home.

  8. Nancy

    Using bells to call for dinner is so much more civilized. I use a large 1900s school house bell to signal dinner is served. So much better than a yell.

  9. Kathy

    That looks like the one in my church. It is rung when our priest enters for mass to begin.

  10. Anna

    Love the bell 🙂 What a find!

    I got a giggle out of your comment: ” I thought bloggers were all guys in their basements ranting about politics and sports! ” I felt kind of the same way when someone told me that Pinterest had recipes on it! I thought Pinterest was only for decorating ideas! Hahah.

    And call me “insulated” but for the longest time I thought bloggers only wrote about decorating. Guess I missed out on the sports and political blogs. 😉

  11. Elizabeth

    What a funny story about discovering the world of non-trolling blogs! I’m grateful (and impressed) that you’ve stuck with it all these years. The bell looks like it’s always been in your kitchen. I wonder if its ring will become part of any family traditions -? Even if it doesn’t, the hunt was manifestly worth your while. It’s absolutely adorable.

  12. Marlene Stephenson

    Thanks, i would like to have one and never thought to look on amazon, i have a place all ready for it.

  13. Hollie Swope

    My mom has one just like this hanging between her kitchen and dining room. It is such cute little addition and all the grandkids like to ring it!

  14. Beth

    I’m trying to figure out how to send you a pic of the bell I JUST snagged off Etsy, but I can’t. But there are beautiful monestary ones with inscriptions on them on Etsy. Amazon is all sold out. I’ve seen this happen a lot. Bloggers mention where to find something and instantly they sell out. LoL. Well, I’m so excited for mine to arrive! Wall brass bells, they are out there! I’ve wanted her bell all five times I’ve seen it, just kept forgetting to look for one. Your post reminded me! Thanks Marion

  15. PJ

    I was at an estate sale today that had many hand bells. My friends in the next room giggled as I tried out each bell to see which one had the sound I liked. I brought home a classic wooden handled brass bell that reminds me of the old schoolhouse type. Mine will head with me to garden club meetings as I find a bell so much more pleasant than a gavel.

  16. Paula

    Shopkeepers service bell 🙂 So glad there are modern reproductions of them! I found them on ebay.

  17. Michelle

    Thank you Marian! I fell in love with it as well. Just found one on EBay and I have the perfect spot. Can’t wait to show it off on Thanksgiving!

  18. MaryLisa Noyes

    great touch! It’s always a perfect choice when you buy something you have been searching for and then display it so it greets you every morning! Congrats!

  19. Norma Rolader

    I love the bell so special

  20. Alicia from California

    Yes, us ladies must remain dignified! And, since we can’t do what Carter did in Downton Abbey (ring the gong when dinner was ready) in our domestic abodes, I like the ringing of the bells! What a beautiful accent. Hm. Maybe I should submit that to “Santa” as a request.

    No blog yet but I’m looking forward to starting one, even at 70 years of age this December! Let’s hear it for the baby boomers!

  21. Alicia from California

    Just dawned on me that if I found and mounted the hanging bells on the wall, living where I do, it would also be my earthquake alarm bell!!!

  22. Tracey Bradshaw

    I rescued a couple of vintage reproduction (1950’s) brass monastery bells and their hanging brackets from a scrap yard a few years ago. I was lucky enough to be able to buy them at the value of the scrap brass. They are stored away in a box of treasures somewhere but your post reminded me of them – time to dig them out I think! The same yard has yielded me all sorts of unusual treasures over the years, but I am not a regular visitor, so I dread to think of what I miss that gets scrapped and melted down 😢

  23. r

    ha ha! now look what you’ve gone and done!! how many of us will add this to our christmas lists now!!

  24. Jean McGee

    When my children were growing up I had a hand-held bell I would ring for time-to-eat . A smaller bell would sit beside someone who was ill to be rung when they needed something or someone. I still have that one and I use it to get my husband’s attention whether for a meal or for assistance. Also, when my children were still in school a former school teacher friend gave me the larger hand-held bell she would ring when recess was over. I used that when I led meetings with adults and/or children’s groups. It saved my voice many times. 🙂
    Jean McGee

  25. Rebecca L NeustelRe

    One of your little meadow paintings would look great above this bell. Maybe the one I saw on instagram stories today.

  26. Victoria

    For November you could make this a gratitude and good news bell. It could actually last all year that way. When the boys come home with a new friend, or a good grade, ring the bell so the family can join to celebrate it. When you get a new magazine feature or even just feel grateful for a good sunset.

  27. Cheryl

    I had admired Melissa’s bell also, and when I saw your post about finding yours, I decided to keep an eye out for one. Well, I didn’t have to wait long! Today while visiting nearby shops with friends, we went into an antiques shop, and there on a shelf was a set of bells exactly like Melissa’s and yours…best part is, it was marked way down at only $8.00!!! It’s now on my dining room wall, waiting to call the clan to the table when we have our next big dinner. So pretty, and makes the most lovely sound. Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Patricia Cusyck

    I want one!! Love all your decorating!

  29. debbie delosreyes

    Wow, I thought I was the only one who fixated on Melissa’s bell. I tried to find one without luck. I love her kitchen too. Thank You for posting this because mine is on the way now. I never knew to look on Amazon! Question: Everything is silver/nickel in my kitchen. Could I rub and buff it do you think or spray paint it? What is the best option do you think?

  30. sally kennedy

    Cute, love bells of any kind. Hate to be so critical but don’t you think you have too much stuff on your counter tops? how do you work there?


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