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by | Oct 9, 2017 | Kitchen, My House | 74 comments

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Over the past few weeks, I have been working on painting my kitchen cabinets.  I must admit that it dragged out the process, but working on the cabinets in stages helped keep some order in the busiest room in our house.

And now, they are done.  Whew!

As a reminder, here is what the kitchen looked like shortly after we moved in…

And here is how it looks now…

I know you’re going to ask and, if you missed them, I wrote a series all about painting the kitchen cabinets…

painting cabinets | prep

painting cabinets | priming

painting cabinets | applying the paint

The cabinets are painted in Advanced Paint in a Satin Finish by Benjamin Moore in a custom-mixed white.  Here is the formula…

The island is painted in the same kind of paint, but in the color Stonington Grey.

The walls are painted in Pearly White by Sherwin Williams, but mixed in Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint in a matte finish.  I know you’re “supposed” to use satin or semi-gloss paint in kitchens and bathrooms, but I have always broken that rule.  We will eventually put in a tile backsplash, so it really won’t be an issue.

The warm and cool tones in the marble counter and tile backsplash we would like to install will bring all of the paint colors together even more.

I am loving the gray on the island and am planning on painting all of the interior doors in the house in this color.  I think it will look very sharp against the soon-to-be bright white trim, but it’s neutral enough that it will work in every room.

Of course, all of the paint has made a huge difference, but changing out the hardware was the cherry on top.  These glass handles were the perfect bridge between the traditional cabinets and my style.

They are from Hobby Lobby and I bought them online when hardware was 50% off, so they were $5.00/each.

And they look great against the white and the gray.

These drawers are one of my favorite features of the kitchen (and there are a lot of great features).  They hold large utensils, lids, pots and pans that aren’t on my pot rack (like my non-stick pans and cast iron).  If you are designing a kitchen and have the chance to add deep drawers, do it!

This kitchen is a little tricky to photograph, because of the large island, but here are a few other views…

It was a big project and a lot of hard work.  I had paint splatters from head to toe most days, but it’s all been worth it.

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    1. Rebecca

      Lovely! Can’t wait to see the final product when you get the backsplash and counters. You really show how getting that dream room is doable by having a plan/strategy implemented in stages and based on available finances! Thanks for your willingness to share your experience, knowledge and encouragement!! It is worth the wait!?

    2. Judy Fisher

      Where did you get the sisal runner? I desparately need one

      • Ana Maria

        I bought one recently at Big Lots, of all places!

      • Sharon

        I’m wondering too about the sisal runner…”Ballards”??

    3. Ramona

      It’s beautiful!

    4. Lisa

      Your kitchen looks amazing! It’s light and fresh looking, but with just the right amount of warmth added here and there.


    5. Cheryl

      It’s really beautiful; you’ve completely changed its personality…for the better! I’m with you on the matte wall paint. I don’t like how lighting shines off of satin or semi gloss paint, so every room in my house is painted in flat. I also really like how your studio is right off the kitchen, making it easy to work on projects while keeping an eye on whatever is cooking.

    6. Marsha Kern

      So beautiful! You did a great job.

    7. Mary

      Absolutely gorgeous!

    8. Goedele

      What wall colour would you advise for white but a little bit yellowed cabinets, to make them look whiter in the contrast with the wall… I painted the wall from soft yellow to grey-blue like your living room, that did the job but is too dark for the kitchen (no good natural light and darker days this time of the year). I’m now considering something similar to your kitchen wall colour or a light grey, but not sure what that would make the cabinets look. I’m not as good as you with “seeing it in my head”. Painting the cabinets whiter is not an option, they will stay like this until we install a complete new kitchen.

    9. Sandy

      It looks amazing! It will be exciting to see it when you add the final touches but it also looks a,aging as is. The power of paint to transform things is incredible. All your hard work paid off for a completely new kitchen!

    10. Linda

      You truly amaze me that you were able to make this project happen by yourself! I know it would be way too intimidating for me to even think about doing it by myself. I love the color of the island against the white cabinets and your handles are a perfect compliment to the kitchen! Great Job. 🙂

    11. Brenda

      Absolutely lovely.

      And though I know the countertops are going to be replaced, in the photos they look nice with the new paint.

      Am eager to see what color you use for the bottom of your kitchen table with the scalloped edge. Love that table!

    12. Karen L Chaudoin

      I think it is lovely and the handles are perfection. Makes the years melt away to a time when products on the whole were made with good materials and meant to last. Well done!

    13. Pam from Maryland

      just beautiful !!

    14. ConnieL

      Just one word – perfection! You have accomplished so much in such a short time and still maintaining your family. Its beautiful and the white makes all the difference.

    15. Kate

      Are you going to do anything with the space above your cabinets (the soffit area)? It seems like a great area for displaying more ironstone. I prefer cabinets all the way to the ceiling (I’m tall) or glass fronted doors in the soffit, otherwise it just screams “wasted space.”

