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Last week, I needed to step away from my computer and get out of the house for the day.  I actually had some supplies I needed to get for my upcoming freelance projects, but I also just needed to get out.  In addition to the necessary errands, I stopped by a couple of my favorite local stores – Churn Dash Antiques and Kismet Consignment.

At Kismet, I was hoping to find a piece or two to paint.  The problem is that most of the pieces they have in the store are in great condition!  It’s actually a nice problem to have.  I know their pieces have already had a once-over to make sure they are in good, sellable condition.  I really do try to find pieces that need some help and most of their pieces, even though they are priced very well, just don’t need help.  I managed to find two dressers, though, that I felt could be improved by painting or refinishing.

This serpentine-front chest is such a versatile size and shape. The finish has some water rings, hazy spots, and other imperfections, so I don’t feel bad about sprucing it up…

I also found an Eastlake dresser and mirror in their clearance room.  I’ll take a proper before picture of it when I pull it out of the garage to work on, but you get the idea.


This piece isn’t in bad shape, but I think paint will bring out all of those beautiful details and make it look more “cottagey”.

I’m still deciding on colors for these two pieces.  Any suggestions?

I also found a wood framed mirror for my half bathroom and a vintage lunch pail ($10)…

At Churn Dash Antiques, I found a beautiful ironstone wash pitcher ($36)…

…a homemade stool that is just begging to be painted ($16)…

…and a hook rail for $48.  It needs just a little bit of cleaning!  Once it is thoroughly washed, I am going to use it in the half bath for hand towels.

Not only did I get the creative pick-me-up I needed by getting out of the house, but I found some things for upcoming projects and a couple of pieces to paint and sell.  I’d say that’s a win-win!

I plan to start working on this dressers in the next couple of days…

out and about

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36 Comments on “out and about”

  1. Would love to see another mustard seed yellow piece done with the full buttery wax finish and not just hemp oil. 🙂

  2. I agree! Another vote for yellow—with the white leafy design. Would love to see a video of how you paint the design. I’m thinking of painting a hope chest in that style.

  3. I love when you paint pieces that you pick up at thrift stores or antique shops! I’m big on painting things white or a charcoal gray color.

  4. I would like to see the color Kitchen Scale used…..kind of a teal, correct? Just not white, which has its place. But, ooo, give us some color.

  5. Love all your finds, especially the hook rail. I’m a sucker for those! I vote for one of your darker blue shades on one of the chests because I’m wanting to paint something blue!!

  6. I think the serpentine dresser would be stunning in artissimo or if you could create a rich, emerald green that would be gorgeous! I think white would be perfect for the Eastlake dresser.

  7. I would love to see the serpentine dresser in Artissimo too! I’ve been contemplating doing a dresser in that color!

  8. I like that yellow treatment with the white leaf pattern, too. It is really charming. The second dresser with the mirror is really nice, but it isn’t Eastlake. It is later than that. Love the green tin pail!

  9. Great pieces. Are the ironstone pitchers on your middle shelf made in the USA or England? I found a similar one in a shop I frequent that is made in the USA.

  10. You found some great pieces! A few more options I’d suggest for furniture shopping in Rochester are the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Goodwill and Savers. Have you tried any of them? I’ve had good luck finding nice furniture pieces at all three.

  11. You are so lucky to be able find reasonably priced pieces. In California it would be rare and far between to find price tags that you have quoted!

  12. Time out……..I want to know what the peeling tin piece is behind the hook rail? It looks like it might be in the hallway but I don’t remember seeing it when I read that blog entry. Clearly I have missed something?

    By the way – I love the hook rail! It will be awesome when you clean it up.

  13. That little stool is just crying out for Tricycle! And I’d love to see you use Flow Blue on the dresser and mirror and Mustard Seed on the serpentine dresser, or the other way around. What can I say…I love colors.

  14. What ever color you decide to paint the dressers, I am 100% sure they will be beautiful! You have more creativity in your little pinky finger than most have in their whole body! Looking forward to seeing your refinish of all of them!!

  15. no green. You haven’t done white in a while? Both of these pieces are great. Have you ever done a pink? Good for a bedroom. Whatever you do will be beautiful. Your work is perfect.

  16. Marion has stencils for the design she put on the Mustard Seed yellow chest she decorated and sold.
    Just a FYI

  17. Love all your finds … but got really excited when I saw the”hook rail shelf”. I found a set of those brackets years ago and had not figured out how to use them. Now I have … thank you!!! .. One of the metal rods is missing on mine and they are very rusty, but that can be fixed. Anxious to see the back side of yours so I can see if there is a notch for the hook going over the top of the board. Love your blog.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  18. Excellent finds! I love the ironstone, as always, but that little lunchbox is exquisite!! It would make a lovely travel painting caddy.
    I started working on my studio finally, after following you for years. You are such an inspiration, and I already feel so much better in my space – even though I only had time to paint 2 walls. Fresh paint is so uplifting!
    I can’t wait to see what you do with your finds. I think that dresser will be a lovely project.

  19. I just saw a vintage lunch pail similar to yours only this one was blue, had different snapping handles & not quite the nice shiny finish as yours. It was priced at $24 & I hesitated as I didn’t really have a use for it.

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