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Lucketts week is finally here!!  It’s been my focus for so long that it’s hard to believe it’s happening in just a few days.  It’ll really hit me when I see my stuff in the tent.

Since I have been shopping for and working on pieces for so long, I thought it would be a good idea to post a refresher of what we’ll be bringing.

I have decided to sell the tufted sofa!  I sort of can’t believe it, either, but I’ve photographed it and loved on it and I’m okay with selling it.  I have it priced at $1,200, making it the most expensive piece in my booth.  The other furniture pieces are priced from $110 (small tables & chairs) – $425 (large cabinets).


I have two hardware cabinets


Both are painted the same and have chickenwire on the door fronts.  They are also on steel casters to make them easier to move around.  One of them has an “open cubby” on the bottom (above) and the other one has full doors (below, behind the table.)


This pretty step-back hutch


…and awesome old double-basin sink.


The hand painted landscape dresser


…an antique oak chest


…a marble-topped table and industrial stool with antique ticking slipcover…


…a custom-painted reproduction Mora clock


…the checked Victorian chair


…the Eastlake chalkboard


…the chalkboard highboy


…the legless buffet


…the chippy oak buffet


…the wood wardrobe with the painted interior


…the two-tone white wardrobe


…with the pop of green inside…


two industrial carts with butcher block tops…

mms-1029 mms-6626

…the rebuilt pie safe


…the ticking chair


…the chalkboard in the antique wood & plaster frame…


…the child’s hutch and counter-height table…


…the chippy chest of drawers


two reproduction shoe carts


…the boxwood dresser


…a tongue-and-groove-topped table and primitive cubby shelf...


…two industrial carts.  One is just Hemp Oiled…


…and the other is painted


…an antique wood and glass display case


…a reproduction countertop pie safe


The antique iron bed frame (I’m selling this with the brand new Leesa mattress, foundation, new fitted sheet, vintage flat sheet with eyelet trim all for $800.)


…the washstand/night table


Two wooden chests/footlockers…


…a slipcovered wing chair, ottoman


…and a primitive white cabinet


…a gate-leg table turned desk/sofa table and a slipcovered desk chair


…the faux bamboo chairs and pine table


…and this large scale.  I actually have two of them.  The more ornate one was spoke for, but the potential buyer isn’t coming to Lucketts, so it’s available again.  It’s not really a piece of furniture, but it weighs as much as one!


There are a few more pieces of furniture as well, but they are already on hold.

I also have more chairs, stools, footstools, tables, etc. and just didn’t have pictures of everything.  It’s a lot of stuff!!  We have a big tent to fill this year, though, and we’ll get it all down there one way or another.

I love everything I’ve collected and worked on this year, but no matter how successful previous years have been, no matter how much I love the stuff, I am always nervous going into a show.  As silly as it might sound, I still worry that things won’t sell.  I still second guess my decisions.  Did I buy too much?  Are my prices too high?  Did I miss the mark of what customers are looking for?

I see it a little bit like getting nervous before performing in a play.  It didn’t matter how many times I performed, I always got that flutter in my stomach before the curtain went up.  I learned how to channel that nervousness into energy and it got to the point where I didn’t feel ready if I wasn’t nervous.

Well, I’m nervous and I’m ready.

We load the truck Tuesday night and drive down to Lucketts to set up on Wednesday.  Before the “curtain goes up” on Friday, I will share pictures of my space and post my usual guide to shopping my space, so you’ll know where to find me and tips for a successful shopping day.

If you have a question about any particular piece of furniture, feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail (marian@missmustardseed.com).

on the truck to Lucketts | the furniture

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115 Comments on “on the truck to Lucketts | the furniture”

  1. If you get $1,200.00 out of that couch I will be looking for tufted couched to redo & sell!!! I’m sorry but the workmanship on that piece does not warrant that price.

