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Last weekend, it was the victory of installing a toilet.  This weekend, it was a faucet.  I am so stinking proud of my husband, who has just picked up plumbing skills along the way as projects required it.  It involved two mid-project trips to the hardware store and he had to rebuild the entire P trap to make everything fit, but he got it done.  The water runs, the drain pipe doesn’t leak and it looks beautiful.

The faucet we picked (and by we I mean I picked it and he said okay) was the Moen Weymouth Bathroom Faucet from National Builder Supply.  This was the faucet I had my eye on for a while and I loved the one I got from Moen for my kitchen, so it was perfect timing when National Builder Supply got in touch with me.  They carried the very faucet I wanted at 45% off the suggested retail price.

DSC_1311 (424x640)

It was not the easiest faucet to install.  There were tons of rings and washers and small parts in little baggies and an extra box with hoses and more small parts in little baggies and washers and rings.  It involved two sets of instructions as well, but my smart, handy and detail-oriented hubby was able to get it all figured out.  It’s a doable DIY project, but it was a little complicated.

DSC_1312 (640x424)
DSC_1351 (480x640)

This was an amazing sight…

DSC_1354 (640x424)

I could hardly wait to get everything cleaned and prettied up.

DSC_1369 (424x640)

So, I hung the mirror that came with the antique-dresser-turned-vanity and it looked great, but there was a problem.  It was too wide to fit my antique sconces on either side.  I knew it would be tight, but it wasn’t going to work.  Bummer.

DSC_1317 (640x424)

Fortunately, I have several orphaned mirrors, so I went to the basement stash and found one that was perfect.

Oooo…okay, there’s a problem with putting in a mirror…

DSC_1373 (424x640)

…the reflection.  Back to the basement stash.  Surly I have something that would work to cover up that linen closet.


DSC_1374 (424x640)

I found the tall, skinny shutters that used to hang in my family room.  I carried them up the steps and leaned them over the space.  They were a perfect fit.  I just need to trim out the closet and put the doors on hinges.

DSC_1375 (424x640)

They are a little short, but trim is going to solve that problem.

DSC_1377 (424x640)

I hung the mirror and finished the trim, fitting it around the mirror.  (I do still need to prime and paint the trim, but I’ll wait and complete the rest of the painting all at one time.)

DSC_1379 (424x640)

DSC_1381 (640x424)

Everything is looking amazing.

DSC_1383 (640x424)

I’ve been dreaming of a faucet with cross handles and I’m quite smitten with it now that I have one.  If you’re smitten with it as well, I’ll be offering one up from National Builder Supply this week, so keep an eye out for it.

DSC_1384 (640x424)

Now I’m shopping for some of the final touches…

DSC_1385 (424x640)

…like a soap dispenser.


Disclosure: National Builder Supply provided the Moen faucet in exchange for a feature post on my blog.  I love it when I can partner with a company to promote a product I love.  A big thank you to National Builder Supply for working with me on this bathroom makeover project.


  1. Heather

    Great job – both your selection of the beautiful faucet and your hubs fine installation skills! What a combination of super-powers! It’s really coming together – the shutter doors are perfect! As far as the soap dispenser I have an idea for you! I know you love old ironstone – do you have a vase, pitcher or creamer with a narrow neck that you could use? I have used a cork stopper drilled to accommodate a plastic pump in an old pottery syrup jug for years as a soap dispenser. It works really well and you can find corks in any size to fit your vessel. The cork tends to discolor on the underside after about 4-5 years, but it’s easy to replace! Just a thought. The old canning jars with zinc lids are also really popular for soap dispensers and quite easy to make too. I have three by my kitchen sink – dish soap, hand soap and a cute little 1/2 pint for lotion.

  2. HollyC

    They also sell decorative covers for that type of soap dispenser at Bath & Body. I personally don’t like to mess with pouring soap from one container to another (just me!) So I love the covers for the soap, easy to slip on your new bottle! Nice bathroom, love everything!

  3. Lyn Wooley

    Love the doors, love the mirror, love the faucet – love everything!!! When can you come to my house???hahaha
    You are such an inspiration! Now if I could only figure out what to do first!!!
    Thank you for sharing all of your re-do’s with everyone!

  4. Goedele - Old Red Barn

    Haha, it looks like you have a basement aka thrift shop :-). Love the christmassy soap dispenser ;).

  5. Jan Fusco

    Looks great! Love the doors.
    BTW…you are finally going to be coming close to me. I look forward to seeing you in Pikes Rd. Alabama October 19th!

  6. Anya

    Gorgeous faucet! Such an elegant look. I bet your basement is full of treasures!

