early thanksgiving & a thrift store score

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Today was one of those days that I tried to pack in more than was really reasonable, but I managed to get it all done!  I have two Thanksgiving freelance articles due this week and one of them involved putting a spread together that at least looked like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  So, in addition to styling a shoot, I was baking pie, roasting a turkey with stuffing, and all of the fixings.  I took some shortcuts with pre-made mashed potatoes and by microwaving the green beans, but I still I made a disaster of the kitchen and was running out of light by the time everything was done.  I got the final shots in probably about 15 minutes before it would’ve been too late.

I have to hold most of the details for the article, but it’s focused on tips for setting up a buffet-style Thanksgiving meal.  I enjoy projects like this and I take them seriously.  It’s not just about pretty pictures, although I want them to look pretty, but it’s about practical, do-able tips that can help anyone put together a thoughtful and beautiful spread for their guests.

Anyway, a part of the shoot were these water goblets…

Last week, I went to the thrift store to drop off a few things and I decided to pop in to see if there was anything that caught my eye.  I found these for $1.00/each.  With a 20% off coupon for donating, they were only $.80 each.  They are some of the thickest, heaviest glasses I’ve ever seen!

I like heavy glasses, especially ones on stems, so they are less likely to topple and spill.  I also found a silver plated turkey platter for $6.00 ($4.80 with the coupon).  I polished it up and used it for the shoot as well.  Thrift stores and yard sales are a great place to find “fancy” tableware since many people don’t want to mess with polishing silver or ironing linens.

While the turkey cooked, I worked on a stacked-basket centerpiece…


It was a surprisingly quick and easy project and I love how it turned out.

And, while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner and making a pie, I finally photographed making the delicious, no-fail apple pie recipe I’ve made and tweaked over the past twelve years.  I’ll be posting the recipe soon for those who want to make it for Thanksgiving this year.

As the day was winding down, Jeff asked if we were “having Thanksgiving for dinner.”  Since dishes had been made throughout the day, nothing but the pie was hot.  I cleaned up the spread and put all of the food in containers.  “Actually, since you have to make a plate and heat it up in the microwave, we’re having Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner.”

I fully embraced that and had an open-faced turkey sandwich, which I like even more than a traditional Thanksgiving meal, anyway.

PS – I learned that it’s not a good idea to use purple carrots when making a stock to turn into gravy.  They will turn your gravy purple!

early thanksgiving & a thrift store score

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56 Comments on “early thanksgiving & a thrift store score”

  1. Wonderful post. I love the apple pie and I will be making it for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Love all the fun stuff you do, and I bet your family loved the delicious turkey sandwiches for dinner. Yum!!

  2. MISS MUSTARD SEED is the first blog that caught this now 61 year olds eye. I now try to follow about 190!!! You still I’ll remain one of a few favorites of mine. Although this post was simple, it that is what I love about your writing and it brought me to write my first response ever (I think). Beautiful, I really loved it. I’ll be looking for the article and recipe.

  3. I love everything you do and at 75 I am changing my decor. Love blue and white with a touch of green have even done some furniture painting!

  4. Love the glasses that you found at the thrift store! It’s one of my favorite things to do shopping in those types of stores and I always feel so happy when I find a great deal. Your pie looks delicious and pretty!

  5. I don’t normally eat gravy… but I would make an exception for purple gravy! I think maybe you should write that up next year for Halloween! I love what you’ve shown us so far of your Thanksgiving table – I’m definitely going to wrap my flatware in the napkins like that, it looks so special (and simple to do!).

    1. t was actually delicious but just looked a little strange. I think Jeff thought I was trying to kill him.

  6. Purple gravy is not an error, it’s brilliant serendipity. Match it to purple mums in the decor and serve the dish with swagger. It’ll mark you as a culinary genius, not a schlemiel.

  7. In the picture the apple pie is in what looks to be milk glass. What did you bake the apple pie in? I can’t wait, but I will, for the recipe! Is that crust made from scratch??? Love the intricacy of the lattice crust with the leaves and rosettes!

  8. That style of glassware was my daddy’s favorite for tea glasses. We call them “thumbprint glasses”. I think we are using the last of them, they always had a spare case in the attic. Your dining room is perfect!

