paint, corbels, & bead board

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I have to admit that when I started this laundry room project, I had an idea of how it would look, but it wasn’t completely clear.  I second-guessed myself along the way, mostly about the laminate cabinets.

I originally thought I would leave the doors on and just paint them.  Then I decided to remove the doors above and below the sink.  Then I decided to remove all of the doors and back them with bead board.

Now what?  I felt like I was heading in the right direction, but where do I go from here.  I was planning to paint them in my custom-mixed Boxwood green, because I had it on hand and so those cabinets would tie into the kitchen island and butler’s pantry.  I also felt like the green would make a feature of them.

But, would the contrast be too high with the white walls?  Would draw too much attention to the laminate cabinets?  Would it look better if I paint it all white…?

Isn’t it funny how some decorating decisions can get you twisted into knots?  I spent a lot of time leaning against a wall in my laundry room, just staring at those cabinets.

I finally decided to just go for it.  It’s just paint and they are just laminate cabinets and it’s just a laundry room.  Quit leaning on the wall and just paint the cabinets.

So, I did.  And I added some corbels for good measure.

Can you believe it just took paint, corbels, and bead board to completely change the look of those laminate cabinets?  I was looking into new doors and new hardware and adding trim and all sorts of things that would’ve added up to a nice chunk of change.  Instead, I used paint I already had and about $60 in corbels and bead board.

And, I really like how much better this looks even with the same builder-grade cheap faucet and utility sink and laminate counter.  You really can make high impact changes without breaking the bank.  It’s nice to splurge on your home, but there are better places to do it than laundry room cabinets.  Right?

Anyway, I’ll share more details on how I did it, but for now the late nights painting are catching up with me…

paint, corbels, & bead board

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97 Comments on “paint, corbels, & bead board”

    1. No way! Sometimes comfort is important too! I did not get the pedestals for my washer and dryer and I kick myself every time I have to bend over to hunt for every last sock.

      1. Agreed! I don’t have the pedestals and I wish I did too…. and like Miss Mustard Seed said… It’s just a laundry room.

    2. A few people have suggested that, but the pedestal under the washing machine is actually a small washer that I use quite a bit, so I wouldn’t want to give that up!

  1. No more boring laundry room! I love the cabinets painted green. What a difference the paint makes. Now you have another room to smile in, and I am sure you are feeling the accomplishment. It turned out wonderful, Marian. Congratulations on another well done job!

  2. It looks wonderful. Those little corbels alone add so much! It really gives heart to anyone stuck with ugly cabinets that they can’t afford to change 🙂

  3. Ok, first…those poor light fixtures, don’t like ending w a negative so now that that has unnecessarily “fallen out of my mouth”… Love it. So much better than I imagined! I know I certainly don’t have the design muscles you do which makes me thankful I can always reference your before and afters for inspiration and confidence to just do it. Thank you! Great make over, and even better that it was so budget friendly.

  4. I love this simple transformation and the clever ways you use basics to make a big impact along with all your other “more complex” projects, such as your amazing dining room! Thank you for your ideas and inspiration.

  5. You are on a roll! What a transformation—Love it! Doing more with less is relatable to me, especially in this new era of sponsored blog posts. Thank you!

  6. It really did transform the whole look of your laundry room! I love the green color on the cabinets and the curtain below the sink looks adorable!

  7. Love the laundry room! Great Job! I love the color! Try to relax those tired and sore muscles. Again, great job!

  8. Fabulous! Wasn’t so sure about the cabinets, but the corbels made all the difference. I should know by now never to doubt your instincts 😊. You deserve a long nap, my dear.

  9. Stunning! What a wonderful transformation. I just love watching you makeover different areas of your home. Your work is always so inspiring and tastefully done.

  10. WOW! You’ve really outdone yourself this time. Love the colors, beadboard and how you used what you had and made it work for you.

  11. Just wondering the process for painting the laminate cabinets, do they hold up? Assuming you just primed them with oil based primer…any top coat ? Looks wonderful,

  12. Wonderful job Marian! I’m looking to do beadboard in our master bath soon. Boxwood looks great on the cabinets! The paint and corbels have really stepped it up! May I ask where the corbels are from? I’m thinking about adding some to my kitchen cabinets.

  13. This is amazing. You would never know just by looking how little you spent to really make this big impact. Wow!

  14. Looks so lovely! What did you use to get the paint to stick to the laminate cabinets? Is the green paint your milk paint? Does the milk paint need a primer to stick to laminate? I’ve never heard you discuss this issue in any of the tutorials. I apologize if I missed it. Could you include this info in your blog on the laundry makeover? Thank you! Keep up the awesome inspiration!!

