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I’ve never been a big Black Friday shopper.  I went out to do some Black Friday shopping one year just to experience it and I waited in a line that wrapped around the store to buy a Playdough set.  When I got to the checkout, the woman ringing it up asked me, “Is this it?”  “Yep.  That’s it.”  And that was it.  We went home and I haven’t gone since.  I might buy a few things online if I see a special sale, but I’d rather hit a local antique store or cruise around on Etsy to eBay for goodies.  So, instead of sharing Black Friday deals today, I’m going to get you geared up for Small Business Saturday by sharing some of my favorite small shops.  Several are offering coupon codes through the weekend for my readers or they are already running special sales, so make sure you write those codes down and use them!  All of the codes are together at the bottom of the post to make it easier to reference.

Here are my Small Business Saturday recommendations in no particular order.  None of these features are a part of a paid sponsorship.  These are all small shops that I have purchased from and/or collaborated with.  In some cases, I know the owner as a personal friend or acquaintance.

These are shops where you can find unique gifts and goodies and support a great small business in the process.  I’ve rounded up a little bit of everything from art classes to edibles, fountain pens to antiques, leather goods to typewriters, pillows to paintings.

organic maple syrup, specialty foods, candles, gifts | finding home farms

I shared about Finding Home Farms in more detail HERE, but they specialize in certified organic maple syrup tapped on their farm in the Hudson Valley.  They have beautiful holiday-themed bottles and other wonderful products on their site that would make thoughtful and unique gifts.  And, I have a coupon code you use!  Use MUSTARD25 to get 25% off any amount spent and free shipping over $65.  (Valid through Tuesday, Nov. 30th at 11:59 EST.)  You can shop Finding Home Farms for Small Business Saturday HERE.

small business saturday | finding home farms | organic maple syrup | miss mustard seed

housewares & gifts | JSH essentials

I fell in love with Jenny’s fabrics, table linens, and pillows last year and frequently browse her launches to see what’s still in stock!  I was able to buy some beautiful brass bells from her shop for Christmas this year.  Her items are all beautifully curated.  You’ll find decorations for your holiday home and some great gifts as well.  JSH Essentials is running a 30% off sale on all pillows for Small Business Saturday.  They are also offering 30% off all orders with code JSH-30 on Black Friday.

small business saturday | JSH Essentials | Brass bells | miss mustard seed

handmade bags & pouches | dunn by designs

Susan of Dunn by Designs made many of my totes, pouches, and project bags.  She is so meticulous and detail-oriented.  She also uses a beautiful mix of antique and new fabrics and can even add a professionally-embroidered monogram.  Ger 20% off your total during Shop Small Saturday with code “MMS20”.  HERE is Susan’s Etsy shop.  If something you want is sold out, just send her a message to see if she can make something by Christmas.

small business saturday | dunn by designs | miss mustard seed

Her scissor pouches would be a great gift for any crafter/sewer/yarn artist in your life.

small business saturday | dunn by designs | miss mustard seed


european antiques & art supplies | ponder & purchase

Not only does Julia find some of my favorite things when jaunting around the UK, but she has become a precious friend.  She finds the best things and sells them at very reasonable prices even with shipping across the pond.  Ponder & Purchase specializes in English antiques, art & writing supplies, ephemera, flatware, and more.  Julia will also do personal shopping & can curate a box of items for you to save on shipping.  Use code MMS10 for 10% off purchases made in her Etsy Shop until December 12.

small business saturday | ponder & purchase | miss mustard seed

small business saturday | ponder & purchase | miss mustard seed

housewares, gifts & antiques | maple house collective

Phoebe of Maple House Collective has an amazing eye for beautiful items for you and your home.  Her shop carries a wide array of personal care products, cleaning supplies, kitchen goods, edibles, gifts, antiques, and more.

