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If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that I make soup almost every weekend.  We usually have it for an easy dinner on Sunday and then I’ll put the leftovers in jars to eat for lunches and quick dinners through the week.  Since we’re heading into soup season, I thought I would do a soup recipe round-up to share some of the regulars in our soup rotation…

(Click on the soup titles to go to the post with the full, printable recipe.)

Baked Potato Soup Recipe

This one is a classic potato soup recipe that I’ve been making for over 15 years.  Believe it or not, I used to substitute teach, and one day a volunteer brought in a crockpot of this soup.  I asked for the recipe the next time I saw her and this is it.  It’s definitely the richest soup in the round-up, so it’s a “sometimes soup” for us.  It’s pretty easy to make and it’s a crowd-pleaser!

baked potato soup recipe | miss mustard seed

Creamy Ham & Potato Soup Recipe

This is a soup we added in the rotation last year.  It’s similar to the baked potato soup above, but it’s not as heavy or rich.  It’s still full of flavor and feels decadent, but the cream is balanced out with chicken broth, making it a little lighter.  This is one of our favorites right now and I made it every 2-3 weeks.

creamy ham & potato soup | miss mustard seed

Carrot & White Bean Soup Recipe

My friend, Cheri from This Cottage Life, brought this soup to me after I was in the hospital last year due to my shoulder.  She was such a wonderful friend to me during that time…driving me to appointments and bringing us meals.  When she brought some jars with carrot soup, I must admit, I was skeptical.  I imagined it tasted like hot carrot juice.  It is a delicious soup that is surprisingly flavorful and hearty.  The white beans make it more filling and creamy.  I’ll heat it up in a mug and drink it like a hot beverage!  It’s such a comforting soup.

carrot & white bean soup recipe | miss mustard seed

Easy Chicken & Dumplings Recipe

I don’t think I had chicken and dumplings until I was in high school, but it was love at first bite.  I am a fan of pretty much any kind of noodle or dumpling.  I’ve made a variety of recipes, but this one was easy and turned out well.  Oh, just looking at those dumplings makes me want to make this…

easy chicken & dumplings recipe | miss mustard seed

Easy Weeknight Potato Soup Recipe

This is another soup that quick and tasty, which is good for busy weeknights.  This is the lightest of the creamy potato soups featured in this post.  I have made the ham and potato soup more often recently, but this one is still a favorite.

Creamy Cauliflower Soup Recipe

I think this was the very first recipe I shared on the blog, so it doesn’t have a printable recipe!  I’ll have to go back and create one at some point.  This soup is so good, though.  I love vegetable soups (I don’t like how meat can get chewy when reheated in a soup) and roasted cauliflower (along with celery, onions, and garlic) give this soup a lot of flavor.  I haven’t made it in a while, but I’ll be making it this winter!

creamy cauliflower soup recipe | miss mustard seed

If you haven’t noticed, I like creamy soups!  I’m not a lover of tomatoes, so anything with a tomato-base is pretty much out for me.  I will do a beef stew or Brunswick stew sometimes.  I also regularly make a lentil soup and a chicken & wild rice soup, so I’ll share those next time I make them.

What are some of your favorite soup recipes?  (If you want to share a link, go ahead!  The post won’t show up right away, but I’ll be on the lookout and will approve those comments sharing soup recipes.)



  1. beverlee b lyons

    oh, dear, those look so good. Cream soups are a little hard for us since we are both diabetic, but I am looking a couple of them. They look good.
    My favorite food in this whole world is tomatoes. Any flavor, any style, and I freeze them to add to soups in the winter.

    • Marian Parsons

      The carrot white bean soup would probably be a good one, then! It doesn’t have any cream.

    • Terry

      Totally tomatoes for us too Beverlee

  2. Carolyn

    A favorite for us is Cheeseburger Chowder. Add browned ground beef and taco or chili seasoning to any cheesy potato soup recipe. Sometimes I also add browned ground sausage, bacon pieces, or liquid smoke, anything to give that grilled/smoky taste. It’s a very adaptable recipe, never the same twice. A crowd pleaser at carry-in meals. Waiting for the Chicken and Wild Rice recipe, sounds yummy!

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh that sounds delicious!!

  3. Lisa

    These all look wonderful! After the heavy snow yesterday, this was the perfect post for today! Thanks for sharing. I love a good White Chicken Chili. We laughingly call it Norwegian Chili because it has no color but is delicious. I am so glad you moved to MN Marion- I have always loved your blog and cannot wait for your new book. I still pull the old one out and read it every few months. It is so pretty and inspiring. I just purchased one of your small prints (a country church) from Society 6 and it looks beautiful on my wall. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every day!

  4. Kim

    I just made a double batch of one our favorites, Mini Meatball Soup by Rachel Ray. Instead of adding spinach at the end I often add Swiss chard. Our new favorite is Thai Chicken Noodle soup. It is loaded with flavor and features a base made with coconut milk. The recipe can be found on Carlsbad Cravings. I roast the chicken breasts in the oven beforehand and then chop up and add to soup (seems easier to me). Butternut squash turkey chili is also a staple here!

