the first thing I bought for our new house | antique brass andirons

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Before we get to the antique brass andirons, I need to thank you for all of the words of encouragement yesterday! I think it can be easy to glamourize moving into a new home, but it’s a tough process even if it’s a happy move into a lovely home.  Things felt more settled and normal yesterday and I slept like a rock last night.  Despite the stacks of boxes waiting to be unpacked, I made biscuits for breakfast, which made the kitchen smell and feel homey.  I sat at the table in the room that will be my studio and wrote a blog post.  I hung some of my clothes in the closet, did a load of laundry, and went to the grocery store. It was a few steps towards a new normal in this house and that felt good.

Before we go forward into this new house and some of our plans for it, let me take a few steps back in the story.

When we made an offer on this house that was contingent on a few inspections (general home inspection, septic, and pool) and on Jeff receiving and accepting a job offer in the area.  We knew this was a possibility because it is very similar to the offer we made on our MN house.  It’s a way to get a house lined up without committing to it completely if things didn’t work out.  But, it’s risky for the seller and we knew that.  In both cases, the MN house and this one, the seller took the chance on us and we moved forward with the house under contract.  It took a bit of time to get the contract in place, though.

After a long weekend of waiting, my impatience was getting the better of me (I’m sorry to say.)  I was sitting at my parent’s kitchen counter and proclaimed that I needed a day out.  “Mom, let’s go hit an antique store as a distraction.  I just need to get out!”  She was happy to drive and we went to Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne to get out some of my nervous energy.  About 15 minutes into the drive, I received a call from our realtor that the offer was accepted.

I sank back into the seat with relief and looked over at my mom with a smile, half feeling foolish for my impatience and half excited. “Well, now I can shop for our new house!”  So, the shopping trip became more of a beginning of something exciting and less of a distraction.  Of course, there were still contingencies to be met, so I wasn’t going to buy any furniture, but I could pick up a few things with this specific house in mind.

living room decor | antique brass andirons | miss mustard seed

One thing about this house that I am excited about is the wood-burning fireplace.  I remember my Opa tending a fire in his fireplace on occasion and, while gas is nice, there is something magical about a real fireplace.  I spotted a pair of antique brass andirons, “Ooo!  I could get these for the fireplace!”  They were a classic cannonball pattern and felt oddly familiar.  My mom said they were similar to the antique brass andirons my great-grandmother had.  I loved hearing that and it made me interested in them all the more.  They were heavy, though, so I took a picture of them in the booth and decided to go back to get them before I checked out if I was still excited about them.

living room decor | antique brass andirons | miss mustard seed

(I think it goes without saying that the mantel isn’t decorated, yet!)

Well, obviously, I was still excited about the antique brass andirons and I went back to buy them.  I haven’t cut the tag strings off or cleaned them up, but they were one of the first things put in place in our new home.  I had to think a bit about where the plates would go in the kitchen or which linens would go in which closet, but I knew right where to put these.

living room decor | antique brass andirons | miss mustard seed

I paid less than $100 for this pair of antique brass andirons, but you can find them on Facebook Marketplace (at least in my area) for pretty good prices.  There is also a great selection on and I love these .

living room decor | antique brass andirons | miss mustard seed

Now I’m excited about finding more fireplace accessories.  I’ve been on the hunt for a brass fender, a fireplace screen, and a set of fireplace tools.  Just like with these antique brass andirons, I know I’ll eventually find some that “speak to me” and feel just right.

living room decor | antique brass andirons | miss mustard seed

Speaking of the fireplace, one of the many things on the to-do list is to contact a chimney sweep to check out the chimney and make sure everything looks good so we can build a fire in there on a cold day.  I’m already looking forward to that.  Maybe it’ll be a snow day and the boys will be off school.  I’ll put some soup on the stove, we’ll watch a movie marathon, and have a fire to stoke in the fireplace.

When my youngest son, Calvin, was expressing some of the same fatigue from moving that I shared in yesterday’s post, I reminded him (and myself) of this –  What makes a home feel like home is the memories we create there.  It’s remembering the birthday pool party with friends, game night around the kitchen table, eating pizza out on the patio, and movie marathons on snow days.  We just need time to make those memories and then, this house won’t feel like just a house.  It’ll feel like our home.

