Pottery Barn Fall Collection

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I’m sure I’m not alone in my love for the Pottery Barn catalog and everything in it.  There have been seasons when we’ve had to pinch every penny to get by and, even then, I loved picking up the Pottery Barn catalog.  I knew I couldn’t buy anything, but I was always inspired and got tons of ideas for all things home…like color combinations, designs and textures.

So, when I was asked to partner with Pottery Barn and show off some of the pieces in their fall collection, I was happy to participate!

 These are the things I picked out…

You know I love blue, so, of course, I gravitated immediately to the Indigo Knit Throw.

DSC_1505 (640x424)

It’s as comfy as it looks – just like a thick cable knit sweater.  I like to snuggle up on the sofa when I’m pecking away on my computer late at night, so this throw lives on our family room ottoman, ready for that snuggle.

DSC_1863 (423x640)

It looks amazing against the white furniture and blue and white rug.

DSC_1864 (424x640)

DSC_1866 (640x424)

 I also picked out the Antique Silver Flatware.  Between picking it out and receiving my box of goodies (the contents were unknown to me until I got it), I grew more and more in love with this set.  I have had the same flatware since we got married…just something inexpensive.  I never even looked for another set, but now that I saw this one…  well, I was smitten.  I kept looking at it every day, thinking about it, trying to decide if it was worth the splurge.  I had a conversation with my mom about it and she pointed out how many photo shoots I do and how much she has enjoyed her nice silverware she purchased years ago.  That was enough for me.  (Enabler!)  I went online and purchased a set while they were on sale.

DSC_1511 (427x640)

A few days later, I received my order as well as the box of goodies from Pottery Barn with another set!  And I’ve been stalking their e-mail newsletter and finally got a code for 20% off one item, including sale items, so I bought a third set.  I can now have a dinner party for twelve with all of my oval back French chairs and silverware!  (There’s definitely a lot of my Oma in me.  If one set is good than three sets is better.)

DSC_1878 (426x640)

 I love how the handles are different, so it looks like it’s been collected over time.

DSC_1887 (428x640)


The silver plating looks perfectly aged and worn like the pieces have been handed down as an heirloom.

DSC_1891 (640x424)

The only “warning” I would give about this set is that the scale is very large.  I bet these spoons have a good two inches on my old spoons, so they have taken some getting used to.  I love them nonetheless.

I also got these ruffled linen napkins

DSC_1507 (640x424)

They are the perfect mix of casual and classy.

DSC_1881 (640x424)

I tucked them into mismatched vintage silver napkin rings for this table setting.

DSC_1882 (424x640)
DSC_1896 (640x425) DSC_1900 (424x640)

The natural linen is so pretty against the ironstone plates.

The last item I received was the Cozy Cable Throw, which has been officially been named “mommy’s blanket.”  Oh my goodness.  In this snuggly blanket, you get the comfy-ness of faux sheepskin with the classic look of cable knit.  Usually comfy blankets don’t look the best and pretty blankets aren’t very comfy.  This blanket breaks that stereotype.  And I love it.

DSC_1510 (424x640)

 You can check out these items and more on the Pottery Barn Fall Preview page.


Disclosure: Pottery Barn provided me with these items from their fall collection in exchange for this featured post.  All words and opinions are my own.  I have loved Pottery Barn for years and am thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with them.

Pottery Barn Fall Collection

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65 Comments on “Pottery Barn Fall Collection”

  1. Pottery Barn catalogs are always a decorating inspiration for me – I wish they would come to my house and stage it for me! My decor is very similar in nature so it’s always fun to browse their catalogs, which I do frequently.

  2. Oh the silverware!!!
    Ooooh the napkins!!!
    Ahhhh the white snuggly blanket!!!
    Living in Canada, Pottery Barn was nothing but an enticing dream. Not even a catalogue to inspire.
    Until just recently. One has opened up 10 mjnutes from me and I haven’t been yet. Tomorrow.
    Don’t you love it when your mom gives you ‘permission’ to do something you want so badly to do?! ; D

  3. What a great partnership. Pottery Barn is always a great source of inspiration and so are you. The two of you together… priceless. I’m swooning over those napkins and that flatware,love those throws too.