    1. Well, if you ever redo one, you’ll understand why I’m charging that much! It took a lot of material, supplies, and time, so I have to set a price that’s worth it for me to sell. If no one wants it at that price, I’m fine with keeping it! 🙂

      1. I do know how hard it is to reupholster, I’ve done plenty, and I get the blisters on the hands from pulling those staples out, but I see crooked buttons, messy tufts, etc. You have said in the past that you welcome crunstructive criticism, I’m giving you mine. You do great work, I’m just not impressed with the work on your sofa. And for $1200.00 I’m hoping every tack you put in that thing holds up.

          1. Wow. Sorry but that is just a rude commenter! With such an impressive inventory and beautiful pieces how in the world can she be such a negative Nelly? I think your stuff is fab and hope you sell it all! In fact, would love to see a bidding war or two. ?. Nothing like puttin’ yourself out there to have someone try to make you feel badly. Ignore her?

          2. Oh my goodness! That is a FANTASTIC price for that sofa!!! Are you kidding me??? I live on the west coast and for a one of a kind piece of art with history, that’s a great price! you couldn’t touch a brand new sofa that was similar for that! It wouldn’t be a ‘whim purchase’ for me, but if I were in the market for a sofa and had been saving, this would be a deal and it’s so beautiful! Carry on!

        1. Heather should learn the difference between constructive criticism and just being a b%$ch! The cost of materials and the time spent on that couch is worth every penny of that $1200 price tag! Good luck at Market!

    2. Marian – I was actually looking at that sofa and thinking it was worth twice that price! $1200 is a steal!!! If I had a place to put it, I would snatch it up! (Heather – if you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe you shouldn’t say it at all. You clearly have no idea what it takes to reupholster a sofa.)

    3. The rustic appeal is what sells. I am learning upholstery too, and have been slapped around by professionals, telling me I should take a knife to the first chair I did. I sold my first piece for $285, and the second one is going out the door in just a few hours, for $325. Neither are perfect, but that is part of the appeal.
      This evening, we are picking up a custom job. I have specific instructions, to make sure they look like a barn find in the end. They will be well done, and look old in the end.

    4. Oh, for the love! I am guessing that sweet Heather may need another cup of coffee or six! I too, have done upholstery, and it’s an awful job which you did beautifully. Now, someone get that girl some coffee and a Snickers!

  2. Wow, everything is beautiful! You’ve done a great job. I bet that landscape dresser is the first thing to go! It is just stunning.

  3. I’m beyond excited, have my list, ticket for Friday and $$$. See you soon, Everything looks great!!!

  4. Everything looks beautiful and fun! I wish you much success – no worries – you got this! I was surprised to read you have pieces on hold??? I didn’t know that you allowed this

  5. The tufted sofa is my favorite piece of all time, I love it and was surprised at how little you’re asking for it! All your pieces are beautiful and very fairly priced. I’m excited to see how well you do at Luckets again this year!

    1. Your items and blog are amazing! You put so much of yourself in everything you do. As far as your furniture goes, it is worth every penny! Best of luck at Lucketts!

  6. I love every single piece of furniture…I’ve been following your blog for awhile and have seen many of these amazing transformations. Love the tufted sofa and know it will sell fast! No Lucketts for me this year, but will hope for some littles/smalls to be left and available online for those of us who couldn’t attend :-). Have fun! ps. can’t wait to see how the whole booth comes together!

  7. I can’t make it to Luckett’s so will enjoy it vicariously this year. I think Heather is a Debbie Downer and probably jealous of your brand and success. What she said is mean and not constructive criticism. some people hid behind the “I’m just trying to help”. No. Did you ask her? No. Is she in charge? No. Have a great time and enjoy the whole process

  8. I will be there on Friday when you open and am interested in the antique oak chest, 2nd bar cart (with plants), and the blue ticking chair. Could you tell me prices for these three??? Thank you and super excited!!!