    1. I will share all of the details in another post, but in a nutshell, I used Stix primer and Benjamin Moore Advanced paint in Satin. I had it custom-matched to one of my milk paint colors. (Milk Paint really isn’t suited to use on laminate.)

  15. “I spent a lot of time leaning against a wall in my laundry room, just staring at those cabinets.” LOL. My family knows something is going to happen in the house to disrupt life for a few days when I sit in a room and just stare at it. “Oh no… Mama has that look in her eyes!”

    It looks great! I like that little shelf above the sink. Source?

  16. Really excellent transformation. What fun. I do my laundry in a damp unfinished 100 year old basement, so this is like decor porn for me.

    1. I used to do laundry in the 1948 basement in our last house, so I totally appreciate this space!

  17. What a clever use of the beadboard. And I love the green cabinets! I hope you will eventually do a “final reveal” so we can see shots of the whole room. One of my favorites so far in your new house!

  18. I LOVE this! Super cute and almost no money? That brought a smile to my face today – good for you. We can’t do a gut job on every room in the house at the same time but you made the “for right now” so cozy and charming I’m really impressed 🙂

  19. Wow! That came out fantastic.

    I had those same cabinets in my condo kitchen and I didn’t have the money for full replacement. I ended-up replacing the doors (those are stock Home Depot put-them-together-yourself cabinets and they offer several door styles). However, I left one open above the sink and placed a painted wood face frame around it so that it would look more like an intentional shelf than a cabinet without doors. If you wanted a slightly more polished look, you could add a simple (or even decorative) face frame.

    I’m curious if you primed them and if you used special laminate primer or not. I’m also curious if it’ll hold-up to dragging laundry detergent bottles and whatnot over the surface over time. Please keep us up to date on it.

  20. Awesome. I love it. So much work. You are a get-her-done kind of girl. I have done lots of remodeling. I know how much work that would be all by yourself. The reward makes it all worth while.

  21. Everything looks amazing! I’m not sure how you find the time to get so many things accomplished! 😀
    I didn’t know you could paint laminate. Thanks for always showing us that great design ideas don’t have to cost a fortune.

  22. Wow! Absolutely love it. The baskets and wood touch and even the curtain under the sink tie in with the color of the floor tiles to make them look good. I know you are considering painting them but looks good now! So homey! Love the Boxwood color.

  23. Wow, that is just transformational fabulousness!!! Definitely ties it into the rest of the house. The curtain under the sink really makes it look cute and non-laminate.

  24. I love the Boxwood Green! I know you color matched it but I would love it you could come out with a paint series of your own with a regular paint manufacturer so that we could get a guaranteed match :).

  25. I wasn’t sure yesterday when you showed us, but today it’s amazing! I have at the same corbels. It’s all So so sweet.
    You mentioned the pedestal under the washer is actually a small washer. Could you tell us the brand and how you like it? We’re on the hunt for new washer/dryer.

  26. FYI Lowe’s or Home Depot sells a very sturdy wall paper heavy duty product that looks like beadboard.
    Friends of mine converted flat 1970’s kitchen cabinets into shaker style and inserted the bead board in the open space. Looks wonderful!

  27. I am eager to read all your details. I painted some ugly faux wood laminate cabinets with mixed success and may be redoing them. I am also inspired by your use of fabric on the lower cabinet.

  28. For a laundry room it looks so peaceful. You did a wonderful job Marion and I’m glad that this post didn’t stall on me when I clicked to open it like what’s been happening recently.
    Have a good day

  29. Looks great! As someone on a VERY limited budget about to buy my next home, paint will be my best friend. Great ideas to jumpstart me here!

  30. You absolutely DID IT with the laundry room—gorgeous! But, where are your detergent, bleach, Oxi-Clean, etc. etc. stored? Do you have other cabinets with doors to hide all the “stuff”?


  31. You never cease to amaze! Every project is over the top. So inspiring for all of us! Thank you so much for sharing. It keeps us motivated.

  32. My favorite part that really none has mentioned is the walls. The bead board adds such a nice texture!

  33. It looks great. Did not even notice pedestals (wish i had them) or light fixtures. I think this transformation goes back to the beginning, the basics miss mustard seed I love. It shows that with a whole lot of creativity and hard work you don’t need spend a lot cash to transform a space

  34. Stunning transformation! You are in the habit of tossing doors away, sounds like a great trend, instead of getting these 3 cabinets doors in your face, and it makes the space look larger. The color is perfect in there too, job well done. Funny, under my kitchen sink I hung two dish towels that are almost identical as yours, same pattern and blue also.
    Could your next project be a good looking and stylish toilet?
    Enjoy your laundry room.

