the feels like home giveaway

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I am so excited to share that my new book, Feels Like Home, launches in just four days!  And this is the final giveaway to celebrate the book launch.  This giveaway is appropriately named “The Feels Like Home Giveaway.”  In this package of goodies are all things you can use to make your house feel a little more like home.  They are all things that are comfortable, beautiful, and work together to create a homey ambiance.  You’ll see what I mean as you look through this amazing collection of items…

Of course, for the Feels Like Home giveaway, I have to include a signed copy of Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home by Marian Parsons

I’m also tucking in a couple of things I crocheted – a dishcloth and a little scrubby…

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

I haven’t made patterns for these specific pieces, but you can find other crochet patterns HERE.

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

A beautiful handmade quilt made from fabric I designed by Marilla Melcher of Hearthside Comforts

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

Marilla used an antique quilt in my home as inspiration for the pattern and decided to name it the “Shoofly Star” quilt.  Isn’t that so cool?  I love antique quilts, so I like that she used this beautiful, simple pattern as a jumping-off point for this giveaway quilt.  It definitely has an antique look to it!

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

This would make a wonderful lap quilt, but I also think it would be an amazing heirloom-quality gift for an expecting mom, baby’s first birthday, or for a toddler or child, or wedding gift.  It’s a nice size to be a little play quilt or picnic quilt as well.  Marilla is accepting custom orders if you’re interested in having her make a similar quilt for you.  You can get the details HERE.

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

And I love it when artisans make custom tags for their quilts.  They truly are heirloom pieces that will outlast us, so it’s nice to have information on when the quilt was made, where, and by who.  Whoever wins this giveaway is getting a very special piece.

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

My sweet friend and enormous inspiration, Mary from Trout Lily Hill, sent me this turn-of-the-century Gilroy & Bach turkey platter.  It is a huge, heavy piece with an absolutely stunning transfer color and design.  This would be a great piece to use as seasonal decor on the wall or to serve a turkey during holidays.  It’d even be a great platter for a charcuterie spread.  It’s one of those pieces that has a million uses and, since it’s blue & white, it’s decidedly Miss Mustard Seed.

vilroy & boch antique turkey platter | trout lily hill | miss mustard seed

vilroy & boch antique turkey platter | trout lily hill | miss mustard seed

A set of luxury sheets (in queen or king depending on your request) from Paris Perfect

Paris Perfect Luxury Sheets | miss mustard seed

I stayed in a Paris Perfect apartment during both of my trips to Paris in 2018 and 2019 and one thing I appreciated after being awake for over 24 hours was having a comfortable bed (with a view of the Eiffel Tower) to climb into!  They understand that travel is about experiencing new things, but when it comes to going to sleep, you want the bed to feel like home.  Or better than home if you don’t have nice sheets!

After getting so many compliments on their sheets, they decided to start offering them for sale.

So, if you can’t go to a Paris Perfect apartment, you can bring a little piece of one to your home.  The winner can select the size they need for their bed.

Paris Perfect Apartment | miss mustard seed

A part of creating an inviting home is sound.  For that reason, a Kove Commuter 2 Bluetooth Speaker is also included to fill your house with your favorite tunes…

kove bluetooth speaker | miss mustard seed

This Bluetooth speaker is unique in that it can come apart for a true stereo sound experience from this small, but powerful speaker.

A collection of candles and matchboxes from Oldfield Society

old field society house match boxes | miss mustard seed

My very favorite candles are by Amy from Oldfield Society!  She handmakes candles with amazing scents in quality containers (glass jars and wood trenchers.)  She also carries the most adorable matchboxes that look like old houses!  The winner will receive several full-sized candles, a whole village of matchboxes, and a sampling of smaller candles.

oldfield society candles | miss mustard seed

A few little “bits & pieces” from Julia of Ponder & Purchase

blue and white plate, silver spoon, blue bottle | ponder & purchase | miss mustard seed

She sent me a few extra antique English bits to include in this giveaway – a Sterling spoon, an antique blue & white plate, and a little blue glass bottle.

And that’s not all!  We have gift cards, too, so you can select some things that will be perfect for fluffing up your nest…

A $50 gift card from Jenny Steffens Hobick/JSH Home Essentials

JSH essentials fall collection | miss mustard seed

Jenny curates an amazing collection of decor for the home and also designs and makes gorgeous textiles.  I have several of her pillowcases and they are some of my favorites.

Jenny Steffens Hobick JSH Home | miss mustard seed

Another one of my favorite small online shops is Maple House Collective and they are also offering a $50 gift card!

maple house collective instagram | miss mustard seed

Maple House Collective has beautiful home goods, antiques, and gifts.  I think their selection of items is particularly well-suited to purchase as gifts for hostesses, as a cheering-up for someone who needs some pampering, and all of the usual gift-giving occasions, etc.

bass kitchen scissors | copped strainer | marble backsplash | miss mustard seed

I’ll be doing a full spotlight of their shop, soon.  Until then, you can follow them HERE on Instagram for their latest sales and products.  (I know they have some great sales coming up through October.)

maple house collective | iris hantverk brush | miss mustard seed

And a $100 gift card to Finding Home Farms!  I’ve known Laura from Finding Home Farms from the early days of blogging (we’ve met a couple of times) and it’s been amazing to watch her journey of launching and growing a brand of her family’s own homemade certified organic maple syrup.  She is such a powerhouse as a creative and entrepreneur and her family is the kind of family you want to support.

finding home farms maple syrup

In addition to their flagship maple syrup, Finding Home Farms has expanded into other products including mixes, jams, mustards, home decor, ceramics, and more.  You’ll have a fun time spending $100 in their online shop!

finding home farms kitchen and home decor | miss mustard seed

Such an amazing package of gifts to make your house feel even more like home, right?