  9. It all looks beautiful. Wish I could be there but I live half way across the country-if I didn’t I would be there to snatch up that sofa and then I would beg you to do another as I would like 2 setting face to face in my livingroom.
    You go girl!
    God Bless,

  10. How fun to see all of your pieces for Luckett’s gathered together in one post. Such amazing eye candy to accompany my coffee break this morning. Each and every one is gorgeous! Best of luck at Luckett’s.

  11. Marian,
    Everything looks absolutely beautiful! It’s a good thing I can’t go to Lucketts because I would be so tempted to buy so many things. I love your theme this year and can’t wait to see all of the pictures. I think $1,200 for the tufted sofa is a great price and I’m sure it’ll sell. Good luck with the load up and I pray for good weather for you and for all those going to Lucketts.

  12. Hi, I was just thinking while scrolling through your post what a fantastic eye you have and what a great collection you’ve put together. I love the colors you use and imagine visiting a guest cottage you’ve curated.

    I also love that your items are one of kind, hand done, imperfect – like we are as people.

    Quick question – what colors did you use on the item underneath the chalkboard in the antique wood & plaster frame?

  13. Everything.looks.wonderful…!!! If I lived closer, I’d come, and enjoy everything firsthand. You did a great job shopping, fixing, painting, and everything else…and I look forward to the pictures of everything set up in your booth!

  14. I actually thought the sofa was priced rather fairly and nothing odd stuck out at me whatsoever ~ I don’t EVER look for perfection in a piece and I know you do wonderful work. I absolutely LOVE all your posts, especially the Lucketts posts and can’t wait to see everything set up. If I was going, that darling wash stand would be mine! Wish I knew someone that was going and I could bribe them into bringing it back for me. You are amazing and I know your booth will be amazing too! Good luck – safe travels!!

  15. I am so excited for Lucketts!!! (but sadly live half way across the country and can’t come). But I do think “Lucketts” should be declared a national holiday so we can all have the day off and make the trip!!!!! (And to hater Heather…jealousy is a mental cancer…get well soon.)

  16. I doubt I’ll make it to Luckett’s, but if I did, that sofa would be coming home with me. I’ve been shopping for one for a long time, and that is a great price for one that is newly upholstered. Love it!

  17. I just discovered you and your blog through your recent Country Living feature. I also just learned about Lucketts a few months ago from a neighbor of mine. I don’t live far from Leesburg and am thrilled to go to Lucketts’ Spring Market for the first time this weekend! I will come look for you! I was shocked that the first comment out of the gate on this post was criticism of the price and workmanship of your couch. It is a gorgeous couch with excellent fabric and craftsmanship. I read about your couch in a magazine, for goodness sake! I recently bought a sofa from a furniture retailer chain for $1200… that price was far lower than some of the other couch prices we were seeing, and the craftsmanship on the one we bought was poor (it broke on delivery, and on repair we learned that supportive pieces were made of particle board). I think $1200 for your gorgeous couch is a STEAL. I will be coming to Luckett’s on Sunday and I am very confident that I will not have the opportunity to see your couch in person because it will be sold and gone by my arrival. Your photographs and your work are amazing. You are an inspiration to me, someone who just refinished my first piece of furniture. I’m hooked and excited for more!

  18. Someday I hope to get to the Luckett’s Spring market, it’s just never the right time? Do you ship Marian? I love that Eastlake chalkboard and the little house! Good luck on your sale, but you always do great!!

  19. I’m doing my first Lucketts Market with my new linen pillow line. Every morning I read your posts and am inspired and excited to run to my workroom and get sewing! Here’s to good weather and good shopping! See you there!

  20. You’ll get your price for that sofa, $1200 is not that much for a sofa with as many tufts as that has. It’s not perfect, but that’s why people will like it. The hand upholstered quality is something that people look for and something that is hard to replicate with machines. I have watched the transformations this year and they are impressive. You have definitely been in your groove and your pieces are your best yet. You won’t come back with very much at all.

