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If you haven’t noticed, I am just a little excited about our new MMS Milk Paint color, Farmhouse White.  I’ve been into white lately, anyway, but I’m just so in love with the tone and coverage of this paint.  It’s a winner.

Launching the color in the usual way just didn’t seem like enough.  I got this idea that it would be fun to offer a “golden ticket” style giveaway as we launch this color.  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a scavenger hunt?  A hidden surprise tucked into a product?  The suspense of opening each bag, thinking it might be the one!


So, somewhere out in the US, there are two $250 USD Farmhouse White Tickets hidden in two bags of Farmhouse White milk paint!  The ticket will work like a gift card that you can spend on any MMSMP products, colors, finishes, brushes, etc. that you want.

AND, we don’t want to leave our international customers/readers out of the fun, so we’ve hidden tickets in Canada, Europe, UK and Australia/New Zealand as well, but the prizes will vary by market, because of currencies, etc.  Each ticket will specify the prize and how to claim it.

This is what the tickets look like…

golden ticket f golden ticket b

…but the genuine ones have some special touches, so we know they are the real deal when redeemed.

The tickets are actually inside a bag, so you’ll have to open it up to see if you won.

Farmhouse White is starting to hit the shelves, so go out and grab a bag. (Call your local retailer for availability to make sure it’s in stock.)

Who will find a ticket?


I fully acknowledge that I beat the Hemp Oil drum pretty often.  I love all of our products, but I think this one is the most versatile and easy-to-use.  It can be used as a finish for milk paint…


…for raw or stained wood…


…and to revive wood that is dried out.


…but it can also be used to give life to old rusty, crusty metal.  Remember this fan?


I posted about it a few months ago and, finally last week, Kriste pulled it out of the stash and gave it a little rub down with some hemp oil…


It still has a great wear and patina, but it looks a little cleaner, glossier and less like it was just hauled out of a barn.


Which it probably was.

Hemp Oil is food safe, so you can use it on cast iron pans, too!

Happy three day weekend…


  1. Jen Banker

    How can we find out which online retailers have farmhouse white in stock?

    • Marian L

      Jen, I had trouble finding any online retailer on MMS’s list that had farmhouse white, most did not even have it listed yet, one was sold out and one had a pre-order. After wading through many of the sellers I went to ebay and Etsy and found sellers on both those sites.

      • Jen Banker

        Thank you! I pre-ordered it!

  2. Linda a.k.a. Quandie

    Oh. My. Goodness. The golden ticket idea is BRILLIANT! As much as I’d like to pull a ‘Veruca Salt’ and buy up all of the Farmhouse White just to find a golden ticket, I’ll have to be more like Charlie and just hope I get really lucky! After all, the odds must be better than winning the powerball, right?

  3. Lauren Baxter

    That’s such a great giveaway! That’ll be fun to see you gets it. Great ways to use hemp oil and I would’ve never thought to use it on metal, the fan looks awesome now and gave it such a cool new patina 🙂

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  4. Natasha Hough

    Hi Marian, just wondering which sized bag the tickets are in? Or could they be in any of the sizes? Thanks ?

    • marian

      Good question. They are all in the quart bags.

  5. Amy Sue Nathan

    I bought your hemp oil and brought my kitchen table, dining room table, and a large wooden bench back to life. I also used it on a water stain on a finished wood table and now — no noticeable stain. It’s like a miracle.

  6. Susan

    I love your hemp oil!! I use it on lots of things.

  7. the uncommon pearl

    Love this idea! It’s just like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! It will be fun to see where the winning tickets come from. The new color looks to be a soft and cozy white. I Look forward to using it. I’m a huge fan of you Hemp Oil too. it works wonders! Thank you 🙂

  8. Linda Winslow

    Why would you use hemp oil on a cast iron pan?

    • Vicki K

      To season it like you would use veg oil or Crisco and heat it in the oven. Hemp is edible so it won’t hurt you or your pan.

  9. Vicki K

    Marian, I asked and you answered, about painting kitchen cabinets with CHALK paint, when I meant MILK paint. My brain is dead. If I used MILK paint like Farmhouse White, added the bonding agent, put a couple coats on, then sealed with polycrylic maybe two coats, would that be enough?

    But I said CHALK paint and you gave a gracious answer. Geez Louize. What about your MILK paint????

    Thanks forever. Vicki K

    • Monique

      I was just going to ask about painting my kitchen cabinets with this paint! Can you let me know what her response is?? Also, what type of cabinets are you planning on painting?
      Thanks, Monique

  10. Vicki K

    I also think I want to use Luckett’s Green on the bottoms, and Farmhouse White on the tops.

  11. Sarah Phillipps

    That fan! I am so impressed. One more reason to love hemp oil!

  12. Kate Burris

    I used your hemp oil to season a new wooden rolling pin with great results. The best part of the old fan is the cord and plug….it makes me think if my grandmother !

  13. Lisa @ Recreated Designs

    Oh I just love that fan… something about it speaks to me of a simpler time 🙂

  14. Annie C

    I am reading this on my phone which I don’t usually do. You said a picture of “The Golden Ticket looks like this,” and the very next picture that popped up was one of a tuna noodle casserole! Boy, was I surprised… and relieved to find out you weren’t using a casserole pic for the ticket. Corn bread. Corn bread is a better idea. lol…
    Looking forward to using your new white and it will probably be in my kitchen… where I’m going to make corn bread.

  15. marylisa noyes

    your hemp oil is very impressive. I can’t believe the difference in the fan and the wood spoons

  16. Susan Sullivan

    I . too, am a big fan of hemp oil. Love the stuff! I just treated a raw wood spinning wheel and it looks gorgeous! I’ll be calling my local retailer to see if the Farm House White is in !!

  17. Jan Fusco

    So it’s OK to use hemp oil on wooden spoons you use daily?

    • marian

      Yes, definitely! It’s food safe, so you can use it to hydrate them as needed. I give mine a refresher now and then.

  18. Joanne

    I used MMS hemp oil on a metal (not wood) bronzetone storm door. Unfortunately it looked great…I was hoping to replace it!

  19. Bryarton Farm

    I have VERY dryed out and abused 123 year old floors in my lil farmhouse. My hubby and I are trying to fix up this farmhouse on one income and the entire farmhouse needs floor help! Would you recommend this hemp oil as a cheaper/easier option for restoring neglected historic pine wood floors? With two babies and two kittens living in the farmhouse, I also like the idea that Hemp oil is food safe and using is sounds a lot less messy and smelly than sanding and restaining them…

  20. Christi

    I would also love to know if you can use it on wood floors! I was also wondering, have you ever known anyone to use hemp oil on leather. Like a saddle-type leather?


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