Maple House Collective is running a few sales this weekend.  For the first time ever, they are offering 15% off everything sitewide on Black Friday.  Use code BLACKFRIDAY15 for that discount.  On Small Business Saturday, they are offering a kickback coupon by raffle ranging from 5%-30% to everyone who shops that day – one per customer. They will email all customers a coupon to be used at a later date within 24hrs of purchase. One use per customer.  And, they are offering free shipping on orders over $50 on Cyber Monday only (Nov 29th, 2021.)  Please see their site for limitations and details on all of these codes.

small business saturday | maple house collective | miss mustard seed

And The Maple House Collective’s packaging is top-notch!  You can send these gifts directly to the recipients or put them under your own tree right out of the box.

small business saturday | maple house collective | miss mustard seed

european antiques, french imports, handmade soaps & candles | dreamy whites

Maria is another shop owner with an amazing eye for beautiful things.  She specializes in French antiques, but you’ll also find handmade candles and soaps, fine linens, Farrow & Ball paint and papers, and more in her online shop.  Dreamy Whites is offering 25% off through Monday.  The discount will be given at checkout.

small business saturday | dreamy whites | miss mustard seed

Everything comes beautifully packaged from Dreamy Whites as well.

small business saturday | dreamy whites | miss mustard seed

antique european art | french art shop

I virtually met Hanna & Paul of The French Art Shop through Instagram earlier this year and I am so glad I did.  I love following their shopping adventures through France and seeing what they unearth in markets, estate sales, barn sales, etc.  They find some really special pieces!  I like that they offer a wide range of original antique and vintage drawings and paintings at several price points. Use code “MMSEED” to get 10% off of a purchase from their shop.  You can’t get a much more unique gift than an antique original painting!

small business saturday | french art shop | miss mustard seed

gifts, housewares, antiques, designer-curated boxes | sweet shady lane

I fell in love with Sweet Shady Lane through Heather’s beautiful design work in her own home shared on Instagram.  She has started a new adventure redesigning a charming old home in MN, but she also has an online shop and a vignette box she curates.  If you don’t already follow her, something curated by her is going to be special.  Heather has an amazing eye, classic taste, and is also just an all-around awesome person.  Use “Mustard10” for $10 off your order from Sweet Shady Lane.  (The pieces photographed below are from the holiday vignette box.)

small business saturday | sweet shady lane | miss mustard seed

heirloom sketching & desk accessories | makers cabinet

I can resist brand-name handbags and shoes, but it’s hard for me to resist beautiful writing and desk accessories!  Instagram knew this and introduced me to Makers Cabinet.  I have bought a few of their tools including the circle-drawing tool called the Iris.  All of their tools are so beautifully made out of the highest quality materials.  This is a great gift for people who are desk-accessory-hounds like me!

small business saturday | makers cabinet | iris | miss mustard seed

fountain pens & fine writing | atlas staioners

Atlas Stationers carries a huge range of fountain pens, accessories, papers, wax seals, and more.  They carry all of the brands I use and love and beautiful writing tools at all price points.  I’ll be sharing a post soon about affordable fountain pens for those who want a bit of guidance.  Atlas Stationers is offering a 15% off code for my readers on Small Business Saturday.  Use code Mustardseed15 at checkout to get that discount.

small business saturday | waldmann tango | atlas stationers | miss mustard seed

This is the Tango Imagination by Waldmann.

UK stationary & art supplies | choosing keeping

Heather of Sweet Shady Lane introduced me to Choosing Keeping when she spotted a sealing wax that was just my shade of blue.  Well, she has no idea the door she opened for me!  I just love the items they carry…papers, paints, pens, almond-scented paste.  It’s just a lovely small shop in the UK where you can find all sorts of unique gifts.

small business saturday | choosing keeping | miss mustard seed

small business saturday | kaweco | choosing keeping | miss mustard seed


art & creative classes | jeanne oliver

I wanted to include some experience-based gifts, too!  Jeanne Oliver has one of the best libraries of classes for art and creativity out there.  There is such a wide range and the videos are always so high quality.  I learn so much from them and am always encouraged as well.  It’s not a stuffy art community, but one that is welcoming to creatives of all experience levels.  Use coupon code “Missmustard30” for 30% off one course.  (There are a few courses that are not available for a discount, but over 130 that are!  This code is valid for 72 hours, so don’t wait too long.)