  21. I LOVE the landscape painted dresser!! Love LOVE L.O.V.E!!!!!

    And I love it the sofa! It’s out of my price range… But it’ll sell. It’s gorgeous!!! I’m sorry you had such a negative comment out of the gate.

    I have a feeling this will be your most successful Luckets sale yet!!!

  22. First of all WELL DONE Marianne and team! Your collection, and all of the love and workmanship that has gone into your pieces this year is something to be admired. The transformations you do really are art! It is nerve racking to put them out into the world, and put a value on it! I think it would be pretty neat to own a Miss Mustard Seed original 😉 Your pieces are beautiful- as is your sofa. I have to say here in Canada I have seen tufted sofas with original upholstery that needed to be redone for north of $800…. yep. I have seen them closer to $200-$400 as well. Knowing what it takes- just on a small scale of tufting a chair- I think your sofa is completely fair- not to mention the material and refinishing on the frame. You also know the price it will take for you to part with it. If no one wants to buy it, so be it- but I really think they will! Enjoy your time- praying for good weather, health, a great pack of the truck, and plenty of customers ready to visit and shop!

  23. If that sofa doesn’t sell at Lucketts, it has nothing to do with the price. It was because you were meant to keep it. It is a beautiful piece!!! Good luck, safe travels and have a great time!! All your pieces are beautiful. I wish I lived close enough to attend.

  24. I’m so excited to go to Lucketts, esp. to go to your tent! Will the grey bench in the first picture be for sale?

  25. Angels about you as you travel on your way to Lucketts! Blessings for an awesome, over the top show and good weather! Being out in Wyoming , I will have to be content with shopping the online leftovers (if any) after the show. For sure I want your new book (bought the first one from you in person at the Colorado Vintage Whites show in January) and one of the ‘Move Mountains’ T-shirts. Love your items and photos. I help a sister friend of mine who does these types of shows twice a month and I know the amount of time, talent and labor of love that she puts in to her pieces. Kudos and high five, no high ten to you, Marian!

  26. Hi Marian,
    What is the price for the slipcovered wing chair & ottoman?
    I have been coveting one of those slipcovered chairs for a long time 🙂


  27. Oh, how I wish that I could be there because I would love to purchase that wood wardrobe! Good luck with your sale – everything looks wonderful and hope all of your hard work pays off!

  28. I would so love to know how much you are asking for the white scale! I’ve been looking for months for one!

  29. Marian,

    You’ve put together a simply gorgeous collection and have no doubt you will come home with a full heart and empty truck. Your gift for merchandizing is exceptional. Much luck!

  30. Holy Cow, That IS a lot of incredibly fabulous stuff! That double sink is insane, and of course the sofa… All of it, WOW! … and i’ve never seen my paintings in so many places looking so gorgeous. Thanks so much for making them look that great!

    You’re gonna sell every single thing!


  31. “crunstructive criticism”?? I don’t think so…Heather… either learn to type or spell! Just a rude comment. Marian, your products are wonderful and if I didn’t live so far away I would love to take many of them home with me. Best of luck and safe travels… I’m sure all your hard work will be rewarded ten fold!

  32. Hi Marian, I usually do not comment, but have followed you for years. What a transformation! All I can say, after looking at all your lovely photos of what you are passing along is W O W! So much love, work, thought, mindfulness, gone into all of these beautiful functional pieces. You are one special LADY, determined, so admired by all.
    I wish you greatness at Lucketts, I have wanted to go for so many years myself. Have fun, your prices are wonderful, just like your workmanship. Hugs, blessings to you, Kat =^.^=

  33. Hi, You will have a great sale!! I will be about 4 hours away visiting grandchildren in NJ but hope to attend next year! Great Stuff! About the sofa, great price! I am an antique dealer who has done many shows and people almost always want a bargain as you know, so if you want 1,200 you might think about adding more for a little wiggle room!…I would love several of your pieces, they are fantastic! Looking forward to meeting you in NH this fall.

