new dining set & what will make me cry

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As some of you know, I was thinking about selling my dining room set.  Well, the deed is done and it’s gone to a wonderful home and I’m totally at peace with it.  I’m still working on my new dining set, but here’s a sneak peek…

…and some other pictures just for fun.  It was nice to do some cleaning today to get my house in order and I couldn’t resist snapping some photos. 

I’m still sorting through all of my Lucketts photos.  There are plenty of me making ridiculous facial expressions that need to be weeded out.  If you’ve met me, you know I can be animated and it definitely shows in pictures.  I also did make a video, so I’ll edit and post that, too.

I’m all caught up on my e-mail, paperwork and most of my cleaning, so I’ll post some pictures of people I met in a couple of days. 
I do have one to share tonight. 
This couple, Pam and Frank, made me cry.  (Those names are from memory, so please correct me if you’re Pat and Fred!)  They didn’t insult me or kick me in the shins.  They gave me something that was so thoughtful it made me well all up.

They gave me this…
…and a piece of beveled glass with my logo etched on it as well.  There was something so powerful for me to see my logo on something they made.  It’s been an overwhelming journey and this gift brought all of the emotions of that journey out.  There are some awesome people out there and my readers are some of the best. 
new dining set & what will make me cry

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55 Comments on “new dining set & what will make me cry”

  1. What a wonderful gift from Pam and Frank. I'm not sure you realize what a wonderful gift YOU give all of US daily. Thank you for your wonderful blog, your tutorials and your inspiration.

    Your Friend,

  2. I knew this post was coming! I was, coincidentally, at your booth when it happened and I was sure it would get a shout out on your blog when you reminisced about Lucketts.

    I saw your face fill with emotion and your eyes well up with tears when you opened the gifts and saw your logo.

    What a nice way for that couple to tell you you're appreciated.

    Marian- YOU INSPIRE PEOPLE. And you do it just by being you.

    Take care,

  3. That was so sweet of them!!!
    It is also an indication what kind of person you are as well , that they wanted to do that for you. Happy your table set went to a good home. Your new table will be fabulous as well!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Remember the Chocolat sign that you made? You put special effort into it. I hate to be trite, but what goes around comes around. The Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata? Hakuna Mustarda? If these people make these signs for sale, I would love to order one. This must have made your weekend! Your mom must be so proud that people would make things for you. Let's have some interesting comments about the weekend. What was the first big thing that sold? What was the item that everyone wanted, but couldn't afford? Who bought the beautiful gray beds? Why didn't the French blue and white sideboard sell? Too big? What was your biggest surprise? Worst comment? Ann

  5. Love the sneak peek of your dining table and chairs! What a beautiful gift they gave you, I would have been extremely touched as well! I'm a new follower and can I just say, I love your blog and you are so inspiring!
    Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

  6. That was so sweet, and you deserve it. I don't comment on your posts often but always do enjoy looking at your creative designs. You are quite inspiring! Looking forward to seeing your new dining room, also.

  7. wow, that's beautiful. how thoughtful and well deserved. love your work, thanks for sharing your journey. good job.
    laura huffman

  8. On top of being thoughtful & encouraging they take a good picture! I love reading your blog, Marian. All the best to you – jen

  9. If I am only one of many who have never met you and still feel the way I do, I cannot imagine what it is like on the receiving end of that situation. Overwhelming, I am sure….and filled with a huge sense of obligation too.

    You might even have a little insecurity over whether it is all "real." After all, much of our contact with you is through the Internet, which can be so impersonal at times. I guess that maybe the reason the slated sign caught you is because it is solid evidence that much of what you are experiencing with all of us is very real and very sincere.

    Living a meaningful life is so important. When you can touch so many lives in such a powerful way, it's truly a miracle. Enjoy that slate sign. I am sure whomever Pat/Pam and Fred are, it was their way of saying "Thanks" for enriching our lives….

  10. Oh my! I can completely understand the tears!! This is making me well up a little too, of course commercials for the Biggest Loser make me weepy. 😉 My friend and I are slowly building our own business and have just ordered business cards which gave me the same fuzzy feeling, but to have someone extend such a precious gesture is amazing! What a sweet experience.

    Delia Parker

  11. Im so disappointed I didnt make it down to Luckett's to meet you and see all of your wonderful items. The weekend before trip to SC was just a bit much to try it again so fast. I hope to one day get the chance.

    Your readers (myself included) love your blog and your personality….because as busy as your are (YOU ARE ONE BUSY MAMA) you always answer your emails, comments and that is the sign of passion and not someone who loves to put up pretty pictures of their work. Although you do have the most delicious photos, hence you being honored in the magazine. lol

    Marion I wish you all the success in the world and your an inspiration to newcomers like me who just want to carve a little spot for themselves to share their talents in this world.