  5. Monique Denoncin

    Soups and more soups, an infinity of simple recipes and inexpensive ingredients. The only ones I won’t eat are with tomato, some allergy with everything tomato. Since we have a big head of cauliflower, your recipe come right in time.
    Thank you!

    • Terry

      Claire, thank you I printed a number of soups (and a salad) from the great blog (and subscribed)

  6. Amy

    I just finished making a creamy chicken tortellini soup.. I saute carrots, onions and garlic to start and add flour to thicken it up. Next I add shredded chicken, chicken broth and half and half……chopped fresh spinach at the end for color. I like to top it off with a big spoon of fresh parmesan cheese. I buy fresh tortellini and cook it separately, then drop it in just before serving. There’s nothing worse than overcooked pasta. Mmmmmm.

  7. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    The cauliflower soup recipe sounds marvelous while the others are keepers as well. I’m a huge soup, stew and cassoulet fan and have made a Bean and Sausage Stew/Cassoulet for decades. For those who don’t love kale (???) I’ll use spinach and it’s still wonderful.
    While reading your post I’m eating home made beef and potato stew made earlier in the day. I had to pick up a horse cart and the stew is good even lukewarm. The Bean and Sausage stew is here…

  8. Donna

    Yum to many of these, there is something very comforting about soup and crusty bread. Like these choices, thank you.

  9. Darcy

    My favorite is a spin on “The Mushroom Soup” posted on Tasty Kitchen.

    I use V8 instead of tomato juice (and I’m like you – I don’t love tomato soups but the V8 makes this soup) and I use Cooking Sherry if I don’t have wine (which is most of the time, haha!). I replace the cream with half and half and I’ve never added the cornstarch. But it NEEDS the parmesan! I mean, doesn’t everything? 🙂

  10. Wendy schoffl

    I’m from Australia – love your blog. Just printed the recipes for soup ( for our winter 2021!,)
    We are very fortunate over here – the corona virus has been contained- through hard work. Now we will just have to learn how to manage our lives.
    Good luck over there – hope better things ahead for you folk!!

  11. Karen K from Buffalo

    My printer has been very busy as I am anxious to try your soup recipes! Thanks for sharing for the Winter of 2020 & 2021!

  12. Dayle

    It might sound crazy, but I eat soup for breakfast. I love a hot breakfast but most items on a typical breakfast menu are either too time consuming, too heavy, or too sweet.
    Costco has a really good organic chicken stock. I heat some up and add in whatever fresh vegetables I have on hand. Some mornings I’ll add in an egg for my take on an egg drop soup. This is my way to get a hot, easy and healthy breakfast.
    I love making soup and am looking forward to trying some of your recipes ( except for the carrots- I do not like carrots).

  13. CeCe

    Soup! Of course. I just roasted a head of cauliflower and thought, “now what do I do?”
    Now I know.
    You may want to write a cookbook. Why not? You can do anything. 😉

  14. Ruby

    I love chicken and dumplings. I will try your recipe, as I have not made it in years. My favorite soup is butternut squash with apples. I found the recipe in Women’s Day magazine years ago and while I have tried others, this recipe is my favorite. You can use squash already peeled and cubed, I like to roast my squash and then scoup out the goodness for the soup.,blender%20or%20food%20processor%20until%20smooth…%20More%20

  15. Judeth

    Turkey Sausage, parsnips, carrots, onions & kale, this is the best soup. Found it in the back of a magazine. Takes about 15 minutes to make, best flavor. Great with a crunchy bread.

  16. renee

    My Mama’s homemade soup was the best. She kept a large clean mayo jar in the freezer. After dinner any bit of leftovers went in the jar. A few green beans or 2 spoonfuls of corn or even A bit of meatloaf. In the jar and back in the freezer. Once the jar was full she would thaw it out and put in a pan with a can of stewed or diced tomatoes, water, salt, pepper and a few big squirts of ketchup. Simmer for a while and serve with fresh cornbread. So darn good and never the same. Yes she was raised during the Depression. Nothing was wasted.

  17. Debbie Rodney

    Soup is my all-time favorite meal to cook and to eat. Number one will always be the ultimate soup, gumbo; either chicken and sausage gumbo or seafood gumbo. Number two is a hearty beef-vegetable soup with some tomato sauce added.

    Sometimes my husband and I will have a “canning weekend” and can soups all day long for 2 days. Lots of work but man is it rewarding. We visit the produce stand to stock up on goodies, assemble the chopped ingredients on the counters, line up the jars and put the ingredients in, assembly line style. The soup cooks in the jars in the pressure canner. It’s an amazing thing to see. My favorite ones that we do are;
    French Onion soup, Italian Sausage and Apple soup (yum!), white bean and chicken chili, 16 bean soup with chicken and chili.

    The ingredients for the Italian Sausage and Apple soup are:
    Italian Sausage, apples, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, navy beans, onions, celery, garlic, apple juice, chicken broth, brown sugar.

  18. Margarita W.

    Cooler temperatures calls for delicious soups but I like to keep them on the healthier side so I’ve been using recipes from Forks over Knives app or other Whole Food Plant based blogs. One of my favorite is Butternut squash soup made with apples and fresh ginger. I make a big batch and divide them into two containers, freeze one and eat the other.


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