moving into the studio

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When I say that the business was taking over our house, I wasn’t exaggerating.  We moved three 14′ truckloads of furniture, tools, packing materials and stuff over to the studio today.  It wasn’t tightly packed in there, but they were pretty full truckloads!

We had four guys helping us and they worked incredibly hard.  We had three pretty monstrous pieces to move, but they were able to get it done.

Miss Mustard Seed-0710 Miss Mustard Seed-0713

I started to get even more giddy as I watched my stuff populate the studio.  It was coming together even better than I envisioned.

Miss Mustard Seed-0717

I used the oversized oak hutch and t-shirt counter to create a place to film videos and teach workshops.  Most pieces will be on casters, but these will be fixed in one spot.  (I need to clean out and organize the drawers in the counter.)

Miss Mustard Seed-0719

I was not super organized for this move, so my mom and I worked on some general sorting and organizing to keep things from getting too overwhelming.  I loved seeing little hints of how the space is coming together…

Miss Mustard Seed-0722

Miss Mustard Seed-0723

Miss Mustard Seed-0724

Miss Mustard Seed-0726

 Miss Mustard Seed-0730   Miss Mustard Seed-0733 Miss Mustard Seed-0734 Miss Mustard Seed-0735  Miss Mustard Seed-0740 Miss Mustard Seed-0742

…complete with a tattooed bamboo mat.

Miss Mustard Seed-0743

The bathroom isn’t anything to get too excited about, so I’m trying to inject a little cuteness with wire baskets and a chippy table (and it needs a good scrubbing.)

Miss Mustard Seed-0731 Miss Mustard Seed-0732

Jeff dropped off dinner for my mom and I and he forgot to bring forks.  Fortunately, I had some small wooden spoons I bought for photo shoots!  (We almost ate off of mini paint stir sticks.)

Miss Mustard Seed-0729

I was so tired and sore and my brain was a little fried, but as my mom and I were sitting down, eating our dinner, I was so satisfied.  It was exactly what I was hoping for at the end of the day.  There’s something about the first take-out dinner eaten in a new space, filled with so much possibilities and the anticipation of the future.

Tomorrow Kriste and I are going to work on more organization, which may be like the blind leading the blind, but we’ll give it a good effort!

moving into the studio

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82 Comments on “moving into the studio”

  1. Oh Marian it looks amazing..what a fabulous day for you! Even in the chaos of moving, your studio looks amazing! Enjoy these days! Looks fabulous!

  2. Marian, I have so much admiration for you! You want something done and it is done. I live in another state, but I would do whatever possible to come to one of your classes. That is my dream.

  3. Oh Marian, it is beautiful already! I can hardly wait to see the finished product! And you had Chipotle for dinner too?! Definitely a winner and a wonderful way to “christen” your new space! Congratulations once again! One day I plan to stop by and visit you and enjoy one of your classes! Until then I’ll just enjoy the beauty from afar!

  4. I wish I lived any where near you–I would love to come to see your beautiful studio! Already we can see that this is you!! I love your style and now you have all the room you need for creating. Congratulations!

    1. So happy for you. Moved into a new shop in May with large windows, glorious light and white walls. So enjoyable to have a nice space. One more room to fix up and I can relax. Good luck. Looking forward to your workshops. Are they for retailers or the public?

  5. So happy for you! You are blessed with a space that will be beautiful with your style. Congratulations!

  6. Dear MMS, So happy for you and your new space! It’s fabulous already and you will just make it more so as time goes by. Sure looks like the perfect space for you! Hugs, Anne Boykin

  7. Marian, you made excellent progress in the space already. I am so very happy and thrilled for you. I look forward to seeing your vision come together. Someday, I hope to be able to take a class in your new studio. Congrats!!’

  8. It looks so beautiful already and I spy your beautiful curtains! Can’t wait to see the space when you are all finished setting it up!

  9. dear miss mustard seed,

    this message comes all the way from sunny South Africa, from a town called Paarl (pearl) in the valley of vineyards outside of Cape town.

    i have been following you for quite some time. oh my how i wished that i could be closer to help you move into your very own studio and enjoy the excitement with you and your loved ones. well, even though i did not pack or carry or get you lunch (with utensils), i still feel the excitement these thousands of miles away.
    i am also a mother and wife and dreamer of my own studio one day> i create formal gardens and have just started with soft furnishings and painted furniture. i am currently doing my daughters room make over (she is 14 and tired of pink and red hearts).

    thank you for all your inspiration,.
    may G_d bless your business and your time and creativity.
    fondest regards
    adele van Niekerk

  10. You should be SO proud of yourself!!!! All your hard work, patience and faith have produced a dream come true. Change is good…Enjoy these times…you deserve all the good things coming to you and so much more.