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post letting me know your fondest memory of home.  I hope some of these items and shops might be in line with some of those happy memories.

Because the boxes are big and heavy, this giveaway is only open to readers in the US.  (Sorry, international readers!)  The giveaway will close Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at midnight PST.

Good luck!

Here are the Instagram accounts for all of the people and businesses who are a part of this giveaway and celebrating Feels Like Home.  Give them a follow!

The Maple House Collective – @themaplehouseco

Finding Home Farms – @findinghomefarms

Jenny Steffens Hobick – @jennysteffenshobick

Oldfield Society – @oldfieldsociety

Hearthside Comforts – @hearthsidecomforts

Paris Perfect – @parisperfectrentals

Ponder & Purchase – @ponderandpurchase

Trout Lily Hill – @troutlilyhill

Kove Audio – @koveaudio

You can preorder Feels Like Home from these retailers…

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Worthy Publishing | Books-a-Million | Indie Bound

And claim your preorder bonuses HERE and find instructions on claiming your preorder bonuses HERE if you need some help.  The preorder bonuses are an original art download, a bonus chapter (The Feels Like Home Renter’s Guide), and five videos including workshops on matching fabrics and enhanced tutorials from the book.

Feels Like Home Book | Miss Mustard Seed | #feelslikehomebook


  1. Pamela Bold

    It is so welcoming to move back into the home where I grew up on the coast of Maine. Using blues, greens and white from sea glass colors as my palette has been a joy for the past 8 years. I re-designed and remodeled the entire house as an aging-in-place, honesty-of-materials beach cottage (without all that kitschy beach-themed clutter sold in stores), and it has evolved to suit my seasonal and transitional needs. My “Feels Like Home” book arrived today, and I can’t wait to find even more inspiration to feather my nest! I love the quality of the cover, the pages, the binding, and I’m sure I will order more for all my allied design-professional associates, as I did with your “Inspired You” book. Congratulations on publishing a wonderful reference book once again. Blessings to you!

    • Cyndi Anderson

      Congratulations! It’s so exciting to see how far you’ve come on your journey. Have followed you for years. You are so real and sincere Wishing many more blessings and continued success.

      • Carol Atton

        It’s remarkable how much your posts have inspired me. Congratulations on Feels like Home. Many Blessings to you and yours.

    • Kelli Hudson

      My happy place is home and I strive for that cozy feeling for my family to enjoy to visit!

  2. Jennifer Moyano

    My favorite about my home, my mother’s home, my grandmother’s home is the way they feel collected…over time. Each piece of furniture, each picture, each knick-knack adds to the overall feel of a life collected. Your blog and your style have validated the beauty of that collected style.
    Thank you.

    • Maria Garlock

      I move to WI 8 years ago and I found your blog on Instagram, and you been a truly inspiration when I’m in my antiquing hunt.
      Thank you so much for all your post, your blog, and those amazing pictures.
      You inspired me to fund my inner designer.

      • Deborah Cox

        Congratulations on your book! I’m a newbie to your blog and have been going down the rabbit hole!
        Being a military brat home was somewhere new every few years. But no matter where we were there were the little things my mom set out that let us know we were home. The familar made the unfamiliar home. Now that my parents are gone, some of those family treasures, along with my own, are ensuring my house is home.

    • Debra Rutland

      What an awesome give away. Every item is well thought out and purrfect. My memory of home is the beautiful quilt in clear shades of green and white. My Mother was an excellent seamstress and could make anything out of nothing. I still have her quilts they are special. I would love to win this bundle of special things from the heart.

    • Petra Zimmerly

      Thank you for your generous offer, Marian! I received your book and it is truly a feast for the eyes. I know it will be a source of inspiration for decades to come ( it’s right next to your others in my bookcase ). My fondest memory of home is a compilation of tiny moments: the way the sun plays through the trees casting shadows on the floor; the way the rain sounds on the roof when I’m snuggled in bed; the cozy, content feeling while reading under a quilt in front of a fire. All in all, it’s the deep feeling of gratitude.

  3. Rhoda

    I love for my children and their families to gather in my home and be comfortable. I love a collected look in my decor and many things I have are gifts from them along with things I’ve created, painted or collected. I love your style. You are an inspiration!

    • Pat George

      Learning so much from your blog and tutorials. Love your creative talent which shows in all you do!

