repurposed petticoat, mini whisks & an apron

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I moved around the furniture in my living room on Monday when the piano was moved out.  Of course, moving the furniture in one room usually impacts another room as I borrow and steal from other rooms.  Fortunately, all of my furniture is on felt sliders, so I just scoot things around until I like them and then scoot them back if something isn’t working.

I have learned that I need to live with new arrangements for a few days to see how it works…aesthetically, functionally. Sometimes things that seem crazy end up working.  Sometimes when I first move something, I start to question myself, but I think that’s because it’s change.  It just looks different and I have to get used to it before I can look at it objectively.

The living room is feeling larger, more open and inviting now, but I’m still playing around with it.  I’ll share more as it develops, but I did get one crazy idea as I was working on a photo shoot.

I was pulling a piece of vintage grain sack to use for the shoot when the petticoat I bought a couple of weeks ago caught my eye.  I thought, this would make an amazing pillow cover.  I grabbed it off the shelf and wrapped it around one of the naked bolster forms on the living room sofa.

repurposing a petticoat as a bolster cover | miss mustard seed

It’s a little frilly, but the pin-tucking keeps it from being too over the top.  So, I think I’m going to add making two bolster covers to my to-do list.

repurposing a petticoat as a bolster cover | miss mustard seed

repurposing a petticoat as a bolster cover | miss mustard seed

I had planned to use another petticoat for a sink skirt in the 1/2 bath, but then we put the house on the market, so I didn’t.  Well, now that’s gone back on the list again.

The list is long and keeps getting longer, but that’s just how lists are…


I wanted to share some of the pictures I took today.  I never did a shoot with the mini-whisks we carry with our paint line, so it was time to fix that.  Originally our retailers were buying these on their own, but they were hard for some to find, so we decided to add them to the line.  They really do a great job at breaking up the lumps when mixing milk paint.

milk paint mini whisk | miss mustard seed

milk paint mini whisk | miss mustard seed

Those blue pigments pop right when the water hits, but it becomes purple once it’s mixed.

milk paint mini whisk | miss mustard seed milk paint mini whisk | miss mustard seed   milk paint mini whisk | miss mustard seed

milk paint mini whisk | miss mustard seed

I decided to use the color Dried Lavender for the shoot, since I don’t usually use it, or purples in general.  And it was so pretty with my $.50 yard sale find…

ironstone butter dish | miss mustard seed

…an ironstone butter dish with purple flowers.  I usually use it to hold my brush soap, but I borrowed it for this.

 ironstone butter dish | miss mustard seed

I also received a few MMSMP aprons in the mail!  They look so good in person…

milk paint apron | miss mustard seed milk paint apron | miss mustard seed

You’ll see me wearing them in my videos and they’ll be available for sale at our retailers.

milk paint apron | miss mustard seed

When the idea was first pitched to me about aprons, I wasn’t so sure, but I got a lot of feedback that people wanted them specifically for workshops.  I’m glad I was talked into them, because they are pretty cute…

milk paint apron | miss mustard seed

…and seeing my logo on things is always amazing and never gets old, boring or common.

Speaking of my logo on things…3,000 copies of Look Book One will be dropped on my driveway on Friday.  Yeah, we take DIY to the extreme!


  1. Jenny B.

    Ooh, the petticoat pillow cover is a great idea! My first thought was if you leave the ruffled edge loose on the end, you should cover the end of the bolster (inside/under the edge of the petticoat) with a blue check fabric. That would be a cute little surprise! 🙂

    • Jenny B.

      P.S. I was trying to think of a way to work this in to my comment above, but I’m not quick enough. So, here it is… I love how you created a new petticoat function. … Get it? Petticoat Junction? 🙂 Ok, It’s late, and that was lame, but I accidentally drank caffeinated coffee tonight instead of decaf, so there you go. 🙂

      • Emily @

        I am cracking up at Jenny B.! I hope I don’t wake my husband! Yes! I love the petticoat pillows!!!! It adds the perfect amount of frill. And I love anything miniature. The whisk is so cute and functional. Would be darling to put on the bow of a gift of glitter and milk paint! xoxo, Emily @

    • tammie greenwell

      I like the idea of adding fabric to the bolster, l thought it needed a little something else. I love the comments and the bouncing of ideas. It gets my mind working and creative ideas flowing!

      • marian

        Oh yeah! I’ve always had plans to cover them. 🙂

  2. Sylvia

    I have zero experience with mixing milk paint. I did watch the cute video. Here are my thoughts: instead of dumping all the water in to the powder or all the powder into the water at once, why not mix in a little water at the time? When cooking you add a little water to flour or corn starch then mix adding more water to the paste. Wouldn’t doing this eliminate a lot of the lumps?

  3. Dee Ann

    Love, love, love the petticoat idea for the bolster covers!! Makes me want to hunt for an old petticoat now!

  4. Jelena

    I want one of those little whisks and an apron! 🙂
    I don’t have a retailer in my area, but will have to check the ones in Colorado and see if they would ship.

    On a different note, I think those petticoats would work great for bolster covers!

  5. KATHY B.

    Love the bolster cover idea!! Also jealous of your .50 yard sale find! A dish with a cover! I HAVE to get to more yard sales!!!!

  6. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    Painted a dresser for our bathroom vanity in Dried Lavender! I love! It’s such a pretty color!

  7. Sharon Bates

    3,000!?! Wow! Holler if you all need any help carrying them in!


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