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Thanks for all of the encouragement in your comments on yesterday’s post.  As I’m in the heat of last minute details, it was really uplifting.

So, yesterday I shared the furniture.  Today, I’m sharing the smalls & littles.  I’ve shared a few times that these are the pieces that bring life to a space, whether it’s your home, a styled photoshoot, or a retail space.  My smalls used to be more of an afterthought…things I would trip across on my hunt for furniture.  But I have learned that all of those smalls really add up and most of them I can just buy and tag.

I focused this year on smalls and littles that fit with the Farmhouse White theme and also ones that would bring a lot of texture to the booth, since the palette is pretty monochromatic.


I also curated things that were utilitarian and pretty at the same time.  To me, that speaks to farmhouse style.  Hard working, humble, but beautiful.


So, I have wood-handled dish brushes, veggie/fruit brushes, scrub-brushes, flower pot brushes…




…Savon De Marseille soaps in the blocks…


…and in the bottles.  We have Lavender and Orange Blossom.


…wooden honey dippers…


Flax twine…


Rag balls made with vintage fabrics…


…boxwood wreaths…


…dried lavender bunches, market baskets, textiles…


…wooden exercise pins…


…antique fans, alarm clock, a typewriter…


…two small wooden paper cutters…

mms-6074 mms-4508



…wooden shoes…


…several boxwood topiaries…




…keys, clocks…






And lots of ironstone…






  …wooden spoons, rolling pins, bread boards, pie boards…







…and bakeware.  (Is this starting to sound like a poem?)


Pretty scissors…


…canning jars, tool totes…


…alabaster lamps…


…leather bound books, baby dresses…


…pillows made from antique textiles…


…hemp sheets and rolls of grain sack fabric.


And so much more!  Cast iron signs, French agricultural plaques, braided jute trim, mini taper candles, baker’s twine, cotton quilts, crochet bedspreads and tablecloths.  Whew!

I’m also bringing the brand new Look Book Two and Look Book One…


…our brand new t-shirt designs…



…a few custom-designed and handmade Miss Mustard Seed mugs…


…and the full range of MMSMP products including the new matte Tough Coat, Lavender Wax, 100% Beeswax finish, and Farmhouse White!  Lots and lots of Farmhouse White.


And, we’re giving a free Look Book One with any MMSMP purchase.

It’s a lot of stuff.

And yes!  We will be listing all of the smalls and littles online that don’t sell at Lucketts.  There is always stuff left.  So, if you can’t make it to the sale, don’t worry.  We’ll have a virtual Lucketts-leftover sale!

The weather report is looking like a bummer for Saturday and Sunday at this point and it looks like we will continue the tradition of having to pack the truck in the rain tomorrow, but I’m trying to not let it get me down.  We’ve endured rain at Lucketts before and we can do it again…

on the truck to Lucketts | the smalls & littles

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58 Comments on “on the truck to Lucketts | the smalls & littles”

  1. You are offering such wonderful pieces!
    Prayers for the weather to be clear and for you to see great fruit from all of your labor.

  2. Oh it all looks so lovely!!!! Wishing you the best! Can’t wait to see what you have left to put in the online shop!!!!

  3. My daughter is working a 16 hour shift on Friday, we will be leaving first thing Saturday morning with her sleeping in the car, we are so excited!
    And it’s PA, weather changes every day 🙂
    I’ll cross my fingers tho!

  4. Your style is just so delicious, Marian! It feeds my soul to view your beautiful photos.

    Your boundless energy is enviable.

    All the best at Lucketts and will hope the forecast brightens!

  5. Good morning….what an awesome post! All the shades and colors of white and neutrals. I hate I live so far away! But you have worked so hard and everything has that labor of love of what you do. I feel it every day as I read your blog. It is going to be wonderful come rain or shine; altho I will pray for shine and no rain! Now I want to leave work and go home and “move things”!!!! Have an awesome and lovely day Marian. Thank you for sharing with us….it starts my morning and inspires me!