  4. Jane E. Lewis

    My fondest memories is home at 350 Broadacre Small Town, USA. & being punky dumb & young with my older and very pretty sisters cleaning up after dinners and taking turns washing and drying the dishes. They were smooth, sexy sophisticated and liked to boss me around. My mother always preferred red kitchens. ♥️
    They played their transistor radio and danced around the kitchen to Motown, Roy Orbison, The Letterman, The Beach Boys, The Righteous Brothers, Frankie Valley and many others.
    My father would yell, turn that stuff down!
    Home is where your memories lay.
    I wish you much success, happiness and dancing around in your kitchen, with your book, that we have been anxiously waiting for.

  5. Lori Harbrecht

    My fondest memories of home are sitting around the table with grandparents and family telling stories and reading tea cups! We are a close family and being able to carry on family traditions is everything!

    • Kathryn Derr

      I’m saving every one of your contributors to shop.
      I received my book today and two for my daughter and daughter in-law for Christmas gifts.
      I’ve already flipped through my copy and cannot wait to sit down to really enjoy it.
      My daughter turned me on to you by gifting me a book of yours years ago. You’re an inspiration!!!

  6. Jennifer Schmidt

    One of my fondest memories of home would be the dishware. The platter above reminded me of this!

    • Diane

      My early memories of home are sitting on the porch on rainy summer nights, feeling protected and listening to the wind in the trees. We had a grape arbor in the backyard. I could look out my bedroom window to see my mother hanging up her laundry in the early morning sun. Our home and our families were a safe haven

  7. Jessica Y

    My favorite memory is seeing the old family heirlooms on the walls or in different rooms and knowing the stories behind them. And that is some thing I want to leave behind for my children

    • KK

      Coming home is always my favorite memory. I can feel the weight of the World lift from my shoulders just crossing the County Line.

  8. Patricia Kasparian

    My favorite memories of home always include my mother, most especially at the holidays. We never had a lot of money, but my mother worked to fill our home with a cozy feeling by sewing festive tablecloths, making homemade ornaments and stockings and our Christmas tree skirt. She always spent hours baking her delicious cookies and loads of food and seasonal snacks. I learned later that lots of people had more, but with my mum, we never felt that. She’s gone now, but remains a constant in my thoughts – and every time I plan a holiday with my own family, I strive to give them that same feeling I always had and loved.

  9. Barbara Hale

    I have always been home for Christmas. To me “home” is with my mom and dad. Family is the glue and as you grow older you begin to lose what makes Christmas so special….family. My sweet dad is gone and my mom has breast cancer and dementia. I know we will all leave, sometime, but for now, I will be “home” again. For my sons, I hope they will always have a home of their own and that I will always be their glue🌺

  10. Sally Nygren

    My fondest memories of home are twenty two plus years ago. When both of my daughters lived with my husband and myself. Our days were always crazy busy. Work, school and then transporting a daughter here and another daughter there. When we finally arrived home, we all enjoyed our dinner together. Each if us sharing our day and always lots of laughter. After homework and the dishes were done we would enjoy watching a TV show together. Then off to bed. First a bedtime story, then nightly prayers and finally tucking them into bed with multiple kisses and hugs.
    Per Marion Parsons,
    “Sometimes what feels like home to us isn’t easily explained. IT JUST DOES.”
    This is so true Marion!

  11. Christine McDonald

    My Mom cooking in the kitchen. My Mom showed love and made guests feel at home through her cooking. She could whip up fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a home-made pie and make it look so simple.

  12. Melinda Bentley

    My favorite memory of home was helping my mom decorate for Christmas. I would put up the Christmas tree and watch I’ll be home for Christmas.

  13. K Athleen

    My favorite memories of home involve porches, kitchens, and people. One particular porch led to the apartment at the front of our house where my grandparents lived. Grandpa made sure that I had to go outside “to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s” instead of just walking through an interior door. I loved running around the house to their back door to knock and to be let in to their small, cozy kitchen. If I was really lucky, Grandma had warm, fresh cookies or muffins. The three of us would all have to “make sure they were good” while we played several games of rummy. I learned many things at their house and always felt safe and loved.

  14. Holly H

    Probably home made meals for dinner. We would come home from school and my mom would be cooking dinner. I loved my moms cooking. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes or beef stroganoff. Yummm. I also loved that we all sat at the table together and ate dinner. (4siblings and my mom and dad) Then you couldn’t get up until my dad was done. I was blessed growing up in a big family.

  15. Frankie

    My mother kept a spotless home. Of course I didn’t appreciate that so much growing up. I still remember the smells of her cleaning products: Pledge furniture polish, Johnson’s paste wax, Windex and Ajax cleanser. She decorated with thrifted finds and was always changing things around. My dad remarked that he never knew where his bed was going to be.

