Do you remember Sarah’s wood stove decorating dilemma that I posted about this summer?  Well, I received an update from Sarah on her progress and her plan, so I thought I would share it with you.

Here is the inspiration board Sarah sent me…

Here’s how the room looked when I shared it back in August…


And here is how it looks now.  She decided to paint the walls in the kitchen and fireside room in a Benjamin Moore color called “Cloud Nine” and it really unified the two spaces.  The rust color wasn’t bad at all, but it looked disconnected from the rest of the space.  The white walls look fresh and are now ready for warm layers to be added.


There is brick behind the stove, but they discovered that it doesn’t cover the entire wall, so they are going to install a thin brick wall covering to look like exposed brick.  It’ll be a great backdrop for the stove and will tie in nicely with the wood trim and floors.

They are also hoping to find some gray tile (something similar to slate, with a rustic feel) for under the stove to replace the oddly-shaped beige tile. Sarah said they are combing craigslist for something that will work and be budget-friendly.

Sarah moved a sewing cabinet against the kitchen bar until her husband can finish the cabinet.  Here’s a sketch of what she has in mind…


She’s also been working on the staircase wall.  Here’s how it looked in August…


And now…


She didn’t make any huge changes, but I love the direction she’s going.  Having a few larger scale pieces around the wood stove makes it feel cozier and less obtrusive and more like an intentional choice.  Don’t you think so?

The added accessories have added more life and warmth to the space.

Sarah also revived the wood window trim by wiping it down with all-natural MMS Hemp Oil.  I did not put her up to that!  But Hemp Oil did what Hemp Oil does…



…and after…


You can see it hydrated the wood, brought out the luster and even made the unicorn carving almost disappear.

One of the rooms Sarah was inspired by is also a favorite of mine – Joan’s kitchen from For the Love of a House.  Exposed brick, bucolic paintings, English country style, nubby white slipcovers, a touch of rustic…I think this inspiration picture pretty much nails it.


Sarah promised to keep us posted as the space progresses.


Speaking of room makeovers, we’re making good progress on my mom’s room makeover and I’ll give updates on the built-in, the slipcovered chair and the bedskirt as soon as I can snap some pictures.

I’m also going to start working on a living room in an old farmhouse that belongs to a family from our church…


  1. Mary

    I do remember this post from the summer, I’m so glad you shared the update with us. Fun to see!

  2. Tonya @ Rustic & Woven

    Sarah – you have done a wonderful job with your space. I LOVE that wall color – the whole space feels cozy and warm and charming. Well done!!!

  3. Mel

    Sarah’s room is making great progress. For anyone else out there who is is trying to decorate around a black woodstove, the stove doesn’t have to stay black. I was able to order my new stove in a different color (grey with navy blue accents) from the manufacturer, and they use Stove Bright paints. It’s a project, there are a limited variety of color options, and it stinks, but the color can be changed.

    • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

      Yes! There is paint for the stove. We have recently purchased a wood-burning stove and have discussed what color to paint it many times. There are about 5 choices, but white is one of them, if she wants it to be lighter like in her inspiration picture.

  4. Tanya

    I love how much the feel of the rooms changed just with the repainting. Paint is my favorite redecorating tool. 🙂 Beautiful progress, Sarah!

  5. Krista

    It’s coming along great! Isn’t it nice that a few small (ish) changes can make such a warm change?

  6. Melissa from Hey, Girlfriend!

    How fun to open my email and see my sister’s fireside room in progress! I like what is happening with it! I like the bench/arrangement beside the wood stove and the window frame looks great (a little remnant of James’ artwork is quirky and charming… as long as he doesn’t do it again (-;). I adore the inspiration photo and the decision to unify the wall colors was a good one! As the layers and textures build, the space will really come alive! I am excited to see what’s next!

  7. Karen

    Love the new wall color! I think I would prefer a bit more accent color in the throw cushions or accents in the kitchen, but the wall color change made such a huge difference and really unified the spaces, great call!

