one brush. change things.

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I’ve been sharing little sneak peeks on my Instagram feed and now it’s time for the official announcement…

If you didn’t/can’t watch the video, the big announcement is that Shaunna West of Perfectly Imperfect and I have teamed up to create a brand – Parsons West AND our first product is a brush we developed just for paint-loving ladies like ourselves.

This all started almost two years ago.  We kicked around the idea of partnering on the development of some products.  Shaunna and her son actually came up to PA to stay with us for a few days as we worked on some ideas.

Love this girl @pishaunna

A photo posted by Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed (@missmustardseed) on

We had a pretty massive snow storm and she was stuck with us a bit longer than expected!  It was time well spent, though.

And you know what can happen to ideas.  I have a graveyard full of good ideas that just never got the attention they deserved (ahem…mustard seed pages, cough.)  Shaunna and I got busy and our ideas were buried under the weight of everything else we had to do.  The girl has two shops AND just made a TV pilot, so it’s understandable.

The thing is, I kept using the brush we had designed over a year ago.  Kriste and I would silently fight over it.  I’d pick through all of my other brushes to find that one.  I was nervous about letting other people use it at workshops, because it was my only one!  After a year of heavy use, it’s still shapely and still my favorite brush.

That told me this was an idea that needs follow up.  It deserves some attention to make it happen.

So, Shaunna and I picked it back up again and a couple of weeks ago, we each received our first order of our very own brush with our PW branding on it.  (By they way, Reni of Bliss & Tell Branding Company did our branding, which was quite a process with two people giving her input!)  Here’s our final branding sheet…

Parsons West Style Sheet | Bliss & Tell Branding Co.

When we initially were working on brushes, we knew we wanted a really awesome, versatile paint brush to be the flagship product.  We both favor a 2″ angled sash brush, so that’s where we started.

Parsons West Paint Brush

We wanted synthetic bristles, for a smooth finish and so it would hold its shape well.  The bristles are also tapered, so there is better contact with the surface.  They’re shaped perfectly for cutting in and getting a nice, clean edge.

The handle is natural wood in a shape that allows you to wrap your hand around the base of the brush…just how Shaunna and I both hold our brushes.  I’ve found holding a brush this way minimizes cramping when I’m on a painting marathon.

Parsons West Paint Brush

This brush can be used for any paint projects (furniture, walls, cabinetry, etc.) and any water-based paint (latex, milk paint, acrylic, chalk-type paint, waterborne enamel, etc.)  It’s such a beautiful, quality brush and I almost don’t mind if no one wants to buy one, because then I have a lifetime supply!

Parsons West Paint Brush

We will be selling the brush to retailers, but for now, Shaunna and I will be selling them to you, the customer, directly.  You can buy the brush in my online shop, HERE.

I’m sold out right now, but you can buy a brush from Shaunna’s shop HERE.

AND I would like to giveaway ten brushes to ten of my paint-loving readers!

parsons west | one brush. change things.

Our tagline is “one brush. change things.”

To enter the giveaway, just tell me what you would change with this brush.  (If you buy a brush and win, I will give you a full refund.)

Entries are valid through Friday, July 31, 2015, at midnight PST.  You must be over the age of 18 to win.  International entries will be accepted.  Ten winners will be chosen and announced on Monday, August 3, 2015.

By the way, did you like our little “commercial”?  Jen from Eight Hundred, someone we met at Lucketts, was visiting the day we filmed the video and she caught some behind-the-scenes pictures of Kriste and I making it…

“Can you brush horizontally?  And, hold the brush like that…no, like this…yep.  Now, slow down a bit.  Okay, too slow…”  I was a picky director and Kriste was a trooper!

brush commercial

one brush. change things.

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441 Comments on “one brush. change things.”

  1. I have a whole host of things I paint but I would probably start with some picture frames for my gallery wall.

  2. I have a long list of projects in waiting, but I would probably paint a cabinet to give to my daughter who is decorating her first apartment!!!

  3. I would use it with all my chalk paint painting. I have 2 booths and sell painted furniture. I have been painting since I was 17 years old. I love to paint.

  4. I would tackle a project thats been waiting and waiting…if I were lucky enough to win that Parsons West brush. All the right things that went into the design match my own vision for the perfect brush. The project is a maple two piece hutch with three glass doors. Its too formal for me, but I think if I paint it white (mms ironestone?) and the insides pale Eulalie blue (already purchased) I would find that I really like it. : )

  5. I have a ‘special’ brush that I have my name on so that my husband, daughter or anyone else in my paint supplies won’t mistakenly take it. LOL This would be a brush I would put my name on!! I have two antique chairs in my garage just waiting for that brush!! Oh… and a dresser that I am going to buy on Thursday (if I beat out everyone else to this estate sale) that it will also ‘change’. Can’t wait to get one!! I love the contour of the handle!! It looks like it will really help with hand cramps; something I get often because I am always painting on something! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  6. one brush change things ……………hmmm I would use it to finish painting my kitchen cabinets! I painted one bank of cabinets on one side of the room and got distracted! one brush would change things for me!!! I would feel a massive sense of accomplishment —-then I would use it to take the plunge and try milk paint! 🙂 (that beautiful blue) Congratulations on starting something and finishing it — 🙂

  7. I would change the color of my dining room from rosy red to something lighter. Gorgeous brush; just perfect for cutting in!

  8. I’m planning to get new windows and will need to paint the new trim on every window. Your new brush looks like it will be very comfortable to hold. And I love the size.

  9. I would paint the vintage sideboard in my living room. Every time I see a paint project on your blog, I envision it with some chalk paint on it! Lovely brushes and congratulations on your new business endeavor!


  10. Congrats on the new product and we look forward to other products in the line. Love, love, love Perfectly Imperfect and Shaunna. Seems like a great fit with your business. I would change my grandmother’s antique wicker set that needs a fresh face and some ” love ” after having been stored for a number of years.

  11. I’d finish a bedside table in my guest room. Waiting for some inspiration and a shiny new brush could be it!!

  12. I would paint the perfect nightstand that I am still searching for. This nightstand will go into my son’s bedroom. He just graduated from UVa and moved into an apartment 2 hours away from our home for his first job. I want to freshen up his room so it still feels like his, but also make it a place for our empty nester friends to visit for a weekend.

  13. I would paint an old wicker rocking chair in my boys room and some trim on our windows. I’m a petite girl with a small hand and I appreciate the thought you put into your brush.

  14. I cant tell by looking at the brush but I like a nice finish on the handle. It easier to clean paint off and wears longer with no slivers. Congratulations!

  15. My doors, the garage door, the front door and the french doors to my porch all need some loving and paint! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I very recently purchased some pretty cool milk paint in Flow Blue and now I need a great brush to paint a dining room buffet table for my home…..any recommendations?? 🙂

  17. Having this awesome brush just might be the thing that moves me to change my kitchen cabinets!!!! I think that brush would give me the courage to just go for it!

  18. I’ve been wanting to repaint my son’s bedroom furniture with MMSCP “Typewriter” and I think that’s what I would do with this brush if I won! 🙂
    Congratulations on making it real!

  19. international giveaway. I will be doing a lot of changing to skirting boards and internal doors in our recently bought 1890s do it up villa.

  20. Oooooh… that handle and angle size of the brush. I will use it to paint several pieces of furniture that I want to update!

  21. I have so many things to paint! The rest of my kitchen cabinets, the walls in my house, and several furniture items awaiting makeovers. So much to paint, so little time!

  22. I just finished weeding out the excess in my very small house. Now I want to paint all the “brown” furniture!

  23. I broke my leg moving four months ago, and I have spent my time during recuperation dreaming of when I can paint all the furniture in the dining room! The hutch, the table and the buffet! Since I have been unable to walk the moving boxes are still everywhere! Yikes! So… I have been ‘busy’ choosing a couple of your milk paint colors that make me happy… in my head. Visualizing is all I have right now. haha! Anyway having been a mural and faux finisher in the past I know the value of a well made brush! I love the idea of building the handle to fit the grip and eliminate stress on the hand! A good brush is a treasure!

  24. The thought of a brush that would reduce cramping makes me sooo happy. I would use it to paint my front door black. It has been red and yellow and now I want to try black.

  25. My dining room needs a change! It is still the same dark green cave as it was when we bought our house almost 4 years ago.

  26. What an exciting venture for you both and right up your alleys! If I won one of your new brushes, I’d change the paint on my front amd side doors and living and dining room walls – all in August, all before my husband’s surprise bday party in September. I’m tired just typing that!

  27. I would just close my eyes and point! I have so many projects that I need to start here. Just need a little motivation. I have been following you and Shaunna for years and it is fun to watch you both grow. Just a little seed, and then WOW! Look what happens when in the Master Gardener’s hands!