  6. What a lot of lovely things for home making! I love it all! I am too far away to attend, but will enjoy seeing the photos of your booth all set up and styled. Good luck and I will cross my fingers for warm sunshine.

  7. THUNK!!! Yep, that’s me fainting after seeing all the ironstone! Wishing with all my heart I could attend, but my daughter refuses to change her wedding day! Oh, well, wishing young your staff much success and FUN!!!

  8. It’s probably good that I live too far away to attend. I could spend hours, and probably too much money in your booth! It’s all fantastic!

  9. Thank you for sharing and for giving us that pep in our step with lots of inspiration!! I admire the fact that you don’t mind giving us little bits and pieces that add up to a w h o l e lot, not just for our homes, but shops and shows too!
    Praying for a great show AND little to no rain!!

  10. I would just like to live in your Lucketts booth, please. The wooden exercise pins and vintage spools have pushed me over the edge. If I left California right now, I might make it by Friday. Sigh. If only. Looking forward to your Lucketts leftovers sale!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful treasures. Even though I live too far to come to Lucketts I love looking at all the items you’ve collected for your booth. It is great inspiration. Enjoy your weekend. Have fun.

  12. It all looks wonderful!! Praying that some of the rainclouds would pass over, that you would find JOY in the middle of it all, and that God will bless your efforts and hard work…!

  13. It’s all so beautiful. I’m praying for you to have beautiful weather, and a perfect weekend, and an empty truck on the way home!

  14. Can’t wait to see all your lovely things …big and small ….on display at Lucketts.
    What form of payment do you take…. Besides cash of course.
    Safe travels…. See you Friday!

  15. Best of luck to you at Lucketts. Praying for safe travels and beautiful weather. Do your thing!

  16. Everything is beautiful! The merchandise, the vignettes, and the photography are breathtaking to me.

    I am envisioning MMS houseware and decorating products being manufactured from actual vintage molds or inspired from original models and being sold in MMS stores all over the world!

    Your commitment and hard work continues to pay off! Thanks for being an inspiration, it’s such a pleasure to watch your brand grow! ?

  17. It’s more than “eye candy”, these treasures you’ve displayed. It’s more like heart medicine for me. You are amazing. Sending you nothing but good thoughts for a successful weekend, in or out of the rain. I always tell my travel clients, “weather is never a problem unless you’re unprepared.” And I suspect you’re NEVER unprepared. Happy selling!!!

  18. Safe and happy trails! LOVE your ironstone and of course the sofa that I wish I could wrangle to San Antonio! Wanting you to sell EVERYTHING, but also want smalls to buy online after Luckett’s. It’s going to be all good, rain or shine. 🙂 Ginger

  19. Oh how I wish I lived closer so I could just visit, see how everything is set up, and purchase all those goodies. I can not wait to see what is available on your site after the sale. Good luck and hope all goes well for you and your group. I love those ironstone bowls and hope some will be available after the sale. Take care.

  20. Yes! Lovely poetry! Your booth will be a beautiful site! Oh I wish I lived near enough to visit! I can’t wait to see your new Look Book! Have fun!!

  21. Godspeed for a safe journey. If possible open a few straw bales and spread around the ground if it does rain. It keeps the mud away from your furniture. I know because, I have been there done that. Love everything, be still my heart. You have something for everyone in any price range. You will do fabulous this weekend!

  22. So much good stuff!!! Totally smitten with your mug design.

    I’m really hoping we can make it on Saturday or Sunday. We had planned on our own yard sale on Saturday to coincide with our town’s festival day. But if the weather’s yucky we probably won’t be setting up. Here’s hoping I can convince someone in my family to brave the weather and head to Lucketts!

  23. I agree with all. Everything you have looks yummy and desirable. I feel like I know all of your wares for Lucketts since I can’t travel to where this event is. I feel like I have been through your booth. Love, Love, Love your style! Wishing you the best sale ever!

  24. Will pray for no rain and will imagine you at Lucketts with the sun shining! Have no fears, you will be the queen of the show!

