Almost all of my small side tables that were in the shop have sold, so my shop owner asked me to make more.  One problem…it’s been, like, three degrees outside, so I have not been able to use my spray booth.  (I have to open my basement doors for ventilation and really cold air and wet paint don’t play nice.)
So, I had this yawn of a table that was my printer stand in my office…it’s a small table and it’s already painted.  So, I stared at it for a while and waited for some inspiration.
I really like how my Mod Podge Table turned out, so I decided to try it again, but with a different look.  I have loads of old sheet music that I rescued from my grandparent’s attic and thought it would look lovely on the white table.
I used Mod Podge to decoupage the sheet music to the table top and bottom shelf.
I then distressed the edges of the table and finished it off with an antiquing stain.  I love how the stain seeped through onto the sheet music in some areas causing dark spots.  It looks perfectly aged.
This table had a lot of imperfections.  I think I bought it at a yard sale for $1.00!  Because of this, antiquing and glazing it was a great way to hide and even emphasize some of the flaws.

If you like my little mossy topiaries, you can see how I made them here.

You can find a video tutorial for applying paper to a piece of furniture HERE.


  1. Gypsy Brocante

    I'm lovin' your sheet music table …Your attention to detail shines thru … a wonderful job! I'm in the process of doing a 'wallpaper' dining room table {a first for me!}

    I'm also a new to your blog and can't wait until I have a full day to dive in and check out ALL of your amazing projects!


  2. ascrapoftime

    I love the table… super cute! The first thing that came to mind was that I could do the sheet music thing on a piano bench…. if I had a piano. =o)

  3. Rene

    Well, you've done it again! I love it Miss Mustard Seed!

  4. Diane

    I love the table! It is gorgeous! I'm saving this picture, what a wonderful ideas.


  5. asnipofgoodness

    VERY CUTE!!!! I love the sheet music! You are so right about the aging, I love the dark spots, and the imperfections!

  6. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden

    The table turned out great! I love old sheet music. What is an antiquing stain? Do you just put a coat of stain on and then wipe it off?

  7. One Cheap B*tch

    I love it and I want it for my house. Seriously, can I move in with you or vice versa? =)

  8. Flea Market Trixie

    Oh my, I love that table!!!
    I want it TOO!

    I love all the stuff you do, but this is one of my top favorites!

  9. elise

    this is beautiful!! i really love it, and think i'm going to have to give it a try. I had just read an article about using sheet music for table runners at a wedding and was trying to think of more options for using the music with out the wedding bit:O)

  10. Amy@TheLemonCottage

    Wow, its just beautiful.
    I love it!
    It looks wonderful with you mossy topiaries.


  11. anhesty

    wow its amazing! mod podge is some cool stuff! i have to look into this! great diy!

  12. Gail

    Love it! It's been really cold here so not much is being done with furniture pieces here either. Enjoyed the workshop yesterday. Looking forward to next week.

  13. Jessica @ This Blessed Life

    oh my word, i am a music teacher and i think i'm going to HAVE to try to replicate that sometime. fabulous job!

  14. abby @ tales and trials

    Your table turned out so cute! I can't believe you found that little table for a $1.00. Crazy!

    I can't wait for yard sales to start up again. C'm on weather…..hurry up and get warm already! 🙂

  15. Melissa

    I LOVE this! What a great makeover for that cute little table. This got me thinking it might be the perfect way to dress up our drab little bedside tables. I'm in the middle of a master bedroom makeover, and I've been stuck on the tables. Thanks, once again, for the inspiration!

  16. Kara

    Love love love love love. Sooooo pretty.

  17. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    I love side tables that are this size. They are so versatile {like for a printer!}. I love the addition of the sheet music ~ you're right, it does go really well with the white of the table!

  18. Shannon

    Wow, I love this!

  19. Beth@The Stories of A to Z

    It turned out beautiful! Congrats on having all of your pieces sell out! How exciting :).

  20. Crystal

    I can't believe this is my first visit. I just love your blog posts and this table turned out just terrific. Now, I have all kinds of ideas in my head for sheet music.
    I will be back for sure, adding on as a follower.
    Have a blessed Day.

  21. Colleen @ MuralMaker&More

    love,love,love it. especially the sheet music. darling.
    Do you have issues w/bubbles w/ModPodge? I read somewhere to use a blow dryer, but haven't tried that yet.
    thanks for sharing.

  22. wishful nals

    what a cool idea. i love the look!

  23. Amy Kinser

    Love this table. I also found old sheet music in my attic that belonged to my grandmother and I have a little table almost identical. I'm thinking another project is coming up. Thanks so much for the idea.

  24. Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence

    Ok I saw the word sheet, saw the moss and thought it was going to be a sheet moss table. Boy, that would be hard to dust!

    I am hosting my first ever linky party and would be ever so happy if you would join in!

  25. Dragonfly Treasure

    Love, Love, Love the way your table turned out!! Gorgeous!!

  26. Jessica @ Decor Adventures

    You stare at it and wait for inspiration, ha! Me too.

    "It's just about come to me what I should do with this table…"

    Is that a Gorham silver bowl?

  27. Sarah

    SPECTACULAR!! I'm redoing my dining room this year and this would be amazing to top off the custom buffet we're making.

