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Today I’m joining Melissa of 320 Sycamore and a few other bloggers in sharing a few of my favorite things!  She was one of the first bloggers I met and is such a genuine and encouraging person, so I loved the chance to team up with her and some of her favorite bloggers.

favorite things 2015 at 320 Sycamore

I decided to share a mix of things I’ve loved for a long time, things that are new loves and things that I would be very sad to do without.

And, here they are…

(Disclosure, this post is not sponsored by any of the products I share, but it does contain affiliate links.)

housekeeping Collage

  • Mrs. Meyers Lavender cleaner – This makes the whole house smell amazing!
  • Wood-handled dish brushes – I bought these for the way they look, but they are the best dish brushes I have ever owned.  I want to hoard them.
  • Oreck steam mop – I received one years ago as a part of a partnership with Oreck, but when mine broke last year after a lot of use, I ordered another one right away.  It is an awesome cleaning tool, especially when it comes to my battle with white kitchen floors.
  • Dyson vacuum – I’ve had mine for 12 years and it’s still going.  I’ve also found their customer service to be excellent.


Kitchen Collage

  • Kitchen Aid mixer – Jeff bought this for me as a house-warming gift 11 years ago and it has mixed a lot of cookie dough, kneaded bread dough, mixed chicken salad and more.
  • Plated – I love getting my box of two Plated meals each week.  It takes the pressure off of planning dinner and I’ve learned so many great cooking techniques and flavor combinations.  I’m getting this for at least one person on my Christmas list.
  • Wooden spoons – I’ve been into wooden breadboards for a while, but now wooden spoons have joined that love list.  They are practical, pretty and gentle even on non-stick cookware.
  • Copper pans – Like wooden spoons and breadboards, I love the warmth these add to my kitchen.  I pick up inexpensive ones when I find them and yes, I do use them!
  • All-clad saucier – I splurged on this pan about 10 years ago and it is still my very favorite.  It’s great for sauces, stir-fry and one-pot meals.
  • Ironstone plates – I use these for decorating and for everyday.  If you read my blog regularly, this is a no-brainer.  Look for dishwasher safe vintage plates for everyday use.


Self-care Collage

(Yes, I realize “favorites” is misspelled in the graphic.  Ah, writing a post at midnight…   Let’s just go with favor-ties.)


Clothes Collage

  • LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers – The name really does say it all.
  • GapFit Breath Shirt in Charcoal – I layer this shirt under so many things!  I love that it’s long and doesn’t add bulk.  I’m always sad when it’s in the clothes hamper.
  • Timberland Savin Hill Boot in Tobacco – These are the most comfy boots I own and I love the laces and buckles.  It makes me feel a little like a prairie girl.
  • Anthropologie Shirt-dresses – I own a few of these and they are a great alternative to comfy sweats.  I wear them with leggings and boots and I feel like I’m wearing a real outfit.
  • Gap Ribbed Poncho – I bought this just a few weeks ago and it is already a staple of my winter wardrobe.  It’s comfy cozy, but doesn’t look like a tent.
  • Athleta 2-in-1 Capris – I have a few pairs of these and I practically live in them.  They are comfortable, allow for movement and the skirt makes wearing skin-tight capris an okay thing for me to do outside of the house!
  • LL Bean Deerfield Boots – Just about every time I show a picture of myself in these boots, I’m asked where I got them.  Jeff bought them for me for Christmas as a surprise and he hit the nail on the head.  They’ve also turned me into a genuine leather snob.  (The style of boot has changed, but it is similar.)


MMS_DividerStudio Collage

  • Nikon D800 camera – I upgraded to this camera body a few years ago and it was such a great investment.  I love the way this camera handles light and whites.  This body has been replaced with the D810, but you can still buy it.
  • Nikon 35mm FX lens – This is one of my big girl lenses that was a huge splurge.  It’s a great lens for taking full room shots.
  • Slik Pro 700 DX Tripod – Since I often shoot inside, which means low light, a tripod is a crucial tool for getting clear photos.  I’ve used a few different brands over the years.  This is my current tripod and my favorite.
  • Nikon 50mm FX lens – This is on my camera 90% of the time and is the most budget-friendly lens I own.  It shoots clear and at low apertures.  If you can only buy one lens, this should be it.
  • RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release – In order to prevent camera-shake that happens when I press the shutter button on the camera, I use a wireless remote when I’m shooting un-teathered and on a tripod.  It’s another must-have for shooting interiors.
  • Neewer 43″ 5-in-1 reflector set – At $17.50, this reflector set is a huge bang for the buck.  I use mine all the time to control the light in my photos.