  28. If I had the chance to win, I will be redoing some old brown kitchen cabinties . Always wanted to paint our side door to the house a barn red.
    Thank you for the chance.

  29. Does my whole house count?! My husband and I bought our first house (a 1980’s fixer upper) a year ago and we are still buried deep in painting projects. I feel like I have miles of dark ’80s trim left to paint… and it’s such a chore.

  30. I would start with painting a desk I’ve been procrastinating on getting to. This would provide the inspiration I need!

  31. We’re I to win one of those beautiful PW brushed, I would use it to paint a couple of pieces to use in my living room.

  32. I love this brush! I would paint some furniture that I screaming for a makeover. Maybe my trim and doors. I have been wanting to try black doors. 🙂

  33. I am redoing the furniture in my son’s room to make it suitable for a high school student. I just got my paint today and I’m ready to put that brush to work!

  34. Well you 2 never cease to inspire! Way to go with this new venture- seems like a perfect match 🙂 One Brush. Change Things. I would use it to transform the antique bedroom set that I slept in as a girl when visiting a dear friend who is like a second mom. She gifted it to my husband and I when we got married- and now it has a home in our daughter’s room. It has a dresser and vanity to complete the set, but they are in need of some new life. I am finishing off some trim and other paint projects- and they are my reward !

  35. I will be changing the trim finish in this house from flat to semigloss. I think the previous owners just bought vats of flat white, slapped it on everything and called it a day.

  36. I would change a sewing table im gonna use for a craft desk, and a cane back chair! Looking forward to seeing more of the line!

  37. First I would paint the cupboard in my studio and afterwards there are a lot of other paint projects waiting, like the large wardrobe in our bedroom and another one in the hall way.
    Wishing you all the best with your new business venture!!!

  38. I would “change” the dresser in my bathroom. It’s one I’ve had since I was a teenager and the idea of painting it would make me fix the drawers, fix the drawer pull, and would actually fit in with the style of the bathroom.

  39. I would love the PW brush to “mustardize” my whole house! At the moment our home is still far removed from the picture I have in mind. So far I have painted a desk in Grain Sack and a dresser in Apron Strings, but I still have a lot of hand-me-down furniture waiting to be given the Miss Mustard Seed treatment. If only I could wave the PW brush like a magic wand and transform my house in an instant!

  40. I would use it on the bottom of my Grandmother’s hutch that was given to me when she passed away. I use it for a tv stand. I recently started using milk paint and have been tackling a long list of painting projects around my house, but have yet to find a brush I love.

  41. congratulations on PW. that’s super exciting news. the brush looks amazing to work with. i would love to paint some of the beautiful wood pieces i inherited from my parents but the emotional part of my brain has always been apprehensive of “ruining” them even though the rational part of brain knows i’ll love them even more painted. thanks for the opportunity! xo- maryjo

  42. I would love a chance to win this awesome brush! So many projects to tackle in my home, but I would love to paint some new life into my 1940’s vintage dining table. Best wishes on your new business venture!

  43. I’ve got chairs, dressers, some doors, a couple of bathroom vanities (plus medicine cabinets) and some not yet built planter boxes all in need of a change.

  44. I would love to win one of the brushes. I have so many projects to paint, but I’d probably use it in the kitchen to paint cabinets. Thank you for the giveaway. Love your blog.

  45. Just ordered the brush! So I know I’ll be using it on a set of end tables that have been patiently waiting for a makeover. It’s now or never. And if I win another brush, would share it with my neighbor, who has her own treasures-in-waiting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I would paint an old dry sink that rests on my front porch. Still can’t decide which milk paint color to use…if I win the paint brush, the color should come instantly to mind, don’t you think?!

  47. I would change pretty much everything, at least that’s what it feels like today. I want to paint the kitchen, and do something with my new craft cabinet – it’s a boring simple white right now. Oh, I would love to paint the doors a dark moss green. And the large cabinet in our bathroom has a beautiful sponged blue patterned that I’m getting bored with – I’d like to paint that cabinet white again and add some kind of royal blue border.

  48. If I had this brush, I would change my whole music studio…I’d start in my shipping closet by making over my file cabinet and then painting the walls. Then I’d paint the whole rest of the studio, especially the windows, where the old paint and glazing is just flaking away. I’d also finally get around to painting the end tables. Then my studio would outwardly reflect the happiness that flows out of there everyday. After that, I might just change the rest of my house….

  49. I would change my kitchen cabinets, been wanting too for a while…this might be the push! 🙂 Donna

  50. I paint all the time, but I have a terrible habit of getting distracted and leaving my brush full of paint. I always think that I will be right back, but minutes become hours and the paint starts to dry and I ruin the brush. If I were given such a beautiful brush, I would change the habit. It’s just too lovely to destroy.

  51. I would love to paint and make over my very first furniture project. I could think of a few things – like a plant stand that’s currently this hunter green and I would love to brighten it up. Or our old office desk. Anyway, congrats on your product!

  52. I would change my kitchen cabinets. I have always wanted white, and ever since you painted yours, I’ve been seriously considering the idea. However, I haven’t because I didn’t want brush strokes. I’ve practiced using Floetrol, different paints, etc, and am just scared to bite the bullet. Maybe this brush is the help I’d need. I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance and CONGRATS!!!! You certainly are moving mountains with your life…

  53. I would gift it to my daughter who just purchased a new home! We are going to cut down a small pedestal table, which belonged to her late Grandmother, for a coffe table. She will have a reminder of her Grandma to enjoy everyday and a wonderful brush to paint it with.

  54. I’m dying to paint our wooden record player. I use it as a buffet in the dining room or to play music if we want that old sound. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture but in desperate need of a makeover.

    The brush looks awesome!

  55. How exciting for you (and us!)

    I would definitely use this to paint my baskets – I use milk paint on them and this looks like it would really get into all the nooks and crannies.


  56. Oh yes, This is perfect! It looks like you really put some thought into the development of this brush, and I can’t wait to give it a whirl. This brush is going to take my neglected estate sale buffet and give it a new life in my living room. I’ve got the package of Bergere and everything! Congrats to you and Shaunna!

  57. Beautiful brush! Love that curvy handle. We’re moving, so there are all manner of things that need painting around here: trim, baseboards, doors, the library, not to mention hole touch ups. And then there’s the new house. That’s a whole other beast and I can’t wait to get started!

  58. My last big project of the summer (I’m a teacher; so my focus will shift really soon!) is to reupholster and paint MY chair – the one I used at my home “command center.” I’ve pinned all of the upholstery tutorials you shared earlier in the year to guide me on this project, so using your brush to paint the wood parts of the chair would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. We are in the midst of a kitchen redo. I am changing our island color….I am ready for a change!! Thanks for sharing the brushes!

  60. For my first project, I would use the brush to paint the kitchen cabinets in my in-law suite. After that, I can see it becoming my favorite brush too.

  61. this is so exciting! in all the days of everyone swearing by this or that brush i have honesty hated all of the chalk paint, etc, brushes i have tried, and i have stayed true to my 2″ angled purdy, so this sounds like a good fit for me. and let’s be honest, what wouldn’t i use it on? i think that’s an easier question to answer.

  62. Sign me up! I need one…today! I’ve been repainting my interior walls in most of the house for the last couple weeks and cutting in with a Purdy (nice brush, don’t get me wrong). But! I know a brush created by two ladies who spend so much time creating will be exceptional. So happy for you both! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  63. Oh, the things I would change. I am having new built ins made and I have some great painting plans for them. I have to say, I love a good brush. It truly makes all the difference in painting. Whether it is furniture or walls, you can’t go to far wrong when you start with great equipment. Please Marion send one up to Canada :0)

  64. i constantly have repurposing projects! Currently I am painting our bedroom and I have several dressers and a table that need paint! I would love a good quality paintbrush to help me get through these projects!!

  65. Looks like a comfortable handle ! Would love to try it on an ol’ set of shutters and dry sink that has been waiting for me! Oh…and the chairs, piano bench, and, and,and…..

  66. I have a great old wardrobe waiting for a make-over, so I would use the brush to paint it…as well as all the other things that are in line to have a face lift as well!

  67. I would use the brush to paint my bedroom furniture. It’s all matchy, matchy and I’m tired of the look!

  68. Cheer and congrats to you two girls!! I’m excited for you both and I’d paint my end tables… need to get rid of all that brown!

  69. My whole house! Every bit of trim in my house needs to be painted, and I’m bad at it. New special brushes would be just the incentive I need. Thank you for a chance to win them.

  70. I want to make-over my bathroom vanity and my front door. They’ve both been on my to-do list for a long while and I’ve been dreading them a bit. A great brush would most definitely help!