  9. Love the green bows on the silverware. They match the colors in your centerpiece. Orange would have been so wrong. I like that you use the paler shades of fall. It all looks so peaceful and not busy.

  10. I really love the way the table looks. It’s so beautiful. Is there a way to find your articles on Better Homes and Gardens?

  11. LOVE
    You are an amazing force
    Can you tell me about your silverware,is it sterling,what’s the brand n style?
    That pie is just proving that you are an out of this world 👽
    How do you get so many hours out of a day

  12. My grandfather had goblets like that. My sisters & I always called them “Big Daddy glasses.” The flowers are beautiful as is the rest of the table! I can almost smell the turkey and that beautiful apple pie! Can’t wait for the recipe! Yum!

  13. This is gorgeous already and I can’t wait to see the finished table. Will you also have a blog post up or will it only be in the spread? I love decorating my table with nature’s beautiful gifts and thrift store finds too. You can’t beat that simple elegance can you?

  14. Love those goblets. My mother-in-law gave me 6 gold ones. I finally gave them up a couple years ago when I moved into a smaller place. (for clear). I loved those glasses for iced tea.

    Your pie looks almost too fancy to eat!

  15. I was raised drinking sweet iced tea out of glasses just like those and I agree, they are the best!

  16. I have the same question as Amy Joanne. When and where will the article be published? We are doing buffet style this year and would love some tips!!

  17. Your pie is gorgeous!! Can’t wait for the recipe. My Mom’s apple pie was my favorite & I don’t have her recipe. We’d heat up a slide and put it in a bowl of milk. Yum!! As always – your posts and creations are wonderful.

  18. Beautiful pie. Can’t wait to see the recipe. Will you let us know which magazine to look for your ‘spread?’

  19. Just a beautiful spread, as always! I don’t know how you do all you do! Everything had your special “Marian touch”. And that pie, the most gorgeous pie I have ever seen! Can’t wait for the recipe. By the way, I have always heard that those goblets are called “buttermilk goblets”………….kind of the poor man’s wine glass. They come in lots of colors. I have some from my husband’s mother with beautiful white floral embossing on them. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Linda

  20. Love your silverware. I am ready to break out my parents’ set that they purchased in Germany just before they married in 1953 (my mom is German – dad met her while stationed there with the army). So, my question is…how do you polish your silver that you eat off of? I am sure you have addressed this in the past, but I missed it. Thank you, Marian. Always look forward to your posts!

  21. Once again, Beautiful photos. Yes….thumbprint glasses. My grandmother had these and they were filled with Iced tea at every meal for decades. When she passed, I asked for only 3 things. Her rolling pin, her biscuit cutter, and yes, those thumbprint glasses. Priceless.

  22. I grew up with glasses like that. Everything is beautiful, looking forward to seeing the article. Are you cooking for real thanksgiving? Waiting for the pie recipe, my husband’s favorite.

  23. Oh my goodness! Sheer perfection!
    I can’t wait for the our recipe to be posted. Hope and wish it will turn out as beautiful as your masterpiece!
    Wonderful post!

  24. Absolutely breathtaking…every detail perfect! May I ask where you purchased the ribbon around the silverware, please? I’ll be looking forward to your no-fail apple pie recipe 🙂

  25. In Texas we call those buttermilk goblets. I have no idea why. I have a whole bunch of them. I also love the weight.
    Beautiful table and pie!

  26. I love your posts as well and it is a highlight in my day. Thank you!
    Can’t wait for the pie recipe and love your decorations. I have sold real estate for the last 22 years but my secret passion is painting furniture and making my home a beautiful place.
    You have inspired me and I do try to make more time for painting and doing things that make me happy. I love how giving you are with showing how to work with furniture and how you open your home for us to see.
    I wish you all the success and happiness in the world!

  27. We lived in Rochester for 3 years and everytime I return to see friends or have Mayo Clinic visits, I build in time for thrif shopping! Oh, how I miss the Mid century homes & decor items! Have fun and don’t miss out on all those great estate sales too!!!

  28. I am a fan of yours since very early in your blog and maybe prior. You have always been so kind to take time to reply to furniture I painted with MMS.

    Can’t wait for the pie recipie although, I won’t do it justice!


  29. I’m looking for green ribbon and love what you have on the table. Can you tell me what type of ribbon this is and where I can find it?

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