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Well, we were home for less than two days and I already started painting the kitchen walls.  I had the paint (purchased for the hall and foyer), so it was easy to impulsively start painting.  It began as an oh-I’ll-just-paint-a-test-swatch and turned into painting half of the kitchen and eating area.

The color really needed to be changed.  It was bugging me all the way on the east coast!

So, here it is…

The new color is a half-tint of Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.  As a reference, the door is the same color mixed at full strength.  It looks worlds better with the tile and counter.

Here is the color before…

It was Pearly White by Sherwin Williams.  I chose it, because I used it in the living and dining rooms of my last house and I always loved it.  It was a cooler off-white that worked well with all of my blues.  In this house, though, it looked much warmer and more like a cream.  It may have been because of the yellow tone in the floors, but either way, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind from the beginning, but it worked okay with the old counters.

I knew that the paint color might be something that would change down the road when the bigger components, like the counters and tile, were installed.  Paint is something that’s easy and cheap to change, so it’s better to work it around the bigger choices in a space.

To get into that tiny space between the window frame and the cabinet, I used a little artist brush.  It’s an area that’s usually in shadow, so it’s not particularly noticeable, but painting it the wall color is a simple finishing touch.

I also had to repair a spot in the drywall where the old counters left a hole.

I filled it with a few coats of spackle, allowed it to dry, sanded it smooth, and then painted it.

Now, I need to paint the rest of the eating area and the niche with the shelves in the kitchen.  I’ll work on that today.

It’s summer break, so the table is a mess!

Anyway, one of the nice things about painting this space the same color as the hallway, stairway, and foyer, is that it addresses the dilemma of the walls around butler’s pantry.  I was a bit stuck wondering which wall to paint in which color, since they come together in a bit of a odd way.  Now, they will all be the same color, so problem solved!

The butler’s pantry is one of the items on my to-do list for this summer and I can’t wait to see it transformed…

new kitchen wall color

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76 Comments on “new kitchen wall color”

  1. The new paint color looks amazing with your new counter and cabinets!! I adore your patio drapes. Did you make them?

  2. Love the new color!

    You know what might be pretty instead of the counters/cabs for the butler’s pantry? In my friend’s dining room she has a sort of bookshelf-sized space with shelves and lighting that is enclosed with French doors. All your ironstone would be pretty in a cabinet like that. You already have the walls, you’d just need to remove the cabinets and install shelves and lighting and put in the doors (or no doors). Just thinking out loud…

    1. I love this idea. She could find some antique salvaged door ala Joanna Gaines. I’ll bet Marian is so glad we’re plotting her next move!

  3. The new color is perfect with the counters and backsplash. I always find it funny when you show pictures when you’re painting and the drapes are still hanging and pieces are still hung on the wall. I’d have paint on everything, I don’t know how you do it. I’m a very messy painter that’s why I don’t mind painting exterior but hate all the prep it takes to paint a room.

    1. Well, I did take them down when I was painting and then I put them back up when it dried. I just take things off one wall at a time, so the entire room isn’t torn apart.

  4. Hi Marian,
    It looks like you did not prime the walls before you started. I have a new house and decided to do an accent wall behind my hutch. I did not prime the walls, figuring it was new, no need to. My paint came out splotchy. I used Valspar paint. Any ideas as to why?


    1. Hmmm…I didn’t prime these walls, because they were already primed and painted. I would’ve primed if they were bare drywall or if I was changing the color dramatically. Another reason to prime is if there is something on your walls that might prevent paint from adhering well. Perhaps some airborne grease in a kitchen, overspray from hair products in a bathroom, etc. Maybe that’s what’s going on in your house? Or it could be the paint wasn’t mixed well enough or applied evenly? There are a lot of things that could be happening…

  5. Love, love, love the new wall color! What a difference! Your house is so beautiful and the changes you have made are wonderful!

  6. I envy your eye for color! I literally just sat down from painting a room for the third time…sigh! Still not really there…and yes, I put “tests” on the the walls first. I’m just not good at this! I’ll try again once I can move my back again…

    1. Paint colors can be so tricky! You’re not alone! This is my second coat in the kitchen and I recently repainted the living room. There are rooms in my last house that I painted five times! So, don’t feel bad. There are so many variables from the light to the other surfaces in the room that reflect light to your own interpretation of the light. That’s a lot to have to factor in. The good news is that paint isn’t too costly to change if you do it yourself.

    1. It means that they only put half of the pigment into the base paint, so it’s the same ratio of color, but not as much of it. It’s a nice trick if you like a color, but want it to look a little softer.

