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I started doing “favorites” posts each month at the beginning of this year and that lasted for…oh, about two months!  Life just happened and I didn’t come back to it, but I decided to pick it up again.  Here are a smattering of things I enjoyed in September…

Hamilton : An American Musical

As a total drama nerd with a degree in musical theatre, I just love it when I find a new-to-me musical to overplay when I’m alone.  Well, I finally listened to Hamilton after it came up in a few separate conversations and I absolutely love it.  It’s not a conventional musical, but has a lot of rap and R&B mixed with melodies that have a familiar musical feel.


The story is powerful, the music is great.  I love it and I’m wearing it out on my iPod while I work.

100 meadows project 

Who knew that plowing into oil painting by tentatively committing to painting 100 meadows on a whim would be so transformative?  Well, it has been.  I already shared details about it HERE and HERE, but it had to be mentioned in my favorites.  So, thank you to Michelle Wooderson for creating the challenge, to Page of Open Field Mercantile (who has been an encouragement and one of my “art buddies” through text), and to all of the readers who sent me and continue to send me their meadows to paint.

(Seriously, ladies are asking their husbands to pull the car over, so they can get a pretty picture for me!)

Estēe Lauder’s Double Wear

I watched THIS You Tube video and then I had to buy some new makeup.  You know how that goes.  So, I bought Double Wear and tapped it onto my face with a blending sponge I already had over my primed skin (with POREfessional), just like the tutorial, and it was magical.  Double Wear, where have you been my whole adult life?  (I also got a ton of samples with my purchase at Macy’s and some of those might make my October favorites list!)

Anthropologie Polka Dot Tunic

This came to me at the tail end of September, but I ordered this shirt, feeling a little skeptical that it would fit me after reading the reviews.  It looks so cute on, though!  It doesn’t look like much just hanging there, but it’s fitted up top and then flares in a flattering way and hits long enough that it can be worn with leggings.

Saturday Night Church

At our new church in Minnesota, they offer a Saturday night service in addition to the Sunday services.  At first, I thought there was no way I would be into going to church on Saturday night, but I love it!  We go to church, stay for dinner and fellowship, and the boys and I get a lazy Sunday morning.

It’s been a pleasant surprise that I’ve really enjoyed!

@jessica_henry-fine-art on Instagram

Jessica is a crazy-talented artist, but what I really love is her generous spirit when it comes to teaching aspiring and novice artists.  I can’t wait to watch more of her You Tube videos and practice some of her techniques.

The Beefy Range

Of course.  Need I say more?

Cambridge Notebooks

I found these Cambridge notebooks at Target and they are my favorite for note-taking and to-do lists.  They have a limited selection online, but in the store, they have the spiral-bound as well as other colors and sizes.  I like that each page has a month and day to circle.

Morning Walks

And, lastly, I’ve been meeting up with some local ladies for a walk a couple of mornings each week and it’s been such an awesome time.  I get steps on my fitbit, enjoy the fall weather, and I get to fellowship with women from my church and community.

Sebastian enjoys the walks, too!

Those are some of my favorite things.  What were you into this September?


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September Favorites

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49 Comments on “September Favorites”

  1. Unfortunately, we spent the entire month of September dealing with a hurricane. Labor Day, we realized we were a target. That day began a frantic, though methodical time of preparing for the worst. We’re used to that here in SW Florida and know it’s a potential threat, so we prepare and pray. Life has changed (as it seems to do) , but we emerged from the other side with a deeper sense of gratitude. People. We realized even more that is what is important in life. Perfection. It is a facade. Love. Draws souls together. Prayer. Brings peace. No fall decor here as we continue to pull it all back together, but as we move forward, we realize we’re strong and loved and resilient.

    1. I’m so sorry for what you went through. I used to live in Florida and know the devastation that can come from Hurricanes. My heart has been heavy for all of those who have lost their homes and now for the people who have lost loved ones in Las Vegas. I hope that October brings you lots of peace, comfort, and favorite things.

      1. Oh dear! I regret that somehow my post was misconstrued. Forgive me. You see, I am grateful and come with a full heart. In our nearly 40 years of marriage, my husband and I are overcomers (is that a word?!). We look back and see that every winter trial has brought us to a place where we are strengthened. Though difficult, we learn so much as we make our way through. At the time of my post, I had not learned of the tragedy in our country. It truly breaks my heart. I am a long-time reader of MMS and it is one of two blogs I read each morning if I am able. This is my place for inspiration, beauty and artistic learning. I learned to slipcover from Miss Marian and use her milk paint line. With this said, please accept my apologies for poor communication on my part.