    My daughter and I dream of doing a shop with similar merchandise for sale here in Maine. You are blessed to have such amazing support of your family.

    Warmest well wishes to you!

  11. Hi Marian I’ve been really enjoying reading your blog. Very inspiring. But I yet have to try milk
    Paint. There is no stockist in quebec, canada. I will be ordering some soon. Can’t wait for the experience. Your new studio looks just perfect. Soo happy for you:) The best of luck!!!
    Thank you for your amazing inspiration!!!
    Kindest regards
    Tania 🙂

  12. I am so excited for you in your new space!! And it is so wonderful that you have your Mom to help you. What fun! That kind of hard work is very rewarding.

  13. What a wonderful blessing to have your new space, which looks to be made for Marion! The light is incredible! I have been checking in with you almost daily for years and your story is really a mustard seed reality. Not surprising at all when you know Who makes things happen with perfect timing! Thanks for all the fun blogs and eye candy, which inspires and uplifts.

  14. Marian – I’m so excited for you! I drive by that space every day on my way to work and have looked longingly at it thinking what a great space it could be for cooking workshops. When I read that you had taken the house off the market and were looking for a commercial space I immediately thought that you should rent that space. I was so thrilled to figure out that you had done just that! CONGRATULATIONS!! I can’t wait to see it “live and in person”. Blessings to you!

  15. I am bursting with happiness for you and your family on this new space and business adventure. I now know how right you were in pulling your house off the market and listening to your heart that now was not the right time for you to move. You are such a testimony to the virtue of patience and that all good things come to those who wait ! Beautiful space, wonderful promise and I await every subsequent post about you settling MMS into this gorgeous studio.

    Blessings and continued successes to you.

    (Yes please have an open house when you are ready!)


  16. I knew you would like having a studio outside of your house 😉 It will change your whole outlook on many things now. Enjoy the fun of setting up !

  17. Congratulations! How absolutely lovely for you! It’s beginning to look like MMS headquarters, just wish I was closer to take advantage of a class or two.

  18. Oh my goodness! Your pictures are so great and even though it’s not all organized yet, it’s shaping up to be so wonderful! I’m so very happy for you and excited that God has been so good to you. Many blessings on you as you set it up and organize it. I cannot wait to see how it’ll look in the future.

  19. Marian…I have been following your blog since you first began. I constantly marvel at your ability to step up to every challenge and blossom and shine. In the process, you always share your talents and insights with us your readers / fan club! After Hurricane Sandy devastated our home, your blog inspired me to stay strong and to paint furniture, refurb furniture, make slipcovers and even dumpster-dive until I have recreated an even better home. I am so happy for you and your new venture. You share your blessings with all of us and in return you are blessed abundantly. You deserve every success that you have achieved. I am proud of your accomplishment. Maybe one day I will get to visit your studio and meet you to say thank you in person. Cheers!

  20. Congratulations! Your new space is beautiful and I am so happy how things are working out for you so perfectly – God always provides.

    I live in the Lehigh Valley, PA so am hoping to make it to one (or more) of your workshops when you start having them!

  21. Ditto everyone’s comments. Totally awesome! You’re SO lucky to have a mom, so willing and able to help!
    Continued Success!,

  22. So exciting to see you moving into this space! It looks fabulous and I’m sure it will be so helpful to you and your business! Blessings!

  23. I’m so happy for you!! I can honestly say I understand your anticipation and it’s so great to see you expanding in this new way. I know how hard you work. Congratulations!!

  24. Isn’t it wonderful to get your house back. Still waiting on renovations but that will be my happiest day too. Good luck – I know things will be wonderful for you – I have faith.

  25. As someone who has dreamed of having my own space for my own business, I have some understanding of how you must be feeling! I’m so proud of you and admire you for all you have accomplished! You go, girl!!

  26. I can’t wait to see the new studio all set up! On a side note, if you are ever looking to sell those chandeliers, I would be more than happy to take them off your hands.

  27. I’m almost as excited as you! You must have prayed over this one – Wood floors – Almost beyond my imagination!

  28. I can feel your joy all the way to California. Soooo happy for you…..can’t wait to see it all finished. If that was my place I would have a hard time leaving at night!

  29. thanks for sharing your process. it is energizing to see the studio unfold from a shell to (i am so sure it will be) fabulous! have fun! best wishes, karen

  30. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I’m so excited for you. This is going to be a great new adventure for you. I may have missed it, but are you still planning to move now that you have this studio?

