fixing a dishwasher, home hacks & a $200 Lowe’s giveaway

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sugru.  It is a pretty amazing product that I thought my readers would like to know about.  All words and opinions are my own.


I’m sure many of you can relate…  something breaks and you have no idea how to fix it.  You can’t glue, screw, nail, tape or tie it.  It’s just broken and that’s that.  I’ve had that happen to toys, tools and, most annoyingly, my dishwasher.

The bracket that holds the top rack in place broke years ago.  The little plastic tab that is used to adjust the height snapped off.  So, that means the top rack of the dishwasher, on the left side, falls about 2″ anytime you look at it the wrong way.  I can’t tell you how often my heart has skipped as a rack full of ironstone bowls and glasses threatens to finally fall entirely.

See where it’s broken?  That blue tab should be about 1/2″ longer than it is.


So, when I heard about Sugru, a moldable glue that sticks to just about anything, I immediately thought of my dishwasher.

mms-2155  mms-2161

It comes in little single use packets in a variety of colors (that can even be mixed to make custom colors.)

Sugru feels and looks like a play dough and you can mold it, shape it and stick it for up to 30 minutes.  Once it cures for 24 hours, it’s like a hard rubber.


For the dishwasher, I shaped a new “tab” on the bracket.

mms-2167 mms-2175

Because the weight of the rack was smashing the uncured soft Sugru, I clamped the rack in place to allow it to cure.


It worked like a charm.  I loaded the dishwasher and it is fixed!  AND Sugru is heat and waterproof, so it’s safe to use in the dishwasher.  I know a lot of people also have some rusty parts in their dishwashers where the plastic covering has worn away and Sugru is amazing for covering those up as well!

Once you have success like that, it’s a little addictive.  What else can I fix or improve?

I thought about my frayed computer cord.


I simply shaped some Sugru (a blue & white cord is most fitting for me, right?) and molded it over the frayed part on the cord.  (Sugru is suitable for low voltage cables, under 24v.)

… I also used one of the ideas on their website to personalize the cord.


Sugru is great to fill in weird gaps and recesses, whether it’s a fix or an improvement.  I filled in the apple with blue.  It’s just a little custom touch that makes my cord easier to identify, which is nice in a house full of Mac products.


In order to prevent my iPhone and iPad chargers from fraying (and to fix one that already had), I added Sugru to both ends of the cords, where they often bend and fray.  Sugru turns into a flexible rubber, so the cord is still allowed to bend, but not so much that it stresses the cord.  And, again, I know which ones are mine and it will help them last longer.


And then I remembered another formerly-un-fixable thing I could now fix.  (Addictive, I told you.)

The cord “hook” on my vacuum snapped off a few years ago, so I’ve been wrapping the cord around the handle.  Do you see that white piece?  It’s supposed to have a plastic bit that sticks up to hold the cord neatly in place.


So, I made a new one!  Now, sculpting is definitely not my forte, but if you can manage to smush or roll play dough between your fingers, then you can use Sugru.  No expertise or skill required!


Once it cured for 24 hours, it worked perfectly.  I was patting myself on the back for that one.


I also learned that Sugru can be used to fill in engraving that has worn away.  My seven year old son is a type 1 diabetic, so he has to wear a medic alert bracelet.  The engraving is almost totally worn off.


So, I rubbed some black Sugru over it to fill in the lettering and medic alert emblem.  The engraving was too shallow, so I will have to order a new one, but you can see how well it filled in the emblem, which was also starting to fade.


I’m pretty excited about trying it out on a few other things…like some goggles that broke this summer and those plastic pieces that cover the bolts on the base of a toilet (and are always coming off!)  The possibilities of things you can fix, adapt or make are pretty much endless.

If you’re hot to fix something now, Sugru is available at Target and Lowes stores nationwide.  If you need more inspiration on how to use Sugru, you can find plenty on Sugru’s website.

AND Sugru is offering up a $200 gift card to Lowe’s as a giveaway for one of my readers!  To enter, simply visit Sugru’s website and look around at all of the things you can use Surgu to fix, hack and make.  Come back to this post and leave a comment letting me know your favorite (or what you would fix or adapt in your own home.)

Sugru Collage

This giveaway is open to readers who are over the age of 18 and those living on planet earth.  Valid entries must be submitted prior to November 24, 2015, at midnight PST.  A winner will be randomly selected and notified shortly after the close of the giveaway.

Good luck!

PS – I also just used Sugru on my son’s history diorama project.  I’m basically a walking commercial for it right now.  Just ask Kriste.

fixing a dishwasher, home hacks & a $200 Lowe’s giveaway

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528 Comments on “fixing a dishwasher, home hacks & a $200 Lowe’s giveaway”

  1. Oh man my wheels are turning. I would use it to affix the tippy centerpiece bowls at my daughters June wedding, replicate a bracket on a shelf and maybe make a crown for my husband’s tooth!

  2. My favorite way to fix things is to youtube and then try it myself. My husband and I have fixed our dishwasher, my mom’s dryer, car brakes and most recentlyour oven door popped off while moving and we watched a video and popped it right back on.

  3. I’d fix a metal table leg that has become detached from an outdoor table. Fix
    Also reattach the plastic lever button on the toaster-or make a new button.

  4. I would fix my dishwasher rack, too (that must be something that breaks easily). I am sure that I can find several other things to fix, too!

  5. I had a great idea, but when I read Lynn’s comment about a crown for
    her husband’s tooth, I totally forgot! hahahaha…..

    No, seriously…so many ideas. First, I’d made some little sound dampening
    pads for my bathroom cupboard doors. The first ones fell of decades ago!

    Thank, Marian!

  6. Love this! I’d use it on my dishwasher where the rubber’s come off, my cords and I love how they made those cute toothbrush hangers/holders, adorable!

  7. not an original answer but definately have a few phone cords that could be fixed and nice to know they could be colour coded as well

  8. Wowser…what an awesome product. I need to email this to my kids so they can fix their cords but the first thing I would do is make some hooks to hold a small LED light to my sewing machine for more light…and a hook for the side to hold my seam ripper!!

  9. I saw several very needed ways to use it but the most pressing would be my poor cord to my phone charger!

  10. I would fix my dishwasher too. ( the pieces must break easily). I also love the idea of putting the hooks in the shower with Sugru. I’ve been looking for something that will hold up ( not like the suction cups hooks) that won’t damage the tile. I think I just found my answer.

  11. I like the idea of using Legos and Sugru to keep my computer cord in the correct place at my desk. All the ideas are ingenious…

  12. Wow! What a cool product! I need to put some of this in my husband’s Christmas stocking -he will LOVE it! We need to configure a way to hide some computer cords and….maybe make some hooks for my closet.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win the gift card!

  13. We’re a household full of broken Apple charging cables and definitely want to repair those. I hate having to replace them!

  14. Ditto on the dishwasher! I am so ecited try this stuff – and I love the idea of making a hook in my shower for the shower pouf!!! yay!

  15. I would use this product to secure my iPhone cord, and I also like the idea of using it to secure hooks in the shower.

  16. I’d use it to make some broom and dustpan hooks. Then it’d be great to customize scarf holders inside the closet. Very impressed with this stuff!

  17. I love the little dots acting as strap stops on hangers. I also have a vacuum cleaner hook that needs fixing. And the hanger for my hairdryer needs repairing. If I let myself think about it very long I could probably come up with 20 or 30 things that need fixing around here.

  18. Okay seriously this stuff look amazing and fun! I would use it on my vacuum hard floor tool which has a huge chunk missing and scratches the floor if you use it! That would save me about $50.00 for a replacement!

  19. Wow, this stuff looks amazing. I love the idea if being able to use it in the bathroom. My husband is a mechanic and I can see him using this for many things in his garage.

  20. This looks like some good stuff! I too would use this for my power cords; they are in need of some reinforcement.

  21. What an awesome product. I’ve never heard of it, but could definitely use it around the house. Besides my phone cords, I’d love to make crafts with it. Maybe rubber beads for jewelry. Seems like the options are endless. Thanks for the info!

  22. Like the idea of organizing all the charger cords, and also your idea of fixing the cords themselves! Very cool!

  23. I would use it to reattach two arms and one head on my son’s well-loved ninja turtle toys that are now sold out/unreplaceable. That would mean a lot to a six year old who has watched his Mommy fail at reattaching them with superglue, epoxy and about 8 other attempts!