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    1. Cindy

      I absolutely LOVE them! The big round balls on the top are so decorative in the perfect way. Not sure the right words, but they totally make the fireplace a work of art!

    2. Laurie Morrison

      Thank you for taking us on your journey and adventure and allowing us to see the difficult times as well as the triumphs.

      To my mind, it is important to share our difficult times, along with the successes. While it’s easy for us to share successes, it’s not always easy to share the not so pretty difficult moments when we feel fragile and exposed, but I really believe that it is almost more important to show a few of those moments than the successes, as it allows others to see that while you my struggle too, you’ve not only worked through it, but how you felt and how you got through those struggles. It becomes an important part of the legacy and purpose of your life, as you inspire others and help them to find their strength and courage, as well as ways through their own struggles, especially in situations that almost all of us encounter like a major uprooting and a resulting move.

      It is not always easy closing an important and meaningful chapter of our lives. It effects us in so many ways, known and unknown. Your last home was everything a home should be. It was beautiful, comfortable, welcoming and cozy and I’m sure it became your family’s haven. While right now this new house is still a new house, you see it’s potential for what it can be and become and with each and every addition you make, things like your beautiful andirons, your vision for it will slowly grow to become your home and the haven you envision it to be as you curate it to suit this new chapter of your life.

      Though it is all difficult, I have total faith that you will make everything beautiful in a very short time, but during those difficult and overwhelming or frustrating days, please don’t forget to give yourself grace, because moving is one of the most emotionally, physically and spiritually stressful things we as humans do.

      May the Lord bless you and keep you; may His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you; may He show you His favor and give you His peace. (Numbers 6:24-26) and may God bless all who enter your new home as well.

      Enjoy the day God has blessed us with, enjoy the progress each new day brings and don’t forget to every once in a while to just stop, breathe and give yourself a few moments to SEE what God whispers around you. God bless and be well.

      • Krista

        Laurie Morrison…beautifully spoken!

        • Janet


    3. Jen

      I’m so excited for you! I remember you posting a picture of that find in your stories. I knew right then that you knew exactly where those were going!

    4. Patricia Kasparian

      Those cannonballs are so classic, I love them. When we bought our 1775 house, my fiance went on a mission to find Hessian soldier andirons. He remembered them in a relative’s home from his childhood. We found some on Craigslist. He took pleasure in cleaning them and freshening them up with some paint. They’re now in our dining room fireplace – and he’s happy! I like a cannonball gate latch, too, for a charming look in the garden. I’m so looking forward to more posts about this lovely house! That pool area? It’ll be gorgeous!

      • Irene Kelly

        WOW Laurie Morrison said it all so beautifully my thoughts exactly ! Marian, you have done so much good on this move and with a broken foot. Please give yourself a big pat on the back and just side in one of those slipcovered chairs with a nice glass of wine look around and enjoy ! Any neighbors with casseroles in hand at your front door yet ?

    5. CathyR

      They remind me of the andirons in our family home
      (which we just sold after 71 years). Ours was wood burning too but we had a gas line that ran along the bottom so getting a roaring fire going was a cinch!!

    6. Carla Erickson

      What a perfect addition to your new home! It’s good to think about what they will mean as you use them- new memories! So glad you are feeling better! Your feelings came through so well in your writing, that I knew what it felt like! Sleep can help a lot! Blessings in your new home!! Here’s to good times!!

      • Norma

        Congratulations on beginning a new chapter in your life. I can’t wait to see how you decorate. Enjoy your new home!!! With best wishes!

    7. Bea

      Your antique andirons are perfect for your fireplace! Your beautiful house is starting to come together and you’re making progress each day. Soon you will be looking to replace some of the furniture you sold and that will be such fun for you and all of us!


      Marian, I am so happy that you had a good sleep! Making your biscuits in the morning gave your home such a wonderful smell! How special that you did this for your family! I know you will be creating so many precious memories as you get settled.

      How nice to find those andirons for your fireplace!

      You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! Keep looking up to Him! He knows all about you! And, Marian, always remember how special you are to all of us! You are loved!

    9. Carol

      I thought they were decor pieces since I had no idea what an andiron is.
      I went to google to find out and, huh, who knew!
      No wonder they are so heavy. They have an important job!!
      I love all your amazing finds!

    10. Jen C

      The antique andirons that you found look perfect in your fireplace. You and your family will make wonderful memories in your new home. Thank you for taking us on your journey.

