Packing for Lucketts & Giveaway

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Today we loaded all of the things I’ve been shopping for and working on for weeks.  Here are some of the pieces we packed…

DSC_9605 (424x640)

This is my mom’s favorite dresser.  We actually have a three-way wager going on which dresser will sell first.  We’ll see who’s right…

DSC_9614 (424x640)

Here’s the channel-back chair.  I must say, this is a piece I patted myself on the back for.  I was actually giggling as my mom and I finished the cushion last night  and set it in place.  I couldn’t believe that I did that!

DSC_9619 (424x640)

DSC_9622 (424x640)

Here’s the French settee…

DSC_9623 (640x427)

DSC_9631 (640x424)

DSC_9636 (640x369)

…and some other things…

DSC_9644 (424x640)

DSC_9648 (640x424)

DSC_9650 (640x614)

DSC_9653 (640x424)

DSC_9660 (424x640)

DSC_9664 (640x424)

I just finished this dresser today and I shared a snapshot on my Facebook page and it blew up! (In the figurative, social media definition of the word.)  It was so fun to see the positive reaction, especially when this was a piece I really struggled on (hence finishing it at the last minute.)  It was in the ugly stage for a long time, but I saw it through and it is definitely my favorite piece this year.  The piece is actually already sold, though, and the new owner has knobs for it.  I’ll show you the room I painted it for and will beg for a photo of it once the coral Anthropologie knobs are on.  I’m going to have to do another like this again…

DSC_9671 (640x424)

DSC_9677 (424x640)


I hired some of the guys from our youth group to help load the truck.  It’s always funny bringing them into my weird little world of antiques and blogs where I’m “semi-famous” among a tiny circle of people.  They laugh at some of the things I’m selling and laugh harder when I tell them someone will buy it.  They say things like “the bottom of this box is a little sketch” and play with my typewriters and pose for pictures when I’m trying to snap a shot of something before it’s loaded…

DSC_9626 (640x424)

(His mom reads my blog and will enjoy that, I’m sure.  Can’t you tell he’s shy?)

So, a good portion of my stuff was outside as we waited for the truck to arrive.  Clouds started to gather and we could hear thunder, but it was still sunny and looked like it was just going to miss us.  The truck arrived and we loaded the dressers as I nervously watched the skies.  It looked like we’d be okay.  I went to the basement to remove the top from the farmhouse table and I hear pit-pat-pit-pat-PIT-PAT-PATPATPATPATPAT.  It took about half a second to register that the pit-pat sound that grew faster and louder was rain.

DSC_9642 (640x424)

I knew the dressers were in the truck, but a vision of my French settee, that I had worked so hard on, sitting outside getting rained on, ran through my brain.  I sprinted up the basement steps and around the house screaming, “Get the French settee into the truck!!  GET IT IN THE TRUCK!  THE SOFA THING!  GET IT IN THE TRUCK!!”  I know those teenage guys don’t really get my world, but they heard the desperation in my voice and scurried around to get anything waxed or upholstered into a dry place.  A few things got a little wet, but the rain stopped after a few minutes and we were able to dry it all off before packing the rest of the truck.  Those guys were awesome.

When I calmed down, I realized this was a great reminder to me that it’s just stuff.  Yes, I worked really hard on it all and I don’t want it to be ruined, but a few raindrops aren’t a big deal.  It may be upholstered in Hungarian grain sack, but it’s still just stuff.  Maybe I needed that rain shower…


So, I’ve been really behind on other things as I’ve been working on Lucketts, so the giveaways I usually hold have crept up on me.  I was going to post them tonight, but the day got away from me and I really need a shower and some sleep.  I’ve decided I’ll run the “I’m sad I can’t come to Lucketts” giveaway after Lucketts, but the time is ticking for me to find out who is traveling the furthest to come to shop this weekend.  (Donna, you don’t count!)  If you’re coming a good distance, calculate the mileage from your town to Leesburg, Virginia and leave it in the comments (make sure you leave your e-mail in the contact field.)  The winner receives a $50 credit to spend in my booth at the Antique Market.  I’ll e-mail and announce the winner on Friday, May 17, 2013.

Packing for Lucketts & Giveaway

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