  24. This stuff is amazing! I love the idea of creating hooks on cabinet doors for pot and pan lids. Genius for kitchens that don’t have useful storage areas for things like that! The possibilities with it seem endless!

  25. I would definitely use it for cord wrangling. Charger cords drive me crazy!
    I think it would come in handy for all sorts of things you wouldn’t think of until you need it.

  26. Oh my gosh… I think I can fix /re build my dishwasher with this stuff. . Also can work magic on my computer cords. I think the possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing this amazing product and for the great giveaway!

  27. Over the 12 years I’ve owned my Dyson, I have had to replace the hose about 6 times because it always rips. I am wondering if Sugru is finally the answer to this problem!

  28. Goodness , all the things I have thrown away because at the time there was no way to repair them. I have a 27 year old special needs daughter who is still playing with her toys from toddler hood and when they break it is drama . Most are now vintage and cannot be replaced so I am diffiantly getting some Sugru to have on hand. Thanks for the info.

  29. This definitely looks like fun! I love the toothbrush holders but I have to say…after horrid arguments about who’s charger belongs to who…I will definitively use it on my iphone charger cables!

  30. iphone cord, of course! and then create a hookie thing for my blow dryer & curling iron so they don’t look so ugly lying around my bathroom.

  31. I could use it to fix our dishwasher too. The little sticks that hold the plates in place keep breaking off and it is getting a little ridiculous!

  32. I could use this in a million ways, but today I would have used it to help one of my teachers fix a handle on a sacred book basket. Her class loves this basket (each student gets to keep at their desk for a reward). Today a girl came to me crying that she accidentally broke the basket.

  33. Need to patch a slit on top of my Sperry rain boots and fix a broken plastic thingey on my refrigerator shelf. And then create a wedge to block out cold air between a door ad the door frame. Gimme time and I know I can find more uses!!

  34. I would definitely use it to secure all the electronic cords to the back of nightstands, etc. Fantastic find and ideas.

  35. Wow, that is an amazing product and amazing story!
    I always need more hooks, this would be a fun way to make my own custom ones. Electrical cords always seem to fray, so, this would be handy to keep on hand for that.
    I didn’t see info on amount of material in a pack, nor how long an item stays fixed. Would be interesting to see testimonials from users who bought one of the first batches, or bought product prior to 2010, at least.

  36. What wouldn’t I fix?! Your diorama comment got me thinking…..I’m a teacher, so I’m sure we could use it for lots of our classroom projects. Thanks!

  37. I would fix my daughters grooming cord, she uses electrical tape but it won’t stay connected…….

    Great product ?


  38. I live in an old house with plaster walls. I have to be pretty picky about the holes I will drill. While I use 3m products often, they don’t always hold up on my textured walls. I would love to see how Sugru would hold up. I also have a vaccume that needs a new hook and the list goes on!

  39. I would use Sugru to hang a ton of things to the wall – we homeschool and there is always some weird thing I want to attach to the wall.

  40. Living in a house full of men that are hmmmm, not so careful?? I could use this product in so many ways!! I’ve learned to just shake my head at the breakage– now I would almost welcome it. Would love the gift card to Lowes. My first project would be the vacuum that has a few things “snapped off”. Next, I would fix all the cords –> colorized for each person.

  41. I can’t think of anything that needs fixing (now) but i would be excited to try to make a custom hooks for mops, brooms , garden tools, etc. like a larger version of the electrical cord hooks. Would be a great thing to keep around for when something does break!

  42. Wow….what a wonderful product. I could use this on so many things in my house, especially frayed cords. Thank you for the give away. Love your blog.

  43. Oh! I totally need to use that to fix my vacuum cleaner! Two of the plastic pieces have broken and it frustrates me so badly!

  44. What a cool product! I am definitely getting some Sugru. I’ll take it south when we visit our grandchildren this winter…they are always asking grandma to fix a toy or something!

  45. Not really related to fixing stuff however…..DISHWASHER TIP! After almost tossing a 3 year old dishwasher because it would not clean my dishes (I always prerinsed before loading), I started digging around. What I found was an ungodly amount of crud and greasy gunk all over the inside. After spending all evening cleaning with vinegar and bleach it started working like a charm again. And then I saw an AMAZING tip for keeping the gunk at bay….before you run your dishwasher, turn the faucet at the sink on until it runs hot water! That way, the minute you start your dishwasher, it is running hot water that should immediately “melt” away any grease or gunk on your dishes! New dishwashers are designed to use minimal water, and if it takes a little time for the hot water to get to your kitchen, you could be running 1/2 its cycle in cold water…which as we all know just cements “grease and gunk!” Sorry to step on you “fix it” post, but I am just so pumped about this tip I have to share 😉

  46. I would use it to make make hooks to hang my husbands baseball caps on his closet organizer. Thanks!

  47. This stuff sounds amazing! For starters I would fix the end of the long electrical cord I use in my garage.

  48. I love the Sugru and magnet idea! And, I know I have some electrical cords that need repairing!

  49. What a fantastic product! I would use it to fix the broken cover from a Nalgene bottle. The cover itself works, but the part that attaches the cover to the bottle to prevent it from getting lost has detached.

  50. Wow! I’m REALLY impressed w/this stuff & it’s totally YOUR “fault”! Lol
    I LOVE the idea of being able to hang bathroom accessories w/out having to drill into your tile…GREAT for those of us that love to change our decor around as we acquire new finds & complete various DIY projects & make overs!
    & a very close second for me, is the reach extender for hanging clothes, etc. up & getting them back down again…For a vertically challenged girl like myself, that’s so much easier than getting a stool to stand on (even though I’ve got at least one stashed in every room…AND closet! 😉
    Think I’ll go take a tour through the house now & start myself a list of things that I need to fix or make w/this stuff~ Thanks for the tip, you really are THE BEST!!!

  51. Hockey Gear. We have lots of bits that have broken off and the Sugru would be perfect. Looks lke awesome stuff

  52. We’ve used it for cord fixes several times, and to change a lamp shade fitting to fit on a different lamp. But I do love the cable holder idea too.
    Karen U

  53. I am amazed! The possibilities are endless. I was so excited, I asked my husband to read through the post and his dark, brown eyebrows went up into his receding hairline. Then he started, but, how do you get it off? What if it doesn’t stick? If it falls and breaks something…. Whaaaaat? He’s skeptical. The product that will fix all of our brokens that otherwise would get pitched? Bummer! I plan to prove him wrong!

  54. I was intrigued but not sold when I read a review from another blogger, but you got me with the dishwasher. 🙂 The little end piece just below your bracket is what’s broken on mine.

  55. Almost the same thing happened to our dishwasher but it would fall of the rails completely. We used zip ties to get it attached again. I’m pretty sure it’s stronger than it was before!!

  56. The cords, the cords! They are constantly wearing at that bend. Thanks for this – I just bought some!

  57. I have a set of German candle holders that the holes are too big for all the candles I’ve tried. I could use Sugru to make a ring to stabilize the candles!

    Thanks for the ideas.

    The Other Marian

  58. Hope this won’t be a duplicate but I’m not sure my other comment posted… I can’t wait to fix all the broken toys! This will be appearing in my husband’s stocking whether I win or not. Thanks, Marian! 🙂

  59. I used it on my broken curtain rod- blends right in and no longer wiggles when I open and close the laundry room door!

  60. Wow. This is amazing – Pretty much everything in my house is broken and this would come in so handy!

  61. I would fix literally all of the things with Sugru. I am currently imagining every little task that could be greatly improved by this product. Thanks for sharing .

  62. Where wouldn’t I use it? We have an older home with plaster walls and it’s hard to hang pictures and command strips don’t work on the textured walls. I’d finally hang pictures, hang lights in the closets, fix our vacuum cord, and best of all, be able to hang items in my craft room in the basement which has concrete walls. The options are endless!

  63. I think adding it to frayed Apple cords is a great idea! My daughter has to replace hers every few years, and they’re not cheap!

  64. Oh my gosh I have so many things that need fixing. I definitely have some rusty spots on my dishwasher rack that need fixing.