  4. Love your picks! They are all perfectly “Miss Mustard Seed”. Getting the Pottery Barn catalogue was always a highlight for me when we lived in the States. I’m so sad they don’t mail them to Canada 🙁 I still pore over the ones I have from over a year ago!

  5. My love of all things Pottery Barn knows no boundaries. I have bought from them for years and their quality is next to none. Not to mention, their customer service is out of this world!! I could write prose about my love of walking through a store for hours, sitting on couches and taking it all in.

    I, too, have that “mommy blanket.” I love it in the winter and how cozy it is!

    I’m excited to see that you were able to partner with them!

    Nicole B.

  6. I just love your test too. I love Pottery Barn. I was wondering where you got your area rug in the photo. Been wanting to bring blue into my living room. My favorite color.

  7. This is well deserved from PB. It all looks beautiful with you things. Your home could be in PB.

  8. That PB indigo knit throw is chanting “Buy me, buy me!” Last year, I purchased PB napkin rings with the word “Family” on one side and “Friends” on the opposite side. Great item!

  9. Oh my, LOVE the PB indigo throw–would look great in my bedroom. I also love the blue and white dishware—but I think the dishware is yours, right? Can I ask what pattern it is? I love blue and white together! It was all really nice.

    Please visit my website at http://www.homeopathicmamma.com where we espouse adding beauty to your life in a more natural way. Mamma offers more natural skin care products and is featuring beautiful, handmade Moroccan market baskets right now!

    Thank you for your blog, and have a beautiful day!

  10. You LUCKY GIRL! Have always loved PB also. Especially the bathroom hardware, light fixtures, basic table lamps (my items most often purchased over the years). I just picked up two placemats on clearance ($3 each) to make into small bolster pillows! I have the fake hydrangeas in white and green and the pear set. All great fillers for decor that look great! Oh, and I have the parsons chairs with slipcovers, ladder back chairs with rush seats from years ago….I’ll stop.

  11. Love Every. Single. Thing. Just added it all to my wedding registry. I’m completely in LOVE with the silverware. I hadn’t found anything I liked yet and those are so my style. So excited!

  12. Dear MMS, You have taken what was already so beautiful at Pottery Barn and put your own signature look on it! Fabulous. That silverware never looked so good. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  13. I was just drooling over my PB fall catalog this week, and your feature is even more delicious if that’s possible! The ruffled napkins and that indigo throw?? insane!! I wouldn’t have given that throw a second glance, but seeing it on your white furniture reminds me of a pair of jeans and a crisp cotton shirt – a dreamy combo. Love this post!!

  14. One word – JEALOUS! I also love perusing the PB catalog for design inspiration and window shop the store whenever I go to the mall. I almost worked there just so I could get a store discount. They are so classic. I agree with your mom that the flatware was worth the splurge. Love your photos! Everything looks gorgeous.

  15. I just received the new PB fall catalog yesterday and was like a kid in a candy store. I love that indigo blue throw you picked out. It matches your rug so beautifully. You are lucky though… you are within a hours drive over to Lancaster where there is a PB Outlet. That’s my first stop when I am in Lancaster. I was so sad when they closed the PB outlet in Leesburg.

  16. Hi Marian,
    I love Pottery Barn. I’ve had my eye on a few particular items over the years and hope to be able to afford them someday! I just noticed that your blue and white rug is similar (identical?) to the one I recently purchased from overstock.com for our library! I think in an earlier post you indicated that you thought you might like a smaller version. Here is the direct link to the rug: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Handmade-Cambridge-Moroccan-Navy-Blue-Wool-Rug/7530649/product.html

  17. I wanted service for 12 SO MUCH and when we got married I was so excited that my flatware was service for 12.

    But now we have 7 children.