    • Edie Smoak

      How can I choose a “fondest memory of home” after an abusive childhood during which I never felt safe and couldn’t wait to leave “home” for college and would have been satisfied to never return to? I suppose it would be at age 19 returning from a trip to K-Mart for household staples and walking into a tiny married student housing apartment a few days after our wedding with the man with whom I’ve walked into 8 different residences over 55 years — years filled with hopes and dreams, some fulfilled and others disappointed. Years that saw infertility, a stillbirth, and a miscarriage but also the birth and rearing of 5 beautiful, brilliant, healthy babies. Years that saw joblessness and food stamps but finally a successful career and retirement. Years that saw me dealing with serious illness, sons with drug problems, daughters with mental health issues, but that also saw health improved, addictions overcome, successful careers achieved, marriages begun, and grandchildren born, and eventually the “empty nest” with a too often quiet house and now this long period of isolation due to covid. But always walking together “for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, through good times and bad” through 55 years of memories being built, not always good but always made bearable by their being shared. That night in Kmart we argued briefly –I picked up a sponge mop and saw that he had already put a string mop in the cart without consulting me. I snapped that I should choose because I’d be the one using it, and he retorted, “No wife of mine is ever going to mop the floor!” The argument ended abruptly, with me certain I was finally not only safe but cherished beyond measure. Of course, I periodically tease him about how he never once used that, or any other, mop; but we both laugh knowing he really did mean it at the time. And I walked into that apartment thinking, “Now at last I have a home. Who cares what kind of mop we have or who uses it?”

      • Miss Mustard Seed

        Edie, I am so sorry that your childhood was a traumatic one. I actually thought of that very scenario as I wrote the book and this post. I think for some, home was not a happy place, but there were perhaps people, friends, other family houses that offered comfort, encouragement, and times of joy. I hope that is the case and, as an adult, you have a home that is filled with happy memories.

  16. Melissa P

    My favorite “Feels Like Home” moment was a few weeks after we moved into this house. I finally took an afternoon to get the living room sorted out- furniture thoughtfully arranged, decor out, pictures hung up, quilts on the back of the couch. When my kids and husband got home that day, each of them said the new house felt like OUR house. That was a good day.

  17. Cassandra E

    My fondest memory of home is Christmas at my Grandma’s. I now have her dining table and chairs and love that so many family meals were enjoyed around it!
    Your book came to me early and I’ve been so enthralled, I’ve not had as much time to read the blog! I love it! And I look forward to checking into all the links above.

    • Leta

      I have fond memories of when my children were young and we would snuggle by the wood stove in the winter. The snow would be coming down outside but we were all warm and cozy by the fire.

  18. Barbara S

    Fondest memory is Home & Hearts filled with Love.
    Like a quilt made with too many stitches to count , fabric of patterns each unique , family and friends wrapped up yesterday’s , touched today , saved and bundled in warmth for many loved tomorrow’s This is Love for a life time til eternity’s heavenly reunion is seen

  19. Marcee Lung

    I loved crawling into bed underneath the weight of the handmade quilts that had been pieced by my grandmother and great-aunts. The history that was represented in those beautiful fabric mosaics cradled me in comfort and security.

  20. Kimberley Lash

    Marion, It’s been such a joy to be able to go on this journey with you! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Congratulations!!!

    • Kimberley Lash

      I forgot to leave my memory…We grew up in an old apartment building that used to be a convent. It had the dreamiest wood work. Walls and ceilings were covered with beadboard and punched tin. The stairways had continuous banisters and ornate spindles. The grounds were lovely too with lilac bushes and Lilly of the valley. It sure helped make up for apartment living!

  21. Rachel Waldstein

    My fondest memory of home is my grandmother who always smelled like roses bringing me to her cookie jar and urging me to try one of her freshly baked chocolate cup oatmeal cookies. There was so much love in that one small gesture and I still have that very special cookie jar!

  22. Marilyn Stauff

    My fondest memories of home are the days I brought my babies home.

  23. Laura

    Recently my boyfriend of many years and I had a Wedding Ceremony at our Home & Garden. We were handfasted under a metal arbor adorned with vines and bouquets of peonies. We set up a bar and games under string lights in the back yard. We proudly welcomed our friends and family into the house we’ve been working on for the past 2 years. What a wonderful memory we will have.

  24. Heather Vaillancourt

    My favorite memory of home is Christmas Eve, as a child. We did not have much in the way of material things and my Mom was a simple, wholesome cook. There was only our little family of four, because my parents had moved north to find work, before my brother and I were born. But on Christmas Eve, our simple existence was transformed. It was the only night my Mom would light candles. She would make her amazing homemade Christmas punch, and two different kinds of fancy cookies…Tea cookies with a piece of candied fruit in the center and raspberry jam sandwich cookies. I would get to choose between chips and dip or a cheese ball. Mom would bring out her vintage Christmas tablecloth, the tree was glowing with the big old-fashioned colorful Christmas bulbs, shiny brite ornaments and elves handed down from the grandparents. We wished we could go to Sears for new ornaments but that would cost too much. Now, I treasure those ornaments and elves and they grace my tree each year. The record player would play Christmas music late into the night. Bing Crosby’s White Christmas was my favorite. I was usually the last one up. I would sit and gaze at the bright tree in our tiny living room, thankful for the magical night that was so different than the other 364 nights of the year, thankful for the true meaning of Christmas, and not wanting any of it to end.

  25. Kristen Smith

    My fondest memories of home are of my kids being small. I think of Christmases with footed pajamas and toys everywhere. I loved being at home with my kids and having the privilege to homeschool them. All of my fondest memories are of my children.

  26. Liz

    My parents just sold the home I grew up in and they have lived in for 42 years. That home will always represent my beautiful childhood! It was full of love and light and safety and peace. Home=family=love 🏡👨‍👨‍👧‍👦❤️ I have been truly blessed!