  35. I’m a lover of every tone and hue of green so this has me wanting to grab a pillow and blanket just to camp out in your laundry room.

    Side note: The tray above your sink is fabulous. Gives off homey vibes 🙂

  36. When I see your projects one of the most impressive things is your use of power tools. I’m 70 but feel 40 and just moved to a different home because my husband has just entered a facility for Alzheimer’s. After 51 years of marriage I now find myself in a home that I’d like to update. Could you please tell me what power tools you use and do you have to find a stud to put all those nails in. I love your blog and have been following for many years.

  37. Marian, have you ever considered buying a small 2 BR 1 BATH house, redoing it and flipping it. It would be so amazing!

  38. Love the new look! I love the open cabinets, but what do you do with all the not so pretty junk that should get stored there? Mine are full of laundry soaps, bug sprays, etc that are not for show.

  39. Just adorable! You are always spot-on with your vision. And congrats on tackling it on your own! You’re an inspiration!

  40. What a beautiful place to do laundry in! Marian, you have, once again, done a fabulous job! You are blessed with so many wonderful gifts and you are such an inspiration to all of us! Blessings!

  41. I am really interested in how you got the paint to adhere to the laminate and the prep for it. What a beautiful transformation! Great job!

  42. Am I the only one who struggles with lent getting every where in my laundry room? I would love to do the same in mine, but no matter how tightly I fasten the the dryer duct I still get lint in my laundry room. Those open cabinets would just collect it. If you have a solution please share, because I would love to add cabinetry.

  43. Can’t wait to see the post…….I’ve never had much luck painting laminate so I’m interested in your technique. You hit a homerun with your laundry room!

  44. WOW – what a transformation – it’s hard to believe it’s the same space. You are a magician, lady!!!

    And FYI – never EVER would I give up my pedestals. It’s all about comfort with me.

    Love love love your laundry room now. And, again, your custom boxwood green is a stunning color- loved your butler’s pantry job. And how it ties into your kitchen island – lovin it!!!!

  45. So nice, I was thinking that there was little you could do to make that laundry look better, but WOW it looks so great. love the horizontal and vertical shiplap. AND the green paint!!!! I cannot believe how you have transformed you whole house!!! It all looks beautiful.

  46. I’m always so late responding but I want to add my cheers to your choice. I have a rather large window above my W/D so I wasn’t able to use the drawer pedestals in this house. I’m going to sell them. I do love my laundry room because I have all my collectible “toy” washers above on an old shelf. WTG

  47. Marian,
    Beadboard, corbels, no doors, and paint made all the difference in the world. I had that very wire shelf (above your sink) in my hands at Hobby Lobby yesterday, but kept looking at where the placement of the screw holders were. They looked like they should have been on the opposite side so the little wire you have against the wall could be used as a towel holder. What is the purpose of that wire rod against the wall? Is it a support? Anyway, I did not get the shelf, :(, but yours looks fantastic and is a nice green to go with your green cabinet shelves.


  48. This is the kind of transformation that I just love. You do such wonderful work Mariam, I think some of us are just born to redo and repurpose. I can just look at a piece or a room and just imagine the possibilities. Thank you for sharing your work one of your few men who follow you. Jeffrey at La Maison Verte Couette et Café

  49. Ahhhhhh! So pretty. And I can picture a sweet lil chandelier in place of the ceiling light😌. I wasn’t jiving with “it’s just a laundry room”, as we seem to spend a lot of time in this space😐. So why not make it beautiful as well, right!

  50. Using the bead board in different directions is so clever! Love the green again, and the corbels.

  51. Great transformation! However, I would put the doors back on the two cabinets next to wall.. Too busy visually for my taste.

  52. unreal what a difference that made! So fresh. I have that same metal Laundry sign in my laundry room. I believe it was your very own design.

  53. Love your washroom makeover. Is that a transom above the door? If so, did you do that, too.
    Loving your style!

  54. Love Love Love the corbels…the perfect addition.
    BUT…I would HAVE to replace that faucet.
    Even a cheapie with a little personality would help.
    Still living all you do, Miss Mustardseed!

    1. I do want to replace it, but haven’t found anything I really like for it, yet. The search hasn’t been extensive, though!

  55. This is one of the best make-overs I’ve seen!!! Not usually a fan of green, but I believe this looks great…so perfect for your laundry room. Thanks, Marian, for your “clutter shots” and showing the steps you went through for an awesome finished room!

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