  7. I agree! Salvaged wood doors would certainly make a statement. It would offer potentially more storage, too. The butler’s pantry appears very much like a hutch, which doesn’t compare to the pieces you’ve bought. Don’t you just love back seat drivers?!!! Of course, anything you do turns out great, so I will wait to see what you do.

  8. Such a perfect touch with the paint color change..who would’ve thought??!!Kinda like the extra “mmm-hmmm” in decor;or the yummy cherry 🍒 on top of my dessert!!!👏❗️👍❤️

  9. So much better with your counters and backsplash! The Stonington full strength on the door looks great as a contrast. Is that what your island is?

  10. I agree with Joy In Alabama that would be an excellent place to put your ironstone. I really do like the color. Thank you for sharing.

  11. The kitchen color never looked right to me. Second times a charm. I can’t wait to see the pantry cabinet painted. Is boxwood still the plan?

    1. It always did look a little warmer than it did in my last house, but I figured I would wait to change it until we had the counters and backsplash in place. It works so much better now! Yes, boxwood is still in the plan!

  12. I think the new tile was a perfect choice, as was the new paint color! An excellent blending and a nice little shakeup!

  13. Love the new kitchen counters, tile, and wall color! Is that a sample of wall paper taped up in the butlers pantry you’re thinking about? It looks great from here, can’t wait to see what you will create for that spot. Thanks for bringing us along on this new house adventure. I for one like seeing your real kitchen table with true to life family table-scape on it. Helps me to not feel so left behind in this picture perfect blog world. Sure wish I had your energy!

  14. The wall color is much better. The tile looks more subdued now. Very nice! Thank you for sharing your thought processes and solutions with us.

  15. I remember you used BM for pearly white instead of Sherwin Williams… SW pearly white isn’t as warm……Even though paint stores have an exact formula but use in a different paint line, my experience is it changes the tone. Your new paint color is pretty for your lovely kitchen: )

    1. Yes, and that might be a part of the difference as well, but I do think the yellow floors changed the color, too. Either way, it was definitely warmer (looking) than in my PA house.

  16. The difference is remarkable!! When you get a half tint paint is that what you ask for? I love the color and had already picked it out for me but wanted a contrast somehow. Love this! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

    1. Just ask for it mixed at 50% and they will know what you mean. You can even ask for 75% or 25% or whatever ratio you want!

  17. You have such a great eye for color! The new paint is lovely. Something I have learned is that the light is very different in different geographic regions. For example, my “tea-stained” floral sofa that I had in my Connecticut house never looked right in the bright light of California. Now that I am back in the Northeast, that cozy sofa looks great again. I don’t imagine that light is that different between Minnesota and Pennsylvania, but maybe it is.

    1. PJ, I’ve noticed the difference in light in various geographic regions, too, and find it fascinating that it’s an actual phenomenon. I’m a native southern California girl, have lived here my entire life, and I can spot that a picture on the web or in a magazine was taken in So Cal even if I don’t know the location, because the light here is so bright and “white.” I guess it might be because, at least in coastal So Cal region, our environment is desert-like. Your sofa sounds gorgeous, BTW!

  18. You nailed it Marian !!!!! Brick by brick, each step of the way,it got better and better. The kitchen is now absolute perfection.

  19. Beautiful (and you are so FAST)! The kitchen color never looked quite right to me either, plus now the flow throughout your main floor will be wonderful!

  20. love the new paint color. aren’t you planning to replace the light switch and electrical receptacle to white rather than ivory?

    1. We were planning on doing that, but there are so many in our house and many of the switches are two, three, and even four way switches, so it’s more complicated then we were able to do ourselves. We would have to hire an electrician and it would be a lot of money. Soooo….we’re just going to have ivory switches and plugs!

  21. Well, there we go! That’s the last bit that really ties your kitchen together completely. What a gorgeous room! You must be so happy. I must say that your kitchen looks extremely functional, with a fantastic layout and flow.

  22. I agree, it makes a huge difference and looks much better. Everything is coming together beautifully.

    What color is the ceiling?

    We are also in the process of painting – once one part is complete it’s easier to see which direction to take the next area. Our major change has been in the open concept living/dining/kitchen the previously ceder-look beams & wooden cathedral ceilings are now white. The walls are now a quarter shade of the same white, and the trims (window & door frames) are heading towards being the same as the ceiling.

    I am saving up for new bench tops, sink & tapware, which will happen after painting the kitchen cabinets. We’ve been living with potential cabinet door colors (grey or blue tones) for some time.

    Would MMS paint work on solid wood kitchen cabinet doors?

  23. The new paint color pulls all the white and grey tones together now. So much better. It felt discordant before with the old paint color. The half tone is perfect.