  8. Sarah Phillipps

    Thank you, thank you, MMS readers! You are so encouraging and talented. I have thrown out the idea of painting the stove, but my husband really likes it the way it is. Hence, the light walls and soon to be slipcovers on the arm chairs, as opposed to the light stove.

    Carrie, your safety concerns and link are both appreciated. The bench is not as close at it looks in the photo and is safe enough. But, that blue chair shouldn’t be so close in daily living and was only added for some quick staging. Thank you for mentioning safety, I would hate for anyone to copy my look and then have a disaster!

    I am excited to have my blank canvas to work with now. More layers, colors and textures to come, my Dears.

    And, Marian, thank you for honoring my little makeover by writing another beautiful post.


  9. mary m young

    I am glad that someone noticed that items were too close to the woodstove. I guess that is what you learn mighty quick when you live with a woodstove. Better to be safe than sorry.

  10. Carolinehoward

    That looks very next nice and beautiful stove, but I would like to know how she can have items that close to her stove . My smaller wood burning stove gets to hot to place anything within 3 to 4 feet. I would be concerned about fire hazard.

  11. Tanya Hulbert

    The progress in this space is coming along beautifully! I do love the warmth and cleanliness the new cream colored walls have made. I also love the larger pieces placed around the fireplace area, including the empty frame to the right. Great work with the hemp oil on the woodwork. The cabinet piece placed under the kitchen counter waiting to be finished is a nice addition to the area. I can’t wait for more updates on your home! The pictures you are using for inspiration are amazing, but please know your talent is amazing, as well! This is fun to follow along! Before and Afters are so inspiring! Much applause, my friend!

  12. April

    Really enjoyed this post, especially as a wood burning stove owner. 🙂 I laughed when I saw the safety comments, because my husband gives me lots of decorating cans and can’ts around the wood burning stove.

    It is amazing how a few pictures and chair really made the stairwell look great. So inspiring.

    Thank you, Marion, for a helpful and entertaining post. Love these!

    Great job, Sarah!

  13. Marlene Stephenson

    Sarah’s room is looking amazing,she has worked hard and it is coming together nicely. Thanks Marian.

  14. debbie

    It looks really nice. What is the lovely cream color on the kitchen ceiling and the kitchen cabinets, please? I just love the softness of it.

    • Sarah Phillipps

      It is called “Divine White” by Sherwin Williams.

  15. Teresa

    I remember Sarah’s charming home. Love what you have done, great job! I bet you could paint that tile to look like slate.

  16. Lauren

    This is such a nice makeover. The new room looks so cozy now! I also love the new kitchen paint color. It looks so much better than the red.

  17. Naomi S.

    Wow, girl, you are going to be busy! I am really enjoying following the progress of the decorating projects you are working on. It’s very instructive and inspiring to see the transformations. I think choosing to focus on these makeovers on your blog was a great decision. But, don’t work yourself to a frazzle, dearie!

  18. Eileen

    This is a yummy room, just waiting for winter snows and coziness. Lovely.

  19. Arlene

    Yep – I’m married to a retired Fire Inspector/Fire Chief and all the combustibles close to the stove was the first thing I noticed! Might be a good arrangement for summer months, tho.

  20. Carrie

    Sarah- I should have mentioned how much I loved the look! Failure on my part! It was just the fireman’s wife part of me that had to mention the other… I thought perhaps it could be camera angles and staging, but only wanted to mention to be safe. Lovely job!

  21. Heart

    I love that “Divine White” paint as well, Sarah. It’s so neat and peaceful. Good choice!

  22. Lauren Baxter

    What a great makeover! Looks so much calming and warm now, the burnt orange wasn’t bad but now there is a flow! Love the staircase wall looks much more intentional and cozy.

    Cant wait to see more!!!! Great work Sarah

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor


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