  71. Hmm good question, I think a new brush would inspire me to tackle my “stuff” in the garage.Perhaps starting with two sweet little side chairs.

  72. First of all, I bought 2 of the brushes already! One for myself and one for my best friend and furniture redo buddy! I can’t wait to get them because I have no less than 10 projects waiting in my new garage to complete from the estate sales and flea markets visited so far this summer. They’ve all been on hold while I’ve been packing and moving. I have six chairs, two tables, a really cool stool, and a decorative balcony railing from an old house. I’m sure more projects will come along as I get settled in the new space. Thanks for bringing high-quality products to us! Keep up all the wonderful work you do!

  73. I would paint a chair I inherited from my grandmother that has been waiting a long time for a coat of paint.

  74. I would paint my old dining room set. Love the style, but hate the color. I’m resisting the project cause I know it will take HOURS to paint it. Your paintbrush looks like it would be very comfortable to use for a lengthy project. Good luck on your new venture!

  75. We just bought a “fixer upper” house and I have lots of projects I could complete using this brush! My husband hears me everyday talk about “Miss Mustard Seed” and I even send him links to your tutorials, would love to tell him, “This is Miss Mustard Seed’s brush!”

  76. paint…everything…5x7foot mirror frame…1920’s side board…master bedroom bed…with this one brush the colour of my little world can change. thank-you for the opportunity!

  77. just ordered 5 unfinished bar stools, one brush could change them into beautiful stools with MMS paint! Love your blogs! God bless!

  78. I would FINALLY finish my kitchen cabinets! I just decided on the colors I want this morning right before I read this post! Shutter Gray finished with antique wax on the bottom cabinets and Ironstone on the top cabinets. I love it already!

  79. ALL of the trim in our house needs repainting – that would really change things! I always dread the cramping and not being able to straighten my fingers!

  80. I would paint an antique bench I received from my sister-in-law. You have inspired me with the benches you have featured in the last few months!

  81. I would use this brush to paint some shelves that I’ve been wanting to paint. We are renting a townhouse so I can’t use my spray gun so I would love a good brush.

  82. Congratulations on this newest (awesome) endeavor, Marion!

    Even for big projects, I normally prefer painting with a smaller angled brush…either 1 inch or 1.5 inch…because I seem to have more control but I would LOVE to try a 2 inch brush designed by two of Blogland’s most famous furniture painting experts!

    I have several colors of MMS milk paint on hand just waiting to be used on a couple dining room chairs and a bedroom set. I also have a couple exterior doors that are scheduled for a fresh coat of paint as soon as there is a break in our Florida heat and humidity (and seemingly endless rain).

    Oh! And how on earth did I forget this?! We have 8 new jumps for the riding arena of our horse farm waiting to be painted too!

  83. I would paint the shelf unit in my daughter’s bedroom. I just got the perfect fabric at the flea market this morning for $1 to adhere to the sides and so I want to take one of the colors out of the fabric to paint the rest of it.

  84. I would love to change my picture frames! Some of them need a repainting and this brush would help greatly!

  85. I would change (some of my) friend’s perception that an old, $5 table found at the Goodwill bins CAN be a thing of beauty with more heart and soul than the cheaply made, expensive furniture sold at the big box stores.

  86. Working on a porch project right now and really appreciate a good brush. Congratulations ladies! Love both of your blogs.

  87. I would paint the trim in the living room and then the dining room and then the kitchen and so on and so on and so on…

  88. I would paint the dresser in my daughter’s nursery and the trim in our bathroom. PS congrats on this new venture!

  89. I have 2 flea market booths and have an endless list of things to paint. Its funny how you get attached to a paintbrush, I have a large supply and always go to the same one. I’d love to give yours a try! Congrats on your new venture!

  90. The handle looks perfect! YAY! I would start with bathroom cabinets and move on to furniture pieces….possibilities are endless.

  91. I’m so excited for this brush! I tend to be “thrifty” shall we say when buying supplies, but I have learned not to skrimp on a good paint brush – I would use this brush to change an armoire currently in my living room that acts as a bar – Thank you ladies!

  92. Oh wow! What an exciting venture for the two of you! Congratulations!
    My window trim in the craft/bonus room needs to be painted badly and believe it or not, the only reason I haven’t already put paint on that trim is I don’t currently have a paint brush!! Crazy, I know.

  93. I am in the process of redoing my son’s room for college. He is living at home, and I and repainting, reorganizing, and freshening his space. I will be painting his chest of drawers, so this brush will get a lot of use.

  94. I have a great large cupboard that I would change if I had a great brush like yours! Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to you and Shanna in your new adventure.

  95. Congratulations on your new partnership and product. I am excited to purchase one of these brushes as I have yet to find a good quality brush that is affordable. Since this one is designed by two amazingly creative women, I’ m sure it will work well and feel great in the hand. I have the first project I will use it on already picked out…a handcrafted table that we inherited. It will be finished with a new shade of MMS Milk Paint that I bought and have have been patiently waiting to try…Mora. I love the look I have achieved with milk paint in the past and I’m sure using the new brush will make the process even better! Wishing you much success with the newest venture on your creative and entrepreneurial journey!

  96. One brush, change things… with this amazing, shapely brush I will change my baseboards from scuffed up to fresh and lovely (kids do a number on a house, don’t they?).

  97. Hubby and I are in the process of redoing a dining room table and chair set that was a hand-me-down. More brushes always come in handy when painting chairs!

  98. Best Wishes on your new venture. I just bought 2 of your brushes, one for me and one for my daughter’s birthday. We always have lots of projects to do and I will be doing my table and chairs soon. Thank you for all your inspiration.


  99. Looks likes the brush would be so much easier to hold with my aging hands so it would definately change my ability to get some projects done

  100. Just this morning I was admiring a green cabinet that I have and thinking that a paint change is in order. This particular cabinet was in my home when I was a kid and it used to have doors and pressed metal inserts and I believe it was once oak stained then blue and now it is a distressed green. My Mother shakes her head every time she sees it and tells me it’s time for it to go. It will greatly impress her when I transform it with chalk paint!

  101. “one brush, change things………………….” I would change my youngest sons bedroom into a beautiful airy guestroom.

  102. I would finally have the courage to paint the antique furniture I bought nearly 30 years ago. I have numerous old oak pieces with intricate carving and great detail that I dream of painting and distressing, but always chicken out thinking I will ruin them. I think with a great brush and the MMS paint they would finally get a new lease on life…. a change.

  103. I would love to use this brush to paint all the little projects that gave piled up in my garage all summer! Two chairs….a chest……frames. Adding a new brush to my arsenal gives me goosebumps! I am addicted to brushes! 🙂

  104. If it stands still long enough, I paint it. Several colors. To look old. Loved. Treasured. Because in this world of endless change there’s never enough standing still to enjoy the work of the past.

    Congratulations and good luck on your new venture!

    I met Shauna (friend of my friend Jen Oleksa) at her store in Troy when she let me in to shop – although she’d already closed for the day. So talented. I live up the road from her and we’re super excited about her (fingers crossed) TV show.

  105. Your ‘one brush could change’ my fear of painting furniture….I have a nightstand crying out for a change. Congratulations on your venture.

  106. I love the brush and haven’t even tried it yet. I have a handful of footstools and a dresser just waiting for a change and brush like this! It’s awesome (and inspiring) to see your success and new business ventures. I know there are many more successes ahead for both you and Shauanna. Congrats.

    All the best,

  107. Congrats! I have a china cabinet I’ve been staring at for months…and I’ve been looking for a better brush. Chalk is my preferred paint for now. I’ve tried lots of brushes, chip, latex, Purdy, Wooster, you name it. I really like the angled and a 2″ is my preferred size. Next stop your store to buy one. Hope this is as successful and as good as your paint!

  108. one brush. change things.

    The first thing I would change is how I store my brushes, as in I would HIDE this brush so no one but me could use it. I just found yet another Purdy 2 1/2 inch sash brush crusted in paint my husband did not clean properly. *sigh* We are still married but I HATE when someone ruins a good brush so this one? I’d probably keep it in a lock box!!!!

  109. What wouldn’t I paint! But to start with, pretty much do my whole house, walls, top to bottom, front to back. Needs a whole lotta work! Also, I have a gorgeous dining room set that we’ve received from my in-laws. I would LOVE to paint that….. but I have to convince my hubby and in-laws that it would be a GREAT idea. Good luck with your new venture! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  110. I have a plethora of projects! Purchase a house to flip, many furniture projects as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  111. I would love to have one! I am building a “cat box” out of a dresser to hide a litterbox. I hate the little bristles that are left on some of the pieces that I have painted

  112. GREAT video!! What would I paint? For starters– have a pile of old (not antique or vintage — just OLD) baskets that are a bit too grungy to use but each has some sentimental value. Just know they would become treasures with some milk paint.