    • Betty Mckinney

      So many memories. Which to choose from. The latest is a wonderful memory. Our boys are grown and have children of their own but still enjoy coming to ” Grandma and Papas Victorian house to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I go all out to decorate the entire house. Alas, that house is sold so this year we will be making new memories and decorating a newer home. Hopefully all the old decorations will make this house shine as well as the old one did. I love the quilt, green and cream is my favorite colors so that would be a great blessing to have in this newer home. God less each of you for putting this package together. It would be wonderful to win and have such beautiful items to display from so many great artists.

  27. Deb Branstiter

    One of my fondest memories as a child is going to Grandmas house for Christmas….just a quarter mile down the road. She would spend all day cooking mouth watering soup. Our gifts were usually crocheted or knitted. I still cherish my knitted doll blanket and a pair of knitted slippers.

  28. Kimberly Fleischmann

    I have always felt that home is where your heart is. And bringing along a few cherished items make a short stay or an extended stay feel like home. My go to’s have always been a cozy sweater, thick socks, my sketch book and my knitting. As long as I have those and my wonderful dog Belle, I am at home.

  29. Paula

    My best memories of home is always around our kitchen tables! So many conversations, tears, laughter, crafts, games, lots of food, pumpkin carving! From my childhood home to my own family home wonderful memories around the kitchen table! My daddy’s health is declining and I’m so thankful I will have beautiful memories to hold on to! ❤️

  30. Susan Tart

    My favorite memories of home are the simpler joys…an example is sitting in a comfy chair with a hot cup of coffee and a good book to read while rain falls on the roof.

  31. Lorraine Nolte

    Our Christmases were always special with family and baking and sharing what we had with others. Our time together will always be remembered.

  32. Susan Ardoin

    I love baking in my home. It always makes me think of baking with my mom when I was younger. I just moved recently and I’m trying to give my new home that comfy warm feeling.

  33. Amanda Kowalski

    My favorite memories of home growing up were at my grandparents house. She was a simple yet hearty cook who lived on a beef cattle farm. I would stay the night there often and we would always have to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune:) Sadly I am all grown up now but I try to make our house feel like a home to my 3 kids. We listen, we love, we forgive, and we laugh. Home time is precious time these days with our schedules and I love having us all together.

  34. Mary Achorn

    Looks like a fantastic book

  35. Joyce Hogsten

    My childhood home is now my home. My favorite memories are sleighriding at my Grandmother’s house which was just a block away. Being in the kitchen with mom. I think she would be happy with the way I have decorated her home.

  36. Monica DiCamillo

    Home…it’s what you make it and you have always shown an importance to make your home comfortable and livable for your family.

  37. Jane Dawson

    That turkey platter!

    I grew up with a large family and 6 older brothers. My favorite childhood memories are a house full of family for the holidays or even Sunday dinner. All if us together talking, playing games, cooking in the kitchen with my mom.

    My favorite times now are the same. My own children, spouses, and grandchildren gathered around the table together.

    We are blessed!

  38. Hazel

    Feels like home when the family is around the table enjoying a meal together!

  39. Korrie

    Memories of home revolve around my mother, who we lost in 2020. She never wanted to be anything but a homemaker, and she was a good one! Every child knew they were her “favorite.” We grew up on fresh baked bread. Christmas was magical! Our home was welcoming to every visitor. Home = Mom to me!

  40. Julia - Ponderandpurchase

    Honoured to provide just a few goodies to be included in this giveaway. So many lovely items. I love Marilla’s from @hearthsidecomforts beautiful quilt, an heirloom for sure. Feels Like Home is a fantastic read and I’m sure will be my go to book for tips and styling. Thank you Marian.

  41. Lorie Anderson

    Home is kicking off your shoes as you walk in the door and the house wraps its arms around you in a conforting hug. Home is looking over at your best friend, your husband of 56 years, and sharing a laugh at your four-legged child’s antics. Home is when your two-legged children bring your grandchildren for “PawPaw and Gramma” playtime. Home surrounds you with the memories that made it a “home.”

  42. Michele Betts

    Home is where your heart is , cliche but true.. it’s family, it’s safe, and if so lucky it’s those timeless items that have been passed down from your loved ones , no matter how big or small. Mine are handwritten journals my mother in law kept and wrote that detailed her everyday events mostly just mundane but also that captured moments of our lives and her grandchildren’s lives in there too. When I read them I can feel her presence. That’s home to me.

  43. Deb Holst

    Raking big piles of leaves with my siblings and jumping in to them!

  44. Micki Summers

    My favorite memories of the home I grew up in are playing card games together-it wasn’t the winning or the losing just spending quality time with my mom and dad – priceless gifts.

  45. Kimberly Heigle

    This giveaway is beyond fabulous. I love a cozy home.
    My fondest memories are newer ones as our childhood wasn’t the best. My fondest memories are the ones I now make with my 2 grandkids. I am a huge part of their lives and spend alot of time together baking, crafting, having dance parties, reading stories at bedtime ( one of my favorite things to do), hanging outside at our little country farm enjoying the simply things making cozy memories.