    16. Teresa

      I really love the warmness of maple but I must admit painting the cabinets white really opened the kitchen up and makes it looks so much brighter and cleaner. Once you install new countertops and tile backsplash it will look even more incredible.

      Question….do you plan on doing the tiling yourself and will this be done before the counters are installed?

    17. Anne

      Amazing transformation! Thank you for sharing your kitchen transition!!! It’s encouraging to see that there is a lot of work that goes on between the “before” and “after!” I love the sisal rug. Do you remember where you purchased it?

    18. Debbie H.

      Absolutely, positively GORGEOUS! Well done, dear friend, well done!

    19. Deborah Raney

      Just beautiful!! My favorite photo is that last one with the view into your studio. I love that your studio is just off the kitchen…and how intriguing the view is!

    20. Vicki Sheets

      Kitchen looks amazing. You have given me a few ideas that I would like to try in my kitchen. I especially love the pig cutting board. I have 3 and they are all different. I have a thing for old cutting boards, especially animals.

    21. Rowena

      Just beautiful…Love it so much. So clean looking and bright. Great job.

    22. Debbie

      Love it!! I wasn’t sure about the glass hardware but it looks awesome–of course!!

    23. Windmill Farm

      There is something to be said in a very positive way about living in a newer modern house. We live in a 1920s Arts & Craft house that we have remodeled, but seeing how you made a new house look charming, warm and inviting using your antiques and paint-and all that space!!! It does renew my opinion about modern houses. Great job!

    24. Patrice

      You are certainly making your new home your own in record time!!

      Kudos to you, Miss Mustard Seed…you inspire me to get things done!

    25. George

      Very nice work Marian. love the subtle contrast between the white cabinets and the gray island. The tile for the backsplash looks like an excellent choice and brings the two colors together nicely.
      All the best.

    26. Linda

      I follow your blog right along and continue to be inspired by your vision, decisions and focus. Forgive me for asking, “When do you sleep?” I compare my own progress to that of a bear in winter after reading one of your triumphs. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your many ideas and resources with your readers.

    27. Elaine

      Truly beautiful!!! I get such inspiration from you. When you get the new counter-tops and back splash it will be perfect.. I do love your counters they look like mine, except mine are quartz it works well with my white cabinets, but I love the marble.
      Thank you again

    28. Dee

      We recently changed our oak cabinets to white. It’s too looks so much better. Oak floor trim and cabinets….too much wood and I love wood
      You kitchen looks fantastic and you did yours yourself….I cheated and had ours refaced!
      You sure are a powerhouse

      Enjoy following your blog…look forward to each email

    29. Joan

      Dear Marian, HIYA!
      OHH SO PRETTY! I love how it flows, you’ve transformed everything so beautifully, such soft use of color, really highlights your style I think! ! !
      I love your Miss Mustard Seed touch <3

      Thank you so much for sharing and showing all as you do, it's so kind of you to share and as always, so inspiring!

    30. Connie Jones

      Beautiful! I so enjoy seeing the progress you’ve made in transforming this house. Since following you, I’ve been inspired to “lighten” up my traditional colonial colors of cream, gold, barn red and green to shades of white, blues and pastels. Quite a change! Your posts have also helped me realize that I can take it one set of cabinets, one piece of furniture, one room at a time as opposed to disrupting my whole house!! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

    31. Lelanie

      It looks amazing! Good job 😀

    32. Mary

      Love it all. Please tell me the name of the back splash??? I think it will always look current and not dated.

    33. Denise Cox

      I tell you one thing Miss Marion Parsons! You have turned me into a ” neutralist”. I LOVE that Stonington Grey! It’s quite lovely.. ? And your kitchen is lovely as well!!
      Are you in the market for a live in maid… I love to clean.. ??

    34. Kim

      Wow! What a transformation! Have loved watching your progress. I have an odd but burning question . . . the tea towel on the handle of the dishwasher . . . is that strictly off limits?! I have a similar style kitchen in France and my french tea towels are hung by design and not intended to be used. I tell all of our guests that we only have one house rule . . . don’t use the tea towels! I think I’m a little crazy . . . just wondering if you have a similar rule with a house full of boys!

    35. Julie W

      Perfection as always – little tip for you on the knobs get a few extra I have found that the glass knobs from Hobby Lobby occasionally snap 🙁

    36. Kathy

      Oh my goodness Marion, it’s gorgeous! I would never have been able to visualize it. I know you are getting new countertops, but the ones you have now look so much better with the new paint. It’s turning into a Miss Mustard Seed house and it’s been so fun to watch the transformation.

    37. Penny Gharst

      Where did you get the runner in the kitchen? I love blue and white and it looks so homey.

    38. Marlene

      It is a great kitchgmaien, looks perfect for enjoying cooking and eating.

    39. Annabelle

      Love the kitchen!

    40. CAM

      Wondered if you had any issues with the BM Aura in the matte finish… I just used it and had problems with it peeling or tearing if I backtracked and touched an already painted area with the roller!

    41. Jackie

      Beautiful! What color gray did you use on the island?