And, a few other random favorites…

Others Collage

  • Bose Bluetooth Speaker – I bought this as a gift to myself when I first moved into the studio and I’m always surprised how this little speaker can fill the space.
  • Targus Versavu iPad Case – I bought this case for my old iPad and now my new one.  I like the way it functions and it’s protected my iPad from more than a few drops.
  • Thermos Hydration Bottle – I’m really picky about water and I like it cold, so I fill this with ice water and it stays cold all day.  It goes with me everywhere.


I talk a lot about home decor and antiques, so it was nice to share some of my other favorite things.  I hope you enjoyed it, too, and maybe it helped you with putting together your own Christmas list or finding a good gift idea for a special someone.

If you want to check out some more favorites, here are a few other bloggers sharing theirs today…

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Thanks to Melissa for inviting me to participate this year!  MMS_Divider

Oh, speaking of favorite things, some antique hemp sheets are fresh in from Europe and back in the online shop!



  1. Pamela @

    Thanks for the heads up on the LL Bean boots, I love it when I can find boots in wider width as I have a big fat foot!
    I also like the GAP layering shirt, finding shirts long enough you can move around in without your middle being exposed is job, I hate clothes shopping so love it when people share their finds. Now back to the studio for me, I just took a break from painting some wine bottles.
    My latest painting obsession, glass.

  2. B Folk

    Timberland Boots are the greatest! I splurged on a pair of black-and-brown lace-ups about 20 yrs ago and they are still going strong. when they are “outdated”, I store them for a while (that’s why they have lasted so long) but they have come back around several times. Just saw some Fashion Week attendees wearing something very similar. LL Bean has good quality clothing and shoes, as well. Yes to layering t’s, when will clothing designers/manufacturers get it that most women don’t like their middles exposed when not at the beach? Yep on the beauty products, too. You and I have the same mixer! As they say, “great minds think alike”, ha-ha. Thanks for this fun read, and the new word… going to check out the other “favorties” list.

  3. melissa

    I feel like I just got a peek into your drawers and closets, what a fantastic list! I especially love the wood handled dish brushes! I think you were the one that told me to get the 50 mm lens years ago, best recommendation ever. ♥ Thanks for joining us 🙂

  4. Kathleen

    Random question about the dish brushes–when I follow the Amazon link, the brushes seem to have dark bristles. But your brushes in the photo have such beautiful light colored bristles–I’d prefer those. Any insights?

    • marian

      Yes. I got them from Sur La Table. Their website kept freezing up on me, so I wasn’t able to link to them. Just search “wooden dish brush” on their site and you’ll find them.

  5. Lauren

    i ordered those slippers last night as soon as i read this! i’ve been looking for something with a solid sole i can slip on to take the dogs out AND stay warm.

    • marian

      Yep, I wear mine outside pretty often, especially if I’m just going to the studio on a cold day. 🙂

  6. Cindy

    That was fun! I’m gonna go check a few of those things out right now, especially that shirt that you wear under stuff… !


  7. Jelena

    I might have to add some of your photography favorites to my husband’s wish list… 🙂

  8. MaryLisa Noyes

    Love the remote for the camera and the Bose speaker for my husband…Great post for ideas

    • marian

      Yeah, that Bose speaker is awesome. Kriste turned me onto it and then my mom bought one after seeing mine!

  9. Melanie

    I could not live without my Chi flatiron. It literally changed my life when I bought my first one 11 years ago. Fun post, thanks for the tips. I am going to go look up Plated!

  10. Catt in Kentucky

    Great post! Thanks for all the great recommendations Marian and have a fab Thanksgiving.

  11. Amber from MishMashers

    Thanks for sharing, almost as good as Oprah’s list 🙂 I have always noticed your boots too and wondering where they are from!


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