  46. Susan

    I grew up in a large extended family – grandparents, aunts and uncles, and dozens of cousins. The center for family gatherings was the home of my grandparents in a small town in Texas, then later, my parents house – now I’m the grandmother! What a joy that my home is now a center for gathering together those I love most. Eating around my table, talking and preparing meals in the kitchen, and children playing all over the house and yard. Home was and is where my people are.

  47. Ashley

    I may be too late to enter (midnight deadlines always confuse me!), but what a wonderful giveaway.

    One of my favorite memories of home were lazy Sunday afternoon naps, waking up as the sun was getting lower in the sky and seeing the way it danced on the hardwood. The kitchen would be starting to stir with the sounds of dinner, and a football game would be playing in the other room. It felt so cozy and safe and warm.

    Congratulations on the new book!

  48. Cindy McNichols

    Home is creating a space and feeling where friends and family want to gather and just “be”- sharing a meal or a memory and a laugh or two.

  49. Judy Fuller

    Congratulations on your book launch! I really enjoy your displays of antiques. I’m not an artist, but love your bits and bobs of art supplies.

  50. Vicki Frankens

    My favorite memory of home is undoubtedly the memories from my childhood . I was raised on a small farm in Texas surrounded by acres of farmland with cattle, chickens and a bountiful crop of vegetables and sweet fresh berries made into delicious cobblers every summer . My mother’s kitchen was always filled with rows of canning jars and tables on the back porch filled with peas , beans , tomatoes , onions , squash and so much more . This feels like home to me ♥️. Your book is amazing – thank you Miss Mustard Seed .

  51. Robin Drewes

    I have many fond memories of my home , my parents home , grandparents homes . I’ve been blessed . The most exciting and warm times where when we went to my aunt &!uncles for Christmas Eve . We did it from as far back as I can remember and than into the years with my children . It made the holidays even more magic , the decorations, the food ,the laughter , the love . It will always hold a special place in my memories . Congratulations on your beautiful book . I can’t wait to get it

  52. Brenda Holladay

    My favorite part of home is a yummy candle burning with a cozy couch and a feel good blanket. All but the candle reminds me of my grandmother’s home and sitting with her. I love old things and giving them a unique new purpose!

  53. Debi

    So excited for the new book. Can’t wait to pick up a copy.

  54. Jaime

    Some of my fondest memories of home:. My bed made with fresh sheets brought in from the clothes line, roosters crowing, the sound of sprinklers going in the field, the sound of the first sound of the Killdeer in the spring, and especially the smell of mint from the mint fields nearby wafting through my open window in the evening. I grew up in a rural area on a small farm. Not so rural now with so many people moving in. I found it interesting that my favorite memories are mostly sounds and smells! My grandma was a master quilter so we always had lots of quilts and quilted pillows too. My parents still live in the same place and when my son goes to spend the night he has commented many time how he likes how quiet it is and likes the sound of the sprinklers.

  55. Kelly

    I’m new here and so excited to get your book. Ive been so inspired by you and all I’ve seen. Can’t wait for my book to arrive tomorrow!! Thank you the the opportunity to win this giveaway. Amazing items!!

  56. Elizabeth Heironimus

    From the past, snuggling and reading with my children when they were little
    and currently, our weekly time around the kitchen island topping individual homemade pizzas would be my top choice.

  57. Kelly Jorgenson

    Can’t wait to get your book! And what an amazing giveaway!!
    My favorite memories of growing up was decorating for Christmas. Looked like something out of a magazine. I enjoy doing that in my own home also.

    • Sarah

      My favorite memory of home is hearing the clock tic and the cozy feeling I would get when I would hear the heat come on at night, it sounds odd.. but it made me feel safe. I lost my Mom a year ago, so I guess its a sentimental thing.
      Congratulations on your book.. cant wait to read!

  58. Annette Hargett

    I have many fond memories of home, but I think as I see a photo or an item from my childhood or teenage years (found my 1970’s retro light fixture I kept, in my attic over the weekend that I had completely forgotten was there) and remembering how life was so much slower paced then as compared to now. Time spent with family on Sunday afternoon outings and at large family gatherings are becoming increasingly less common now. I long for that on a daily basis. Thank you for your encouragement, thought provoking blogs, decorating tips and of course your amazing giveaways!!

  59. Kim

    Holidays with every single member of our big family inside our modest home busting at the seams❤️
    I’ve followed your blog for many years and your book is just lovely as expected.

    • Sandra Ivey

      Marion, you never fail to inspire the best memories and hopes for the future.
      All of the comments here have brought me smiles and tears. I am still at 77 trying to make memories for my husband, children and grandchildren. I want them to look back as I do with smiles and feel warm hugs in their hearts, and know without question how much they are loved.

  60. Belinda

    My fondest memory of home has always been walking into my grandparents house. We moved A LOT when I was a kid, but the warmth and smell of my grandparents home always brought me comfort.

