Sally’s farmhouse living room | the before

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I mentioned taking on a second makeover as I’m finishing up the one for my mom, but I haven’t had the chance to sit down, give it some focused thought (and edit the pictures I took back before Thanksgiving!)  As I said, my services are free, but slow.

While I haven’t sat down with a blank piece of paper to draw out some sketches, I have a pretty clear vision for this room.

Here’s how it looks now…


Let me back up, literally.  Because you really have to take a few steps back to appreciate how cool this house is.


Yeah, I know.  That wall!  I want to take it home with me.  Sally wants a fresh farmhouse style in her living room, which is fitting and perfect, since she lives in an 1800’s farmhouse.  It has a Green Gables-esque quality about it, doesn’t it?


Anyway, they’ve done a lot of work on the family home over the years, mostly on the exterior and they are now ready to address some of the interior rooms.

The living room is currently a “hang-out” sort of room.  It’s a place for people to sit and talk, away from the rest of the bustle of the household.  So, they have a family room off the kitchen where the TV and recliners and all of the comfy/lounge-friendly/football-watching stuff is.  This room does still have to have a comfort and durability element, though, and the furniture has to be able to stand up to kids, teens and pets.


Sally likes greens, but the combination with the burgundy and floral elements isn’t achieving the farmhouse look she wants.

The piano is a keeper, but fair game to be painted.  Mwah-ha-ha.


The sofa is a goner.  It’s dated and worn and definitely not farmhouse-style.  I’m cruising Craig’s List to find a budget-friendly replacement.


The coffee table is okay, but it’s a little modern, so we’re going to replace it with an antique wooden chicken crate that is currently hanging out on the porch.


The built-ins are a great feature and just need some styling and a little oomph added.


I love the vintage chair exactly as it is.

mms-811 mms-817 mms-809

Based on my meetings with Sally, here are my ideas for the room…

I actually like the green walls, but I want to change them up a bit to make a real feature out of them.  I think a soft, tone-on-tone mural of trees would provide a great backdrop.



I picture the piano painted in a creamy off-white, maybe a custom mix.



And, I like the idea of adding wood planks in the back of the built-ins and giving them a fresh coat of paint.



And, we’ll add lots of farmhouse touches.  The good news is that Sally has a lot of great things to work with, so we won’t need to buy very much.



I’ll reveal more of my plan as we get into this makeover a bit further.  Finding the sofa is the first step and I need to give Sally some homework and then we’ll be underway…

Sally’s farmhouse living room | the before

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