  113. I have a few projects in mind to paint, a baker’s table and a sewing cabinet to start. I love the handle on your brush. Most of the brushes you find have long skinny handles that are hard to hold. Great design.

  114. I would change all of my ‘unfinished’ projects into something new and exciting! Lets see: staircase, master bad, living room, paint room, office, kitchen chairs, and that is JUST the beginning of MY list!!! Good luck with your new ventures!!

  115. I have two projects I would use the PA brush on. The first is my round kitchen table that is oak, I would paint it white. I have an antique chest, that I would like to paint white and stain the top.

  116. Oh the painting these hands have done! I love to paint and I know the right brush is crucial. I would paint my poor front doors. We stained them when we first bought them 26 years ago, and the are looking sad and tired now. Not to mention, they have deep groves where the pups have scratched them for so many years when Daddy gets home from work. I don’t want to replace them, because they have history. My kids used these doors their whole lives, and now enter through them as adults with (almost) kids of their own. (Coming in October). 🙂 So, I would start with theses special doors and, without doubt, paint many other projects to come. Once a painter, always a painter. Right?

  117. Oh wow! What exciting news. I know that it will be a quality product. I use the same brush over and over. I have a chest and bedside table I plan to paint sometime in the next month. 🙂

  118. I would re-paint my grandfathers old floor radio that has been looking at me for years and saying ” I need a paint lift”. Seriously, right now it’s an awful burgundy brown colour 🙁

  119. Great design on the brushes, love that handle! I would love to change my boring brown kitchen table into a cute, chippy white 🙂

  120. Ooo! I would paint a secretary I bought on Craigslist about a year ago. It’s a light pickled green that’s very pretty but just doesn’t go with my decor. I’m leaning towards Eulalie’ s Blue…

  121. Oh.mylanta! I have to have one of the brushes like STAT! If I win one I have a garage full of furniture just waiting to be “changed”!

  122. I recently painted some book shelves with MMSP in Marzipan & linen. They turned out really nice but the paint brush I was using didn’t do a terrific job. I’m getting ready to paint a vanity with mora and layla’s mint. I’m still not an expert at milk paint so a great brush would give me a leg up! This will actually be my third attempt at Milk paint as I also did the base to my free standing pantry in Kitchen scale. Can’t wait to see the results.

  123. I would love to have one of your brushes. Like you, I have (or had) a very nice 2″ sash brush with angled bristles that I used when repainting my entire downstairs this past winter. Sadly, with such a workout it isn’t holding up so well any more. I kept it but it really needs to be replaced but I can’t find one like it anywhere! Yours sounds like just what I need!

  124. That is very cool. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win one of your brushes. Great for an addition to your line of paints.

  125. I was just looking at my living room the other day and noticed the color on the walls – and then looked at the kitchen and slowly walked through my house. I have decided that all the colors I now have are too dark. Time to repaint everything. Sigh!

  126. What would I change? The inside of my dated wood bookshelves to a pretty French gray so my milk glass collection would pop!!
    Love your posts!

  127. I would love to use this brush to paint or stain, still haven’t decide which way to go, my new tongue n groove boards for my ceiling. Thanks for the give away.

  128. I’m in the process of painting a TON of casing & baseboards for my little mountain house getaway in the Poconos. Every inch of it is being covered in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (color Ironstone), and it’s a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait until it’s all finished and looking fabulous! So a new brush would be great–I love the idea of the curved handle, because I know just what you’re talking about with hand-cramps and painting marathons!! Can’t wait to try out the new brushes.

  129. I have more projects to paint than I have energy, however I would use this brush to paint my really icky kitchen cabinets! Thanks so much and best of luck with the newest venture!

  130. I spend at least 6 hours a day painting furniture and accessories and have tried multiple brushes most that just don’t cut it. I love an angled brush and the handle on this one looks a lot more comfortable for my arthritic hands. I would love to try one to use with my MMS paint.

  131. I would start with my kitchen cabinets, which are black and dark and need to brighten up my life. Like most DIYers, I have a stash in the garage that needs attention! Thanks for the opportunity!

  132. Fabulous, Marian! Best of luck with the new venture, I am certain this will be a success. The brush is versatile and beautiful–a winning combo!
    I’d love to win one of your brushes. I’d like to transform some second hand nursery furniture. I’m expecting a little girl in September (I have a 14 month old son as well) and I want to make her nursery beautiful on a budget–my husband and I are both teachers and have to make the budget stretch. I’d use the brush to paint an old bureau with your milk paint to use as a changing table, as well as paint the walls a soft yellow.
    Looking forward to hearing about your business adventures with Shuanna!

  133. My next project is my master bathroom. I will be painting the woodwork as well as cutting in around the windows and ceiling. I think your brush would be perfect!

  134. Congrats to you and Shaunna on your new venture! Is it weird that I squealed at how cute & comfy this brush looks? It looks like it would certainly make the task of painting all my trim, doors & cabinets a lot more fun! Oh and it would probably be a dream to use on my dining room table, chairs, buffet, & end tables. I could go on & on but trust me that baby would get quite the workout over here! Quick question though, does it come with a mini version of you or Kristi? Now that would be the perfect paint brush!

  135. Could change soooo many things with that brush! My hand always cramps…can’t wait to try it!! Have a table waiting to be made over?

  136. I would paint my dresser, my dining room chairs, two end tables in my living room, three wooden trays and my kitchen cabinets! LOL, maybe I better not win!! I’ll be very busy!!

  137. I have a corner cabinet that I got from IKEA a hundred years ago when I lived in Germany. I would paint that!

    And what colors did you use on the middle door in that picture above? Love it!!

  138. oh, so much I could do with these brushes. Soon we are starting an update on our master bedroom and bath and kitchen update. I found out the hard way many years ago you need a great brush to have a great finish. Also, I saw Shaunna West on HGTV and she is the cutest thing and has the best style. The two of you could do some great things together. Good luck.

  139. Well, I have several ugly ducklings that I would like to change into “swans” using one of your new brushes! I think I’d start with something fairly simple so I could get the feel of it and then move onto bigger, more complex pieces. Thanks for the chance to win and best of luck with the new venture!

  140. I have so many projects that this little brush would change a ton of things.The next project on my list is a small 4 chair dining room set. Painting the top with stripes – 1/2 chalk paint and 1/2 dark stain! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  141. I would paint my last farm type chair in my kitchen that never got painted. Also, several little end tables and stools that still need work.

  142. I would change a sweet lil’ wooden shoe shine box of my Daddy’s that he gave me…I have three of your MMS paints to choose from-all I need is a gorgeous brush!! 🙂 thanks

  143. This paint brush is just the quality I need to paint 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and an oak bedside table. My best to you in your new venture.

  144. We are currently at the end stages of renovating our lower level so my 88 yr old Father in Law can move in with me and my husband. While a contractor is doing the majority of the load, I have some “me” projects to give the rooms that special touch. Your new PW brush would definitely contribute to the way we’ve changed things in our home!

  145. I would change my habit of procrastinating painting “all” my projects! I love a great brush and this would give me push to paint.

  146. thank u for the opportunity to win one of your brushes. It’s hard to say what I’d change without holding it and working w/it, but a shorter handle would be good. Long handles get in the way when working in tight corners and spaces. Thank u and congratulations on a lovely brush

  147. Several years ago, a relative gave me the cutest little playhouse. I would like to refinish it now for my 4 granddaughters…..paint the inside, outside, shutters, door, the works!! Thank you for a great giveaway.

  148. With this brush, I will change my “attitude” about brushes. I have been looking for a brush that will hold up to all the projects I paint. One that feels good in my hand when I am using it, one that I can control well and one that will clean good and be able to be used over and over! Finally, a brush made by people who actually use brushes!!! 😉

  149. I would finally paint the dresser in my garage with the milk paint I bought months ago! That would begin my journey to change some things.

  150. Oh My!! No more cramping hands!!

    I would love to try one of your new paint brushes for sure!!

    I am working on painting an old hutch with your milk paint, which I just love!!

    Girls, keep those new products coming!! It makes our life much easier 🙂

  151. I have a cute Tea table that is the next on my list to paint unless I decide to paint the next coat on my Laundry Cabinets first. The table will be way more fun tho! Lol!! I like the curves on the handle & am glad to hear that others get hand cramps as well!!

  152. In 2010 I was injured at work which resulted in damage of my sympathetic nervous system it’s actually called a disease resulting from severe trauma if I don’t use the effected limb I lose it I prayed about it and with gods help have been painting furniture since 2011 so in answer to the question what would I change with your brush I would continue to change the results of my health and my life one piece of furniture at a time

  153. I would paint the half a dozen free interior wood doors that have been sitting in my garage since last year!!!

  154. I just ordered one! If I win the other, that would be great. I will have to hide the from the husband, as he is very rough on my brushes.