This spread was created as I’m taking Aimee Bishop’s The Magpie’s Nest.

small business saturday | jeanne oliver art classes | miss mustard seed

art & creative classes | renee mueller

I have taken several classes from Renee Mueller and enjoy her free YouTube and Facebook videos, too.  Whenever I feel stuck or tight, she is one of my go-to teachers to just start playing and creating beautiful things.  This is a great gift for people who could use a little creative self-care!  Renee will be having a 40% off classes sale December 1st-5th, which is huge!  Use discount code Holiday21 at checkout to get 40% off.  You can check out her classes HERE.

small business saturday | art classes | Renee Mueller | miss mustard seed

working antique & vintage typewriters | BSIE typewriters

I bought my 1920s Underwood from BSIE Typewriters and I was so impressed with their typewriter selection (all tuned up and working) and their customer service.  I had one sticky key and they sent me a video showing how to do some easy troubleshooting.  They also offer free shipping from Nice, France, and do an amazing job packing.  Use code MISSMUSTARDSEED to get 20% off any purchase from their Etsy shop (no minimum.)  In addition to typewriters, they have ribbons and accessories.

small business saturday | BSIE Typewriters | vintage & antique typewriters | miss mustard seed

leather goods | officina della pelle

I shopped at the family-owned Officina Della Pelle both times I went to Lucca, Italy.  They make the most beautiful leather bags, purses, wallets, pouches, notebooks, and so many other things.  I have been using the green purse I bought from them daily since 2018 and it has worn beautifully.  I bought Jeff one of their briefcases from their online shop last year for Christmas and he loves it.  They will also monogram the pieces, which is a special touch for a customized gift.  They are also just good people.  At the beginning of the pandemic, when Italy was hit hard, they messaged me to see if we were doing okay.  They were struggling, but still thinking about their customers and friends in the US.

They are offering 15% off your purchase with the coupon code WELCOME15.  It will be valid until December 12.

small business saturday | officina della pelle | leather goods | miss mustard seed

fountain pens & ink | the Goulet pen company

The Goulet Pen Company is another great place for fountain pens, inks, papers, and other fine writing accessories.  They also have an amazing resource section to help you learn all about fountain pens, care, troubleshooting, tips, etc.  I actually learned about them first through their videos.  Use code Mustardseed15 for 15% off a couple of my favorite brands they carry – Platinum Pens and Noodler’s Ink.  The Platinum 3776 Century is one of my favorite pens, but they also have a wide range at different price points.  Noodlers Ink Bulletproof Black is my go-to ink for dip pens and fountain pens.

small business saturday | goulet pen company | miss mustard seed

If you can’t tell, I am really honored to know these talented creatives and shop-owners who work so hard to put beautiful things out into the world.  It just makes me happy writing about each one of them.  I hope you found some great finds to cross some people off of your Christmas list.

Happy Small Business Saturday shopping!

To make it easier, here are all of the coupon codes in one place…

If you own a small shop and would like to share a sale that you are running, leave a comment with the type of items you carry in your store along with a coupon code.  You can share a link as well, but I will have to approve it, so it won’t be posted right away.  (This is for small shops only.  No spam, please.)


  1. Joy Frank

    Thank you for making so many lovely recommendations! Really trying to make an effort this season to shop small businesses especially those owned by women.

  2. Susi

    I never really went Black Friday shopping. I have started asking for antiques for Christmas. I love shopping small business. Thank you for the post.

  3. Patricia Kasparian

    Thanks for sharing these shops for ideas. I remember well loving your leather from Della Pelle. I suggested a bag for myself for Christmas and I believe it’ll be under the tree. Not quite like visiting Lucca, but one day, Marian…. 😉

  4. Cynthia

    I have never really understood “Black Friday,” in person or online~ I like to relish in the quiet and gratitude for a bit and a bit longer. I realize I may not find what I had intended for someone, but that just sends me on another hunt for that something special.

    I just spent a couple hours scouring your links and what a joy to behold. I don’t think I even need to leave home~ Thank you for the bliss and that extra cup of tea enjoyed… and for sharing your very talented friends, Marian.

    Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Cynthia <3

  5. Terry

    Thank you so much for all the offerings. I did shop local today and then came home and signed up for a Jeanne Oliver class. I have never taken a class on line (and only a couple in person). I chose something out side (semi) my box. Can’t wait till after the holidays to get started. Thank you again.

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh, you will enjoy the Jeanne Oliver class. I treat myself to them a few times a year.

  6. Jackie

    Love your selections. A friendly correction: those of us in the stationery business are pained to see it spelled stationary — an “a” means to stand still. Stationery as in letter reminds one to spell it with an “e.”

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh, thank you! I made the correction. 🙂 Always learning…

  7. Renee

    Stationery – How about “e” for envelope!

    • Marian Parsons

      Great way to remember!


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