    That means that when lunch comes, we don’t have enough silverware!

    I finally was able to upgrade my plate situation (I had service for 16 but several plates had been dropped) but we are still short on silverware, so we have to wash things for the next meal. I know I’m going to have to do something about the flatware, but our pieces have been discontinued, so we’ll have to find something else.

    I love the Pottery Barn catalogs. What a blessing for you! The throw is beautiful and looks just right in your house. I love the silverware, too!

  18. Partnering w/ Pottery Barn!!!!!!! Now I would call this an awesome peek to being a great blogger.

  19. J’adore the new cutlery ~ not made in France, are they? I have found the cutlery over here in France is abso~blooming~lutely VAST, so I’ve been purchasing Christening sets on Ebay ~ the smaller size is so much nicer, though I do get odd looks when I produce my knife and fork from my handbag when I eat out! And I’m so jealous you have PB ~ nothing like that here (deepest rural Charente) and the prices are now horrendous…

  20. I have three sets of the vintage cutlery too and LOVE them. I also have the matching cheese implement sets here in my store which are fabulous with the wine barrel lid cheeseboards….that rustic/vintage look!

  21. Is the silverware heavy? How do you kids like it?

    I know what you mean about the catalogs. . . . My mom and I keep Pottery Barn catalogs for years simply for inspiration. I bought my girls’ entire nursery set from PB Kids (all but the crib remains). And after years of seraching we decided to purchase their PB Basic couch. Well worth the splurge.

  22. MMS and PB…are you kidding me??!!! What a perfect match! They are lucky to have partnered with YOU Marion!

  23. Love PB and especially love the blue throw and flatware. But even more LOVE the dishes. Where did you get them? Enjoy…your table looks so beautiful 🙂

  24. All this good stuff….and beautiful stuff it is…..and the only thing they DIDN’T ask you?
    It has to be something like, “Now will you please stop doing knock-offs of our stuff!!!” LOL

  25. Oh how I love your good taste. So pretty. I was just in London and picked up a teapot for 14 pounds, roughly $24. It had one chip out of it but would match your blue dishes perfectly. I was sad though, that was about the only thing I could find at the fleas that was even remotely affordable. Goodness their prices are so high. Would be very expensive to live there. I was hoping to buy some cool silver pieces but I knew I could find similar ones back home for a lot less. Was fun though to go to Nottinghill and Camden Town markets. Someday I will go back but for now I am glad to be back home.

    I am in the process of knitting throws for my daughter and DIL, lots of work but they will look similar to the Pottery Barn one. When that is done I will have to make one for me!

  26. Love your picks, Marian! That set of silverware (or should I say, 3 sets) is so you!

    I love how the blue knit throw plays with all other decor in your room. I have a similar knit throw in ivory from Pottery Barn (there is nothing blue in my house, unfortunately). It resides in my bedroom, and my husband thinks it is great for quick afternoon naps.

  27. It’s such a relief for me to see that I can have my pottery barn and mrs. Mustardseed without jumping all over the decorating realm

  28. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I love PB. I save every single catalog. You can see many spots of PB in my home……well not many, but several. It is simply my dream store. In several instances, I make a look alike……….because we are on a fixed budget.

    I would love to be locked inside their store one night. Better than being in a bakery!!!!

    Thanks for the dreamy post today. The silverware made me drool. (Again)

  29. Hi Marian,

    I wonder if you would be willing to share the name of the blue and white plate pattern shown in your table setting? It’s lovely and I am not familiar with it.

    Sincerely, Judy Brown

    1. I’ll check on that when I get home. A lot of people are asking. I’m pretty sure it’s Staffordshire, but I don’t recall the pattern name. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago at an antique shop.

  30. Welcome to (the beginning of) the oTHer side!
    I am a vintage flat ware junkie. I’ll confess to thAt much–but nOt the quantity!
    Just know it’s hard to play favorites–it’s aLL so beaUtiful!