  155. Holy Crap that looks like the perfect brush for my hand! I have a hard time finding brushes that don’t make my hand and wrist hurt. My list of projects to paint are ENDLESS … so winning one of your brushes would be fabulous.

  156. I also have my favorite paint brushes (Purdy 2″ slant) until now perhaps. I’ve ordered 2 knowing that you both know exactly what you’re doing designing a paint brush.

    Just a thought…. but next, could you invent a wax brush like Annie Sloan’s round ones? But instead of the metal part going straight across, slant it down a bit towards the bristles so it doesn’t cut in to your hand. I’ve been wanting to do that FOREVER and I’ll buy 2 of those too (when they come out).


  157. I want to paint a child sized table I picked up at a garage sale for our kids… Right now it’s in primary colors-definitely needs a change!!! I have a plethora of other projects too!

  158. i w

    I would finally paint my husbands ugly nightstand. I have a darling new pull and all I need is your brush and some paint!

  159. I would definitely paint my boomerang son’s bedroom! He moves out August 1 and the last time I painted that room was when he was a baby!

  160. I would use this brush to paint an old, square box that I have overturned to use as an end table on my balcony. Lovely wood, but it needs “Mustardizing”!
    Such a cute video! The music and laugh at the end are so “you”!
    I occasionally use oil-based enamel, and spar urethane; will you be developing brushes for those types of finishes? Also, I sometimes do stencils or other accents; any plans for developing a smaller brush for details?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. I’m getting ready to do some painting projects in a house we’ve lived in for almost 4 years. I’ve been too afraid to touch it! This might just help me get it done well.

  162. I have so many pieces to paint and am always looking for that perfect brush. I’m off to buy one of yours now but a girl can always gift one to her DIY sister!

  163. “one brush. change things.”

    I would love to have one of these brushes! I love the idea of holding the brush at the base of the handle! I would use this brush to paint an old executive desk and matching buffet in my office.
    They are from around 1901 or so. Thank you!

  164. I need to “change up” the paint on an old kitchen cabinet that was handmade by my husband’s grandfather. Your paint brush looks very “user friendly” and just what I need to start this painting project!

  165. My husband has built me a corner hutch in our breakfast room and I’m finally getting ready to paint it!

  166. Ooooooh I too love this style of paint brush as it fits my tiny hand. I have friends that tease me that size is way toooooooooo small & to go with a wider brush. No can do!!!
    What I would tackle is… our long long stairway with an ornate design up the one side (with the music cranked up) in our ol’ house. Right now the original paint on the stairway is painted to look like wood with a black carpet painted up the middle.
    Thank you for possibly being the lucky gal to receive one of your hot-off-the-press new brushes!!!
    Enjoy the long wkend coming up!!!

  167. “one brush. change things.”
    I’m at my happiest when I’m painting my furniture either for me… or to sell. I love new products that make life easier…so it’s with great anticipation that I await the arrival of my new brush. My change is that I will finally be giving my old favorite friend a much needed break. Thanks girls!

  168. I think I would finally tackle the built in hutches in my dining room! I have been wanting to paint them since moving in in 2002! But the hubby opposed. I think I have finally changed his mind, so a great brush would help make the transformation look lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  169. It looks perfect! I would paint the big bear of an oak entertainment center that is in our “teen hang-out” room. It is honey-colored and out of date and soooo needs to be painted, but I’ve dreaded painting it. But with a great brush or two…. I’m thinking I can finally do it!

  170. Not what I would change but what the brush would change! That would be the look of what I was painting! Love the monogram!

  171. Can’t wait to paint a bedroom suite for my 89 year-old father. A great brush gives me all the motivation I need!

  172. I would use the brush to paint my bathroom vanity! It needs to be updated and this would be a good excuse to start the project! Thanks!!!

  173. I would paint my coffee table base and then upholster the top as a christmas present for my husband, because he has always wanted something soft to prop up his feet with!

  174. I would paint the 1970’s Sears French Provincial dresser in my guest room, the dresser of my childhood, and transform into something all grown up.

  175. Oh, what wonderful news! Looks like a great brush from two of my favorite bloggers!! I want to paint my bedroom furniture and am not liking any brushes that I now have. I love, love your blogs and the videos, as well. I only wish that I lived closer to one of you so that I could attend a workshop or two! Thanks again for the giveaway and the new brush…woo hoo…

  176. I am working on my kitchen cabinets right now and from there painting the rest of the room so I have a lot to change. And I am buying one right now!

  177. I have recently discovered milk paint after doing some research on what to do with an old hutch I bought at an auction. I LOVE your work and your products, but I have yet to use them! I would use the brush to transform my antique hutch and attempt my 1st milk paint project!! 🙂

  178. I have several pieces of furniture that I have been thinking about painting, but my apprehensions keep hindering me (What if I ruin it? What if I spend all that time painting it and I hate it?). Getting a new “fancy” paintbrush is just the nudge that I need to go for it!!

  179. Hi! With your ‘one brush’ I would ‘change things’ up with an old green cupboard (size of a pie safe!) that I bought for my kitchen which is mostly reds and mustard yellows. I have arthritis in both my thumbs and have been putting off Any painting project!! This might just be the ticket (brush!) I need. I also love the monogram! Thank you!! Love the blog!!

  180. the bedroom set I bought for my daughter 2 years ago…still sitting in the basement 🙁 will love me some milk paint to try

  181. My 1989 original, dull brown kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, french doors, all the trim in my house and finally my garage full of vintage furniture desperately need this “PW BRUSH”!!

  182. This brush looks amazing! Parsons West has hit the mark! I have a vintage dresser, with the most yummy bun feet, that I would like to paint. Painting is not a passion of mine as it is yours, so I would love to try your line of milk paint. It looks like it goes on so much more effortlessly than latex, without all the brush marks. Trying Miss Mustard Seed milk paint, together with your newly designed brush, would be a dream come true! : )

  183. Congratulations! That’s amazing! I’ve wanted to buy your paint for a while and now you have a brush..amazing! There has been a green chippy table I bought from a antique mall a while ago that’s aching to get a makeover! (and to secretly get it out of my parents front hall – haha)

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

    Ps love your branding/logo! Looks great

  184. All those projects stacked up in the garage –that’s what I would paint! Can’t wait to try one. If I don’t win one, I’m going to buy one–for sure.

  185. I would change from the brush I paint with now, I love my Chinex brushes from Wooster and Purdy. I don’t see how it could be better than those but I’d love to try one and see. I could not purchase one of your brushes, they are sold out already! I adore your paint, congrats on the new brand.

  186. Oh goodness, I’m a struggling antique dealer who paints my pieces for customers. I have tried all kinds of brushes to no avail. They either leave streaks, have bristles come out on my furniture or just don’t hold up. Finally, a brush made for what I do by someone who does what I do and when I finally get home see the post and email, they are sold out!!! I would have bought several of these, but I would be grateful for one. Congrats on this new venture and I hope God blesses it richly!

  187. I am getting ready to remodel our master bathroom & closet and am in the market for a great new brush!

  188. I would love to start on my kitchen cabinet redo with a PW paintbrush. Best wishes on this new venture!

  189. I would first change the front door. We’ve been in this home for nearly three years, living with someone else’s paint colors. After the front door I’d paint my way through the entire house making it OURS! I am SO ready to change things here. A good brush is essential to getting the right feel when painting, and makes all the difference in the end result. Blessings to you and Shaunna on your new (ad)venture!

  190. I would use the paint brushfire my next project…bonus room and bath room makeover. It’s new identity will be movie/guest room and guest bath ?

  191. I am sooo excited for you, Mrs. Parsons!!! 😉 I am such a fan…I am getting ready to purchase a whole, entire new home – so many projects I want to accomplish…I will be updating some of my furniture to go with a new ’empty nester’ season, so a ‘the go-to brush’ would be divine!!! Thank you!

  192. 2″ angle brushes are my favorite but I haven’t found one that makes me happy each time I use it. I’m guessing this one just might. I love your milk paints and am always inspired with your “look” and ideas. Would love to try out this brush.

  193. I would change some of the windows and chairs that need to be transformed with paint. I tried to purchase one and it said they were sold out so perhaps I will just win one!

  194. I would paint the frames waiting for the “chippy” look along with numerous other projects impatiently waiting for their new “spruced up” appearance.Congrats on the merge; this sounds like the perfect jumping off point for this new partnership!

  195. I have an armoire I would love to paint and this brush looks like the perfect tool to use! Good luck in your new venture!