  2. Terri thanks for posting that! I too live in Florida and sometimes I read these posts and wonder how we can be so focused on decorating, designing, shopping, etc… When there so much more important things to focus on. The killings in Las Vegas is yet another example… I realize that people need this nonsense to distract themselves, but sometimes it needs to be front and center in our thoughts! Please people do not attack me for my comments…

    1. When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia a few years back, I quickly realized that while my world had stopped the rest of the world kept on turning. While I do pray for everyone in the path of these tragedies this blog does not seem like a good place to air your grievances. Thank you Marion for all that you do!

    2. Hi Terri,
      The world can be so very harsh, cruel and unforgiving , and when I think that “the world is too much with us”, I find consolation by concentrating on the soothing, happy and civilized atmosphere that is home. Making a house into a cheerful, welcoming home is something that we can control, as opposed to the misery ‘out there’ that is beyond our ability to impact in a very meaningful way. It also gives us hope that better days will return.
      In no way should anyone ever attack you, because you are just giving voice to the sadness that you feel..

      1. VERY well said. I’m kinda of teary now. Guess this struck a chord in the sad sad aftermath of Las Vegas.

    3. Katie, I totally understand where you are coming from. Of course my heart is heavy for those who have lost their homes and their businesses in the recent hurricanes and I have participated privately in helping how I can. It is also devastating to hear about the shooting in Las Vegas this morning. I can’t even imagine the pain the people who lost someone are going through right now and yes, this blog post is trite and unimportant when stacked against the weight of all of the recent tragedies.

      I think there is something to be said, though, for the things in our lives that encourage, inspire, and that provide some constancy, even if it’s as small as reading a blog post that picks you up a little. I’ve always hoped this blog would be a place like that to my readers.

      I do sincerely apologize if this post rubs you the wrong way today, in light of all of the events that have happened in recent weeks. And I really do understand how it could. I would humbly suggest, though, that it might be a good time to step away from blogs and social media if it bothers you. There are times when we all need to take a step back to digest and reflect and remove the things that just add to the noise.

      All the best to you, Katie, and to Terri as well. I’m sorry both of you are going through a difficult time and I hope there is lots of joy right around the corner.


    4. Katie, you took the time to read this “nonsense” you opened the blog – then you attack a woman that is kind and helpful and I am sure has sent many prayers where they belong – This blog is a great example of what we need in this world – kindness, women supporting women, women teaching others how to do things on their own. Maybe one of the families that was devastated by the hurricane can come to this blog and get some inspiration for a peaceful home or for how to paint their home themselves or set a beautiful table from garage sales. I find it offensive that you attack us for reading this “nonsense” when, not only did you read it, you responded to it.

  3. I went to a church that had Sunday services only, then twice on Sunday morning. Since I attended and moved to another town a long time friend mentioned that now the church offers a Thursday night service that they attend so they have the weekend free. My feelings are mixed. Being raised when Sundays were quiet and relaxing and meant only for church or a Sunday drive there is a part of me that longs for that simple life. Then I see how busy my daughter is with her children and day to day life and know that life does not stay the same generation to generation and new things/time for events can be beneficial. Tradition versus innovation. Too little or too much. An age old question never really having one answer except perhaps move through life as works for you and your family. Finding that balance is what I am going to be doing this September. P.S. Try baking your bacon in the oven as I mentioned before and perhaps you can do a post on range top cooking it and baking it!

    1. Yes, I thought I wouldn’t like the Saturday night service, because it wouldn’t “feel right”, but I really love it. I can see how it wouldn’t be for everyone, though, which is why they offer two services on Sunday. 🙂

  4. We used to have church on Saturday nights, too! I LOVED it, for exactly the same reasons. However, only a few of us really liked it. Many others were very much into tradition… sometimes hard to get over. 🙂 We are Sunday mornings now, which is fine, too!

  5. I’m in love with your Beefy Range Marion, and it’s so much fun to see what your monthly favorites. I’m tempted to purchase that adorable top from Anthropologie myself. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I was into my new BrotherDream Machine sewing machine. Earlier Birthday present from my hubby and the possibilities are endless!

  7. Thanks for sharing your September faves, Marian. It’s a good catchall feature for things that don’t warrant a whole blog. My September faves included an historical drama series available on Netflix, THE PARADISE, set in an up-and-coming department store. I binge-watched both seasons while my sweetheart was out of town… Another favorite was a gently used Tod’s leather hobo bag I bought through our neighborhood’s online network.