  7. angela

    looks good. Have you picked a winner for the Decor Steals giveaway or did i miss the winners.


    You are simply amazing.

  9. Naomi Grace

    LOVE it! Especially the basement shopping..I have a stash of mirrors too. I also just want to take a minute to say Thank you. I have been perusing your archives and have been really inspired and educated to keep on this path. I’m new to the business side of But after reading some of your blogs I think I’m in it for the long steps. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

    Naomi @

  10. kristin

    Love the faucet! I have to have one someday that says “hot” and “cold” and those handles. We are going to be doing our girls baths on a very, very tight budget and I will consider these faucets as we have the same kitchen sink–and love it! Now, I have found the cutest dispensers at target. Green tinted glass with silver dispenser. They are vintagy looking and I have about four (one extra in case something putts out on one!). It may not be exactly for you but maybe a reader would love. They are sooo cute! You are so lucky to have this opportunity. It is absolutely gorgeous. And I still love to see a boxwood freak as bad as myself. I used to do real plants so wonderfully in our home in VA. Here in MO our home faces the wrong direction and less light. I have only 3 real plants–which is fine–LOVE the boxwood!!!

  11. Kathryn

    love the black door! and you look skinny! woo hoo. Bathroom makeover is nice. Very Nice!

  12. Deb Owen

    Beautiful bath!! I might have missed this in an earlier post but, what finish did you put on the top of your bath vanity/dresser? I have wanted to repurpose a dresser as a bath vanity for the past 15 years and might finally have the right bathroom to do it too.

  13. Emily Hone @ House and Hone

    Wow! This looks amazing! I like how simple details you add make all the difference! Also I am glad that you are having fun with it! You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    -Emily at House and Hone . com

  14. Gwen, The Makerista

    This looks lovely, Marian. It’s clean, yet cozy feeling. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

  15. Julie W

    it’s GORGEOUS Marian! And I love that you were able to traipse to your own personal hoard to fix both the mirror AND the linen closet issues. I wish I had room for a hoard…

    It’s all starting to come together now, isn’t it? Lovely!

  16. Nanci


  17. SkippyMom

    Congratulations to your husband on a job well done. That couldn’t have been easy. He did a great job. It looks amazing.

  18. Vickie H.

    It looks fantastic! FYI: if you have a Ross Dress for Less store near you, they have wonderful soap dispensers by Simple Human for half the cost of other places….you just put your hand under the dispenser and it drops a little dollup of hand soap into your palm…4 AA batteries is all it needs!

  19. Jody

    The bathroom looks beautiful…and I LOVE those shutters!

  20. Grace Charbonneau

    Luv, Luv, Luv!! As usual I’m so impressed & inspired with your re-do! You& the hubster make a great team! I also am re-reading your book & getting tons of info on my own diy projects! Thanks a million!

    On another note,…I too, wonder if you ever picked/announced a winner for the Decor Steals giveaway, but not just the most recent giveaway,…also the one of May 7th. I’ve messaged several times & I’ve seen posts where others have asked too. Never have got a response. Where is it that you post winners of your sponsored ‘giveaways’??? Maybe I just don’t know where to look for it. Thanks!

  21. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    So excited for the full reveal. Looks ah-mazing so far! If you ever have plumbing questions feel free to ask. Hubs is a master plumber. One day I hope we can afford for him to completely reconfigure our master…it’s disgraceful and needs to be gutted!

  22. Jelena

    Beautiful faucet!
    Can I borrow your husband to install our bathroom faucets, too? lol
    We are looking to change both the bathroom sink faucet and the bathtub/shower faucet. Unfortunately, my husband is not nearly as handy as yours, so we are now searching for a good (and decently priced) plumber to do it for us.

    I also love how you always manage to find accessories right in your “stash” to complement the new look of your rooms.

  23. Marian L

    It looks SO wonderful and how great to shop from your own stash and have it work so well! More importantly, who was that skinny girl with the cutest haircut taking pictures!?!?!

  24. Peggy Thal

    Looks beautiful! You should be proud of your Hubby. It always entails going to the hardware store a few times. I bet you are very happy. Looks great and most of all works.

  25. Donna O.

    All I can say is you two are a very brave couple! It looks wonderful! What an inspiration. Do you have, or will you have a tutorial on installing a sink in a dresser/vanity? My husband and I will be tackling that project soon and I’m nervous!!!

  26. Lin

    Love the Moen faucet! We have a new Moen in our kitchen and I am so happy with it! Your husband did an awesome job. Plumbing can be a bear sometimes. Oh and those shutter doors are just perfect! I bet your stash is a site to see and we would all love to have it! I am so looking forward to seeing you in Alabama in Oct.! Enjoy your new bathroom!