  196. I am getting ready to milk paint for the first time. I want to repaint a trunk that will be turned into a hope chest for my daughter. I am ordering the brush now. I have only painted with latex and oil paint in the past and have always favored an angled brush. I am so happy I saw this before starting my milk paint project. I can’t wait to try it out!

  197. I so wanted to buy this brush, but they are sold out. My head was spinning with all the items on my “to paint” list, giddy with the thought of a wonderful new brush! one brush. change things will have to wait 🙁

  198. Love the looks of this brush!!! Would use it to paint a Secretary that belonged to my Mother. Good luck with the new product.

  199. I would just never stop painting with your newly designed brush. I have lived in my current home for about 1-1/2 years and have painted every room and almost all the woodwork, but I would be happy to repaint any room! But most importantly, the cabinets in the kitchen and baths all need to be updated from their current orange finish to a nice bright white or cream so that would be my starting point. Thanks for the opportunity to test drive the brush.

  200. We just built a new house and I have LOTS of doors and windows to paint! I’d love to give your new brush a try 🙂

  201. I would change the paint in the hallway of my new house. Right now, it’s a drab, dreary brown and I’m planning on painting it a bright white. My old brushes are shot. Yours looks great!

  202. I would paint the town red, Tricycle red of course! And then, I would paint just about anything else that isn’t nailed down, as I am inclined to do.

  203. Oh boy! I’ve got several projects going concurrently because I’m a little ADD, lol! My husband and I bought a big ‘ol (built in 1887) home for our 6 kids and my Mom to live in and I currently work about 50 hours a week selling modular homes in Kansas – so these projects are very cathartic. I’ve got a thing for dining chairs because… go figure, there are never enough. So I’m going to start painting and reupholstering a new set I picked up for *FREE 😀 and the brushes I pick up seem to fall apart so quickly which halts the whole process while I hunt around for the perfect one. i love the ‘hips’ on your brush which are perfect for holding 😉 …. loved your video btw

  204. Okay, it says my first comment didn’t go through, so I’ll try again. Please don’t disqualify me for 2 comments. 🙂

    I would change EVERYthing! Paint all the things!!
    So, yeah, I have a few mountains of Goodwill As-Is furniture (bought dirt cheap) that need moving in my home. I plan to transform them into treasures and so I’ll need this gorgeous brush, which I love so much. 🙂 🙂

  205. One brush. Change things…I would paint the wicker table for my daughter’s new room. My son moved out (they grow up too fast!) I’m missing him and love spending time with her decorating and getting ready for another school year to begin!

  206. I would put it to very good use immediately! My old Purdy brush has served me for years, but she’s showing her age (I estimate 10+ years.). I am meticulous when cleaning up, and I wrap in parchment after a littler drying time to restore tight bristle and a good edge. Would you recommend this for your brushes?

  207. I have an antique desk to paint. I’d love to try out your new brush! Congrats on your new collaboration venture.

  208. I have a hutch that I recently purchased from my local humane society thrift store and it’s sorely in need of a big change. I know your new brush could help me make it beautiful! Love the video by the way!

  209. I would change the way my daughter sees the world, especially last thing at night and first thing in the morning. She is five, and has mobility issues. Her bedroom needs to embrace her, be a place of peace and beauty. A place to show her friends. A place to be proud of. A gorgeous makeover is in the wings and something as small as a free brush is the catalyst I have been needing. Ready. Set. Go.

  210. I would use this brush to redo all my kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. They are a soft white and have been used with great love for 19 years with 5 children. You can probable imagine what they look like. It’s not a pretty distressed look.

  211. I would change the Ikea stool that I bought because of one that I saw on your blog that you painted. I feel in love with it with so I ordered one! I plan on this stool being the first piece that I paint using your Miss Mustard Seed milk paint line!

  212. Stacey July 29, 2015 at 5:15 pm – Reply
    I absolutely adore both of you guys & faithfully follow each of your blogs. Marion, I love your milk paint!!! I’m re painting my basement walls & trim & have a few furniture finds needing a freshening up with some paint. I love me a Purdy brush but I think this could be my new favorite. I can’t wait to use it! Anxiously awaiting what’s to come!

  213. I have a french country dining table and chairs to paint. A nice new brush would make this job so much nicer. Congratulations on your new product!

  214. I would be thrilled to use this brush with my first order of MMS paints! I would use it on several vintage medicine cabinets, a side board and possibly some ugly cabinets in my living room. I have so many things I’d like to paint it’s overwhelming – I need you here to do a marathon painting makeover!! Wishing you all the best with this new venture.

  215. I would transform my very orange looking timber cheval mirror into something beautiful with ironstone milk paint and your new paint brush.

  216. If I had this paintbrush, I would definitely use it on a sweet China cabinet that has been sitting in our garage since I purchased it at a yard sale several month ago. So excited and with your brushes already sold out, looks like you are on the path of success.

  217. We recently made another military move. Our 13th in the past 19 years. We moved into military housing with the typical stark white walls and I was planning on painting a kitchen wall with chalkboard paint. But I am so exhausted that the thought of doing it and then undoing it in 2 years is unappealing. But maybe tomorrow I will feel differently.

  218. How exciting! The question is: What WOULDN’T I paint with this supposedly fabulous brush?! Let’s see… I’d do the half-moon table in the downstairs bath, my bedroom, the Duncan Phyfe chair in the garage, the stool waiting to be refurbished in my basement, the childrens’ play cupboard that was my mother’s and on and on……
    Can’t wait!

  219. I want to change the colors of my exterior doors to a mustard yellow…then paint some furniture including a dining room table, old wooden children’s chairs, kitchen stools, the list goes on! Thanks for the chance to win because they sold out before I saw this post! Hope you restock quickly!!!

  220. My late Mother’s hope chest, a c. 1950s blond beast. It was so special to open that chest and see her goodies, lol! A real treasure chest that will be gorgeous in MMSMP …color to be determined :))

  221. I would use the brush on my first transformation piece – a vintage secretary. My plan is to leave drawer front and window lattice natural wood and paint the cabinet frame in black milk paint. Good luck on the new venture!

  222. Just ordered my brush. Can’t wait to try it on the old bed frame I have waiting for paint in my garage!

  223. So many things I “need” to paint … kitchen cabinets, my front door, a chest of drawers, two nightstands, dining room, sunroom, bedrooms and the list goes on!

  224. I just love to try new things…I would use if for an old china cupboard with Eulalie’s Sky.

  225. My husband and I make things-birdhouses, small cabinets, bookcases. For sure, I would be using the brush on them.

  226. I would change my life, haha, I would take the next step in my interior design business and add some artistic pieces of furniture to the mix. It would probably become my “good luck” brush. (wink)

  227. I’ve ordered the paint and watched the how to’s,
    Trying to find time now when I can get to,
    Painting and changing my table and chairs,
    Plus a few more things I’ve got here and there,
    How I’ve envisioned and wanted to rush,
    Now all I need is a Parsons West brush. ;~)

  228. Dear MMS, Thanks for the giveaway! Your brush sounds fabulous and I would use it to color my world in MMS paint ? Hugs, Anne Boykin

  229. When I was a little girl (I’m 66), I loved my mom’s wooden broom closet. I have the closet now. Although I still love it, it definitely needs a makeover before I bring it up from the basement. It would be a perfect project for some milk paint and a new brush. I love that you are adding new projects. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  230. I would use the brush to transform some garage sale pieces of furniture into the perfect , maybe not quite perfect, rocking chair, bedside table, shelves, picture frames for my newest grandaughter. My hope is that I can retire from my full time job and sell refurbished dressers, tables, etc, and be able to babysit more when my DIL returns to work. This is the only grand child that is near us and I would love to be the grandma that is the “second mama.”

  231. I just purchased the brush! I have an end table with intricate side details that I think this brush would adapt to much better than my Annie Sloan paint brush. I find when I have to do narrow areas or get into corners, my AS brush is too thick. Looking forward to the brush arriving so I can try it out. Hope the shipping to Canada doesn’t take too long!

  232. Oh how I love a new brush!! I love the way the handle is shaped and looks like it would be very comfortable in your hand. I’m also a sucker for a angle, nothing like a good brush to give you that bead that runs into a sharp edge! My father and grandmother were painters so I learned a great appreciation for a good brush from them.

  233. If I win the brush who knows what I will paint. I want to try your milk paint. I have already been using chalk paint. Love the looks you make.

  234. I would (finally) refinish our dining table…we have been eating all our meals at the kitchen counter since our recent move. The table HAS to be refinished before I put it together or, I know, I will NEVER get to refinish it once a tablecloth covers it…sigh.

  235. I have a crazy passion for doors. I have picked up a door or two, or is it three or four, they are all piled up in my garage waiting for a coat of paint. Cannot wait to bring them to life.