    11. Amelia M Green

      There is nothing better than a wood burning fireplace to make a home feel cozy! We love ours so much and the first thing our 4 grown boys still do when they come over is fight over who gets to lay in front of the cozy fire first – lol 🙂

    12. Jenny

      I know all about the funny feeling when you move into a new house and how it takes time and memories made to make it feel like home. Love the andirons! I’m sure you are already to paint and rip up carpet and do all the remodeling jobs that you have in your head. Those days will begin soon I’m sure. Hope the boys like their schools. ❤️

    13. Denise Robson

      I love the wise advice you gave your son about what will make your new house a home. The memories we make stay with us through all the changes that come our way.

    14. JC

      Such wise words from a Mama’s heart to her son. Every day will feel a bit more like home as you create those memories. Your room already looks cozy!

    15. Addie

      As exhausting and overwhelming as moving can be… the fun begins. I know you moved for family but if you had stayed in MN I think you would have been bored. I know you will make this home beautiful beyond belief. Thank you for sharing all that you do. I would love to see a frontal view of the home.
      Please don’t overdo on your foot!!!

    16. Darleen

      Love the andirons. Beautiful….Im sure you will find the proper accessories in the area. Looking forward to sharing your adventure. Take good care!

    17. Candace

      My dear daughter lives in neighboring Frederick, MD. When you can be sure to visit that area with it’s charming shops, parks, restaurants and churches—many with spires. Just so lovely.

    18. Teresa

      What a great find and they look so lovely in your fireplace. I love Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne, but we don’t get up to PA as much as we use to. I have found some great treasures there though. The fact that you got a great night’s sleep is proof you are getting settled in and things are starting to feel more like home. I was just wondering if there are hardwoods under your carpeting in the family room?

      • Marian Parsons

        There are not, but we are having hardwoods put in the three carpeted rooms in just a couple of weeks. I was hopeful there was hardwood underneath, but it’s just plywood.

    19. monique ( in Burgundy )

      A new page has been turned at last, new adventures for your decorating fantasy. It is so fitting that your first bought item seats in the heart of the fire place, a symbol of taking roots and build a fire, as men have done since living in caves.
      In France for the moment, I am quite ready for an evening fire, our very old place had several pairs of andirons and two that have lost their twin. One pair has women faces, others more like urns. Enjoy your first fire and get mesmerized watching the flames dance.

    20. KathieB

      It’s like these gorgeous andirons are a trophy earned for your patience and perseverance in moving and finding your home. I really like the brick colour too. I’m sure you’ll feel very much at home before you know it.

    21. Melissa

      What a lovely, cozy looking room! You have already used your own things to start making it your own home.
      Praise for answered prayers. Are you able/free/willing to share about your husbands new position? I know, we all want the questions answered now!
      Thank you for sharing with us.

    22. Vicki

      Great find ? nothing like a cozy fire and soup on to simmer…..sights
      I had a moment today when I felt “this is starting to feel like home” ….after 4 months here.
      Love those “this is home feelings!” ?

    23. Kris

      We love our fireplace! Nothing beats a fire with real wood!

      That being said …. I’m glad to hear that you are having your chimney inspected. Be prepared for potential masonry repairs. Make good use of these professionals–ours recommended having doors added to the front to prevent expensive heat loss when you are letting your fire go out. If you are having thoughts about painting the brick (I like it as it is, BTW), they would be helpful in determining the safest options for you. Just adding my two bits from what I’ve learned over the years!

    24. Kay Grogg

      We had those same andirons growing up in Virginia. When I had to sell the family home, I just couldn’t get rid of the andirons or the fireside tools. If you are interested I still have the antique tool set, which is solid brass (heavy) and are closely similar to your andirons without being too matchy-matchy. Let me know if you want me to send a picture. Just email me.

    25. Kim

      So many things to say about this post, but one that I noticed right off the bat is the gorgeous color of the bricks on the fireplace!! Such a subtle, soft, rosy hue to them. I’m not sure how that goes with your usual palette of blue and green, but those bricks are very special and the bricks do have some green in them! Normally I would be all for painting the bricks, but those bricks are really nice and unusual.

    26. Wendi Unrein

      Wahhhhh!!! I so miss a real fireplace!! Everything in this post is so spot on!!! I like the color brick on yours and hope it checks out well!!!!


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