revisiting tucker resist chambray fabric

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When I was hunting for pictures of my French dining chairs to share their makeover all in one post, I found myself admiring old pictures of my blue and white curtains I made out of Tucker Resist Chambray fabric by Waverly.  Would I want to revisit that fabric again in our next house?

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

I fell in love with this fabric over ten years ago.  Tucker Resist Chambray is a fabric pattern that is a reproduction of a fabric used in historic homes in Williamsburg.  So, of course, when you put blue and white together in a historic pattern, I am going to be a fan.  The pattern initially was offered in two different fabric options – a linen blend, and an outdoor-friendly fabric.  For my curtains, I ordered the outdoor version of the fabric because it was less than half the cost.  The fabric also was thick and had a nice drape to it for basic curtains.

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

And, I will tell you, these were basic!  Not only were they made with the outdoor version of Tucker Resist Chambray, but they were lined with the cheapest Walmart cotton sheets I could buy and were sewn with a simple rod pocket.  I didn’t even hem them, but just hacked off the end with a sharp pair of scissors.  You can see a tutorial for how to hem your curtains in that “much profesh” way HERE.  If you want to actually hem your curtains, HERE is a great shortcut for properly hemming curtains.

But, sometimes we just need to show ourselves some grace, and count done as better than perfect.

Anyway, I had the Tucker Resist Chambray curtains hanging in my living and dining rooms for years and I loved them.  They almost became a signature of my style.  But as I rearranged and fiddled and swapped, I felt like things were getting a little too busy and cluttered in those small rooms.

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

So I started to simplify visually, playing with quieter rugs, pillows, and accent pieces of furniture.  It was a slow evolution and I kept the curtains through much of the process.  You can read about the complete evolution of the living room in our former PA home in THIS POST.

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

As I traded pieces out and rearranged more, I was liking the direction the room was heading.

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

The addition of this beautiful antique primitive hutch, a craigslist find, provided a strong focal point that fit with my new vision for the room.

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

All the while, the Tucker Resist Chambray curtains still worked…

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

A couple of things led to me taking the curtains down.  One – I had photographed these rooms so many times and was ready for a different backdrop.  Two – I wanted to know what the room looked like if it was simplified even more.  I took the rods and curtains down to see how the room looked and left the brackets up in case I changed my mind.

tucker resist chambray fabric curtains | miss mustard seed

I loved the additional light that was let in by removing the curtains.  I gave myself a few days to allow time to get used to it and I ended up taking the curtains down.  I really liked the room both ways, but that decision was mostly about being ready for change.  It was never about not liking the curtains.  So, now I’m thinking about revisiting that pattern.  It’s not as widely available, but it’s still reasonably priced ($12-$16/yard) and I know it looks great.

What are your thoughts on revisiting decorating elements you’ve loved in the past?  I tend to like to try something different, even if it has the same vibe, but Tucker Resist Chambray is such a great fabric that it’s tempting…



  1. Cheri

    Like you, I’m all for changing decor in a room and love transforming a room with different furniture, pillows, curtains, etc. In fact, I plan to change some elements in one of our rooms this fall … probably paint a new color too. The curtain fabric is beautiful, and I wouldn’t judge at all if you decided to use it again! 🙂

  2. Susan

    My mom, who I always felt had a great sense of style, always said to buy what you LOVE, what speaks to your inner person, and you won’t go wrong. Those things always seem to work together with other loved purchases.

    • Alisa Brown

      All those years ago, I found your blog and fell in love with those TR print panels so much that I tracked down the fabric, made my own panels but with French pleat top treatments and today they STILL hang in a room in my house 😍. They’ve moved around from one room to the next but I have always maintained my love for the pattern and for blue and white. Definitely revisit the pattern!!!!

  3. Sara

    I too love this fabric. I ordered ready made cushions for the chairs on my screened in porch in this fabric. They are beautiful. Something about it just speaks to me: colonial, primitive, country French, cottage, all white walls, light blue walls, dark blue walls, lots of wood. It goes with everything and has a modern edge. Use it again, you know you love it 🙂

    • Kim

      From where?? Please share!

    • Kim

      Sara, From where did you purchase Ready made cushions?? Please share!

      • Jean

        Kim, check out Wayfair.

  4. Kim

    If you still love them, do it! Even through your paring down-which I would have found more painful than you did-you kept a handful of things you love. Try the linen version with a different lining. And a hem!

  5. Vickie

    I loved your curtains so much that I ordered the fabric to stitch up pillows for our living room! That was quite a few years ago, but I still love my pillows. They gave new life to my old slightly faded furniture. I can’t wait to see how you decorate your next home!

  6. Cate

    I picked up one comment a designer made about “ bringing a little something from her previous house to her new one” in which she made a special pillow to go on the couple’s bed. Your fabric… It’s a gorgeous fabric and really I think you’ll just have to wait and see. For me personally, I usually start over each time I change things up. But that designer’s comment makes a good point. Plus, some things you just love and always will love— they makes you 😊.

    • Lin Henderson

      I’m a fan of if you like it then do it!!

  7. Colette

    It’s such a classic design! I say if you love something, revisiting is almost a must. 🥰

  8. Terri Driggers

    I fell in love with those curtains the first time I ever saw a blog post from you !! I started following “Miss Mustard Seed” because of that one room !! lololololol……

  9. Babs

    Love, love, love the blue and white. Never out of style…

  10. Margo

    There’s a lot to be said for sticking with what you love. I find it disappointing lately with so many bloggers ditching the things they’ve been famous for and opting for plain white from top to bottom.
    I think your curtains and the way you decorate is your trademark and using that same fabric in your new home will make it feel just like that…home.