  65. I would use Sugru to make the end of my hangers grippy! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway.

  66. Wow. The possibilities are endless! Where to start? Oh yeah… sticking a towel rack up in the bath. Thanks!

  67. I would fix my vacuum where the attachment holder broke off, and also all of my fraying cords and my broken tub faucet where a piece of plastic that holds it on broke off and now it clanks to the tub floor every time I shower and A MILLION OTHER THINGS! I hope I win 🙂

  68. I too have a broken piece in my dishwasher that has made me crazy for years, I can hardly wait to fix it. I love the idea of keeping my electronic cords straight. Thanks for the post!!

  69. That stuff’s amazing! I’m sure there are a zillion ways I could use it, starting with the dishwasher rack.

  70. I love the idea that you can use it to hang stuff on tiles without drilling!! And they were offering a free sample!! I can’t wait to play with it!!

  71. the lego cord holder is awesome. i wouldn’t necessarily do it but it’s so cute! 😉 thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Wow! Thanks for introducing us to this miracle. I would love to use it to corral cables and cords to keep them out of my baby granddaughter’s grasp!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize.

  73. I have fraying power cords on my vacuum cleaner and I would fix a broken hook in my shower, it holds the hand-held thing! Lots of other things, but I think these will be great stocking stuffers for my adult kids!

  74. I would use Sugru to attempt to fix the handle on my 5 qt dutch oven. This stuff seems amazing and would also make great stocking stuffers for adults!!!

  75. Wow! Amazing stuff! I think I would use it for our frayed cords and fixing antenna on my son’s car. Thank you Marian

  76. What a wonderful product! I would love to organize a charging station using Sugru. My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 as well. Such a tough thing to go through.

  77. I love all the ideas for the bathroom. I think i would use it to hang my husbands razor. Along with another 100 ideas i have now filling my head!!!

  78. I have to admit I love using it on the cables. I can’t tell you how many charging cables I have had to buy for my phone this year.

  79. create a spot for my razor in my shower/bathroom.
    And on iphone cables, so my kids can tell theirs apart from each other

  80. I think I would like to use this for my dog’s collar. She always finds a way to rip her dog tags off her collar, so this should hold it on permanently and hold up through her getting it wet as well.

  81. I would use this to attach my magnifier mirror to my makeup mirror in the bathroom – it’s small and round with suction cups but it always falls off! This would hold it in place for a long time.
    Thanks for a great giveaway,

  82. What I really need to fix are our 25 and 50 yard orange extension cords I use to mow the lawn.
    There are exposed wires and this stuff could really make me feel safer.

  83. I love that you can use it to affix things to tile, without the hassle of drilling and possibly cracking said tile. Actually, it’s pretty cool for just about anything, especially since we rent, and try to avoid putting holes in things!

  84. I’d Sugru the livin’ daylights out of the million frayed device cords in this house! With 6 kids, there are a lot of Sugru-needy cords!!!!!!!!

  85. I love the idea of using this for Apple cords. I’ve replaced my phone cord multiple times. Would definitely use this to fix my vacuum.

  86. Love your fix for the frayed rubber coating on charger cords! Loads of great ideas on the Sugru website too! And an offer for a free sample! Cant wait to get mine and play!

  87. I could use Sugru to fix the cord holder on my ancient vacuum cleaner, probably just in time for it to finally bite the dust!

  88. I have been wanting to hang a wooden sign on my porch but didn’t want to nail into the siding. I would use this to make a hook instead. There are so many things I could do with it around the house. Thanks for sharing!

  89. I want to make some cable holders for the side of my bedside table…that is a great idea! And fix a knob on a lamp that always is cattywampus, and…..I could keep going too!

  90. So many broken things! The latest is the nozzle to the little sprayer that fell out of the car and broke off. Then there’s the vacuum, and the dishwasher and the countertop . . . and all.the.cords!

  91. What a cool product! SO many uses..I’d probably use it for many things, but I especially love the phone cords idea..Mine fray often & fast lol

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  92. Ah!!!!! How clever!!! Using it for Christmas Lights!!!! Awesome! Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  93. I have a couple of blouses that won’t stay on the hanger so would use it to create “bumpers” on the clothing hanger. Brilliant idea!

  94. You know the sprayer hose on your kitchen sink? Well some fool years ago didn’t install it right – meaning the big nut that is suppose to be under the sink to hold it to the sink never went on the tube – so I keep super gluing the nozzle holder to the sink. It last for a month or so then gives way. We’ve been in this house less than 5 months and I have fixed it 3 times. Just came apart, again, yesterday.

  95. Oh I would love to try this for all of our gadget cords!!!! I can see the addicting part! My mind is racing trying to think of where I can try this!! I am thinking stocking stuffer for my handi-hubby and adult kids!!! Yay!!!

  96. I can think of all kinds of uses, but cant wait to try it out in our RV. Those thin walls won’t hold anything, till now!!!

  97. Amazing! I’d use it for hooks and hanging things. Your dishwasher and vacuum fixes are fantastic.

  98. Wow. Excited about this product. My husband has an old pair of cycling shoes that lost one of its screws that attach the cleat to the bottom. Without that small screw he cannot use the shoes. ( his feet would slip off the pedals) This is the man who refuses to purchase something new when the old just needs a small repair. We have been on a quest to find just the right size. Consequently he hasn’t been able to take any long bike rides. This product looks promising. The down side- I will now have to find another quest( aka reason) to forage in old local hardware stores. Thanks for the tip. Virginia Ruth

  99. This would be the perfect fix for the bins on the door of my fridge – they all have cracks on the side/ bottom (inherited from previous owner) and every time I open the door I’m waiting for things to fall out on me!!

  100. This will make life so much easier! I can’t wait to try it out on our fraying cords, broken barbies and coffee cups. Finally an easy to use product! Thank you Sugru!

  101. I love all the wardrobe hacks, but especially the tennis balls on the wall to hang your shoes! I’m doing that one for sure!

  102. Torn between immediately covering the rusty part of the dishwasher rack, or fixing a crock-pot lid handle that broke off. Of course, I can try to keep my people from taking the wrong power cord by color-coding with Sugru, although when desperate, even a 16-year old boy will take a pink charger for his phone, so I might not hold my breath. I am definitely into keeping the chargers from fraying.

  103. I would use it for securing my iPhone charger to my nightstand. I’m always searching around in the dark to find the plug.

  104. I would like to use these to organize all my tv and cable wires/cords. Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. I’ve seen this product before but never tried it. Perfect timing! My sons earphones just broke and because of the location of the break, it’s really hard to glue it back together…I will be giving this a try!

  106. I like the idea of using the driftwood for a jewelry holder. But, I have something I want to hang on my front porch and my husband is reluctant to drill the brick. Can’t wait to try Sugru for that project!!

  107. We just moved to a farmhouse built in 1883. There are so many things to fix but I would love to put this around where copper pipes meet the new PVC connections as reinforcement!

  108. I would use this in my craft/workshop. I am always needed new ways to hang and store tools and supplies. Thank you for the giveaway and the ideas!

  109. I have a clothing steamer that has an extension pole and tank attached to it. One of the clamps that holds the extension pole upright is cracked. I’ve taped it but it loosens over time. I think I will be able to fix it using sugru!

  110. OMG Sugru who knew???? After reading your segment and going on their site I love the wardrobe section. I was just fighting with a tank top this morning and trying to get it out of the sea of tank tops I wear under everything and telling myself out loud, “I have gotten to invent a better system”, Well thanks to you and Sugru I think I may have a solution not only for my tank tops but the thousands of other women out there who wear them and want to access them without putting up a sweat to get them out of her closet…….sorry for the rant!!!! I also love the cell phone holder idea 🙂

  111. Simply AMAZEBALLS, lol….My hubby and I are Americans living in Beirut, Lebanon now for the last three years. We inherited his 100 year old family home when his parents passed away. All of our walls are cement cinderblocks….UGH! Drill bits are useless, as even the pricey ones break after one little hole is drilled. No one ever changes out any home decor seasonally for this exact reason too! I like to change it out all the time, haha! This new invention, ‘SUGRU’ is the answer to my inner decorator’s ever changing plans. I would use it on everything! Thanks for always being the brightest light….??…..