    42. KimL

      GORGEOUS! I have large drawers next to my dishwasher and I actually put my dishes in them. It is so much easier than reaching up into a cabinet. I also have one next to my stove for pots and pans. I think that they use the space much better than cabinets.

    43. Wendy

      Can you tell my your wall color. Thank you.

    44. Vicki

      Anazing transformation! Appreciate you sharing all the details of your new home journey.

    45. patti

      You are really impressive, the cabinets look great! I know though that once the new marble and tile backsplash is installed you literally are going to have a kitchen worthy of magazine cover, I love what you’ve picked for the next phase!!

    46. Jessica

      Beautiful transformation! Are you able to share where the barstools are from? Thanks!

    47. Elizableth from CA

      I am enjoying seeing your process with a new house. Few of us have the option of buying vintage. I found myself slightly frustrated with this reveal because I could not really see the color of your island. Everything looked white even the door to your studio. I hope you can share a photo soon that gives an opportunity to appreciate your new colors.

    48. Sheri

      I am wondering if you have a problem with your dog sticking his nose into your dishes in your open lower shelves in your island? I do from time to time. lol

    49. Sarah

      Great job!
      Gotta ask….what is the glowing box in the island?

    50. Norma Rolader

      Beautiful what an awesome job

    51. Dee

      Great job Marian! All that hard work certainly paid off…this is more a reflection of your aesthetic. Excellent work!

    52. Connie

      In a word: LOVE it (Oh that’s two words. But yes, LOVE!)

    53. Diane

      Marian, I know you have plans to replace the countertop and add the lovely tiles… but I do think it’s perfect just the way it is. And those pulls… gorgeous!!!!!!

    54. Kimberly

      It’s just paint, but my goodness what a difference it can make, right? I actually really liked your “before” kitchen, it really was lovely, but it wasn’t really MMS. That paint makes all the difference in the world, but I must say that I think it was the new glass handles that pushed the entire room into MMS territory. They are simply gorgeous. It’s beautiful now, but it’s going to be a total showplace with the new back splash and counter tops!

    55. Denise

      I have a newer home with hickory cabinetry. At first I loved them, but now I don’t care for their golden/yellow appearance. However, I’m so afraid of committing to painting them. I love the look of white, but am concerned about white paint yellowing over time and chipping. Wish I was as confident as you and could make the choice and move forward. Yours look lovely, but I also liked the natural wood look you had. I’m so torn….ugh!

    56. Linda

      Looks awesome, definitely more Marian styled! Can’t believe you got all the changes done so far in 3 months! Some days I get tired just READING what you are up to.


      Just beautiful, Marian! You have worked so hard! Now you can enjoy your gorgeous kitchen! Blessings!

    58. Ashlea

      Turned out so beautifully! Love that subtle grey on the island… makes it feel warm and a little bit aged. Also love the ironstone and plates sprinkled throughout.

    59. Morion Macrae

      Oh! It takes my breath away! You have done a beautiful job! Stunning, please continue, so that I at least can take courage from your work, much love, Morion.

    60. MaryLisa Noyes

      Looks absolutely amazing…I put n deep drawers when I did my kitchen remodel a year ago…so easy to access my pots and pans now..

    61. Cherie

      We’ve had kitchens with and kitchens without – we definitely prefer drawers for pots & pans, so much easier.

      It’s good to see you settling in – cannot wait to find a place we can settle and make our own.

    62. Kristine

      It really is an amazing transformation ! The colors are beautiful, and even the current countertop looks wonderful. This has been an impressive and formidable project; but the way you have broken it down into steps is encouraging and inspirational. I may even take a run at painting some cabinetry in our TV room. Thank you for the creative fuel!!

    63. Katie Mansfield

      I love your kitchen. It looks amazing. The counters look like lighter with the white cabinets. Beautiful.

    64. Deb

      It’s so light-filled and uplifting and beautiful! Yes the hard work was worth it!

    65. Cathy

      Well, I have to say that I loved the cabinets before white paint. They were warm, without being dark. I do love white kitchens, the problem is that you don’t want them too white. Contrast and texture are so important in a space like that. I probably would have lived with the blond wood for awhile. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but it is my true opinion. Glad your new home feels like home…..that’s really all you need.


    66. Genny Brownell

      love it all!
      thanks for info on paint and cabinet handles
      where did you find the sisal runner?

    67. Genny Brownell

      Love it all!
      Thanks for the info on paint and cabinet handles.
      Would you please tell me where the sisal runner is from?

    68. Addie

      PPPPPerfection!!! Love it!!! This has been great to show that anyone can have their own style in whatever home they end up in. Thanks for allowing us to follow along. Everything is turning out perfect.
      One question….and it may be silly….I just moved to a new-to-me home and I have the same dishwasher as you. I have beed afraid to remove the “made in America” sticker without damaging the front spot. Mine is really stuck on there. I certainly don’t want to dig at it with a fingernail. It is just like yours…I even saw it on an earlier post of the kitchen. Help!!!

    69. yusuf

      it’s a beatiful

    70. Michelle Gilley

      What color are your countertops?

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