  61. Jill Wambolt

    My fondest memories of home were where I grew up on Nantucket Island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Every time I am on the ferry rounding the Brant Point lighthouse, pulling into the harbor, I get all the feelings of coming home. It’s no wonder that I invite the island feels into my (mainland) home every chance I get. I love blues and whites, natural elements, landscape artwork, and comfy chairs.
    It’s the places that shaped us that remind us of home, and in my case it’s a sandy shore, grey cedar shingles, bumpy cobblestones, and scrubby pine trees that remind me of home. But possibly the fondest memory of my home was snuggled up reading books with my mom. Those memories have shaped me and contribute to the mom I am today. I myself am currently raising four small children and our days also include those coveted snuggles and stories that just like I had with my mom, are the best part of our home.
    These are the memories of home that fill me now and that I hope will one day be what my children love thinking back on. It is our relationship with the Lord and beauty in our home that bring our family the most joy. I’m incredibly blessed and thankful.❤️
    Thank you for your inspiration Marian! and congratulations! 🍾🎉🎈 So excited to receive my copy!👏🏻

  62. Brooke Pfile

    My mom always took time to celebrate each holiday with sewing ornaments and baking goodies to share with neighbors and dying eggs and planting in the springtime. She worked and I felt like we didn’t have as much time with mom as we would have liked but I have such fond memories of lots of her time during the days leading up to the holidays and I try to do the same with my children. Creating together in the kitchen or garden shed will always be fond memories of home as a child. We didn’t have a lot of money but we always created things together which made us feel like our lives were rich!

  63. Faithe

    I have lived in my house for 9 years. My husband and I have slowly but surely worked and made every inch of this house and garden ours. My fondest moment in my home is the day he finished installing the pond in our back yard. We had dug, hauled dirt out and wheel barrowed rock in for a week during the middle of a hot, humid Kentucky summer. When he filled the pond with water and turned on the pump and water started flowing down the waterfall, his 62 year old face lit up like a 9 year old boy’s!!! It made my heart sing.

  64. Claudia

    Congratulations!! How wonderful for you Marian!! Looks like a lovely book, may have to ask for it for Christmas!!

    My fondest memories of house usually surround food since I’m Italian 😉 My dad taught me to make pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays long before Martha Stewart ever thought of that, lol! Gathering for food has always been a happy experience of time together, sharing our day, and almost always laughter! Keeping an after church Sunday meal time tradition whenever it’s still possible is very important to me. With the kids grown and everyone going this way & that it’s challenging so I feel very blessed when it comes together!

    Thank you for the chance to win fun prizes!!

  65. Janet Magina

    So many fond memories of my childhood home and my grandmother’s home. Neither home had anything “fancy”, but there was always love in abundance. Eating off the good blue Willow plates or making hot chocolate and watching Lawrence Welk, listening to Tennessee Ernie Ford…so many memories🌻

  66. JoAnn

    We’ve lived in our soon-to-be 100 year old bungalow almost all of the 42 years we’ve been married. It holds so many memories; we’ve been fortunate that most of them are good! We began and raised our family and owned our own business here and seen multiple generations of family here at one time. We love our home and small yard. It is our sanctuary. It’s been through a lot and could use some refreshing. We want to take good care of it and live here in our retirement. There’s no place we’d rather be. Thank you Marian, for being inspirational and reassuring. The arrival of your book is very timely for us.

    • Karma

      I look back on walking into our home for the first time three and a half years ago with such fondness. My husband and I had gone to see it on a whim and by the time we were done touring it, we knew we wanted to make it ours. We’re slowly fixing things, painting, gardening, planting trees, and so on, all while raising our four little ones. I have felt such a connection to my parents and grandparents as we turn this house into our forever home, as we carry on traditions and add new ones, and as I see my children doing things I loved as a kid like snacking on peas in the garden and going on adventures on the backyard and fields.

  67. Marie

    Among my blessed memories are those that include grandchildren running excitedly into the house. After enjoying a snack, they will pick out a book, wrap up in a cozy throw and settle in for a relaxing evening around the soft glow of lamplight. The younger ones usually snuggle on an adult’s lap to enjoy endless stories being read to them.

  68. Laurie Spoerke

    Congratulations to you, Marian, for creating such a beautiful book! I am in the middle of creating a home that “feels like home” as my husband and I have recently sold our family home and have moved into our retirement home. I want this new home to welcome my children, other family members and friends so they feel like they’re home. Thank you for inspiring me to make my new home “feel like home.” 🤍

  69. Erica Swagler

    Oh, Marian! Sharing in this excitement with you! The book is wonderful – from the feel of the cover to the beautiful photographs and practical tips and tricks. It’s further proof that you are the real deal! Thank you for the inspiration!!! Now off to leave a review😘

  70. Cheryl

    My fondest memory of home is my Mom’s kitchen. It was so welcoming and something was always cooking on he stove – with 6 of us kids she always made sure our tummies were full. It’s been 13 years since she’s been gone and she is missed so much. But I strive to make my kitchen like hers – always welcoming and filled with love and food.

  71. Angela Pinch

    I had a happy childhood and have many good memories. One of the dearest is of the many Christmas Eve’s spent with extended family. Christmas presents were opened after supper, after the reading of the Christmas story and after the pageant. The pageant consisted of we 8 children (4 were cousins) acting out, in costume, the Christmas story. It was poorly done with towels making up a lot of the costumes and whatever doll was handy was used for baby Jesus. I remember most the look of delight and encouragement on the faces of my Grandparents.