  112. What?! This is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!!! We are currently building a new home – but I am going to use Sugru when we move in to put up decor and save the drilling!!! Awesome.

  113. I need to fix the cord holder on our vacuum, too! And we bought a vintage travel trailer…I know it’s going to be useful for repairing some stuff that is too difficult to replace.

  114. Honestly! I might need stock in Sugru! I can’t really decide between the bathroom accessories, the cord ‘keepers’ and making my new flats comfy at the heels…. but I ordered a free* sample so we’ll see 😀

  115. Love the electronic cord set ups but I really want to try this on a floor lamp that has a broken support for the glass shade ( for 18 years).

  116. Wow! To think I could be so excited about glue that turns to rubber. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but I can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

  117. This is going to be the go-to stuff for my not-so-handy husband! ! I’m sure all my adult children will also be thrilled to know about Sugru and how it will resurrect broken bikes, toys, car seats etc. thanks for sharing, Marion!

  118. I add hooks in my bathroom without having to drill! I bet there are many other uses I can find.

  119. I’ve got so many fraying phone/iPad cords, this is definitely on the list… As well as the no drill hanging…. Brilliant! And my husband’s signet ring that the jeweler charges a fortune to do the black highlights,,,…!! My imagination is soaring! I’ve already made two trips to Lowes today and I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow… Next trip, Sugru is on the list!! Thanks for highlighting it Marion! As a non-techie… This makes me feel like one of the cool kids!! ? Can’t wait to show it off to the hubby!!

  120. Oh the options are endless!! I love all the cute little cord and toothbrush holders! I’d turn my boys loose and see what damage they can reverse.

  121. The idea that these are pliable is awesome for the apple cords. If Sugru can extend the life of the charger cords I’m on board, especially the color options.

  122. I just discovered this a couple of weeks ago. we were installing beadboard in the kitchen, and I used it to fill a gap. It is a little pricy for a lot of projects, but really works.
    You did really good on your projects!

  123. Thanks fir the giveaway and post. I think Christmas decorations and some remodeling projects -like floating shelves and bathroom fixtures – would be on the top of our list

  124. oh, I didn’t read about the give away…so I went to their site….much smarter now. I love the holder for the plugs! and, I bought it at Lowes!

  125. Love the little lego men phone cord holder over on the Sugru website. I need something to hold my phone cord and our baby monitor cord on my bedside table. They’re constantly falling off when the devices aren’t plugged in and I have to squeeze under the bed to fish them out.

  126. The possibilities are endless!! First repair would be the flip top bracket on my refrigerator’s cold-cut drawer!

  127. I would fix the finial on a china cabinet that my great great grandfather made. Of course there are many many other hacks around the house where it will come in handy.,

  128. What a wonderful invention! I could use it for so many things especially gluing things to tile and fixing cords. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  129. I can think of a hundred ways to use. I love the craft ideas and covering the door stops that are constantly breaking.

  130. Absolutely love this product. I will use it to fix my car coffee holder so my coffe does no spil everytime I turn the corner

    Colleen from NewYork

  131. many things around here will be FIXABLE now! I’m going to get STOCKING STUFFERS!!!!! Think I read the shelf life increased now, to 13 months or?? anyways it’s great! wonder if it’s ”paintable” didn’t read that anywhere..thus the colors maybe!
    AND, I have a fridge shelf with a corner chunk out, guess what! going to LOWE’s TONIGHT to get some!!!
    Thanks Marian for more fun, fingers crossed at the chance to win! p.s. my dishwasher has a similar thing going on !!!!! NOT FOR LONG NOW! 🙂
    loved reading their story…the inventor and her partner got married after 10 years ..romantic !

  132. I love the tennis ball idea to store your shoes on a door. Genius! I would definitely have to try that.

  133. Wow, how did I not know this stuff existed! I would repair a broken drawer on my refrigerator door. Haven’t been able to use it in years!

  134. I have a dorm size refrigerator that the tab of the freezer door broke off so I can’t use the ice trays. Will definitely try Sugru to fix that. I’m a big fix it person so I know I will find tons of uses for it.

  135. Love the tennis ball/shoe hanger idea. I imagine I could find many uses for it. And I just threw away a frayed cell phone cord!!!!!

  136. I want to fix one stem on my eye glasses that my doctor no longer has in stock. I want to keep them for a while longer, and this looks like it will work. I also have an extendable light on my drawing table that is constantly falling down onto my board. I think I’ll try to rig up some design to keep it usable. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway. Have a great Thanksgiving. Kathy

  137. the LEGO cord holder is genius. I also like the iPad / kitchen holder, but if I have to choose one – LEGO it is.

    This will be in my house by the end of the week.

  138. Loved the story of how sugru came into being. Inspiring, to say the least. Think I liked the story of using sugru on the microwave to help the blind husband use it while wife was working. Also liked drop proofing the camera.

  139. What a neat product! You had me sold at the iPhone chargers – I am always bending mine and breaking the rubber. Love it!

  140. I definitely would be using mine to reinforce my Mac power cord, since I’m on my second frayed one. I also definitely need to do the computer power cord holders, since my husbands desk is a mess with them!

  141. We are going to start work in our downstairs bathroom and kitchen and this would help us so, so, so much. I also want to organize all my cords so I am not screaming. I never heard of this before. Thank you so much for sharing.

  142. I have porcelain tiles in my shower and nothing sticks to them I wanted to put a suction hook up and it lasted all of 3 minutes. Now I know what I am going to use, SUGRU

  143. A knob to replace the one on my Kitchenaid mixer. The mixer fell off the counter while kneading dough and the only thing broken was the plastic knob on the lever that locks the tilt head!

  144. Love the idea of organizing all of the cables and being able to pretty much put a hook where ever you want. Awesome product!

  145. I love the idea of using sugru instead of drilling into a wall! I have so many poorly done patches in my bathroom from when we moved around the towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc. I cringe every time I see them. What a great idea!

  146. Thanks so much for making us aware of this. Yes, the charger cord would be first. What a great idea!

  147. I love the fact that you can use the sugru and not have to drill any holes in the walls, and i have so many ideas already to fix my leaky sink, the front door…ect….AND I GOT A FREE SAMPLE, HOW COOL IS THAT?

  148. I love the phone cord organization, or how you can hang your iPad or one of the tons of other great ideas they have! How have I never heard of this wonderful product????
    Thanks Marian!

  149. This looks like an great product. I loved the Lego snap on computer cord holder; that looks like it would be a good way to organize all those cords. It would probably work for light cords too which can be really annoying and get in the way or just do not look good.
    Also my kids are all grown up now but I sure could have use this to fix oh so many toys.

  150. I could just go crazy with this stuff! But the lego and sugru for your phone cords would be first!

  151. Where has this stuff been all my life?? I love the uses for cords – computer cords, TV cords, etc. I can never get the cords in my house organized and out of the way. What a cool product!

  152. that’s the best fix-all I have seen, can’t wait to try it on some things I thought were hopeless

  153. ooh – i like the idea of helping fit my shoes to my narrow heels … and fun w/magnets … and the cord holders … oh my! –suz in ohio

  154. I would definitely attach the covers over the bolts for the commode – I hate that they come off every time I mop! I do a lot of crafts in the garden and I think Sugru would be great for putting them together.

  155. Wow-I saw something like this online but it was only available in Austrailia. I’m an artist and have So many ideas for my studio & tool storage! I love the cable management ideas too. Cool product. ❤️

  156. I could fix a little broken part at the top of our shower door. If you aren’t careful when opening it, the entire door falls off the hinge! Very embarrassing if guests are staying! I would also love to give these out as Christmas presents, so please…tell Lowe’s to pick me! 🙂

  157. I would definitely put it on my clothes hangers!!! Tops and dresses would not be slipping off anymore!!!

  158. Okay, this is going on my shopping list. I have a dishwasher basket that I was planning to replace. One of the compartments for utensils has a hole at the bottom. I’m going to skip buying the replacement basket and see if I can “Sugru” that hole right up. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and the information on this product.

  159. I loved the twig hangers and the driftwood jewelry holder. So many great ideas!!! This is unbelievable stuff.

  160. I love this stuff! I know that around the house I will find many, many things to fix – and I am pretty sure my husband will hijack this product for his workshop! I love the cord organizers so I think that would be the first project. Thanks for introducing this product, it’s totally awesome!

