the $20 side table & master bedroom progress

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Last week, while the floors were being refinished, I went out to a few antique shops with my friend, Cheri.  I’ll share some other things I purchased while I was out, but one of the things I found that was on my shopping list was a side table for $20!  I wanted one to put beside the chaise to hold a book or a drink and to bring some life to that corner with a plant.  This table ended up being the perfect find.

It was actually sitting outside of the little antique shop, holding a bottle of hand sanitizer.  It didn’t have a price on it, so I figured it probably wasn’t for sale.  I’ve learned to always ask, though!  You never know.  I was already asking about the price on a sweet full-length mirror in a gold frame, so I asked about the side table as well.  The woman working in the shop suggested that I take a good look at it, because some of the decorative pieces around the edge of the tabletop were broken in a few places.  When the seller is pointing out flaws in a piece, that’s usually an indication that it’ll be priced well!

I inspected the table and could live with all of the flaws.  Well, for the right price.  She quoted $20 and that worked for me.

$20 antique side table linen slipcover chaise miss mustard seed

It’s a sweet little table and the perfect size.  The thing to look for when shopping for these tripod tables is repairs on the legs.  If it’s an older table, chances are that at least one of the legs has been broken and repaired.  If that’s the case, make sure the repair was done well and the table feels sturdy.  All of the legs on this table were intact, making it an even better buy.

$20 antique side table linen slipcover chaise miss mustard seed

I also bought the stoneware crock for $12.  I love using them for planters.

Last week, I also received some mirrors in the mail to hang on either side of the bed.  I have been shopping for mirrors for a couple of years and just haven’t found the right finish, size, and shape.  I even bought some and returned them, because they just weren’t right.  These are just what I was looking for and I was able to buy them with gift cards!  I’ll share the mirrors in another post, but here is a peek…

$20 antique side table linen slipcover chaise miss mustard seed

And, if you noticed, I finished the slipcover on the chaise!  It was a great project to work on while the floors were underway.  I’ll share about the slipcover in a separate post as well, including the fabric source and helpful links to slipcover videos.

Next up for this room is more sewing…

You can find more posts about my master bedroom makeover HERE.

the $20 side table & master bedroom progress

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25 Comments on “the $20 side table & master bedroom progress”

  1. I love the table! It is one of my favorite styles, with the piecrust edge and curvy legs….I have a similar one (it is a 2-tier piece) near my reading chair in my living room

  2. Your chaise slipcover came out fantastic! I slip-covered a wing chair using your tutorial. I get a lot of compliments on my chair, but it def was a lot of work for me as I’m not much of a sewer. Now that I’ve done a single chair, I’m super impressed how professional yours always look!

  3. Beautiful legs!! As an added touch, I can envision a marble top inside that beautiful edging. What a great find!

  4. It’s funny that you said that you’ve learned to ask the price of things not marked. I’ve always said “if it’s not marked, it’s free, and if you have to ask, you can’t afford it!” Haha!

  5. I really wish you would write another book of mostly pictures of all your beautiful rooms and also some project instructions. That way we will all have your fantastic pictures in one place that we can flip thru at our leisure to maybe give us more inspiration. I just finished reading your book “Inspired You” very very good. Very Pretty table !

  6. I love the how the honey color in your little table plays off the chest.

    I agree I am on a mirror quest and it is HARD to find just what I want.. I have been looking at mirrors daily for weeks now… Help me 🙂

    Stay well Marian

    1. It’s such fun to find good buys like your darling table. Your newly finished slipcovers look so good! You do accomplish a lot I have to say!

  7. If the pie crust edged tabletop is a circle you might want to trace the circle and have a piece of glass cut so you can use it and preserve your finish. It is a lovely little table!

  8. Haha I was looking for the mirror in that photo with the sneak peek…I’m thinking is it me or is there not a mirror in this picture. Finally realizing I was looking into the mirror! I’ll blame it on the heat 😉

  9. Ohhh… be still my heart!! I’ll buy that table from you for $40!! I love it… even tho it leans a tad to one side. Love it! Love it!!!! You find the best stuff.

  10. Love that sweet table! It’s just perfect there. I love the you keep several projects going. I would love to see a post about how you stay on task with them and if you keep a running list of what you hope to accomplish. I am impressed with how much you get done. I remember you saying you liked to stay busy. I want to know some of your secrets!

  11. Funny, I thought the same about the mirror. I kept looking for it as well. Finally figured it out once I was on computer and not looking using phone.

  12. Great find! Wow – $20 is a stolen treasure price! It is so so perfect there.

    I laughed reading the other’s about the mirror – took me a minute too – my mirrors are never that clean. haha.

    Room looking GREAT!!!!

  13. Marian, love your cute table! What a great buy! It looks so nice by your chaise. It was definitely meant for you! Enjoy!

  14. Hi Marian! I just had to let you know that I thought of you at the grocery store yesterday. Don’t know if you eat Oui French-style yogurt in the little glass jars, but they came out with PRINTED glass jars and the paint is FRENCH BLUE….what else!! They have three styles. I purchased lids from Weck to reuse mine as small storage. Have the best day!

  15. …..forgot to add…..i bought a yogurt flavor I don’t even like to get the striped jar!!! I told my husband that one was for HIM.

  16. That round table is lovely! It’s a good thing it’s in the bedroom in a quiet spot. I had a small round table next to an armchair in the living room and everyone, especially my boys, kept knocking it over. It got so wobbly after repeated repairs that I took it apart and used the pieces for other projects. I have my eye out for a round end table that’s sturdy and beautiful, but not too delicate. A cement bird bath may be my only option given my clumsy crew!

  17. Very cute table! Fits nicely! I can’t help but ask if you have thoughts on painting it? I wouldn’t be afraid to put some milk paint on it

  18. Love your room. May I ask, when using your stone ware as a planter, do you provide for drainage? I ask because I resist that kind of function commitment.

    1. I keep them in a plastic planter with drainage and a clear plastic overflow pan, so the stoneware is just window dressing!

  19. I love using the clay pellets from IKEA (inside my crocks) and setting the plastic drain pots right in on top of them. They are great because you can control plant height with the depth of the pellets.

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