  11. Patricia Machock

    I loved your Tucker Resist curtains so much that when I moved into a new home two years ago I bought that fabric for the large window in my dining room. I also reupholstered the dining room chairs with the outdoor version of the same fabric. I have never been disappointed! With my collection of blue and white transfer ware it looks beautiful!

  12. Alice Blackmer

    I’ve loved and used it as well. It’s a classic. I say DO IT!

  13. Lonna Berridge

    If you love it- you love it! And you should use it as often as you like. We have had the same bedroom wallpaper in three homes- because we love it. And it makes the next house feel lihe home.

  14. Rhonda

    Seeing the pics from your old house make me realize why I was drawn to you and your blog in the first place! Just a beautiful style!! I have very few curtains on my windows, and I love the light that shines in, but there’s something to be said for gorgeous fabric on the windows that cozy up a room and add to its ambience. I say go for it!!

  15. Patricia

    Of all the fabric you love, this is the one I bought and love too ! I bought mine in red ( Bejeweled Tucker Resist ) which I would love to find again! Marion, do you have a source that still sells this? I wonder about the name- I’m guessing the process of transferring a pattern to fabric ? And it’s funny to me that of all my fabrics, this is the one whose name I remember

  16. Crystal

    When I find something I LOVE that is so me, I tend to keep it… sometimes for decades. Then one day, for no apparent reason I’m sick of it. And out it goes… only for me to think at some point later, whyyyy did I get rid of whatever it was. Sheesh. If I had a basement, or a walk in attic life would be so much simpler. It would eliminate me buying something again that I’d made the decision to part with. ugh. I hate when that happens

  17. Dianne

    I loved those curtains and have missed them.

  18. Cabrini

    I took down my $3,000 curtains in my great room after having pondered the decision for many months….because they cost so much. However, I just love the light and lightness of the space without them. I won’t ever cover windows with heavy fabric again. I have wooden blinds since I built the house and they do perfectly well as window treatments and provide privacy if I want it.

  19. Nan, Odessa, DE

    STOP talking and tell me where to order this fabric, please!!

  20. Claire

    I do associate you with that fabric – I really do. I can’t wait to see what house you settle on buying. I want to know about that tablecloth in the second picture. It is white with blue stripes and it looks like it was patched together? I love that look and would like to know more.

  21. Valeri

    I love that nor hemming the curtains didn’t bother you. I always say a job done is better than a undone perfect job.

  22. Cindy

    I never ever go with a trend unless I happen to personally like it. And usually, I like things for a very long time. My “style” will be unique to me and consequently outdated by a good bit from everyone else, but I’m the one paying the mortgage and I get to have what I want. I’m not out to please the crowd. I love getting my home to the place I wish it to be and I’ve always enjoyed what you do with yours. Thank you for posting about these curtains. I will look into this fabric. It is so lovely and timeless. I’m sure your next venture will be the same.

  23. Mary S

    I say use it again. I have curtains that I’ve moved from one house to the other. What I once had in the kitchen is now in the laundry room. But the paint colors are the same from the last house and they look great. And I love the paisley pattern.. So I say use it again. In a different house, it may have a different look/feel all together. And you’ve worked with it in the past, know how it sews up, and it looks like it is reasonably priced. Go For It!!! Can’t wait to see where they end up.

  24. Cynthia Johnson

    Yes! I love the feeling of this fabric 🙂 Use it somewhere, please! Order now!

  25. Karen B.

    I have loved this pattern ever since I saw them hanging in your home in PA. I hope you can find a spot in your new home (when you have a new home) to use this again. The blue is a favorite and I notice most of your blue and white is the same blue you see in the fabric.
    Best of luck in your search for a new home for you and your family.
    Karen B.

  26. Donna B.

    Maybe use that beautiful fabric to cover a flat frame around the windows. Decoupage onto the existing window trim? That way you’ll still have the pattern and color, but in a more restrained way. And it comes off quite easily when you want to change up the look again. Lots more light coming in without completely losing the fabric.

  27. jen

    I love that nor hemming the curtains didn’t bother you. I always say a job done is better than a undone perfect job.

  28. Kim

    I would use it again if you love it! Maybe you hesitate because it is a more elaborate pattern. For example, most people would not hesitate to re-use a ticking stripe over and over again because it is a “neutral” classic. But patterns give us a second thought. “Will someone think I’m still in the ’80s?” and the like.

    I have re-used curtain fabric for 3 houses in a row before, and then I noticed that the next owners kept those curtains for themselves for years also! One of my old houses still had the curtains I made for it 10 years after we lived there!

    I am also curious to know, what did you do with this old set of curtains? Did you sell them?

    I am sure that one of the reasons Waverly has been such a success is that they have always made such timeless pattern designs.

  29. Patricia Kasparian

    Def use it again. It’s just beautiful and one of your ‘signatures’ that many of us saw in the beginning! I made these for my dining room in my 1775 house and I’ve gotten many compliments on this fabric. Can’t wait to see what your new house will be!

  30. Patiently Waiting

    I am going to be honest, and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but I always loved your PA home and never quite bonded with your MN house even though you did so many beautiful upgrades and it was much larger. I know it’s silly but there was just something special about your charming PA cape and I have a feeling your next home is going to be the most special home yet.

  31. Caset

    I used this in the outdoor version in my parlor of the Robie Morrill House in NH, a Georgian built in 1769. Thought it would hold up to fading better. We moved to CT 3 years ago into a 1747 home and are now using them in the master bedroom. I will always find a spot for this fabric in my home!

  32. Kelsey

    That fabric is stunning! My mother would love it and have it all over her home!


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