  161. Sounds too good to be true, but promising and with a free sample from visiting their website. I will give it a try on a piece of molding that broke off a patio table. Your posts have always been helpful and direct. I am looking forward to using Sugru myself.

    Bye For Now,

  162. Fixing the broken clothes horse was perfect. I have on of these mangled devils in the closet. Now I know how to breath new life into it.

  163. Love love love this post!

    I need some Sugru to fix a shelf in our tiny RV that keeps falling down.
    No place to nail, but I bet the Sugru could form a ridge that would help keep it up.

    Thanks for these ideas!

  164. Well I only got to the home hacks kit and had to come enter my comment. I’m always looking for interesting gifts for my son and son in laws. They can be very hard to buy for but they are all diy-ers and I think they will LOVE THIS STUFF! I can’t wait to get some for myself!

  165. What a wonderful new product. There are so many things around my house that need to be fixed. For one is the handle on the lid of my 3 qt. sauce pan. Would love to win.

  166. Oh my, really like the idea of putting stops on hangers so clothes don’t slip off. Also love the tennis ball idea for hanging shoes. .

    Thanks for this post. Very helpful

  167. I giggled when I saw your vacuum cleaner fix, because I have the exact same problem and it drives me NUTS! I love that it can be fixed, but I also am really digging the Lego cord trick! I am SO doing that!!

  168. The home hacks kits are perfect Christmas gifts for son and son in law! I too need to fix my dishwasher. I know there are many other things that need repaired! I can’t wait to get some! Genius. (Picture frame, base on iron, fill in divot on dog brush handle, and on and on…)

  169. This stuff looks amazing!! Great idea to use lego plates to mount cables. I also liked your idea to use Sugru to fix frayed cords (I know we have a few of those lying around the house!!). And I loved Tracy’s idea to buy Sugru for Christmas gifts … I think my husband will be getting some in his stocking this year, he will have a field day with this stuff in his workshop!! Thanks for the introduction to this cool new product!

  170. Oh my gosh, the possibilities are endless! I LOVE the idea of using it in the bathroom without having to drill holes, and making your own wall hooks.

  171. My FAVORITE thing is the CONCEPT. All 4 of my KIDS are getting this in their Christmas stockings. This is a total game changer, and the 16, 13, 11 and 8 year old will all have uses for it. From robotics to art, from Barbies to Legos, the Sugru possibilities are endless!

  172. I will get some to affix to clothes hangers to keep slippery items in place. Your repairs today are ingenious! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  173. Wow, first thing is the cord to my Mac that I am looking at that is bent and starting to fray… then some badly needed hooks in the shower so I don’t have to drill into the tile….endless possibilities!

  174. Oh my gosh. I would create the missing accent trim on my antique dresser!! I can see unlimited potential here for furniture restoration!!

  175. Hmm. I would probably use it to cap off nails/screws that are just barely poking out of pieces of wood. I’d also shape it to keep one of my chairs from rocking:)

  176. This stuff looks amazing. I like the idea of something to hold all those plug-ins chargers and for my head phones that are always falling on the floor beside my computer.

  177. This product has started my “wheels” turning! I can’t wait to try it. I have some decor items I’d like to hang on cabinets, but don’t want to drill holes in them. I think one of these kits would be a great gift for the man on your list…mine is getting one for sure.

  178. You know I’m really glad I stumbled upon this.. Never heard of Sugru before! As a Mother of 5 and a firefighter husband who’s not home a lot;this looks like a great product for me. I don’t need to wait and say “Dad will fix it when he gets home..” I love how the photos show using Sugru to organize phone cords. And fixing toys! Awesome!

  179. Where to start is my problem. All the projects. Definitely the phone cord chargers, a knife rack for the wall, a repair on a clip for the refrigerator rack. Do I need to continue? So many things can be fixed with this. I have seen some of this but didn’t know where to buy it.

  180. Sugru is so neat! I’ve used it for two bathroom projects to avoid having to drill into tile and our vanity. Up next? Well, I’d love to do some of the cord reinforcements and colors to tell who’s is what. I could put this stuff everywhere.

  181. LOVE the idea of not having to drill holes to attach accessories to the bathroom wall — and even better, being able to remove them (if necessary) without leaving holes in the wall. OMG just incredible!

  182. I have a broken vacuum (vintage Hoover) and a Water Pik that have parts that cannot be repaired or replaced! What a great product, thanks for the introduction to an innovative product;
    and I plan to order some soon. Paula

  183. What an incredible product and what a great advertisement you gave them! I want to use Sugru on the back of my desk to arrange cords and I want to use it on the underside of my sister’s desk to hide cords. I would also like to hang a chrome shower organizer in the shower without having to use screws on the tile. One of the latches on my drill box always falls off, I am now going to get black Sugru to fix it.

    On Sugru’s website: I am amused and fascinated by the protective case a man made for his camera. I am impressed by the fact that an aeroplane pilot mounted her camera on her plane and Sugru provides vibration free footage. I love the colors and am amazed that it doesn’t fade! I will be looking for all sorts of things on which I can use Sugru now.

    I am glad you did this story!

  184. This stuff looks awesome. Even if I don’t win, I think it will make great stocking stuffers for the adults!

  185. Wow, wish I would have known about this before. I just threw out a toy that was unfixable. But I have more! Great product.

  186. This looks amazing. I think I would use in my art work. I have been doing a lot of assemblage. It is difficult to find glue to hold certain things together. It looks like this would do the trick. I too, have a few rusted places in my dishwasher that could use a little help. I did laugh at the toilet comment. Those little thingies are so irritating the way they popoff. Thanks for such good pictures and explanations.

  187. I would use it to fix the cord holder of my vacuum cleaner. We have to wrap the cord around the handle. I would also use it to organize technical cords.

  188. Oh,my so many great ideas….I have a broken corner on a drawer front…I want to paint it, so it doesn’t matter what the color is…have been trying to figure out how to fix it without going to the expense of having a carpenter make a new one…it is an old dresser so it will not matter…now I can do it with SUGRU!!! yay….I signed up for a free sample too. Thanks Marian and SUGRU!! Diane

  189. The Sugru website has my perfect fix for all those loose dangling computer and printer cords laying on the floor. Can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing stuff! And a gift card to Lowe’s, my favorite store ain’t bad either. Thanks for this post!

  190. It seems that it would make good non skid bottom of chairs and our rocking chair to keep the hard wood floor from getting scratched up. Looks like an awesome product!

  191. My favorite is the stabilization of the power cords. That’s such a life/money saver! Thanks for letting us know about it!!!

  192. I have 2 frayed drill cords I would like to fix first. This sounds like a great product. Can’t wait to try this.

  193. My husband just broke a head lamp, where it hinges. Sugru would do the job to get it working again!

  194. What a cool product! You’re right. The possibilities are endless. That hanger helper idea is fantastic for us height challenged people. I will look for this at Lowes. I do seem to find myself there at least 4 times a week. lol

  195. Wow, that stuff looks like it will do just about anything except the dishes! Or it might fix some dishes if they are chipped or broken!

    Personally, I would fix the hook on my vacuum that holds the cord, like you, Marian. I think I would also attach my computer outlet strip to the wall and gosh, I could fashion little doll house furniture with it, or make jewelry or….the list might be endless!

    Thanks, Marian, for acquainting us with this nifty product. Can’t wait to get my free sample in the mail and I really need that $200. gift certificate as I am sprucing up my house and would like a few more items to make it look fabulous!

  196. Enjoyed visiting their website -so many ideas! I am thinking about how I could use Sugra in my jewelry making. Maybe make beads or interesting findings!

  197. My sad dishwasher needs this product. The brackets on the top rack are falling off and need some help so I can get a few more years of use.

  198. I enjoyed looking at the range of possibilities. My favorite use would be one of your suggestions to fix my apple cord that is in sad shape.

  199. I am familiar with Sugru. I have a number of plastic pieces that have broken and I’ve molded a piece of Sugru to fix it.

  200. This looks amazing. The first job is definitely my dishwasher rack (which I would never ever have thought of) and then I think both my girls get this in their Christmas stocking !