  34. My first thought when reading your post was “how can she sell that sofa for so little?”. I was actually trying to calculate the logistics of having a mover pick it up and bring it to San Antonio. I’ve paid that much for ONE repro french bergere, NOT including tax & shipping! Really wish I could be there. I too hope there will be smalls for sale online. BEST OF LUCK!

  35. Marian I wish you good luck and success at Lucketts this year! Have a wonderful time, in the end all your hard work and imagination will pay off I’m sure! xxx

  36. If I could just put this out there, I HATE that you show us all these beautiful pieces and, being in Texas, and Africa at the moment, I CANT GET TO THEM
    Maybe next year.
    Love your stuff Marian

  37. I am just so proud of you, you are being very brave and your work is impeccable, as always. I have no doubt that things will go very well for you. I will be cheering for you from Washington state!

  38. Just beautiful. I especially love the the print of the cows in the field. Is it available? Do you ever come to shows in Texas?

  39. miss mustard seed….because of that tufted sofa…i was driving one morning…spotted a settee’…stopped…inquired…had 2 men put it in the back seat….drove to a dumpster…stripped EVERYTHING off…with a KEY by the way!!!!! it was so PRETTY plain…i decided that was it….found a wonderful TUFTED cushion at pier 1…..ALL because of that GORGEOUS TUFTED, SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL COUCH….thank you!!!! ?

  40. Hi Marian, I have been following your blog for only a couple of months, and have enjoyed reading and watching the transformation of your pieces. I’m also truly impressed with your hard work and vision – it inspires me. I was going to remark on Heather’s rude comments, but figured she’s not worth the time. You’ve got more important things going on, and plus “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate…” I wish you much success this week; I’m sure you’re going to do great!! (It’s probably good I live on the West Coast; otherwise, I’d spend too much time and money at Lucketts!)

  41. Marian, I don’t comment often, but had to say how sorry that you had to read that first post, especially this day. Your reply was so gracious under harsh criticism. That’s just the wonderful person you are! I have followed you for many years and just love to see your name in my inbox. EVERYTHING you touch is just lovely and you leave a piece of your heart in it. You spend hours and hours working hard to transform these beautiful pieces. You are truly gifted. Prayers for safe travel, sunny skies and a sell-out! Blessings to you.

  42. Dear Marian,
    I usually don’t take the time to comment each morning when I read (and re-read, drool over) your posts, just because I’m rushing to get the kids ready.
    But today I had to come back and leave my warmest wishes for a wonderful Lucketts show this weekend. Your vision and ‘farmhouse white’ pieces have all come together SO beautifully. Each time I think I’ve seen my favorite item, you come back with more to delight the eyes. If only I didn’t live several states away…..
    And oh…that tufted couch!!! I’ve got it plastered all over my Pinterest for gorgeous inspiration. You know how much work that was, how much you cared for your ultimate vision of it. Those hemp sheets, that amazing trim and burlap on back…sigh and more sigh.
    Always trust your instincts and pray for the gal that sees fit to knock someone down.
    Enjoy the nervous energy this week and then coming home with empty trucks!!

  43. Have a wonderful market, Marian, and please make sure the sheep dresser goes to someone who really loves sheep. I’d buy it in a flash if not in Washington State, I love sheep and have a little “flock” on top of my bookcases.

  44. This is a beautiful, curated grouping of treasures for Luckett’s. You do a wonderful job staying true to your style and I cannot wait to see photos of the booth set up. I’d love to make the trip up there from way down here in Texas, someday! Now I think I’ll go paint that mirror frame with some of your fab milk paint! Toodles and safe journey.

