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Welp, yesterday was yet another snow day in Minnesota!  We didn’t have much snow through December and even into January, but we have been having one of the snowiest Februarys on record and another storm is expected this weekend.  I actually love getting snow, but I am getting weary of having everyone home during the day while I’m trying to work.  I love my boys, but I need that time!  I do enjoy watching their excitement about the snow days, though, waiting with anticipation to see if Rochester Schools end up on the list of cancelations.  And it won’t last forever.  Spring will eventually come.

Anyway, today I’m showing another wall in my office.  I shared the bookcase earlier in the week

…and this is the adjacent wall.  It’s between one small window and the french doors that serve as the entrance to the room.

I knew I would move the base on the hutch from the studio (being replaced by a custom-built closet) to this wall, but I was planning on using it as a printer stand.  Once I got it in the room, I sort of hated to top off such a pretty piece with a bulky bit of office equipment.  So, I moved the printer to a spot that was a little more out-of-the-way.  It’s on a small stool just to the left of the bookcase.  (You can barely see it in the picture above.)

I topped the base of the hutch with a French basket and a salt glazed crock with a plant tucked inside.  Over it, I hung an antique map of PA that I bought several years ago at an antique store.  I am pretty sure it was $48 and one heck of a bargain based on other wall maps I’ve seen listed for sale.  Jeff said we need to find one of MN, but I doubt I’ll find another one that is this era and priced as well.

The map has been rolled up in the basement since we moved and I was planning on hanging it down there, but it really is perfect in here.  I also hung one of my sepia oil portraits and a framed family letter from the 1870s.

I also added a floor lamp to provide light for the chair, obviously, but also to add a decorative element that connects the chair to the hutch and the map.  (I suppose it’s not a hutch anymore, so let’s call it a cabinet now.)

This wall is my view when I’m sitting at my new desk and I love that it’s pretty to look at.

I will share the desk in the final reveal post, but here is the corner of it as I’m looking at the wall I just shared.

I used some antique Marmalade crocks for pens, scissors, and my brass feather letter opener.  I put a small flowering plant in an antique ironstone mold and added a brass antique perpetual calendar and the little cast iron pig with wings.  (I ended up putting another ironstone dish under the mold, so it doesn’t leave a ring on the desk from the moisture of the plant.)

As I shared in my other posts this week, I am loving all of the changes we’ve made to my workspaces.  They are not only more functional, but they look amazing and they are delightful rooms to spend time in.

That’s a win-win when running a creative business from home.

If you’d like to find some of the items featured in this post, here are some (affiliate) links…

office details

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30 Comments on “office details”

  1. I love what you’ve done. The plant is a kalanchoe, and if you break a leaf off and stick it in some dirt, it will grow another plant.

    1. Well I didn’t know that either and I have an orange one that my granddaughter gave me for Mother’s Day. I will try it. Office looks beautiful Marian!

  2. Such a pretty office, lucky girl. there are also these little cork disks, backed with plastic to protect furniture from plant moisture. I use them on the floor also.

    1. Oh man! Thanks for letting me know. It was a technical glitch, but the buttons are working now. Sorry about that!

  3. Glad you put another dish under ironstone mold. I put potpourri in a vintage vegetable bowl in my bathroom. Later I added oil. That oil leaked through, even though there were no cracks, and made a brown ring on my corian counter. I was never able to get the stain out. Love your “she room”. mL

    1. Mary Lou, Have you tried sanding the corian? Google it. I have dark green
      corian. It is so forgiving. Google how you sand it……………..

  4. I love the baskets on top of your white bookshelf. Where did you get them? Your room looks fabulous!

  5. It’s much easier to work in rooms that are so pretty and organized, but it would be hard to quit looking and smiling to work,lol!

  6. Everything looks great! I was really hoping the Oak Hutch could be used as it was and the printer would fit inside the cabinets below. Love how everything relates and speaks to each other. Great job! Hope you’re feeling better. <3

  7. Oh! It’s lovely and I know you are going to really
    enjoy the new furniture and the pretty atmosphere !

  8. Isn’t it fun to change things up? Sparks creativity and productivity for me. I love all you’ve done in your office and especially your studio. Making things more functional always seems to streamline design as well. Looks great!

  9. By the way, your rapid improvement as a fine artist has inspired me to start sketching and taking a couple of drawing classes, hopefully to move on to painting. I am most impressed with your recent oils, particularly your portraits. Love the one you hung in your office.

  10. How large of a piece of paper can you find? I bet you could create your own map of Minnesota using image transfers and then somehow aging it with your MMSMP! (I know, just what you need, another creative hole to get sucked into!) Or you could do it of Narnia or some other literary land.

  11. Hi, Marian, what a beautiful room! WOuld you share, please, where you bought or found your leather reading chair? Thanks.

  12. Hi Marian! I love your creative spaces, they look awesome! I’m really loving that leather chair and wood cabinet. Just gorgeous. I’m glad you’ve got such beautiful spaces to create in. Sorry about all that snow y’all are having. It’s been warming up already down here in MS! It was 80 degrees here the other day, we had to cut the AC on! I’m hoping y’all have an early spring! Enjoy your weekend! 😊

  13. Awww! My dad kept a perpetual calendar, identical to that one, on his office desk. I played with it as a kid. Whenever he wasn’t watching, I’d sneak into his big leather chair, spin round and round, and flip the dates on it. Eventually dad would return, want his chair back and tease me for messing it up. It was sort of a game we played.
    I hadn’t thought about that little piece in years and have no idea what happened to it.
    Funny how seeing your photo stirred up such a longing in me to be back in that chair. What a sweet memory it gave me. Thank you! (And your room is beautiful, too!)

  14. You and Joanna Gaines are my two favorite decorators. Of all the people I follow on Instagram and blogs, only you two have that perfect touch, and way of creating beautiful rooms that are both pleasing to the eye and functional. What a gift God has give you two that you have shared with the world. Your rooms are never over done, but just the right amount of the perfect parts and pieces. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  15. The room looks great! Oh but that map! That’s my husbands dream gift, an old map of Pennsylvania. They are so expensive when I find one. Someday I hope to find one so I can surprise him. Have a great weekend.

  16. I loved the article in In Her Studio on your work space. Can you tell me where you got the swallow bird drawer pulls?
    Love Love Love those! I will be enjoying seeing more.


  17. Your studio has beautiful pieces of wood throughout and works well with your wall color. My kitchen has maple cabinets and light wood floors. Please share your paint color in your studio again. I believe it’s a light gray and would work well for my kitchen walls. Thank you.

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