  31. I love your choices of blue. Going to order that throw for sure. The flatware is perfect – alas I have 4 different sets, so maybe for my daughters. Are the blue dishes antique? LOVE THEM!

  32. When we got married almost 11 years ago, one of the places we registered was Pottery Barn. I think I still have everything we were given – except for the broken stemware! Their look is so classic and timeless! After 3 kiddos, our nice silverware set (from Crate and Barrel) and dishes have been decimated, so hopefully one day, I can get my hands on the flatware you have featured! In the meantime, I’ve only purchased a few smaller items, a bedding set, and my girls’ bedding (from PBK) when it’s been on sale. Love their stuff, but have to be choosy as it is spendy! Soooo happy for you!

  33. Oh, how I love all your pics! I love Pottery Barn too, but usually only buy little items from them. I love the silverware, it’s so classic, all the pieces are…you have such a good eye. They should hire YOU to design some items for them.

  34. I too love PB but cannot afford their furniture then along can this very creative and talented person…aka Miss Mustard Seed with her milkpaint. I purchased a 40.00 credenza, hubby modified the front drawers..I went and purchased Typewriter milk paint, did not distress but just painted it on the credenza then waxed it and changed the knobs and voila.. a PB look alike. BTW the credenza was lamînate and the milkpaint with bonder adhered. Love it.

  35. Leslie’s comment above is what it’s all about! Not going out and buying “things” we can or cannot afford! All the items you chose are lovely.

  36. You’re killin me with these choices. What a dream to get a box of goodies from Pottery Barn! I lust after the catalogs too, but can rarely buy anything. I did get the faux sheepskin pillow covers last winter, and they are dreamy. Have fun with your new stuff!

  37. Oh lord… now i’m pretty sure i can’t live without that silverware… and the blue cable knit throw looks insanely gorgeous in your house!


  38. Your every post now is like commercial or advertisement of something. Is it always going to be like this now??? Where is MMS? DIYer?

    1. No, it’s not. I had a very busy summer with my boys at home and freelance projects, so I haven’t had as much time for projects. I am ready to get back into my groove in the fall!

  39. The blade edge of those pretty knives goes toward the plate…so the user doesn’t cut herself!

  40. I am lover of all things Pottery Barn. I have been a faithful customer for years. My heart skps a beat when the catalog arrives 🙂 BUT I have never heard of their newsletter?? Can you explain what you meant by the newsletter and the 20% off coupon? Thank you so much!
    And, I love that silverware. Beautiful!

  41. I am not in the market for new flatware since I bought a few colorful sets this summer, but I LOVE that set and will have to look into them. Thanks for featuring them.

  42. I love Pottery Barn too, . Who doesn’t? The things you got are lovely and look so nice in your home. I always get so excited when I get their Fall catalog with all of the seasonal items. Nobody does it better….. Ha.

  43. I’m a Pottery Barn junkie. Like you, I’ve had seasons where I couldn’t afford to do anything but look and then times when I can and do splurge. I’ve had my eye on that cozy cable throw for a long time and I think this winter might be it! 🙂
    I love the way everything looks in your home – perfect! (As always!)

  44. Nice choices from Pottery Barn. Your table is so pretty. Love my blue and white and have several and by several I mean 5 different sets of blue and white china that I mix and match as needed. I have enough place settings for 50+ people (I stopped counting). I need more silver napkin rings and would love to add the ruffled PB napkins to my tablesetting. I love your table.

  45. You have a great site – informative and inspirational. Do you have a source for the blue and white rug pictured under the bed? Thanks so much!

  46. I’m *so close* to buying this flatware set, because I love the vintage feel – but I was torn when the lady mentioned to me that because it is silver plated it may need polishing occasionally. Have you found these to be dishwasher safe or requiring frequent re-polishing?

    Thank you! xo

  47. Hi. I am thinking of buying the flatware. Now that you have had it for some time…would you STILL make the purchase?

  48. Marian,
    I am really interested in knowing how the PB Antique Silverware has held up? Do you use the d/w and use it everyday or does it have to be fussed over?

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