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 There was an antique market this past weekend in New Oxford, a small town in PA.  They close down the cross streets on the center square (it’s a circle, really) and bring in antique vendors to set up and sell their wares.  My mom and I set out on Saturday morning to see if we could find some goodies.

Overall, the prices were pretty high and I didn’t find a ton of things I was excited about, but I did find a few things.  Since the prices were on the high end, I mostly shopped for myself.

My favorite find was this blue & white quilt.  It’s a little worn in a few places, but the hand quilting is intricate and beautiful and I love the design.

DSC_0471 (424x640)

DSC_0475 (424x640)

DSC_0476 (640x424)

DSC_0480 (400x640)


I also found a couple of ironstone sugar jars, a milk pitcher and a bowl…

DSC_0501 (424x640)
DSC_0509 (424x640)

DSC_0511 (424x640)

DSC_0512 (424x640)

DSC_0514 (640x424)

DSC_0515 (424x640)

I was smitten with this German tea towel when I spotted it…

DSC_0504 (424x640)

DSC_0505 (640x424)

It was definitely a bargain at $4.00…

DSC_0508 (640x424)

In addition to some good finds at the antique fair, I picked up some knobs at Hobby Lobby…

DSC_0483 (640x424)

DSC_0486 (640x424)

DSC_0488 (640x424)

DSC_0516 (424x640)


DSC_0484 (640x424)

DSC_0489 (453x640)


Well, after months (maybe years) of talking about it, I finally opened my online shop today!  Don’t get excited and click on the link right away.  We need to work out a few kinks, so I had to close it again, but we’re making progress!  I hope to have it live again in a day or two.  For now it’ll be stocked with t-shirts, but I’m going to add autographed books, German Glass Glitter, boxwood wreaths and a few vintage finds.  While the shop was live for a few hours, I did sell a couple of t-shirts, so something was working right!

DSC_0539 (640x424)

DSC_0541 (424x640)

I’ll put a shout out on Facebook and mention it on my blog when the shop is live again.


Is it just me or is it impossible to keep a house picked up when your kids are home all day on summer vacation?

DSC_0481 (640x424)

Just checking…

Some Favorite Finds & the Online Shop

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52 Comments on “Some Favorite Finds & the Online Shop”

  1. I A.D.O.R.E. the ironstone sugar bowls you found.
    The snapshots of your ‘messy house’ tug at my heart. My children are now out of the house and I never thought I would miss a messy house but I do. I miss the sounds that come with making a messy house. Cherish these times for they will be gone before you know it.

    1. Hello there,

      Loving all things MMS! Tricia, wasn’t it a Mervyn’s ad? I remember that one all the time, too!


  2. What awesome finds!! I love that quilt!! I think I may need to make a replica of my own!! It’s so beautiful!! I also think its high time I go get more ironstone! Sometimes it’s nice to just shop for yourself!! I think you did a fine job indeed! I am also dying to see your new milk paint colors! Any official date that you will be releasing them?

  3. Looks like I was one of the excited ones. I clicked on the link before I finished reading. I love your boxwood wreaths and for some reason I didn’t purchase the large one at Lucketts I’m excited to see what all you will be selling in your on line shop.
    I love shopping the antique shops in New Oxford. I always miss the market. Maybe next year.
    It’s not just you. I have two boys 19 and 13 and you would think with them being older that I wouldn’t have a problem keeping the house tidy. No sooner do I get done cleaning up from breakfast they are ready for lunch. I love it though. Not the untidiness but having them home all summer and spending time with them.

  4. Sorry, but the German in me needs to know what the tea towel actually says 🙂 I just can’t figure it out. “Koche mit Bedacht?” Loved your “Topflappen” holder, too by the way.
    Good luck with the online store, I’m sure once it’s live you’ll spend your days wrapping stuff 😉

      1. *lol* yes, it is. But I can’t help it, it’s typically German. It’s not “cook with joy” or “cook with passion”. No, it’s “cook with caution/care”. What does that say about us Germans 😉

  5. I was just thinking the same thing as I vacuumed and mopped our ‘summer floors’ – lots of dirt and grime brought in by bare feet constantly in and out all day long! My two are 12 & 15 and these barefoot messy summer days will soon be replaced with summer jobs and heading off to school, so I’m not complaining! Your finds are wonderful – especially the quilt. What a blessing to have you mom near by to go treasure hunting with!