  201. I think i could use this product to fashion a replacement for the broken off”ray” of a sunburst mirror..

  202. I would definitely use it for phone cords and I love that it is waterproof and can be used in the dishwasher or shower.

  203. I love the tooth brush holders on the side of the sink! But I can also think of many things to fix around the house!! Thanks for the give-a-way!!

  204. I like the tooth brush holders and the shoe storage idea. But I think of a bunch of things to fix. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  205. I love the shoe rack idea but my very first project is the cracked vacuum cord and the frayed charging cords at our house! Love this product already!

  206. The first thing is the caps on bolts of commodes. Hate those things. Enjoy your blog and also their site.

  207. I would use it to rebuild broken parts. I have a glass cloche that has no top knob ( it was broken off)…so I would fashion a new out of the silver sugru. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  208. Where to begin? I have surge protectors in my classroom that the heavy-duty velcro has not managed to get to stay where I want them to (hanging under a table out of the way of my kids). I think this may actually work for that!

  209. The top three things I could use this on:
    1)the monster high doll–her arm broke off and another one her leg broke off
    2)my Christmas wreath that I want to hang up on my house..nothing sticks to aluminum siding
    3)The heel on my favorite boots

  210. What a great idea to use on the power cords! We have already replaced quite a few. I like the idea of color coding them as well. Thanks for the ideas and give away!

  211. i showed this to my husband, he rarely gets excited about my bloggly news, BUT, he said we need to get some of these to have on hand! Wow!

  212. I’d use it on my cell phone cord. Also I’d use it to secure a pop can tab to the back of my ironstone platters(to hang on wall).

  213. Well, Target is first on my list tomorrow and I can’t begin tho name the things I will do. However, I will start in my closet. Can’t wait.

  214. Loved the website, so many ideas. I’m going to do the frayed computer cords of course!, and I liked the toilet bolt covers idea, I hate those things. I would make hooks in the shower for the back brush and the mesh scrubbers that wind up on the shower floor. My husband has a broken Jesus porcelain hand from his crucifix that hangs on the wall in his bedroom, he would definitely fix that. Thank you so much for the chance to win $200 at Lowe’s. :-))

  215. I can’t wait to use the Sugru for covering the ends of my charger cords that bend and break! What a great idea!

  216. I would definitely so the phone cords! I have a pile of frayed phone chargers that would love to be fixed!

  217. I would start with my dishwasher, then my charger cords. I am sure lots of ideas will start flowing once I try it. Can’t wait for my sample to try it out!

  218. I know this sounds wack-a-doodle, BUT, my dear hubby whacks his leg on the sharp wooden corner of our footboard…I think I could make a soft “corner” for it! YAY!!

  219. Thanks for the info on what seems to be a great product! I accidentally closed the sliding glass door on my computer cord. Lots prettier than the black electrical tape wrapped around it.

  220. My head is swimming, such a great product. I’m off to Lowe’s tomorrow to buy a couple of packs for Christmas gifts. The website was inspiring, seeing their progress and perseverance. I’m loving the iPhone cable hack but also assuming there are innumerable other household uses yet to be revealed. This is going to be fun!

  221. I liked your vacuum handle, because mine came off, too. Looking forward to getting my sample and maybe the gift card.


  222. Wow! This stuff looks amazing. Being a Single Senior Lady with no man around this is just what I need! Will be trying it for a number of items waiting to be rescued. Thanks..

  223. I’m excited to learn about this new product. I was literally just trying to decide if I should spend the money to replace the rusted and broken racks in my dishwasher or just put the money towards a new dishwasher when I came across this email. Now I will be using the Sugru to repair the racks. I’ll also be using it on my phone cords to keep them from fraying. I’m sure I’ll think of dozens of other uses.

  224. I would use it to replace the little bumper on the toilet lid, Yay!!! I would also use it to fix my dishwasher. Actually, it would be fun to just play with and figure out as I went… Thanks.

  225. I love the power cord grips created with Sugru, and I want to try it on my husbands flip flops that rub between his toes. Actually, I’m making a list of all the things I could use this for. It sounds amazing!

  226. I saw this product recently and did not realize how cool it was! I like fixing the fraying cords…making little clips to hold cables and the magnets…so many uses!

  227. I love the toothbrush idea on the website. Hanging things with it would be awesome to try. Like for my gallery wall. I know every iPhone user loves the charger fix you showed!

  228. I’ve actually been wanting little cable organizers and love the idea of making my own, but the Sugru + magnent ideas are awesome!

  229. This is amazing! I am going to attach the little basket that holds my shampoo, etc to our shower wall so it stops falling off!

  230. This is awesome! My dishwasher is doing the same. exact. thing. I cannot wait to try Sugru out and get it fixed!

  231. Wow! How awesome is that? I would use it to fix frayed cell phone cords for my kids phones.
    Thank You for sharing and for the chance to win!

  232. Love all the ideas! One of my favorites was glueing pipes elbows for towels to wall! I can’t wait to try it!

  233. I love the idea with chords. Because of our yellow lab, a Costco Robo runs through our home each evening. I consistently find that the Robo has eaten my laptop chord or phone cards at various spots throughout our home. Sugru would keep things organized in a fun-looking way!

  234. Wow this stuff looks like so much fun, and handy to have around. I love the idea of the magnets, so many uses!

  235. I have a baking rack with one of the “wires” loose at one end. I’ve wired it and used an epoxy weld product to no avail. It would be nice to have it fixed.

  236. Wow!! So many cleaver home hack ideas to try. I especially like the one with the shoes ?. Oh and the grippy hanger hack too- thats a must!!

  237. I have this coffee mug with a chipped base and I don’t want to throw it out. This would be perfect to make it look like new!!!!! And a collectible figurine I received as a gift has a small but noticeable chip. This is exactly what I needed to restore the figurine. I’m looking forward to using it and finding other uses for it now that I’m aware it exists!

    Thanks for sharing!

  238. I wished I had seen this post last week because I had to buy a new cable for my iPad after the end frayed on my old one. I love the idea of using the tennis balls to store your shoes on the closet door, great idea

  239. This stuff is awesome! The possibilities seem endless. i would probably start by getting my jewel under control and then work my way around the entire house!

  240. Love the clothes hanger grippy idea and the hook for a razor blade. Looks like a great new product to try!

  241. I would fix my dishwasher too among other things. We are living in the house I grew up in so I’ve lived here over 40 years. My husband is not a handyman so believe me-there is ALOT that needs to be fixed!

  242. I would mold a piece to replace a wooden cup style handle that is broken on my antique sewing machine cabinet.

  243. Oh my. I don’t think I can narrow it down to one project. (I’m sure my husband’s list would be even longer.)

    But Imthink Imwould start with making my hangers grippy.

  244. This stuff is amazing, I would totally use it to hold up every dangling cord in my house. Plus I have six kids so there is always broken stuff to fix.

  245. I love Wood’s cast. This stuff is fab for our disposable society. I wonder if it could fix the leak on my husband’s very expensive iron?!

  246. Can’t wait to fix those caps that cover the bolts on the toilet, and keeping cords organized. Who knows what else? I’m sure I can find lots of things. Thanks for the info!

  247. Love the medical ID hack (I have a T1 child too) I would use this to organize my pantry. I have grill utensils that coukd be hung from shelving, as well as mops and brooms and excess shopping bags.

  248. Wow I have to get this you I have dishwasher that needs to be fixed..actually the door keeps coming apart..I wonder if it will fix that..I have to give it a try and yes a few plugs for tablets are also fraying

  249. The household kits are a great idea! What a great product to replace my two-part epoxy and Gorilla tape! Okay, maybe I will keep the tape, but epoxy you are outta here!

  250. The dishwasher fix is amazing!! We have the EXACT same problem with ours- I’m going to get get some and fix it finally!!

  251. Wow! I had never heard of this but can’t wait to try it! I think I’ll start in the bathroom and keep the toilet screw cover on! Thanks for the fun giveaway 🙂

  252. Cool product…I can see how addicting it could be….I have about 1000 i-cords I need to fix :)!

  253. I would certainly like to test it out in my dishwasher… from there the possibilities seem endless!

  254. I would replace the felt sliders on the bottom of my kitchen chairs and benches…Sugru would make sliders which slide perfectly on my slate and hardwood floors! I’d fix my vacuum as well…mine has the exact same issue with the cord storage hook ‘thing’!!