  25. For me, it is always the little details that make all of the difference. I love your dish brushes! It looks and sounds like your booth will be beautiful. I used to live in Leesburg – it is such a great little town. I am trying to get up there this weekend and hopefully will get to see your booth in person. Best of luck to you! I hope you have a wonderful time 🙂

  26. Looking at all your beautiful items and super cute T-shirts, I was thinking how cute it would be for you to do a T-shirt that says “Milk Made” with a super cute dutch girl (milk maid) carrying pails of your milk paint.

    That’s just how my crazy brain works…so random!! Anyway…thought I would share…

  27. I have watched you from the beginning, bought your first book, and became inspired! Marian, what you do–your gifts of choices, designs, style, color, smalls, bigs, paint redos, & your own products–just gets better & better. I am proud to watch you grow, evolve, teach, explore, expand your experiences & offerings so that we all benefit & grow ourselves! You are a magician. I so look forward to meeting you at Lucketts one day, buying a large number of smalls, &, in the meantime, continuing to vicariously enjoy your adventures, knowledge & success! In addition, As a gift to myself for my recent 70th, I need to buy Look Book One & Look Book Two AND cannot get to Luckett’s this year. . . again. Dang. Any way that can be accomplished? I can send cc info or call a # & leave a message or whatever I need to do to get them. thank you, Marian! Hope your truck is empty on the return trip! Can’t wait to see booth photos.

  28. I would love to go and meet you, and see wall those lovely things! But I am so far way (Portugal). But I do hope to go to Lucketts someday! Thanks so much Marian! All the best!

  29. You are so talented!! I really hope one day I can make it to lucketts, buy all your pretty things & meet you! Until then I’ll keep being inspired by your wonderful blog. I really want those bamboo chairs. 🙂

  30. You are going to rock it! Have fun and sell the dickens out of your treasures! You are an inspiration for all of us that enjoy painting furniture and making the most out of what we have. You go girl!

  31. Great job! I look forward to seeing the booth set up . Disappointed not to be coming though. Love the brushes! Sending prayers for a clear skies. You and your crew have done a great job and I’ve really enjoyed reading how it’s come together.
    Best Regards

  32. Marian,

    I’m sending you blessings for the show along with some of our Southern California sunshine and dry weather, and will gladly take your rainy weather in exchange. How’s that sound? You’re going to do fabulously well at the market, you always do and this year will be no different!

    Have fun!


  33. Please share the name of the canning jars. I’m in Texas and would love to find some like this…need to know how to ask/look for them by name.

    Such lovely things. Blessings on your upcoming event!

  34. I love your style and I like the way you see the beauty and value in old things. But… I don’t know if it’s my computer or what. I have the hardest time seeing your page. It takes me forever to scroll through to the end, when means I usually don’t get to the en because other things demand my attention. Also, I have to move the cursor aroubnd to unblur the images. Good luck at Lucketts.

  35. Love! So fun that I have the same bird cage, and the same inverted pyramid bowl in darker blue, in my little shop here in Alaska!

  36. Love all your findings and that whatever your talented hand finds to do you do it with all your heart ! God’s Blessings on your Lucketts Weekend ! I travel between NC( live ) and Pa. ( parents ) and try to stop at Lucketts along the way if they’re open and husband stops the car ? wish I was there this weekend ! Would you sell anything large that doesn’t sell when back in Pa. If it could be picked up ,Especially the Eastlake chalk board ? Would pay to go on a shopping day with you , you find the best stuff !!! Praying for Son -Shine weekend !!!

  37. Everything looks wonderful I pray you do great and if it rains you do not get sick. Have a great time.

  38. My heart is beating fast now! I’ve been tracking the weather too and I told my sister to prepare. She said standing in a thunder storm would be better than sitting at her desk! VA weather can change pretty fast so fingers crossed X. Everything is spectacular!

  39. Hoping the weather takes a turn for the better! I know it can change quickly in New England where I live (CT). Whatever the weather I know you’ll do well. Hopefully the weather cooperates enough so you have allot of fun. Bet allot of people brave the elements just so they can come to your booth! I know I would. 🙂

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