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Last week, I got all of our final plans in place.  Our Italy leg is all planned out by Inspired in Tuscany, so I only needed to make travel arrangements and schedule some tours for Paris and for one day in Florence.

One thing we wanted to do this visit was to see the French countryside, so our big excursion is a day trip to Reims-Champagne with Artventures France.  We’ll be visiting a couple of champagne houses for tastings, an old village, and a cathedral.  I am so excited for that day!

We are also doing two tours in Paris with Localers again.  We did our Flea Market Tour and Sweet Side of Paris tour with them last year and both were excellent.   We did the Sweet Side of Paris tour on a whim and it was such a wonderful surprise and memorable way to experience the city.

This year, we’re doing a Louvre After Hours tour and a Marais Walking tour with Localers

I am so excited to get to go back to the Louvre and to experience it when it’s not crowded.  It was pretty hoppin’ when we were there last year and I was practically bowled over at one point by a tour group as I was looking at a painting that was next on their schedule.

Our tour is scheduled for 5:00 pm on the day we arrive (at 7:00 am), so we’ll be running on fumes!  It’ll keep us awake, though!

We don’t have anything else scheduled for that first day, so we’ll mill around and get settled into our apartment.  We may catch a nap, so we can make it through the Louvre tour.

We’ll be staying in a Paris Perfect apartment again in the 7th Arr. with Eiffel Tower views.  We had the most breathtaking views last year and it was definitely a highlight.  I could see the Eiffel Tower sparkling from my bathroom window as I was getting ready for bed each night.  How cool is that?

One of my highlights in Paris (and there were a bunch) was eating a picnic of baguette, butter, fruit, and cheese on the balcony one evening after a long day.  We sat out there until it was dark and just soaked in being in Paris together.

We will definitely do some more picnicking this year!  It was a bit of last-minute idea last year, but we’ll plan for it this year, so gathering the goodies can be a part of the experience.

We have four full days in Paris, so we have plenty of free time around our planned tours.  As I did last year, I targeted a few shops I want to visit – a stationery & pen store sited in the book A Paris Year, the famous Shakespeare & Co book store and Charvin Arts.  We’ll do a Seine River Tour again.  It’s just a nice way to relax and see the city.

We’d also like to visit Montmartre to check out artist’s square.  We’ll just go where curiosity takes us.  I prefer to not have every moment planned, so we can hit a free museum or feel like we can just sit on the balcony at our apartment if our feet need a rest.

We leave for our trip on Thursday and, of course, you can follow my me on my Instagram Stories.

Paris Plans

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21 Comments on “Paris Plans”

  1. Know you & your Mom will have the best time together again & I can’t wait to follow along and see Paris & Italy again thru your eyes! My day & dinner that night in the Montmartre area were one of many Parisian highlights for me. And anyplace I’ve ever been in Italy is always my new favorite! Enjoy your trip! We will enjoy your posts & stories so please keep them coming during the trip!

  2. Enjoy enjoy your trip and may the weather gods shine on you. Looking forward to following you again this year. I leave for Ireland for the winter and hope Joh and I can make a side trip to Italy..cant wait to see your trip

  3. I abosolutely loved Shakespeare and Co and hope you will too. I lived in Paris in ’86 and have visited numerous times since, but only found the bookstore on my most recent visit. There is a restaurant just next door too that you may want to try because the location of the book store and restaurant is so quaint and wonderful.

  4. In Montmartre, standing and looking at the church, everyone goes left to the artist square which is great fun. But if you go to the right it is quiet and charming with tiny restaurants with glorious views.

    Enjoy it all!

  5. Go to the shop Merci. Proceeds go toward helping women. The displays are darling. You can eat there too
    Enjoy. My sister and I are going next April

  6. You’ll love the Marais! So old and beautiful. There was a beautiful baby store there where I bought a friend a beautiful baby blanket, hand embroidered. She was floored that it came from Paris. Good choice on the Louvre after hours. Especially because they just moved the Mona Lisa. I still have the business card from Shakespeare and Co. It’s weird how a tiny little piece of paper can be so precious. ENJOY!!!

  7. We also stayed near the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed resting at Café de Marché on Rue Cler watching Parisians meander by, and there’s a wonderful chocolate shop, A la Mere de Famille across the street! It’s worth walking down even if you don’t have time to stop.

    We love grabbing cheese & wine at Androuet behind the d’Orsay on Rue de Verneuil and a baguette from the boulanger conveniently located across the street. So excited for your trip! Enjoy!

  8. My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Paris last year. We spent a full day in Montmartre and it was stunning. Have a wonderful trip!

  9. so excited for you!!! also green with envy!!! LOL. It’s interesting how there’s so many cool sounding tours available nowadays. I’ll have to file that away for future reference!!!

  10. This is going to be a another great trip!
    I also, took the country side trip. It was a wonderful day at two different vineyards, cathedral and lunch in the nicest little restaurant.
    Can’t wait to see your pics.!

  11. looking so forward to seeing your photos of your trip, and especially wondering what the french countryside looks like!!!!! 🙂 have a wonderful and safe safe trip!

  12. So, off topic, but I want that outfit you’re wearing in the selfie pic! Is it linen? Can I have it? jk… Have a wonderful trip!

  13. Too funny – my daughter and boyfriend are heading to Paris and the Champagne Tours next week as well. May you enjoy this wonderful adventure!

  14. I would highly recommend a small gallery,Marmottan, in the 16th. One metro away from where you are in the 7th. It’s in a beautiful house and mainly Monets. I believe your lady in the hat by Berthe Morisot is there. It’s our favourite museum and we return every time we’re in Paris. They usually have an additional travelling exhibit there as well. Check it out, you need about 2 hours.

  15. If you go to the Montmartre area, you MUST go to Christophe Roussel for macarons. I went on a Montmartre food tour a couple weeks ago there, and our guide swore the macarons were better than the “famous” ones. He was right! They were SO good and reasonably priced.
    P.S.- I also bought a copper saucepan at E.Dehillerin, it’s been on my wishlist since seeing yours a couple years ago, and I love it!

  16. One place that was so amazing to visit for me was Mount Saint Michael.. You won’t be sorry to go out of your way to see it. Especially the Cathedral at the top of the island and then winding your way through it. It is something that was so wonderful to experience. It is an island that we caught a bus to.

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