    Love it! 🙂

  28. sissie

    Oh my goodness, I am just loving this! I have a table similar to yours in my booth that is just so ho hum and will not sell. Now, I know what to do with it, thanks to you. I think buyers are getting tired of just plain ole painted stuff and are wanting more. This is a fantabulous idea.

    Love it.

  29. Jane

    The sheet music and that little table really work well together. I have a huge stack of old sheet music just waiting for a project…now I just need the furniture!!

  30. Tattered & Timeless

    Love it. You sure found lots of fun stuff in your grandparents house and you are using them in great new ways.


  31. The Little Red Shop

    What a lovely table! I really like your mossy mound topiaries too.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Unless it's just my computer being goofy…your "The White Farmhouse" link is linking to me! I absolutely do, of course, think you deserve all sorts of awards! : )

  32. Barbara Jean



    barbara jean

  33. Miss Mustard Seed

    Julie, Thanks for pointing it out. The link was not done properly, but it's now fixed. Sorry, Maggie!

  34. Prior

    This little table is just perfect! Thanks, Lezlee

  35. Becca

    This is my most favorite of anything you have done and you do some pretty amazing Things!

  36. Marianne@Songbird

    Hmm yum, lovely table. I could eat it right up. Although I do think it would be a bit heavy on my stomach. Go look for more tables to do, because this will fly out of the shop in a second too.

  37. Andy Porter

    I am speechless…and I'm in love.

    Poppies at Play

  38. Sherry

    So Cute! I just found some old sheet music at a 2nd hand store today and plan on using it to mat a picture. Love this look.

  39. Bettie from Southern Thresholds

    Love the sheet music application. I've used Mod Podge in the past, but not with sheet music. What a clever way to preserve a favorite song. This would be awesome using old Christmas songs – I bet all the thrift shops will have a run on tables of this style. Thanks for a great blog.

  40. Jane

    As always, gorgeous! Thanks for linkin' up to FF!

  41. Diane at InMyOwnStyle

    I am so impressed. This table is just perfect, so well done. You have the right touch with a paintbrush.

  42. Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria

    Just darling love this idea how cute that would be in a music room…thanks for sharing…hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  43. Tam, I am

    I love this! I have an old telephone stand that would look lovely covered in music sheets! Thanks for the inspiration. You did a fantastic job!

  44. Lana K. W. Austin

    Okay, this is right up my alley and is PERFECT for my musician daughter!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Hugs, Lana

  45. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~

    Great looking table you did a wonderful job. It's perfect! I'm now following you. You have got some great projects going on.

  46. Lisa

    Love, Love, Love this table! Soooooooooooooo gonna do one for my house, thanks for the inspiration.


  47. Hattie

    That looks lovely! The sheet music was a perfect touch.

  48. laurmela

    So cool! I have some old sheet music as well, just don't know if I can part with it!

  49. Gayle

    A great idea. Loved it. My heart wants to craft, but my hands don't cooperate.

  50. Beth Anne

    this is so great! I am truly inspired!

  51. Paula Grace Designs

    I love this project. I love music so this something I can really enjoy.
    Paula Grace ~

  52. Kimberly

    I just bought my first bottle of Mod Podge since I was like… 7. And I feel like I have some mighty powerful tool in my hand when I hold it. I can't wait to come up with some projects! Thanks for sharing this table. It's amazing!

  53. Room to Inspire

    Beautiful as always! I really love the addition of the sheet music and the stain seeping through gives the piece so much character.


  54. Lei

    I really love this, so unique. Would be perfect in my house!

  55. Simply Sara

    SO gorgeous!
    I am in love with it.

  56. Angela

    This is just beautiful, my version would have cello music on it! Just awesome.

  57. Nancy

    Just found this one. I've never had many painted pieces of furniture and never anything with sheet music but I love, love, love this. I come from a very musical family. I have one piece of sheet music framed which is one my Grandma wrote. Noone can find any more of her published sheet music ;-( But I just got inspired from this post…reading how you looked at the table waiting for some inspiration…and thought, I could probably have my Grandmas music copied onto some old looking paper and then do a table similar to this with her music! Wouldn't that be sweet…gosh I'm starting to tear up thinking about her! Just love all your cuteness in your posts! Thanks much!

  58. Nancy

    I'm scatter brained tonight…the main reason I came back to your blog tonight…then got sidetracked on this post and thinking of my Grandma's sheet music…was to tell you that I added your blog to my sidebar. Have a good night!

  59. tokadasbellasartes

    Menina, esta mesa ficou lindamente original !!!
    Parabens pela criatividade.

  60. Steph @ somewhatsimple

    I am featuring this side table (one of my favorite projects from you!) tomorrow (tuesday) on somewhat simple! 🙂 Talk to you soon…

  61. Betsy

    I'll be doing this with my really ugly two-drawer lateral file cabinet in the piano studio corner of my living room. Great inspiration, thank you!

  62. Stacey

    I am thinking of doing this. Would this work with printed music or should I find some old music like pictured?

  63. Lili

    Is beautiful I love to know exactly what you used to make it.

  64. Lorraine

    I love the table with the music sheet and the modge podge but how do you do it



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