  45. Marian
    Always take great pride in your lovely work.All of us who follow your work know the great thought and care you put into everything you do. You are very generous to share your ideas with us. As the previous responder stated, Heather does need our prayers and best wishes, frequently those who pass such negative thoughts to others are having challenges in their own lives.
    Best wishes this weekend….. You will do far better than you ever imagined.
    Best Regards

  46. Hi Marian, Okay well I’m way down here on the list of comments, but hope you get the chance to read my comment too! I’m out on the west coast and just went to our huge 90 something vendors annual antique/vintage fair in Santa Cruz, CA. Your sofa is an awesome piece and should sell no problem. Your asking price is perfect I think and if being sold here in CA, possibly a little low. The hemp sheets and European grain sacks were all the rage here this year. I think your goods are spot on! Have a great show. I’m so excited for you:)

  47. Marian –
    Your pieces are amazing! Please do not doubt what your are doing. You are very talented and a creative soul. I have learned so much from your blog. I wish you could tour my basement!!! My husband said I am the “cat lady of furniture” and that we have too many “orphans” in our house! I have vision for each piece and wish I was not so afraid to take that leap of faith and make the magic happen as well.
    If I didn’t live in Northern KY, I would be at Luckett’s this weekend to see the real magic in person and meet you! Wait…maybe my husband is going to surprise me for our wedding anniversary on Saturday! Wishful thinking. I know you will do well. I can’t wait to see more, and hear about your adventures! Take care!

  48. I never leave comments but needed to tell you don’t be nervous Everything is beautiful Wish I was closer Sure it will sell

  49. I always get the same nerves before doing the shows as you do and you know what? They always turn out great. Please just enjoy the moment and try to take it all in. You have a wonderful team and your vision for this year’s show is spot on. Everything is beautiful and and flows together like a dream. Trust your instincts and remember all us followers of your blog can’t be wrong! LOL We know you will got this. This California Girl is dreaming of Lucketts this weekend. And saying a prayer for you.

  50. Everything is just wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to show all of us the lovely things you will be taking to Lucketts. I’m on the west coast so no possibility of being there but so appreciate all the inspiration you give me. I wish you safe travels, spectacular weather and much success at the sale.

  51. hi .. do you sell some of your pieces (like the bed) and the tufted sofa??? are you able to ship?? I live in Oregon…thanks so much for reply

  52. WOW!! There is just SO much awesomeness going on here! All the very best of luck to you Marian, I am sure you will have a hugely successful time at Lucketts! What a shame I live on the other side of the world… I would be there in a heartbeat to check out (and probably buy) all your amazing pieces! Keep up the amazing work, you are such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks! Having a music background, it’s important to me to pick music that fits. 🙂 I use the free music from the You Tube creator dashboard and I have a membership Epidemic Sound through my You Tube Platform.

  53. Marian, forget the negative comment. You are a wonderful, talented, hard working person and bring allot of joy and inspiration to allot of people. I want to wish you good weather and a happy time at Lucketts. (I don’t feel I need to wish you success because I think that is a done deal!) Can’t wait to see the photos of your booth and the other stories you’ll have to tell us.

  54. That is a boat-load of stuff, Marian! Two boat-loads! It all looks great and I know when you get it all off the truck and displayed in your booth it will look just awesome! You are going to do very well at this market! You have some real “starring” pieces this year. The sofa, the bed, the vintage cupboards and a couple great-looking chairs. Then there’s the clock! And all of the charming “littles”. Then there’s that sweet, sweet landscape-with-sheep dresser that so many of us covet. Someone is going to snap that up the first day, I bet. Sigh!

    Well, tally-ho! Can’t wait to see the booth!

  55. I would have to have a large group of people come with me just to try and get everything I want from your booth! Maybe you should just drive the truck to my house first to lighten the load and all……

  56. Good luck, you’re inventory is stunning. Now, as they say in show business “break a leg!”.
    Wish I could be there. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your tent set up. If it doesn’t sell, I want that buffalo check chair!!

  57. Marian everything is AMAZING. All your hard work paid off, you have to be over the moon exciting. I emailed you about the double sink cupboard. I would love to buy it before you head out but I will chase it to Virginia and back if I have too. Please email me back and let me know. Thanks!!!

