one brush. change things.

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I’ve been sharing little sneak peeks on my Instagram feed and now it’s time for the official announcement…

If you didn’t/can’t watch the video, the big announcement is that Shaunna West of Perfectly Imperfect and I have teamed up to create a brand – Parsons West AND our first product is a brush we developed just for paint-loving ladies like ourselves.

This all started almost two years ago.  We kicked around the idea of partnering on the development of some products.  Shaunna and her son actually came up to PA to stay with us for a few days as we worked on some ideas.

Love this girl @pishaunna

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We had a pretty massive snow storm and she was stuck with us a bit longer than expected!  It was time well spent, though.

And you know what can happen to ideas.  I have a graveyard full of good ideas that just never got the attention they deserved (ahem…mustard seed pages, cough.)  Shaunna and I got busy and our ideas were buried under the weight of everything else we had to do.  The girl has two shops AND just made a TV pilot, so it’s understandable.

The thing is, I kept using the brush we had designed over a year ago.  Kriste and I would silently fight over it.  I’d pick through all of my other brushes to find that one.  I was nervous about letting other people use it at workshops, because it was my only one!  After a year of heavy use, it’s still shapely and still my favorite brush.

That told me this was an idea that needs follow up.  It deserves some attention to make it happen.

So, Shaunna and I picked it back up again and a couple of weeks ago, we each received our first order of our very own brush with our PW branding on it.  (By they way, Reni of Bliss & Tell Branding Company did our branding, which was quite a process with two people giving her input!)  Here’s our final branding sheet…

Parsons West Style Sheet | Bliss & Tell Branding Co.

When we initially were working on brushes, we knew we wanted a really awesome, versatile paint brush to be the flagship product.  We both favor a 2″ angled sash brush, so that’s where we started.

Parsons West Paint Brush

We wanted synthetic bristles, for a smooth finish and so it would hold its shape well.  The bristles are also tapered, so there is better contact with the surface.  They’re shaped perfectly for cutting in and getting a nice, clean edge.

The handle is natural wood in a shape that allows you to wrap your hand around the base of the brush…just how Shaunna and I both hold our brushes.  I’ve found holding a brush this way minimizes cramping when I’m on a painting marathon.

Parsons West Paint Brush

This brush can be used for any paint projects (furniture, walls, cabinetry, etc.) and any water-based paint (latex, milk paint, acrylic, chalk-type paint, waterborne enamel, etc.)  It’s such a beautiful, quality brush and I almost don’t mind if no one wants to buy one, because then I have a lifetime supply!

Parsons West Paint Brush

We will be selling the brush to retailers, but for now, Shaunna and I will be selling them to you, the customer, directly.  You can buy the brush in my online shop, HERE.

I’m sold out right now, but you can buy a brush from Shaunna’s shop HERE.

AND I would like to giveaway ten brushes to ten of my paint-loving readers!

parsons west | one brush. change things.

Our tagline is “one brush. change things.”

To enter the giveaway, just tell me what you would change with this brush.  (If you buy a brush and win, I will give you a full refund.)

Entries are valid through Friday, July 31, 2015, at midnight PST.  You must be over the age of 18 to win.  International entries will be accepted.  Ten winners will be chosen and announced on Monday, August 3, 2015.

By the way, did you like our little “commercial”?  Jen from Eight Hundred, someone we met at Lucketts, was visiting the day we filmed the video and she caught some behind-the-scenes pictures of Kriste and I making it…

“Can you brush horizontally?  And, hold the brush like that…no, like this…yep.  Now, slow down a bit.  Okay, too slow…”  I was a picky director and Kriste was a trooper!

brush commercial

one brush. change things.

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