  24. You home is just beautiful. With every post I see how you are making it just perfect for you and your family.

  25. I must chime in too – perfect choice!! I would rarely choose a gray at all, having lived 33 years in grey Seattle, but having moved to Virginia a few months back, into a renovated house whose walls are a pale grey, I actually kept them great because the lighting here is so different – brighter and clearer and the grey looks fabulous with my many floral prints.
    Gosh, and your kitchen is my dream kitchen too – I designed kitchens and baths in the early 90’s and always loved white cabinets with white marble counters.

    I have an old Craigslist-find armoire to paint – want to order some of your milk paints – can I apply over an old piece of all I have done is wash it with TSP?

  26. JUST AMAZING, Marian! You are such a fabulous decorator! Enjoy your gorgeous kitchen! Have a great week-end! Blessings!

  27. Marian—
    I just love the change!! I thought it looked good before but as usual your discerning taste bumped it up a notch with the new paint color!!

  28. You may already be familiar with the receptacle covers that are paintable but just in case you aren’t I thought I would mention them. You can paint them the same color as the wall and they basically fade away. They only have the slits for the prongs so you don’t have to replace the entire guts of the
    receptacle because it’s hidden by the cover. The company/style is Taymac/MW2000W you can order online if your local Home Depot doesn’t carry them.
    Also there maybe “marble/stone” receptacle covers that blend with your tile. I am a designer and I did a travertine tile backsplash a few years ago that I was able to find a match for off the shelf at Home Depot.
    Love the new wall color the minute I saw the backsplash I knew those walls were changing. The changes you’ve made to the kitchen really do reflect your style. And now I’ve decided I have to have a pot rack for my kitchen!

  29. Love it. I just painted my kitchen Stonington Gray…then tested it in the two baths getting new toilets and vanities and vinyl floors. Looked perfect so put it in there too. I have never done the 50% thing. I feel it’s easier to just look for a paler version of the color I like. I also do one wall put everything back. Keeps the house together and if the color isn’t quite right—I know it before I’m all done.

    1. Yes, I agree! Finding a color you like and having a lighter version made is a great way to coordinate.

  30. Hurry & work your magic on that butler’s pantry! You don’t need sleep or sustainence, and I need to see it! Lol

    1. LOL! Yeah, I’ll get right on that and let my family know I won’t be feeding them for a few days. 🙂

  31. OMG So I love Ben Moore Coventry and Stonington and did not realize about the ‘adding white’ to get a lighter tone and made myself crazy trying to get a light grey in the same tonal family…..DUH…..alot of light greys that are rec’d on Pinterest are too close to either color and not enough contrast…I used the WIckham that was on the sample strip and it was too whitish and had a blue undertone so didn’t work…….but yes, I feel Coventry and Stonington are nice medium true greys….

  32. Hi Marian –
    The kitchen looks beautiful! How did you paint the space over the cabinets? I’m painting my kitchen – have that same empty space above the cabinets – and cannot figure how to reach it and paint. I have some long handled rollers, but that does not address the ceiling line. I would normally cut in with a brush, but cannot reach the ceiling line over the counters and cabinets even with my tall ladder. I cannot stand on my counters and risk cracking the stone, and I can’t stretch my arms another 18 inches! What to do?? Appreciate any suggestions, as apparently you’ve figured it out. Can’t wait to hear the secret!

    Thanks bunches!
    Bwg ~~~

    1. I actually stood on a tall ladder and put a tip toe on the counter to balance myself. It was a little precarious in the corner, but it worked in the other areas. I’m sure there is a smarter, more graceful way, though!

  33. Hi Marian,

    Love the new kitchen color. Everything blends so beautifully now. I noticed in the picture of where you fixed the wall at the end of the counter that the edge of the backsplash looks unfinished. Is the picture deceiving or does it need a trim edge to finish off and if so what do you plan to use? Love your style and ideas and have incorporated some of them in my home. Keep up the good works and can’t wait to see your solution for the butler’s pantry.

  34. So much better! Even before your new counter and backsplash on my iPad screen your wall color read very creamy, yellowish warm. I thought it was just my screen.
    Beautiful kitchen!

  35. Marian, could you please share the color of paint you used for your cabinets? After reading and re-reading all the posts on your cabinet painting process (which are wonderful and I plan to follow your instructions and tips closely), I cannot find it. I trust your eye for color so much more than my own, so I would be grateful if you would share it.

  36. Can you also share what sheen of paint you used on your kitchen walls? I have eggshell now, but it seems kinda shiny! Is it ever ok to use flat in a kitchen?

    1. I almost always use matte in the Aura line of Benjamin Moore paint. It isn’t shiny, but it’s not flat, either, so it can be wiped down.

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