    Blessings Always,

    Lucky 7 Design

  12. What a special gift. I am kicking myself for not making it up there to meet you this weekend. I'm hoping to make a trip up that way soon though and will definitely stop in Lucketts to see your booth.

    I am just starting my business and hope to one day have the following that you do. (If I'm so lucky.) I just sold my first 2 pieces to a wonderful woman who wants me to help her with more furniture. It was so fun to make someone so happy with my work.
    Love the new table!

  13. I get so inspired looking at this blog….thank you!……also makes me second guess selling all my ironstone and thinking i should keep…Wish my blog had the same "zing" as yours but isn't that why there are a million different ice cream flavors, just like personalities?.My neighbor took me to luckets 2 years ago and boy!..what a treat..i love that place…..gave me great idea,s on stagging my etsy listings….thank you for sharing your talent!..hope you have a great show….

  14. Such a sweet couple! And you are precious. Do you know if this couple has a business where they sell these beautiful signs, or was it a one-time-only treasure for you? P and F, if you read this, I would love to know if you make these for the not-so-special folk … I love the sign!

  15. Oh I love when people are so good. That makes me cry too. I cry easily when there is goodness around. This is why I wear waterproof mascara. Love the expressions on your face, it just shows how passionate you are about life. Thank you so much for inlcuding us all on your fabulous journey, we are all benefitting and growing because of the Goodness you are sharing. Have a beautiful day my friend. -K

  16. Awesome! That was so sweet of them! I am so glad that market went well for you! It has been so fun to see all the stuff you finish, it is amazing to me how much you get done!

  17. I totes believe in karma and that's what drew Pam and Frank to you. What a sweet gesture. I met you at Luckett's on Saturday and was too embarrassed to ask you to take a picture with me. Ha! Next time…

  18. And now you can literally "hang out your shingle"! A sign from P & F and perhaps from God to validate your work and efforts.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. What a lovely and amazing thing, Marian, and so deserved.

    Since I've been reading you, you always fill me with hope, light and optimism. You have a kind and giving heart and it shows in what you do.

    Bless you.


  20. Hello! I am just in love with your blog! And so excited to start painting some of my furniture! I have a question that maybe you or some more experienced readers could help me with. I have an old buffet that is pretty beat up. It is solid wood mostly but it also has a teeny-tiny thin layer of veneer (I guess?) on the top and in some areas. It is peeling off in places. Should I try to 1. sand it, 2. fill in the chipped places with wax 3. or just chunk it? Is it worth trying to paint it and fix it up? I'm afraid if I sand it I will ruin it but maybe it's already ruined as it is not completely solid wood.
    Thanks so much in advance if anyone is able to help me with this!

  21. Ahhh how thoughtful of Patty and Fredrick!!
    Just teasing you…you know how names change after they've come down the chain of chatting.
    That was just the most wonderful kindness to you!
    Bless their hearts!! I love it!!
    You look so cute standing there with all your goodies! I love that greyish stenciled dresser!!!! Beautiful!!
    Cant wait to see all your photos!

    Deborah xo

  22. It is not a surprise when nice people do nice things for nice people! Peg and Fritz must be nice people, I would love to meet them, and I KNOW you are nice, and I think everyone who reads your blog would love to meet you! A lovely circle of niceness!

  23. I stumbled upon your blog about two months ago and have enjoyed following your journey (and reading about your past journey, too.) You have been a huge inspiration to me. I've only been painting furniture for a brief time and your willingness to share information has been a huge help as I start my own "furniture refurb" journey. Thanks so much and congratulations on your successful fair.

  24. wow. I cried just reading this post, probably why I don't watch Hallmark movies, the commercials make me cry.

    that was a very sweet gesture…they were probably so excited to share it with you too. just the anticipation of seeing your reaction…priceless!

  25. wow! that is so sweet!
    also, i don't mean to bother you but i emailed you about a month ago, or 2 months ago, i don't know. it was when you first posted about the metal crate things with the little clay pots. i emailed you because i am interested in purchasing one from you if you are willing to ship to Oklahoma and you still have one. i tried googling for it using every combination of metal tray with clay pots i could think of and couldn't find anything and i want one so bad!!!!! 🙁 i checked ebay too.
    anyway, if you have one, how much are they and will you sell to me? i know you said that you sold one to someone and shipped it to them awhile ago. thanks! love your blog!


  26. OMG!!! You have the most amazing following and they hit it on the head. You are wonderful. My hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said, "Let's go see Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts." I started following your blog a couple months ago (and so does my creative hubby) and just fell in love with it and you. What a darling, talented person you are. The gifts were just supposed to thank you for all that I have learned from your blog. I felt bad at first when you had tears, but then I realized they were happy ones. The best kind. Thanks so much for sharing. See you next year at Lucketts.

    XXXX Pam (yes it is Pam and Frank…lol)

    ps…I love your rug too!

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