    I love the smile toothbrush holders from the Sugru website! I can s how his stuff could be addictive!!!

  255. I would use it to fix the broken shelf in my bathroom cabinet and many other things throughout my house. I like the shoe hanger too! Thanks

  256. I would replace the felt sliders on the bottom of my kitchen chairs and benches…Sugru would make sliders which slide perfectly on my slate and hardwood floors! I’d fix my vacuum as well…mine has the exact same issue with the cord storage hook ‘thing’!!

    I love the smile toothbrush holders from the Sugru website! I can See how this stuff could be addictive!!!

  257. I would begin by wrapping my wife’s phone cords for her, as requested. I’m 100% certain that this stuff is going to cause a very long to-do list for me. I may just enjoy this list though…plus I’ll be able to involve our boys for a good teaching opportunity!

  258. Would love to use this to try to repair the broken tool caddy on my vac. Also want to add “feet” to some cutting boards to stop slipping.

  259. I would fix the heads that fall off my daughter’s Barbie dolls! Haha. There seems to never be an easy solution for this.

  260. Gosh….looks like geeat stuff! I think i would apply to commonn fray points on my charging cords as a preventative first!.

  261. Wow!! Who knew something like this existed?!! I will be one who will use this everywhere. But, my favorite uses are to bring out engravings and to make shoes more comfortable. This stuff looks like just what I need!

  262. Cords drive me crazy…so organizing the plethora of cords that dangle, tangle and frustrate me would be the first project I would tackle. Also repair a frayed cord from my iPad. I have a vent on my dashboard of my car that won’t stay into place and a broken seatbelt guide holder. The seatbelt is always getting tangled up behind the seat.

  263. Well, I guess I better order some Sugru for my dishwasher rack that is currently zip tied into place!

  264. I can not wait to buy Sugru, I have a hole in my garage door that I have not been able to find anything to fix it. Also a sweeper cord and sump pump cord. All these things were bound for the trash.

  265. This stuff looks amazing!!! Definitely going to use it to cover my frayed iPhone power cords. They’re too expensive to replace so this is perfect.

  266. Haha! What a crazy, cool product! Off the top of my head, I would fix my dog’s tags, my husband’s shoes and, of course, our computer cords.

  267. Well, I was so impressed I signed up for a free sample. I think it would be cool to attach a towel ring to tile without drilling! Oh, and fix toys, that I know will get broken in the future. Oh, and I wonder…would it help shoes not be slippery???

  268. I have a percolater coffee pot that is constantly losing the plastic knob on the top. That thing isn’t going to get lost EVER AGAIN with Sugru.

  269. I love the bathroom ideas, but since my dishwasher just broke, the same way yours did….that would be my first fix. Thank you for introducing me to such a great product!!

  270. Your dishwasher idea has me thinking this could work on my dishwasher racks – I can’t keep the little clips that hold them in place on them so this would be the answer!

  271. I would use it to reattach the handle to a pot lid that has been unusable for far too long – and then I would repair the vacuum hose that won’t stay hooked into the vacuum – it would justify my never having thrown either out!

  272. Oh My Gosh where has this been all my life??!! I can’t wait to get some & like you, I’ll be walking around my house trying to remember all the things that annoy & now can be fixed! Yay Sugru!!!

  273. I would use it to fix a metal chair arm on my porch. It has flopped for years. I also could use a new cord attachment on my vacuum cleaner.

  274. So many uses it’s hard to know where to start! But, my wardrobe and containing all those cords would be a good place to start!

  275. Wow! This stuff looks great! I would start by fixing the phone charging cords that my son always seems to have problems with. Then, I would probably try to make some fun hooks for my grandsons clothe, toothbrush, etc.

  276. Sugru’s website is addicting! Will certainly use many of the ideas. Will start with attaching magnets in my cupboards to hang frequently used items.

  277. I love all the ideas for a small bathroom, especially the toothbrush hangers and putting up towel hooks without drilling in to tile. This stuff looks great!

  278. I love the cutlery hooks and the tennis ball shoe holders. What a great way to store things and
    recycle and be creative all at once!

  279. So many possibilities, but the first thing I would do is fix the broken handle on a laundry basket. And it will be easy to spot which basket belongs to which person in the house.

  280. I would use it to attached a towel bar to the tile in my bathroom. I’ve been procrastinating drilling into the new tile so this would be perfect!

  281. WOW – I LOVE this! I also have a broken dishwasher & keep thinking that before long I will need to replace it because the rack will fall for good – SO excited to try this simple fix! And I love the lego cord holder…so many possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  282. Just when I thought there was no fix other than drilling through the tile to properly anchor the shower wand fixture. Yay Sugru! I’ve put a stop at Lowe’s on today’s to do list. Thanks Marian!

  283. There are tons of things I could use this product for. I have a finial that broke and will try to repair it.

  284. The first thing I would fix is my sisters dishwasher. It works perfectly but is older and her rack has a few rusted ends. Then those charger ends are calling for re-enforcement. Oh the possibilities! Thank you for the info! Marie

  285. I broke a plastic tab off the top of a snapware container and have kept it forever thinking somehow I would find a way to fix it! I’d love to try this product and then other projects will likely pop up all over the house that need repair.

  286. I will definitely be using on my cords that my dog partially chewed that I currently have electrical tape on and my handle just broke off my microwave that I’m going to try it on

  287. I would use this to secure cans onto a board. I would store my Miss Mustard Seed Paint in the cans while waiting for my nest project to paint. I also need to fix an electrical cord that my puppy chewed. I think this would do the trick!

  288. Cool product! Thanks for telling me about it. I love the shoe organization with the tennis balls and Sugru and also the door stopper ends. All of mine have missing rubber tops…great way to fix ’em!

  289. We just bought a farm with a fixer-upper house, barn, outbuildings, etc. I can imagine many, many, many projects this will come in handy for!

  290. I have the same issue with my phone-charging cord. You’ve just helped me with a stocking stuffer idea. Sugary for all!

  291. This stuff will be really useful. I will need to have around on hand. First job will be to secure my power cords. I must buy 5 or 7 a year for a family. Second, job would be to create a hook just as you did for the Dyson! This stuff will be contagious to put to good use!!!

  292. I would totally use it on my outside hose knob handles to make them softer and easier to grip!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  293. the shades on my bathroom lights don’t hang right. I think I could make some little collar to hold them better

  294. I could use this on the old metal chair on my front porch. The arm has been flopping around for years. I also could use it on my vacuum cleaner. I have to wrap the cord around the handle as well.

  295. Wow, I could really use this all the time. I like the cord holder but right now I’m thinking I need to mold a little piece of “wood” to fill in some trim on a mirror I have that has fallen off.

    Thanks for the chance, Olivia

  296. Shoes OMG! I have a pair with rough inside edges that I was *just* about to give away. I can’t believe you can use it on shoes

  297. The handle on the door to my clothes dryer is about to fall off. Duct tape keeps peeling away. I’d love to permanently repair it!

  298. my dishwasher has part of the plate rack rusted away. So the plates slide lob sided. Also have several cords that i taped now. One goes to the out put to hook up my phone for music! hinge on the dishwashers soap dispenser broke off… ! Ugh… i need to get stock in that company!

  299. I too have the bendy problem with my charger cord. Oh and my dishwasher has a broken plate holder. As well as a broken soap dispenser. One of the hinges broke off, it would fix that in a easy peasy mode for sure! Fantastic ideas.

  300. That looks amazing. The rack in my dishwasher broke like yours and when we went to replace it, we were told it would cost upwards of $200.00. We ended up just replacing the whole dishwasher. Nice to know we can use this now.

  301. I am looking at my cord for my iPad right now with duct tape on it. Isn’t working!! I need SUGRU! I can think of lots of things I need to use it on! Thanks for the info. Love your blog Miss mustard Seed!!!

  302. I love the idea of making old cutlery into hooks for clothes! the utensils were attached to a wood board using Sugru!

  303. Oh my!!! So many uses. I think I like the cord organization the best. I get so tired of seeing cords in a tangled mess popping out. Would love to keep them all organized.

