thankful for small things

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Th-r- ar- things in lif- that you tak- for grant-d.  You don’t notic- th-m until on- day th-y ar-n’t th-r- and you r-aliz- that you n-v-r took th- tim- to b- thankful for th-m.

W-ll, on- of thos- small things quit on m- this w–k.

Can you gu-ss what I’m missing?


Y-s, th- “e” k-y on my comput-r has l-ft th- building.  I can only us- it if I copy and past- it, which isn’t v-ry practical.

 Can you imagin- r-sponding to –mails or writing a post without that l-tt-r?  It sort of looks lik- I’m having to s-nsor myself.

What about -nt-ring a password that contains th- missing alpha?  Not happ-ning.

It’s b–n frustrating to say th- l-ast, but it r-ally is on- of thos- nudg-s, thos- r-mind-rs, to b- thankful for th- littl- things.

Littl- things lik- a fully functioning k-yboard.

thankful for small things

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34 Comments on “thankful for small things”

  1. Oh no! At first I thought you were writing in a cute code or something, then quickly realized you were missing your e’s 🙁 We sure rely on these computers to get us through our days don’t we? You’re right though, how do you even sign in if you need and e. Even on Wheel of Fortune everyone knew they needed rstln and the “E”. Have a good night Marian!

  2. This is really funny, guess not so much to you though. Cannot keep from laughing as I read.

    1. It’s a pain, but I can see the humor in it. :). You know what is really funny? I called Apple tech support and my warranty was expiring in two days! I am able to have it repaired under the warranty, so the timing was perfect.

  3. My laptop’s “e” key stopped working days before I took the bar exam in California. Because of anti-cheating concerns, a person could only download the exam software to one computer so I was stuck taking my exam without a functioning “e” key! Try taking an evidence exam without the letter “e”!

    I ended up having to leave enough time at the end of each essay to do a spell check and manually select the correct word each time. Super stressful at the time, but luckily I survived (and passed!).

  4. We just hooked up our you-tube app on our Wii and I watched your videos I’d saved on my tv. 🙂 How fun is that? – thanks, and oh no, I can’t imagine life without ‘e’! Hope it’s healed soon! 🙂

  5. There once was a missing “e”
    On a Mac Pro how could that be
    How frustrating it is to press that key
    Knowing it should have been a PC.

    1. Ha! Well, I may have a missing e key, but I can’t imagine developing a picture on a PC. The Retina display is crucial for my visual work. :). I’ve become a Mac girl through and through!

  6. simply crazy, wow, had no idea a computer keyboard could do this kind of thing…. Great that you can see the humor in it….

  7. Hi Marian

    Can you prise the key off and give it a good clean underneath, with some alcohol rub and a soft brush?

    1. Since it’s a laptop, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I took it in to the Apple Store today and they are going to replace the keyboard and get it working again.

  8. Hilarious! I laughingly read the husband to my IT consultant husband and he said to use an onscreen keyboard until you get it fixed! He says it is usually found under the accessibility settings.

    Hope you recover your E!

    1. Oh, good to know! I’m just using my iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard for when I need to type for now. It’ll be fixed in a few days.

  9. it’s missing completely ? I had a key sticking the other day where it wouldn’t print and I had to take off the key and clean out something that was stuck underneath it. Perhaps this is the problem ?

    1. No, it’s still there and feels the same as the other keys. I took it in to the Apple Genius Bar today and they did a diagnostic test and there is just a problem with the E key, so they are going to replace the keyboard and entire top part of the laptop, so I’m getting a new battery and trackpad as a bonus!

  10. At first I thought you were mimicking shivering. So my 1st guess was the furnace went out! See Things could be worse!
    Shivering here in Michigan non-stop snow today.

  11. my PC went mad and I lost the @ sign …. had to copy and paste it to ask for help! Also lost the number 3 in a petty cash office – turned their keyboard upside down and shook it and some staples fell out and it recovered. PC World told me that tip – I took my printer in there to be repaired once, and it turned out a small plastic glow star had fallen in the paper feed. Because we all have glow in the dark stars balanced on bookshelves above printers.

  12. My husband’s “0” key has said good-bye. And it’s not quite as awful as an “e” key… but it has caused him a lot of grief. Of course it looks like it’s still there… but alas… it doesn’t work.

    I love your post… hope you can get a new keyboard for few dollars.

  13. Can I just say I love the scissors on the wall? How clever to use something so utilitarian as art! This is why I can’t get enough of your work! 🙂

  14. I loved your post as well as all the clever comments. Funny post all around. Good luck with the e, or lack of.

  15. Why don’t you use the on screen keyboard ? You can use your mouse to click the letter, I bet it’s a tiny piece of pod that’s got stuck …..

  16. Not to change the subject but can you tell me the name of the rug that you have from Joss and Main. They have a couple of different ones and I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure it out.
    Thanks so much and sure do hope you get your e back.

  17. I thought you were doing that on purpose! Could still read it just fine, though. Love your thougt that we need to be thankful for the small things. So right! 🙂

  18. Thanks for the giggle 🙂 🙂 At first I thought you were writing one of those ‘if you can read this you are in x% of the people that can’ messages…lol Funny have we are still able to read it even with the E’s missing.

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