  236. NIce looking brush. Just wish it had a short handle, they are amazing, you can paint all day with a short handle, but I’m thinking the shape of your handle might fit pretty good. Good luck, I might just try one.

  237. I LOVE brushes that work. Never want to give them up. Very fussy about how my favorites are cleaned. Wouldn’t change any of that, but would be willing to make a change to a new favorite brush!

  238. Congratulations on your next adventure! I’d love to use one of your new brushes when I repaint our master bedroom.

  239. If I were fortunate to win one of the ten brushes, I would get up the nerve to paint the “elephant” in my living room- a two sided corner brick fireplace which is a monstrosity.

  240. I know that with you two behind it’s design, this brush will be amazing! I am about to start on a coffee table to tufted ottoman project. This brush would come in very handy.

  241. Hi, congratulations and good luck, love your blog, I would love to use your new brush on my bedroom suite I am planning to refinish.

  242. Congrats! Looks like a nice brush but since I will add a change comment for the chance to win a brush I WILL say having a brush that is thicker with better grip surface can help folks with arthritic hands and other hand issues. AND since blue is your favorite color have different colored handles for different style brushea. We all like pretty and functional around here right? Best wishes..

  243. Since I paint at least 5 days a week most weeks, I would be a good critic. Before I started to paint furniture for a living I was an artist. I have been a brush junkie for years. I am still on the search for the perfect brush, and I have bought hundreds. (Literally) I hope I win one!

  244. My Husband just built a farm table for me & now it’s up to me to stain & paint it. He’s done the hard work (he thinks) so I get to do the easy stuff & would love to win one of your brushes to make it look GREAT!!

  245. I would love to paint the door leading into my mud room! I put a pretty door knocker on it but a coat (let’s be honest or two) would be so welcoming!

  246. Recently inherited a corner hutch that was handmade by my grandpa. It needs a new color to look right in my dining room.

  247. Tried to order brush but got the all too familiar ‘sold out’, just like with the ironstone… Frustrating!!!!! When you have retail sources for the brush please publish…

    1. So sorry! I’m always overwhelmed at how quickly things sell out. I need to get a bit more aggressive, I think. Anyway, the brushes are still for sale in Shaunna’s online shop. I just added a direct link to the post.

  248. I have a couple of projects in the works, but I think this would be the perfect brush to paint my front door.

  249. I am redoing my master bedroom and bath. I will be painting walls, woodwork, furniture, as well as the bathroom vanity.

  250. I have an IKEA stool. You know the one. Everyone has it. But mine is not _just_ a stool.

    It began as a Peace Offering, a gift from my husband after an argument the day that we moved house 10 years ago. “I’m a thoughtful person really; I know you are short so I’ve bought you a stool to reach the high kitchen cupboards in our new home.”

    Since then, we’ve moved continents, bought our forever home and been joined by three small boys. The stool has been turned every which way to become a Car, a Mountain, a Launch Pad, a Dragon’s Nest, the Millennium Falcon, a Tank, a Picnic Table…

    But after one too many teary playtime collisions, the stool was banished. It became a Step Ladder for our trampoline in the garden.

    The elements were not kind to the stool. Summer sun and winter frosts weakened the glue. The timber strips on the top and step separated and the front legs fell off.

    But I couldn’t let it end this way. “We have the technology…” I picked up the power tools and my Mustard Seed-inspired confidence and set to, rebuilding the stool. A spot of glue here, a few dowels inserted there; it was now the Steve Austin of stools.

    My boys are delighted and proud. “Mummy has fixed our stool!” The stool is back, taking pride of place in the centre of the living room. It’s not pretty but it is a Triumph.

    Now all it needs is a lick of paint. 🙂

  251. I have an end table and dresser that are begging to be painted. We are moving into our new house next week and then the sprucing up begins! Congrats to you both! I love your blogs.

  252. Love a good paint brush!!! This one looks great, can’t wait to get one. I have two end tables and a coffee table waiting in my basement to be painted.

  253. Exciting news… Congratulations Ladies!

    Since inheriting this and that from my parents and having an itch to go with lighter colors, I have a dozen things just waiting to be painted, as I put together a room for me to create in. I’ve had those hand cramps many times so I’m delighted you had that thought in mind too.

    Warm regards,

  254. I know I am supposed to say what I would change with this brush, but I think this brush may just change the way that I paint. I have tennis elbow and golfers elbow (and no I don’t play either) so I am limited to how long I can hold a brush. This brush looks much more ergonomic so I might be able to get more done!

  255. 1) I would change the huge pine highboard in my dining room into an elegant piece of furniture with MMSMP Linen!
    2) I would change all my brushes into PW brushes! 🙂

    Best wishes from Germany!


  256. Well, I have some new found freedom, and I have projects stacked up to do. My previous lack of enthusiasm to paint these pieces has had new life breathed into them, thank God! Really! So, a new brush would be perfect! Plus, I do not have a favorite brush, but would like to – this just might be it!

    Thanks so much,
    Cathy 🙂

  257. Where to begin, well there are the two bureau’s, 1930’s wardrobe, milking stool, a pie table, a chair, dinning table and chairs, storage units….will I go on? This would be a great addition, and just the push I need to actually get these projects started and done!


  258. I will use my new brush to change the cradle I used for my three sons from blue to pink. I’m expecting my first granddaughter! I’m thinking Arabesque…

  259. This is perfect timing. I’m taking three weeks off from our regular business in August to do some decluttering , fixing and painting with my husband. There are windows, a shed door, and quite a few pieces of furniture to paint as well as doors around the house. Our former one room schoolhouse is in need of some TLC! Thank you.

  260. Love this! With this brush I would change the color of my walls and get started on that chair at my vanity that I’ve been saying I would paint for months now…

  261. What a great brush! I have so many projects on my to do list but I have been contemplating painting my powder room vanity with MMSMP in Artissimo.

  262. I love a good brush! I just picked up a dresser yesterday from the curb to transform into my tv console with a little paint! That’s just the beginning…my mom lived with me for 8 years in an addition we put in, but last year we lost her in June. I want to change the room completely, making it our mast retreat as it’s just too hard walking in their daily and still seeing my mom in there.

  263. I love that create your own line of products! As for what I would paint with this brush–I have a house full of items–a dresser, a pair of nightstands, a bookshelf, bench, the list goes on. I finally bought chalk paint after deliberating for two years! Talk about a graveyard of ideas. : )

  264. Oh my, I have four chairs waiting, one coffee table to be changed into an ottoman and two lamps! Can’t wait to get started.

  265. Hi Marian and Shaunna! I am so excited about your new venture! What I would change with this brush is a little different I suppose, even though I have an endless number of paint transformations that await my energy! What I would change with this brush is the comfort of a group of senior volunteers who regularly paint small vehicles called PETS that are designed, constructed and shipped to third world countries for those who have lost limbs and are forced to CRAWL where they go. These volunteers (my dad is one) work tirelessly in a HOT Florida warehouse in order to change the lives of people in another part of the world whom they will never meet.
    Painting these small carts bright colors is one of the last steps in the process and the volunteers are mostly in their 70-80’s with arthritis and other issues. But they show up joyfully and paint with whatever brushes they have been able to secure. When you described your brush design as one that allows you to “marathon paint” with less hand-camping I thought of these PET volunteers! Here is the website if you want to check it out:

  266. I have a whole garage full of “projects” just waiting. First off, a mid century credenza for my craft room. Need to get my supplies under control! Congrats on the new adventure. Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  267. I would use my new brush to paint all of the furniture that I have stacked up. It has been waiting to be painted with MMS paint which I also have stacked up! Looks like a great brush!

  268. The brush looks perfect! I’d start by painting my grandmothers dining chairs because I love them but not the unhappy stain. Then I’ll move on to brighten up my tiny foyer. Different paints, so interesting to see how the brush will do! Blessings…

  269. My kitchen cabinets would be the first to get tackled, then the rest of the trim on my first floor. Am half finished with it at this point.

  270. Everything! I’m at that point with my home, my furniture, my life. I’ve been in this home longer than any other, 14 years/forever, and its/I’m due for a change. I’ll start with painting…thanks for the inspiration! Have the blessed day ever!!

  271. Pretty paintbrush… Details matter;)
    If start with the antique bed on my front porch waiting patiently to be transformed… Then, the dressers… 🙂

  272. Fantastic, almost one stop shopping with you! The brush looks great. In the middle of a move from CA to NV, so will get it soon.

  273. I would love to have a pretty paintbrush that fits my hand! I have several pieces of furniture waiting for me…a desk, a kitchen table, and two benches. Have a great day!!