  304. What an awesome invention! I can see how it would be addictive! I was planning to throw out my charger cords, but not now. 🙂

  305. I love the tennis ball shoe holder idea. We play tennis, so we always have spare balls around. But 1st, I need to fix my dishwasher before it breaks….seems that I am working on the same problem in the same place….wonder why they break there?

  306. Amazing stuff! A few months ago I installed a new tile shower in my master bathroom. After all the time I spent getting the tile just right I’m not about to drill holes in the tiles to put up a towel bar. This product looks like it would be a great way to hang quality bath fixtures without drilling through my new tile.

  307. Ive had sugru for a couple years now and am thrilled it is available mainstream!

    My sons favorite “hotwheels” had skulls molded in the front and he did not like that, so I redesigned the front end with Sugru. I also made stoppers for the ends of knitting needles so the project would not slide off.

    Don’t keep a massive amount around at once. mine is a several years old and rather hard to work with now. kind of dry and not well mouldable.

    Love sugru!

  308. I would use this product to help keep a bathroom mirror in place! There is an electrical outlet exactly where a drywall bolt needs to go in our wall to hang this mirror sturdily, so instead we have it hung using just a single bolt instead of two. This would help secure the mirror for sure!

  309. I would use Sugru to hang some curtain rods that are too close to the wall to use a drill to install them. They are on bookcases that butt up next to the wall on one side. I could also use Sugru to attach labels when sticky mounting tape has not worked!

  310. The handle on my Swiffer wet jet just broke.
    I think I will try this on it and see how it works.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  311. That cable organizer would totally work for my printer cable! And i could use a little sugru to fix a chip in my favorite coffee cup that i haven’t been able to let go of.

  312. I have several places in my dishwasher where the rubber coating has worn off and the metal has corroded to the point of leaving gaps in the racks. The dishwasher still works and replacing the entire rack is not cheap. I could revamp my racks, possible with fun splashes of color!!

  313. Ugh! Sugru would have been so helpful to fix the last TWO Mac cords my cats chewed through. I finally learned my lesson and snipped the clip tab off of my third one – it’s no longer tempting to them!

    In my home, I would use it to organize all the cords behind our dresser-turned-tv-stand – we have a TV, a blu ray player, a Roku, an Apple TV, a modem, and a router all sitting on top of it. Needless to say, it’s a mess back there, and some different colored Sugru would be really helpful to differentiate between all the cords and keep them organized.

  314. Amazing stuff ! Well first of all I just found something really cool to give my two boys and hubby for Christmas ! Also I am going to get some and make hooks on the back of my bathroom medicine cabinet mirror to hang our tooth brushes !! I loved that idea ..but the possibilities are endless !
    Thanks for this post always I am amazed !

  315. The cords around the house for sure, computer, phone, kindles, etc. What a great giveaway! I’m going to Target tonight, so checking it out for sure.

  316. hello! what a great tool! i would use it on the outside bottom of my bathtub that is starting to rust.
    thank you,

  317. Wow-I’m impressed. Loved the cutlery coat rack. Wish I had seen this a few months ago-paid big bucks to have a cord replaced on my vacuum.

  318. I love the idea of making hooks and organizing cable cords! I’ve used suction cup hooks for hanging my garden herbs indoors and outdoor seasonal decorations on my aluminum siding with no luck. Things stay up for a day or two but they always lose suction and fall off, a constant struggle!! Also, I have a little bird figurine that has been without his beak for a number of years, he’d be pretty happy with a repair!!

  319. Oh , Wow! I know what I would do. I have been working on my house updating for the past couple of years. I took down a metal rack nailed to the wall beside the interior door to the garage. It stuck out and then with men’s shoes added to it, it was in your face everytime you went out or came in the door. My husband fussed about that even though I have a shoe cabinet beside the door now. I will do the tennis ball shoe holder trick on that wall. SCORE!

  320. I would tackle the bathroom: a towel rack that needs repair so it won’t pull out of the holder every time someone touches it. And to put up a soap holder next. Tons of uses! And I would use the Lowe’s GC for a new garbage disposal (though I would rather buy a new light fixture). Been living without one for months!

  321. Great! I’m fixing the rusted racks in my dishwasher!!! I also like the tennis ball shoe holders.

  322. I love I love the different colored cord holders. We have many chargers and to be able to sort and separate them by color would me marvelous!

  323. After spending an hour on the website I am completely amazed by this product! I don’t know why I wasn’t aware of it. I will use it on the broken part on the air conditioner, so I could attach the “wings”. And those Lego people will be holding quite a few cables in my home! The possibilities are endless!

  324. Exactly what I need to fix the front handle on the dishwasher bottom rack – it keeps coming off in my hands.

  325. I am amazed with this product. I have so many little fix-it projects that I can’t even begin to list them! I have added this product to my shopping list!

  326. Oh my goodness, making the clips for cables is a great idea. We have a charging station, and the cords all sprawl out. I’m continually pushing them back in to corral them, the pulling them back out when they’ve fallen too far in! I think i would also use it to make a new foot for my blender, which only has three now and is a bit wobbly.
    Great idea!

  327. So, seeing you fix your dishwasher got me thinking. We had granite installed last summer, but the installers did some wonky stuff/didn’t shim, so our dishwasher couldn’t be re-mounted using the correct frame/attachment bracket. In poor craftsmanship, they glued it, which Ahmad already worn off from the heat. My dishwasher now tilts! I’m wondering if Sugru would hold it in place, since we can’t drill holes in the granite to brace the dishwasher? I need to run to Target today!

  328. I’ve used this wonderful product to attach a piece that broke off my steam cleaner. It worked well. Learning how to create a smooth finish and custom colors on Sugru’s web site makes me ready to tackle a repair that I have been postponing because aesthetics as well as function matter in this case.

  329. What a great product!! I would attach items to kitchen subway tile without drilling holes. There are so many uses for Sugru!!

  330. Wow! This product is right up my alley! I’m the ‘fixer’ in my household and I have a number of projects that could use this product. First up, a metal utensil holder that has a broken bracket.

  331. I have a few toys that need repair…..some I broke trying to remove them from the awful redundant tornado-proof packaging. “Here kid, here’s your brand new broken toy”. #momfail I too have a broken vacuum cord hook, would like help securing my EZPass to my dash and would reinforce my iphone charger cords. Looks like a great product.

  332. My phone case has a big chunk out of it, which I know I could fill in easily with this stuff! I think I will also include some in our family’s Operation Christmas Child boxes – I’m sure kids in developing nations have lots of things that need fixing, too! :o)

  333. My stars, this looks amazing. I have been so busy that I didn’t read my last four blogs as they were coming in. This morning I set out to catch up and was so thankful to find out about Sugru! I have a long list of what I want to do with t but from their website I really want to have a few magnetic spots for keys and I want to try some tricks in my closet to organize there. Then my son has great toys that are perfectly good except…..our house can definetly use Sugru! Thank you for including me in the giveaway!

  334. What a great product, I would use this to make magnetic hooks to hang Christmas ornaments from the tin ceilings in my Kitchen and dining room!

  335. So many things to fix. First would be dishwasher, then the handle on ice dispenser on refrigerator door.I was trying to figure out how to fix that. I’m so glad you introduced this product my list is growing.

  336. I have a gallery wall of my kids’ initials.

    One of the letters came from my husband’s office: it was from the company name in the entrance and used to be attached with screws. Their name changed. The logo was removed, and the screws sawed off. The letters were tossed out and my kind husband salvaged some for me. But I never got around to sticking the screw ends to the wall. It’s been driving me crazy!

    This is the best solution I’ve seen. Thanks!

  337. This is the perfect product for fixing a lattice room divider that
    is from my Mother. She got it in the 70’s. I have some broken pieces
    and could not figure how to repair it there is not way to nail or staple
    it back together. I think this is the solution. Thanks! I also love Lowe’s!

  338. I’m going to fix the part that holds the cord out of the way in my vacuum.
    My husband is going to use it in a leaky rain gutter that he’s tried several things on and nine of them has worked

  339. With three early teens things get broken all the time. I need this stuff in my life! I am wonderingIngraham if I can use it as sparkle. Gotta go check out their website! Top rack dishwasher thingies, it’s on!

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