    As I think of how I want my home to be seen by others, the word hominess comes to mind. That atmosphere was always present in my home growing up, and though my taste is very different from my Mother’s, I hope my home projects an atmosphere of welcome to all visitors. Marion, I see that in the photos of your home and can’t wait to get your book. Congratulations!

  72. L Crawford

    Growing up my mother was very creative and also collected antiques and quilted also. I try to have my home reflect that same feel by doing arts and crafts and collecting nostalgia that reminds me of her and my childhood. Now my children do the same😍 So excited to receive your book and see even more creative ideas!


    My favorite memories of home are from thousands of miles away , Bangladesh to be precise. I cherish the smell of night blooming jasmine, the sound of our pet ‘Mynah” bird calling my mom the moment I returned home from school, the aroma of the freshly made wheat bread and home made “ghee”(clarified butter) for evening snack, the soft touch of my mother combing my hair and intrigued by watching her beautiful fingers arranging the hair in two perfect braids , settling me down to bed , clad in the safety blanket of “nakshi kantha”( quilt) made out of her old sarees , intricately embroidered by my grandmother depicting stories of love, faith and hope.

  74. Jessica

    One of my fondest memories of our home is coming down the stairs behind our 3-year-old son last Christmas morning and hearing him squeal “Santa came! He really came!” when he saw all the presents under the tree. We usually travel to my husband’s parents’ house or my parents’ house for Christmas. However, due to Covid, we stayed home and had a cozy, little Christmas, just the three of us (well, four, if you count our dog, which we do). We missed our extended family but I was surprised by how cozy and special it felt to celebrate the holiday in our own home.

  75. Tanya Moore

    I’m a new follower and can’t wait to read your book!

  76. Eileen

    Home is my front porch, a cup of tea & the birds chirping. Even better if a friendly neighbor walks by with a cute pup 😊.

  77. Dawn

    My family moved a lot when we were younger, cramped apartments and past their prime houses owned by others. My mother lovingly worked her magic cleaning and painting, breathing new life into second hand furniture to create a warm and beautiful home for her family.

    Thank you for letting me share!!

    The book is beautiful!!! Wishing you continued success!!!

  78. Michele Gaydos

    I love my home, love sharing my home with family and friends. The beautiful items in your post are all things that would add to the beauty and comfort of any home and I would love them for my home . Your posts are an inspiration. Thanks for this opportunity and good luck with your book!

  79. Erinn Mounts

    The smell of beans cooking on a propane stove alongside a pot of coffee would be my most enduring memory of home.

  80. Holly S.

    My fondest memory of home is laying on the porch swing, swaying on a hot summer’s day listening to the crickets, frogs, and cicadas sing in the bayou.

  81. Jennifer Strouse

    I can’t wait to receive, see and read your book! Congratulations!!!

  82. Diane

    Congratulations Marian!!
    My books arrived today and it’s so beautiful, can’t wait to dive in!
    My fondest memories of home are all the times while growing up, following by Dad around being his little helper as he was doing renovation projects, and repairs on our 1928 Dutch colonial and he took the time to teach me all the “how’s & whys” along the way.

  83. Pamela Dolan

    Congrats to you! You have taught me so much and have inspired me over the years. Thank you!

    My fondest memories of home are the 3 times my parents brought home a new sister for me to cuddle with. I always felt I was the luckiest girl!

  84. Leslie Johnson

    My fondest memory of home is my relationships. Building forts with my best friend, or watching a slide show of my dads time in the army in Europe. He was an artist and his photo skills were amazing!!!!

  85. Moira

    I received your book today and am so excited to dive in! We bought our home from my parents and after 26 years just finished a major update. It is a blank slate waiting for us to add our favorite things. We will be creating new memories gor our children and grandchildren.

  86. Karyn Hintermeister

    My parents lived in my childhood home for nearly 40 years – and we are coming up on 20 years in our house! Home to me is a placed filled with things that remind me of all the people I love! Congrats on the beautiful book! Can’t wait to read it!

  87. Debra smith

    I have been following you for years. I saw you at the chapel hill market in Alabama. I bought something from you. It is such s pleasure to see all you growth!

  88. Kit T

    Loving your book! My fondest memory of home is actually my auntie’s home with my cousins. I’ve always walked in the back door of her wonderful Victorian home in a small Minnesota town. Always egg coffee on the stove and goodies to eat around. My family is very Norwegian and so there’s always lots of bitter and dairy (the occasional Lutefisk) and Lefse! It’s always been the most welcoming place I’ve known. My auntie is now 91 and still has egg coffee on the stove!

  89. Stephanie Storm

    Congratulations! ❤️

  90. Rhonda McNelly

    Congrats on the book!! I live in the home I grew up in. My life has come full circle and it Feels so good to be home !!

  91. Michelle Lawrence

    My fondest memory of home is evenings after the children’s baths. They’d either cuddle around hubby’s chair for a story or play legos quietly on the floor as a wind down to the day. Fireplace gently warming the room, lights dim, living room reasonably picked up. It was a reflecting and peaceful time after a busy country day.

  92. Rosemary Ploss

    My mothers quilts and books are my favorite memories of home. I lost my mother to breast cancer while in grade school , so a lot of memories in a short amount of time.
    I purchased your book because I love your style and comfort of a home. Thank you


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