  274. I would use the brush to complete a project too long on the wait list…….a dresser that belonged to my Grandmother.

  275. I have a wonderful old china cabinet that was my Grandmothers, I stained it but it’s not the look I want. Having this wonderful brush to paint it – now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  276. I would love to try this new brush… If its good enough for miss mustard seed its good for me!! I have so many projects piled up waiting to be painted.. Too many to list…

  277. I have half of the trim in my house painted white and my brushes aren’t surviving well, I’d love to try this one. 🙂

  278. A beautiful old dresser that I’ve been using one way or another since I decorate our first place — 48 years ago!

  279. Gorgeous brush! I’d likely paint the stash of furniture I have, but what I really want to paint is my dining room!

  280. The right tools make every project easier. Thank you Marian and Shaunna for developing this great brush. After being inspired by the beautiful wooden doors in your video, I would love to “change things” by doing some dry brush painting on my own vintage wooden door. I’ve had it forever, too nervous to paint it in the past. It’s a swinging door, complete with non-moving louvers, just like you would see at the door to the saloon in an old Western movie!


  281. I’d like to paint my kitchen backsplash. It is white formica and it is chippy, and not in a good way!
    I have black chalkboard paint already on hand. I need a good brush that I can cut in the corners, trim out the edges, and then hand paint the remainder as well. It’s gonna be cute!

  282. I have an old dresser that I have been dreaming about painting. I want to paint leaves on it like you have with a couple of little birds in it!

  283. I would use the brush to paint my secretary desk which is stained and from Pottery Barn. I love the idea that a brush will perform without causing my hand to cramp up because how the handle is made. Looks like a great product.

  284. I have plans to paint the kitchen and there is lots of cutting, this brush sounds perfect! Congrats on the new venture and thank you for the chance to win one!

  285. I really want to with help repainted my front door. I need help for that one because of limitations but my second project I could do alone!! My small bookshelf in my room.

  286. I would love to be able to ‘cut in’ with some measure of success! And maybe go back and repaint where the line between the wall and ceiling doesn’t look so awful!

  287. Well, I bought a fixer-upper cottage and plan to milk paint my cabinets and the backs of my doors for some color and distressed texture around my house. If I won this brush, it would be a very busy little thing in my hands!

  288. The physical therapist in me LOVES the handle/grip on this brush. Much more ergonomic. Thus I would change the amount of projects I could complete in one day with a less crampy hand!!

  289. i’m a newbie at painting furniture, & i’ve been gathering the courage to start on a freebie chair that i picked up. just the perfect paint brush would be excellent to give me the extra boost of confidence i need. thanks for sharing this lovely giveaway, & congratulations & best wishes to you & shaunna on this latest & greatest business partnership!

  290. Sold Out! Congratulations, but now I have to win one. Looks like you won’t have your lifetime supply. I have lots to paint and paint (from the Ironstone Nest) to experiment with!

  291. I’d paint two little step stools I’ve picked up at garage sales that I think I want to bring into my house and use. Good luck on this new venture and thanks for the chance to win a brush to try!

  292. I would change the way I think while I paint (since I would be holding a tangible reminder of yours)–and ask God what dreams in me does He want to use to make Him look good? As well as change the way my great grandmother’s dining table looks 😉

  293. Oh my goodness! This brush looks great! I love to paint furniture and other wood items, and I am presently working on an armoire for a vendor booth I rent at a local consignment shop!

  294. I would over to change the Loden- Green paint in the black and white bathroom that my landlord left me….. ?
    So excited to see!

  295. Happy Blue Moon on Fri. July 31?. I love reading all of your blogs and watching your videos.
    I think your brush design is very cleaver. I’m starting some table, chairs and a chest project for my two step daughters I adore . Keep up the wonderful inspiration you share with all of us.
    Bless you ⭕️❌

  296. This is simple! What I would change is how I treat my brushes! Currently everyone feels free to take my brushes for any project they might have, some make it back in one piece and some don’t! If I had this brush I would keep it in a special place with strict instructions to DO NOT TOUCH! A brush all to myself, sigh………

  297. This is fantastic! I was in bed last night thinking of some upcoming projects and wishing there was an angled brush. Voila! Here it is! We have never purchased any nice furniture for our mater bedroom. My mother in law gave us her old Henrendon French Provincial nightstands a few years ago. Once I finish my projects for other people, they’re first on my list to do – this brush would be perfect. Thanks for offering the giveaway and congratulations on your new product!

  298. A brush to change a heirloom bottom hutch dresser. I’ve wanted to change it for years! We live in a new city, state and and a new home and I can’t think of a better way to change something than to paint a piece I love! To give it new life would make me very happy! I love the idea of you creating a new brush! Congratulations!

  299. I would use it to paint the bench in my front hall and the beadboard that will be installed in my kitchen very soon! I bet your new paintbrush would get into all the grooves of the beadboard really well!

  300. I would be able to stop being known as the paint brush collector! With the right brush I can finally tackel the outdated wood kitchen cabinets.

  301. I’ve just received my first batch of Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint, ordered here in Australia. What better way to apply it than by using a brush co-designed by Miss Mustard Seed herself! No better recommendation xx

  302. I would use it to paint the dresser that I first painted when expecting my now 29 year old son. I have been deciding what color to use and it would be great to have a good brush to use.

  303. I just bought an old French chair badly in need of paint and fabric. It would be wonderful to paint it with your new brush and and milk paint.

  304. The question would not be what would I paint but what would I paint first 🙂
    I would paint the MCM buffet that serves as my coffee bar so that it “blends” with the rest of my painted kitchen or maybe the 5 panel door that I want to use on my ceiling in the kitchen as a backdrop for a custom light fixture or the crown molding I installed that needs a color change…I love to paint, it is the easiest way to transform and brighten a space… which is probably why I love your site and products…just wish I lived closer so I could take a class…maybe some day I will make this a “girls weekend” trip 🙂

  305. This looks like a great brush! I would paint the linen cupboard in my hallway that is totally unfinished and has been for some time. 🙁 Waiting for the right brush evidently!

  306. I began intentionally living small years ago before it was popular. Since then I’ve had a family. The temptation to go big is always there. I would use the brush to change our furniture – to help keep us satisfied in our home and to continue our goals.

  307. I would change a small unpainted standing cabinet in my bedroom that holds sweaters and a hand painted egg carton “jewelry box” my young granddaughter made for me.

  308. I was use it to paint a french provincial dining room set that I’m finally going to be brave enough to buy!

  309. Oh my gosh, I would finish painting my dining room! This is terrible, but last July as I was walking down my front steps to go to Lowe’s and get paint, I fell off my own porch and broke my wrist, which afterwards involved surgery, physical therapy, etc. About two feet of the room has been painted. I kid you not, it’s been a YEAR now, and my wrist is all healed up and has been for a while. It needs to get finished, and I feel like I’ve got a mental block or something. A new brush might be just the trick to get me moving.

  310. With this awesome brush I would attack the furniture that currently occupies a bay in my garage that has been waiting for me to find the inspiration to do so…most are finds from thrift stores…some old family pieces.

  311. I would change just about everything in my house….empty nesters moving on and want a whole new look.

  312. This brush is so pretty! Never thought I’d say that about a paint brush! It almost has a French look to it, if that makes sense. My first paint project would be dining chair that need refinishing for my son and his bride.

  313. I would change out all the other brushes I keep buying trying to find one I like. Next big project is a buffet turned media center.

  314. This one brush would change furniture that I have painted many times in my mind to furniture being painted in reality. I have the paint (never opened), now all I need is a great brush!!!

  315. Ever since I discovered miss mustard seed milk paint a few weeks ago, I’ve been going through each room transforming pieces. So far, a coffee table and end tables, currently working on a hutch… next a set of nightstands, my daughter’s dresser, the new baby’s dresser/changing table, and a dresser for my son (yet to be found since the new baby will inherit his old one). I love painting and making old things new. It’s like therapy. Love your site. Love your line.

  316. I would change back to my painting days of about 18 months ago! I had a serious health intermission but am now ready to start painting again. I would start with an old MCM dresser currently in my workroom that I want to be our new TV stand. Thanks for the chance to win a new brush.

  317. Hello from across the pond. I have reading your blog and your design sense has re-awakened a need to work with my hands and get back to a life with colour in it!

  318. What would I change?The procrastinating in redoing an old dresser.If your brush is as you say and keeps your hands from cramping ,….It would be a keeper and a new start,a reason to move forward with many things.Because of problems with my hands,some of the doors had closed for me.But I would love a chance to try again!Thank you for the opportunity in the giveaway!Dresser here I come!

  319. I would use it to paint every piece of furniture in my bedroom-white!! I have been dreaming of turning my bedroom into my own ” beach retreat” but haven’t gotten around to doing it. Now that fall is right around the corner, I’ve decided to keep BRING the beach look in for the entire year. This brush will be perfect to add all of the blue accent and trim paint to my white beachy furniture!!

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