  6. New Oxford is an upscale and pricey mecca for antiques. It doesn’t surprise me that the Antique Market would be too. You got some great finds thought! I’ll have to keep my eye open for it next year. You had a perfect day to Antique!

  7. My heart did a little excited fluttering when I read “shop open”, then another when I finished reading!! LOL. I’ve been no to patiently waiting!! Can’t wait!!!

  8. Sorry–but my house looks the same school or summer! I am not a neat freak!! I think the fact that the girls have a craft room helps 🙂 Also, they are out of the house with activities or at home reading, drawing, creating …and hate to say it—-Minecraft–ugh! Now, the BIG reason it probably stays clean–they are 10 and 13 year old girls. I have been there, done that, with picking up the playroom and surrounding areas numerous times a day though!

  9. I love old quilts…it is an addiction, but I never seem to sell any. Every time I go to an auction I swear I won’t buy one, but I do.

  10. Mess from Kids? pshh… I’m in grad school, have no kids, no pets and my house is still always a mess 🙂

    P.S. I can’t wait for your online store to open!

  11. You sound just lie me! Went to a 50 long yard sale and found nothing! Too many antique dealers wanting the same prices they have in their shops. I have been spoiled by the normal yard sales and I just won’t pay the higher prices.

  12. SCORE! You found great stuff! Love those hand worked quilts, thin, tattered, whatever – the stitch work is incredible, a lost art for certain. Your ironstone is great too, as is the fantastic deal on the German towel. Special shout out & thanks to Meike for the translation!
    Looking forward to your online shop!

  13. Oh Marion I would love to have those days again! The clutter,pb$j all over,messy walls………it goes by in a blink. To help just make a room a day a non playing zone.That way you won’t feel like you are cleaning up the whole house every day!

  14. Nice finds!

    It’s also nice to see your house occasionally looks as messy as mine… Actually, it’s not even close to being as messy as mine because we’re renovating the entire house, but still…nice to see some mess in your home! 🙂

  15. I love, love your ironstone pieces. I have a few and am now beginning to collect more. Eeek…so excited about the store, and I will be “stalking” FB to see when the store is open (LOL), as I want one of your boxwood wreaths. Can’t wait!

  16. Hi MMS!

    I was just in York,PA for father’s day weekend all the way from NC. I went to New Oxford for the first time ever on Friday with my MIL. She always takes me fun places. I was surprised by the prices as well. We just went into some of the shops. I wished that I had gone on Saturday. I would have been so excited to run into you! I told my in-laws about you and a lady at a super cute shop called Pieces.( Her things were priced so well in comparison to Oxford! I love Hobby Lobby! Perfect for mixing of old and new character!

    Maybe I’ll meet you someday in Gettysburg. 🙂

  17. It’s not just you – my boys breed MESS. Of course, that’s where the new chore charts come in handy…

    Can’t wait to see what’s in the shop!

  18. Lovely items….especially the German teatowel. Your home looks lived in cuz your boys are loved on. As an empty nester, I thought the day would never come that my house would stay clean longer than 15 minutes, but it comes before you know it…bittersweet for sure! As they say, when the kids are young, the days are long but the years are short!!! Enjoy the time you have with them this summer and make some great memories together:)))

  19. As a mom of four and in an active household, I want to say, THANKYOU, for sharing your slightly messy room. It means your kids are being kids, using their imaginations and most likely not attached to a screen. Your picture seems totally normal and you have helped us see the beauty in it!!!

  20. I see you use Word Press for your site. You might want to try Woo Commerce for your online store. It’s a free plug in and works great!