  31. Marian, Your space is wonderful! the light and the floors and the sheer size of it all. From what little I could see, it looks meant to be. I get giddy just thinking how much fun you will be having there! Congratulations on your new adventure!!! I hope someday a space just for me is in the stars…

  32. Dear Marion, Congratulations on your wonderful new space. “God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him”……… very true. There was a reason your house didn’t sell…..God had a bigger, better thing for you and your precious family. He is so very faithful, and it’s a wonderful encouragement to all of us when a fellow sister in Christ receives such a reward. I am so very happy for you………

  33. Looks gorgeous already! So excited for you! Can’t wait to see what all comes next. I am looking forward to planning a trip to Gettysburg to see it in person. Congratulations! On a side note, every time I see your products for sale locally, I feel such a sense of excitement and pride for you, like you’re almost a personal friend. Have so enjoyed watching your business grow over the past couple years of my reading your blog.

  34. Oh my gosh oh my gosh OMG! This is IT. This is the reason. This was the “right” thing that you just had to wait a little bit for…… the whole “there is a plan I just need to wait for it – wait and see” – yup. Perfection. And that oak hutch looks like it was made for the space. Heck, the space looks like it was made for you. Wow. Sooooo happy for you!

  35. You experienced the bewildering hurt and frustration of your house not selling. Shortly after you took it off the market and wrote beautifully about Contentment…yes, always with a capital “C”…your studio space appeared. God is good!

    Blessings to you and fam on your new efforts and opportunity!

  36. Oh I can’t wait to see it all done! I can’t wait to get into another commercial studio/retail space. I really do not like messing up my dining room with projects and sweating to death or freezing in my garage. I get so depressed when I go to my storage unit and see all my merchandise piled in it. It is something I am working toward but before I start focusing on moving into another retail space I am going to stay put and get some projects finished around my house first.

    Do you still have your space at Luckett’s?

  37. I love the pieces you chose to fill the space. It will inspire the creativity that I know will be blooming all around your new work area! All the added touches will make it feel like you belong and will welcome all the students. Your home will now be for you and your family! Thank you for sharing!

  38. I would like to make a suggestion on the floors…the wood floors are beautiful…until you start painting or stripping on them. I would like to suggest those rubber mats you can get at the farm supply for horse barns…they come in sections and you can buy as many as you need to make an area as big as you want. I WISH I had done that in my garage since it is my “shop” right now…unfortunately I didn’t…so my garage floor is a mess…oh well.
    But just a suggestion…it would let you paint inside with little concern! Course, you may not be a slob like me…but even a few drips can be a pain!

  39. Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!
    I love the furniture you brought in!!!!

    I can’t wait to see more pictures as I’m also moving to my studio/shop in September!
    I love the chandeliers!


  40. Such a beautiful location and you are already making it so pretty. Happy for you and excited to see all the good things to come in your new adventures!

  41. It looks great already. Your space has such lovely light. This is going to be so good for you and will probably make your home a bit more of a refuge and a break from working so hard. Bet you have a great sleep tonight!

  42. You even put style into a move! It instantly seems to have become your space. For the disappointment of not selling your house to turn into this new-found direction for you business seems perfect. You did know there was a “Divine Plan” and now you are embracing it! Wishing you much joy in this new expansion of doing what you love.

  43. You and your family are such hardworking, talented people. I pray God continues to bless you on this new adventure. I think God likes to help people who are enthusiastic about life and that is you. Your energy comes through even in your blog posts. I look forward to reading more.

  44. Wow! You have just begun to move in and the studio already looks so “Mustard Seed”. You deserve such a perfect home for your business. Best wishes as you turn another page in your journey. I’m loving following along.

  45. How awesome your studio space will be. I admit I am a little jealous, I was hoping to have a studio and shop by now. Instead only a booth space rental at a local consignment mall. It is ok, things happen for a reason. I am not up to all you are doing health wise. Best of luck to you, I will be following your progress.

  46. 🙂 🙂 🙂 So happy for you! This space just makes me smile! Have fun on this wonderful adventure!

  47. I love that you included the yellow chair in the corner. It looks so good with your blues and as Miss Mustard Seed you need a little mustard yellow in your life 🙂

  48. I can’t believe how fast this all happened ! You know, those chandys are gonna look so great in there… It’s all just plain wonderful and that’s all there is to it…


  49. CONGRATS, Marian!!!! I can’t wait to see how this space comes together. You’re going to make it beautiful. So happy for you that your business is growing–you’re an inspiration! 🙂

  50. MARION!!!! This is so awesome!!! I love watching it come together. I feel like your blog has really redefined itself over the past year and a half…really love it even more than ever. Congrats on your new space, and I am praying that God will continue to bless and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. 🙂

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