    1. Elizabeth, I love The Paradise too! It was like another show “Mr Selfridge.”. It was an awesome show also.

    2. I read the book, The Ladie’s Paradise by Emile Zola, upon which the series was based and so enjoyed the series. Don’t you just love the theme music? So delightful. If you get a chance read the book. And The Paradise was made and released before Mr. Selfridge. Mr. Selfridge is not fictional but based upon the real person. Also enjoyable but my favorite is The Paradise.

  8. We rescued a not quite 2 lb kitten at the beginning of September so that would have to be my very favorite of favs. Our baby Cash is the sweetest thing ever and the entire family is completely gobsmacked with everything he does. He has more than tripled his weight and size this month and we look forward to years of enjoyment. >^..^<

  9. September was:
    Super busy time at my full-time job, many college student activities.
    Record-breaking sales at my flea market booth. Amazing. riding the wave of French Farmhouse White.
    My youngest daughter’s final year of college, even if it has been 9 years in the making!
    A birthday weekend with middle daughter Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch. Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta did not disappoint.

    And, as always, it’s a joy to share your life and creativity each month. You inspire in ways you don’t event know, encouraging us to dare, to reach, to stretch, to risk failure.

  10. Love the shirt, love your kitchen and love Estée Lauder double wear makeup.. I’ve been using it for my whole adult life. And I’m 60…. anyway so fun seeing all your progress. Have a great day..

  11. Let’s see……..long walks, orange and yellow falling leaves, apple cider, sunny skies, backyard chickens, and reunions. Lots of blessings, too many to count and so grateful for each one.

  12. We started a house church once that met on Saturday nights. At first, it felt very weird but we LOVED it after we got used to it! We actually RESTED on Sundays!

    I loved the makeup video! Gosh, wouldn’t it be fun to have her do your makeup???? I’ve never used bronzer or cheek highlighter but it looks great on her. My daughters have started using the sponge thingy and they like it.

    Thanks for your blog! I love it!

  13. I’m sorry some misunderstand your post today and view as trivial. Everyone needs a little pretty in their life. Our lives are not always pretty on the inside but with joy i read your column. I think if we only concentrate on the bad in life we are a doomed society. #thinkpretty

  14. I realize I’m sticking my neck out here, but I wanted to comment about church services on days other than Sunday. I’m mainly addressing people who regularly go to church, and I am not trying to tell others what they should do-just relating stories and thoughts.
    Our church also offers Saturday evening services in addition to two Sunday morning services. We used to have Sunday evening, but switched it to Saturday years ago. It seems to really appeal to those with younger children.
    I have talked with a number of friends who either attend the Saturday now, or tried it and went back to Sunday at least part time. Why? Well, when they go Saturday, they have a super-busy day with chores, kids games, work at the house, and they go straight to church from this busy day. Then, Sunday, maybe they sleep in, mow the grass, go to the store, etc, because the day is free. Then it’s Monday and it all starts over again. My point? God desires for us to have a Sabbath-take a day off and rest-keep Him the primary focus of just one day of the week. It’s hard switching from Sunday to Saturday and still maintain this idea. I’ve never been perfect with this, but have tried to go by the idea, “is this something I HAVE to do today, or can I do it another day and keep this day more for the Lord and for rest?” I know I am living under His grace, and so, I CAN do whatever I want, but we TRY to not do those ordinary things that can be done other days. It is challenging, especially with kids, but overall, we have been pretty successful and Sunday nights-Monday mornings maybe were a little better because we had some margin before the workweek started. We all need regular rest, and God built it into our week-He even rested from His creation work on the 7th day!
    God bless you all as you navigate this unpredictable life on this earth. Praying His peace on all who need Him right now.

    1. Yep, I see where you’re coming from and I think a lot of people feel that way. For me, I have always been very active at church, so that usually means showing up an hour early to practice music and do sound checks, going to Sunday school and teaching kid’s church. When we were in youth, church was followed by having youth kids over to our home for lunch and then running youth group Sunday night. I am finding Sundays to be much more restful when I go to church Saturday night and I find I am more engaged in church later in the day. Anyway, it’s a total preference thing. As you said, we live under Grace and is there ever really a wrong time for believers to gather to worship, fellowship, and sit under teaching? 🙂

  15. Thank you! I will have to try the double wear and delve into oil painting too.
    My husband is in Church leadership too, it sounds really nice to enjoy a service and fellowship after. I am glad it is working for you! I must say my human side is a tiny bit jealous.
    I treasure your blog! it offers me a bit of much needed peace in crazy worldly world!