  21. @Heidi. Hang in there grad student. I had a messy house before, during, and after grad school. The house? psssh is right ! There are certainly more important things to do than cleaning.
    @Marian….a few toys on the floor does not make your house messy! If mine could be only that messy, I’d figure it was a blessing for sure. We have a large family and there is ALWAYS a mess in one place or another; or all over! My home is clean but not un-messed. Ha!

  22. The other morning I was standing in my kitchen and could hear the birds singing and the sun was shining in, it took me back to when my children were little and I could hear their voices as they played. I do so miss those days, and wish I could turn back time, so enjoy the mess. I look forward to your online store opening soon, and what a beautiful quilt, good on you for such a great find.


  23. Ya, keeping the house clean in the summer is like “shoveling snow when it is snowing ” someone famous said that. It stuck with me. I really like that quilt that you found. It fits with your style. Looking forward to seeing your store back up.

  24. I have 7 children ages 11 and down, and I homeschool, so they are always here. That looks like what my children might try to call a clean room 🙂 We have clean up time three times a day (before each meal) and they all have assigned clean-up spots, otherwise it is too overwhelming.

  25. Love the sugar jars!

    By the way, German embroidery on the tea towel is good advice. One can’t cook with joy and/or passion if at first (while learning) one doesn’t cook with caution/care. And no, I am not German. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what’s in your online store, Marian, once it reopens!

  26. We are all looking forward to the online shop opening! I do love the quilt you got, it is beautiful. And by the way, my 3 yr old granddaughter visits once a week and the house looks 10 times worse than the picture of your room where the kids have been playing ;0)

  27. Marian,
    The absolutely gorgeous German towel says “Cook wisely” and I think that Miss Mustard Seed has been working on that diligently and at the same time that sentiment is difficult with boys, big and small, running around. Especially when they are hungry continuously!! I think food for three boys and a husband cost more than college! : ) Marilee

  28. Your energy level and ability to keep growing your business is a real inspiration to those of us just starting out! The mustard seed concept and message are so meaningful, great choice! Hugs, Anne

  29. Boy, do I miss the flea markets in PA! I lived in Bucks County for several years, and it was also a pretty regular thing to jump over the river into Lambertville NJ for the best-ever flea market on the weekends! I still miss it, and I left PA in 1992!! LOVE the blue and white quilt!!

  30. That is a beautiful quilt that you found. I have two quilts that my grandmother made in the early 1900’s. I hate the thought of just keeping them packaged to preserve them, and it is such a comfort to sleep under them. The fabric is thread-bare in spots and the stuffing is coming out. I would appreciate any advice and/or resources.

  31. That tea towel!!!!!! $4.00? Are you kidding me? It’s really beautiful. I love the ombré stitching. May have to copy that. Would love to see the entire design sometime.

  32. Impossible to keep my house clean with kids home for summer as well!!!! 😉 SO excited to view your online store. 🙂 Hoping to start my buffet tomorrow with the French Enamel with Lucketts Green over it. Can’t wait!

  33. Congrats on opening your online shop. I am sure it will do great once you get everything running smoothly. Love the last picture of the “mess”. It’s so refreshing to know that everyone else’s house is not always picture perfect and as clean as we would love ours to be. Many of us would LOVE for our homes to look like it was ripped from a page of a magazine but, life is messy. I am constantly battling dirty clothes on the floor, dishes left all over the house and white dog hair on my chocolate brown sofa and loveseat. I love my dog but have threatened to shave her bald on more than one occasion!

  34. I love the ironstone pieces, I am feeling the bug to start collecting again….so glad to see that your house is “normal” too. Thank you for the info on the Hobby Lobby knobs, I needed some and you sent me to the right place.

    Keep inspiring us and cant wait til the online shop is running.

  35. My husband and I stopped by the antique show in New Oxford too-we live in Gettysburg. We bought 4 old-school wooden folding chairs. (They actually came from a VFW.) They’ll be easy to stow away in the closet for when we have people over and a heck of a lot nicer looking than metal ones!

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