  58. I’m just going to state the obvious… you are crazy talented. Wow! I’m day dreaming of being at Luckett’s and buying about 50 of your pieces… 🙂 Hope it’s your best show yet! ~julie

  59. I think this is your lovkiest collection yet. The greens are really setting off the whites really well.

  60. Best post ever. I have been following all along with this year’s Lucketts prep and to be able to see it all in one post…I am just in awe. As I look around my living room I see three beautiful pieces of furniture that I refinished with your milk paint and a lovely printers drawer that was brought back to life with hemp oil. I would have NEVER dreamed I could do that before finding your blog four years ago. Now my family lives in a home that would never be in a magazine but that is filled with things that truly reflect “us” and I thank you for encouraging me to “move mountains” in my home.

    Have a wonderful weekend at Lucketts! It’s on my bucket list 🙂

  61. Oh My Goodness….cannot believe how brave your are in being able to let go of your items that you work on and love. That tufted sofa is so fabulous…….and you need to know, while, like others, I seldom comment………..you inspired me to learn to slipcover and upholster and no way would I be selling that couch for $1200.! Have a great show and wish I could be there.

  62. Heather, Heather, Heather…..perhaps a little green monster has bitten you!!!
    Constructive criticism is always welcomed by Marion but, insipid, rude remarks NOBODY cares to hear. Perhaps the whole lovely collection was just a bit too much for you to take in.

    Marion, EVERYTHING is WONDERFUL!!!!!! YOU are very gifted and I know you will have a GREAT show……now get out there and knock ’em dead, kid!!!!

  63. Wow, oh wow–y’all have outdone yourselves!! I’m so envious of the people who live close enough to go to Lucketts and shop your tent (and have a way to get a piece or two of your wonderful creations home). I think that I will ask for my birthday, mother’s day, anniversary and Christmas presents for 2017 to be rolled into a trip to Lucketts in a big ol’ truck to shop!

    Good luck and well done, ladies and gents!

    Spring Branch, TX

  64. So inspiring. Maybe someday I can travel that way with a big truck. I love the cow prints. Could you tell me where I could acquire one of those ?

  65. I am wondering if it’s going to be a mess parking this year. It’s been raining for two weeks so I doubt if we are going to be able to park in the fields. Ugh! Have you heard anything?

  66. Marion all of your pieces are beautiful….can you share where you got the Mora Clock, I would love to try my hand at painting one of those……Best of Luck and Safe Travels.

  67. Oh I can’t wait. I’m throwing my sister and niece in the car and 6 hours later hello Lucketts!
    I am disappointed though that Lucketts has gone the way of “pay a bigger entrance fee and get early buying privileges on Friday.” After all the traveling expenses letting go of just a little bit more puts a dent in vendor spending. Your items are fabulous and your booth is always top notch! I love the little phonograph horn. I hope it’s there when I stop “buy.” 😉

    1. Yeah, I know the entrance fee is high for the VIP day. Lucketts had to do that because the crowds were becoming unmanageable for the little one-stoplight town. A couple of years ago, it was pretty much a nightmare that caused a traffic jam for miles. in order to continue to have the event, Lucketts had to change the format of it.

  68. Wow! What a gorgeous haul of furniture! I can’t wait to see the photos of your booth with all that beautiful furniture, the adorable smalls that you’re taking and those gorgeous murals! You are an amazing talent! Safe travels, great weather & awesome sales to you & your family!

  69. I want it all!!! I know Joanna Gaines is really popular now and everyone wants her to design their spaces, but I’d take a Miss Mustard Seed design any day!! 🙂

  70. I love, love everything you have and have done. I wish I didn’t live so far away. You’ve worked so hard, Enjoy the show! Best wishes!

  71. You and your team have worked so hard and everything is beautiful.
    I am so upset that I can not make it again this year. I’m sure everything will sell but if it doesn’t I know your local readers would love a chance to purchase any left overs. Hint, hint..
    I wish you the best of luck and nothing but sun.
    Enjoy the show!

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