  16. Wow! What a diverse crowd we MMS readers are! It was interesting reading all the comments today. And Ms. Marian, let me applaud you, my dear, for your graciousness. It tells me that the Lord has your ear. Keep on doing what you’re doing with your blog…it brings joy and comfort into this world of blog readers.

  17. I, too, weathered Hurricane Irma in September. We were without power for 13 days but grateful to have a backup generator. We opened our home to neighbors, family and friends that numbered 9 people, 11 extra dogs, 3 extra cats and a lizard. In the middle of it all I rescued 2 horses that were being neglected. It was a lot like Noah’s ark for 2 weeks. The best part of all is the horses are staying!! In the midst of the chaos it was fun to see your updates pop up!

  18. When I decide to open and read your blog I do so with a happy heart. It lifts me up when I have had less than a perfect day. This world is not perfect and neither are the people who live in it. There are tragedies every day somewhere in our world. Your blog is an escape for me with so many crazy things going on. It doesn’t make us less of a person for enjoying things that most people might seem frivolous. Thanks for lifting me up on so many days when I have a heavy heart.

  19. My favorite things were decorating for Fall!!! I love putting pumpkins, pine cones and gourds around the house! I got three new pieces of Ironstone. A really neat old tea pot, a bowl that I don’t have and a small platter (I’m not sure what its used for. I was thinking about sending you a picture to see if you could tell me what it is) all three pieces were $19.00 from our local antiques barn. I really wanted a huge pitcher but it was $32.00 and I couldn’t see spending the money on it…………but I can’t get it out of my head sooooooo……….. I also got two old quilts for $48.00 at the Amish sale barn. One is blue and white Marion. I think you would love it.

  20. I also really like the “escape” from the realities of the way our world seems to be these days. It is hard to not find bad news and tragedy everywhere. I agree that if we only focus on all the negative things happening, it is easy to get depressed about the state of the world. Reading this blog is a nice distraction. It won’t fix the problems in the world, but neither would not reading it. We can do what we can to help others in whatever way we can.

    As for the church comments, I really don’t want to offend anyone at all, but my thought is that with all that is going on today in life and all the tragedy and suffering people go through, I have to think God doesn’t care if we go to church on Saturday, or on Sunday, or Wednesday for that matter. I don’t think the day of the week really matters to Him, but that is just my thought.

  21. From pretty early on, I have been a fan of yours. I enjoy all the before and after posts and the posts you have shared when you were stepping out to try something new. You share the I-need-more-practice pieces of art and the ones where (clearly) you have improved to a point where they are really good. Amidst all of the decor, painting, ironstone, art and upholstery posts, every now and then I read the comments. I have noted that whenever people are being critical or even unkind, you always respond with kindness and compassion. In a world of knee jerk reactions and harsh words, thank you for well thought out responses wrapped in grace.

  22. I want to thank you for the referral to Jessica Henry’s You Tube videos. I began oil painting about seven years ago in a class setting, but not really formal art training. I am just now branching out to create my own work without a teacher. I find it very helpful to hear her thought process as she creates. I look forward to watching all of her videos.

  23. I’ve been using Double Wear for several years – it absolutely cannot be beat! I’m soooo excited – my daughter and I just bought tickets to Hamilton on Broadway for Mother’s Day weekend next May. I can’t wait! I’m only disappointed we didn’t go while the original cast was still performing. I’ve listened to the soundtrack over and over…

  24. I think Saturday night services are a fantastic idea. As a nurse who used to work weekends, a Saturday night service would have allowed me to worship with my family even though I was scheduled to work on Sunday morning. Not everyone has a Monday through Friday schedule. But I’m not complaining, I’ve always found caring for the sick a blessing. Besides, true faith is not a one day a week exercise. God is in every moment of our lives everyday.

  25. I am sorry for some of the comments…These tragedies are so heartbreaking and you need a break away from it I myself love to come to the blog for your inspiration in words for all those that are going through these tragedies But with your inspirations of decor and painting, cooking oh I could go on it is great to take this break so you do not get so down for all this evil going on in the world I went through the Irma and had a lot of damage and 2 large holes had to be fixed in the roof from large tree limbs But I found comfort on FB keeping up with everyone knowing everyone was alright or what was happening Then coming to your blogs to get comfort even if it just comforting words or decor…which can make you smile and leave for just a few mins the sadness of the world behind Thank you for all you do and keep up doing what you do God bless

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