the chicken incubator table

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Jeff just looked over my shoulder and said, “I bet no one has ever had a post titled the chicken incubator table before.”

Well, Kriste and I filmed a Design Ramblings yesterday and I started editing it this evening only to find that we had two short clips of the video we filmed and that was it.  The gaps in the content were so much, that you totally missed what we suggested for the space we were rambling about.  So, we don’t have a Design Ramblings episode for today.  We’ll get some filmed next week, though, and will be back!

Since I don’t have a video to share, I thought I would show the chicken incubator I turned into a table.

I was at an antique store a few weeks ago, looking for furniture to revive and I happened upon an antique chicken incubator.  It took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what it was.  It was on it’s side and was really dirty, but I could tell that it was some great old wood.  The price was right, so I “threw it on the pile.”

antique chicken incubator before | miss mustard seed

It was reeeeeally dirty and it took me a while to build up the courage to clean it out.  I vacuumed out all of the loose dirt and whatever-was-in-there (I don’t want to know) and then went to the handy sponge, warm water, dish soap and a bucket.  Once it was clean, I slathered on some Hemp Oil, which hydrated the dry wood and brought out the luster.  (I was being impatient and took the pictures right after applying the Hemp Oil, so you can see that it’s still drying and soaking in.)

antique chicken incubator | miss mustard seed

I also added some large vintage casters to make it look…well, more like a piece of furniture and less like a chicken incubator.

antique chicken incubator | miss mustard seed

It is such a cool piece now!  I think it would make an amazing coffee table or side table.  I picture it looking especially fetching between a couple of slipcovered wing chairs.

antique chicken incubator | miss mustard seed



antique chicken incubator | miss mustard seed

antique chicken incubator | miss mustard seed


There you go.  The chicken incubator table.  It’ll be for sale at the Lucketts Spring Market…


  1. kathy

    I don’t know why but, I simply LOVE this!

  2. Wendy D.

    For days I have tried to leave a comment on the giveaway post, but I will not load the leave a post option. I have tried on my iPhone, tablet and laptop. I do not know it all the annoying ads have anything to do with it. If there is a way I can go about entering that will not freeze my devices please let us know. Thank you and I love the incubator table!!!

  3. Mary Anne

    Speaks to my primitive farmhouse rustic loving heart. Would LOVE have this.

  4. Nancy

    Now that is just amazing, a very interesting piece!! ! Brings back memories of my chicken raising days for 4-H!


  5. Katie Bell

    Thanks for posting this. I never knew I needed a chicken egg incubator in my house….till….five seconds ago.

  6. Sherry Fram

    Awesome piece!

  7. Allie C

    I love your style and blog. I am curious about your pricing. I know it is a whole different world here in the West, but it would be interesting to hear what is your purchase price and sale price.
    Keep calm and paint on!

  8. MaryLisa Noyes

    I am seriously trying to figure out how to make it to Luckett’s. You have so many great pieces for sale. This is so cool, especially with the wheels added.

  9. Rachel

    A view of the inside would have been interesting to me.

  10. Nancy

    Oh yes! Love the incubator as a table. And do not think I did not notice how fetching that scale is!

  11. Sharon Hankins

    Wow, what a unique find! I love this!!
    I love the type and fonts – so pretty and still in good condition.
    Hemp oil saves the day – again!

  12. Pamela @

    I LOVE it! Being a doting owner of 20 of the fabulous ladies that cluck and always a fan of almost everything vintage chicken related I can honestly say I would come out from California to get a chance at this beauty if I could. You find the greatest stuff!

  13. Rose

    You have such a great eye! Love this piece. Do you have a before pic and a pic of the interior of the incubator? Would love to see them.

  14. Lisa

    Marian, you’ve been able to find such interesting items to include in your Luckett’s booth. Looking forward to seeing everything in person and shopping around.

    Also, did you get my order for the large bread board? Drop me an email when you can to let me know.

    Thanks and enjoy your weekend,


  15. Audrey

    Eeeek!! I’ve never seen another one of these, online or in person, until now! My wonderful aunt gifted me one of these years ago and I love it too! I use it as a side table and love, love, love it!!

  16. Sue Schneid22

    Gorgeous rehab and re-use! Love it!

  17. Dawn

    Great piece! Anything chicken/chick etc. I love. I raise chickens………very cool item.

  18. marys

    the color is so wonderful. I have slip covered chair and sofa in white, pine antique table and an old Irish hutch filled with red transferrer. This piece would look so great in my living room.
    Love it!!

  19. Jennifer Wyatt

    This is simply gorgeous!

  20. Nell

    I have a green one !! Husband and I found it on a “junkin” trip years ago , can’t even remember where . But we love it and although we buy and sell a lot this isn’t one of the items we have ever considered letting go of.
    I also once had a coffee table that was a chicken coop or cage made completely of wooden dowels , no wire.

  21. vikki nay

    So cute. I turned an old phonograph into a side table, just added legs and of course, hemp oil!


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