  27. Joanie

    I have been the Queen of Mickey Mouse from day one of my marriage- we have a 1912 two story bungalow that we bought with a ‘construction loan’, 25 years ago. We are still going along, as money and time allow, doing, undoing and redoing. 🙂
    It is a warm, charming little home, but there are many things I have taken onto myself, choosing to be at home while my husband works. Your inspiring articles and excellent tutorials have been a great encouragement to me, especially now that we are officially ’empty nesters’ and I have two more rooms to ‘do’ with as I please! The bathroom is on my short term goal list, so needless to say, this was particularly inspiring. Thank you!

  28. DianneH

    I LOVE the shutters on the linen closet… My daughter just recently moved into an apartment in an old house in New Orleans, and the bathroom closet had these awesome, weathered, beautiful old shutters on the closet instead of doors! I loved the look in her place, and I love it in yours! Wish I had a basement like yours…full of awesomeness!

  29. Joye Outlar

    Could you tell me please where you got the more “vintage” styled toilet that you blogged about earlier for the bathroom. I really liked it and am currently working on a bathroom!
    Thanks sooooooooo much!!

  30. Nancy

    You are the cleverest girl! All looks fantastic and absolutely adore the doors to the linen cupboard. Also, like the fact that you have painted the inside of your bathroom door a dark colour….or at least it looks that way in the reflection of one of your photos. And well done to your husband too! Plumbing is NOT an easy job! Cheers,


    • MaryS

      WOW is right!! I’m so envious. I looked and looked for a dresser for my bathroom re-do but ended up with a Home Depot model… this bathroom is elegant, classy and just plain beautiful!!!

      Kudos to you and your handy hubby!!

  31. Carla

    I loooove the faucet. It’s beautiful! I installed my first faucet recently. Took more days (yes, DAYS) to install it than it did to paint the room, install a new light, and hang the mirror altogether!

  32. Molly Taylor

    Oh, Mustard – YOU GO GIRL.
    Flippin fabulous!

  33. Gail Frost

    Hello, I love the sink and the faucet!!! Did you use a standard vanity or an older dresser? I ask cause I am in the midst of redoing my master bath! I found an old oak dresser that I am working on! It was a giveaway on Craig’s list and I love it. It is smaller than the area the current built in vanity that came with the house(basic but functional ’60’s)but it’s got my name on it ( lots of lovely wood vinning on the wood that holds the absent mirror, brass keyholes on all the drawers,nice curve to the front top etc) and I can fill in the space with shelves and/or a hamper. My son is very handy so we are debating on a set in sink or a top sitting bowl and just how much of the drawer space we will loose because of the plumbing. From the pics you showed it looked like a dresser, I love to see how you and your husband worked that out!!!? Thanks for further inspiration!

  34. Audrey Zumwalt

    Marian … love the faucet with three separate pieces … so much easier to keep clean.
    Really looking good.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  35. Colleen

    Oh mms it just gets better and better. You have such a great eye and its hysterical you shop your basement. We are just about to do our own bathroom project, removing the carpet omgosh who does that? But we have lived with it for almost 15 yrs. I should be embarrassed

  36. Carol

    How wonderful / how lucky you are to have a husband who can not only DO but is willing!!! Excellent in all that you two have accomplished.

  37. Hilary McDaniel

    Oh I need one like that. I’m about to redo my bath. I’m going to use your paint in Linen. I need new faucets for the sink, tub, and shower. I have brass and am changing everything over to nickel.. Been dragging my feet because its a huge investment to buy all the hardware.
    Yours look fabulous, as always.

  38. Marti

    It all looks beautiful Marian, but of course we knew it would!! I’m especially loving the closet doors myself!!

  39. FIL

    Congratulations on a beautiful bath. The benchmark of any plumbing career is a successful toilet installation. Jeff got his start at a rather young age when he flushed a matchbox car down the potty when we lived in Sterling, VA. His training was further polished when he discovered the joys of maintaining a basement flush-up system. He does, in a manner of speaking, go with the flow!

  40. Stephanie@cre8tive

    I know the proud feeling when you accomplish a plumbing task. I installed a dishwasher recently and boy was I proud when it actually turned on and no leaks! I love mistakes like yours. Everything came together in the end, and you couldn’t of planned that look if you tried right? It looks fabulous Marian.

  41. Eric

    The faucet looks great! I usually leave plumbing to the professionals, I tend to mess it up. Great job!

  42. Jana

    LOVE the faucet! Your bathroom is coming together so beautifully!

  43. Daphne

    I would use a gift card to update the faucets and fixtures in the upstairs bath to my new house!

  44. Christi

    Those shutters! So beautiful.


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