a slip turned into a slip

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I found a pretty antique petticoat a few months ago at an antique store and decided it would make a pretty pillow cover.  I would turn a slip into a pillow slip!  Two, actually.

Since the ruffle was only on one side, I made it like a slip-on pillow case instead of a traditional decorative bolster cover.  It worked out perfectly, since the ruffle hangs over the sofa and it’s tailored on the back side.

Miss Mustard Seed-3022

It always pains me a little to cut up antique linens, but the detail on this piece was too pretty to not use.


Miss Mustard Seed-3023

You can see a peek of the pillow form under the pillow case, but it’s white, so it’s not distracting.  I might make a simple muslin cover for it at some point, but maybe not.  I’ve even thought about putting blue and white ticking on the end that shows as a fun little detail.

Miss Mustard Seed-3025



Miss Mustard Seed-3026


I made these pillow covers the same day I sewed the ones for my family room.  These have been pinned in place for a long time, so it was nice to cross them off the list.

a slip turned into a slip

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17 Comments on “a slip turned into a slip”

  1. stunning, always stunning, I started following you from your slipcover tutorial and you grow and mature and your talent soars… Just stunning work.

  2. I made pillow covers from a petticoat that looks a lot like yours! It had the very same detail, it must have been popular back then. I would definitely cover the bolster with blue and white ticking……something that “peeks” out from under the petticoat 😀

  3. Love the petticoat slip covers – so cute. The idea for the blue ticking is a perfect solution for the ends; quite clever! but that’s no surprise 😉

  4. So charming MMS! What about a draw string to gather the ends and accentuate the pin tucking and lace detailing? Just a thought?!

  5. Beautiful! I agree with any of the above suggestions. Question: what material is the setee covered in? Love the color snd texture. Thanks!

  6. I simply love how re- using this old petticoat has given it new life! It went from being rather unseen to being fully seen, front and center! It would be so glorious if this petticoat got it’s own “petticoat ” in the blue and white ticking!

  7. I, like you, always worry about cutting up old linens, especially when there’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s better to be able to use and enjoy them than to have them stacked away in a drawer somewhere. I love these…very pretty idea.

  8. I couldn’t help but notice that white quilt with the teal diamonds. I would kill for that. Have you written a post on that?

  9. Oh Marion! That brings back such happy memories. i copied something like that years ago that my sweet Grandmama had made and created a dress for my little girl. Stupidly, I loaned it out and then moved and never saw it again. My bad. I will be looking for old petticoats for sure.
    Love you sweet lady.

  10. Beautiful! I bought a big box of them years ago. Now I know what I’m doing with some of them. I know what you mean about altering a genuine article, but they really are gaining a new life. Ps. I’m starting a list today….on paper, instead of having 1000 project ideas flying around in my head!!!

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