Announcing – MMS German Glass Glitter

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Today, I want to share some super exciting news!  Some of you may have guessed this was coming some day, but it’s finally here.  I am so proud to announce the launch of Miss Mustard Seed’s German Glass Glitter by Meyer Imports!

I’ve been selling it for a while, but I’ve been bottling it myself, so I’ve only sold it in small quantities in my retail space and online.  It was time to think bigger than buying canning jars at the grocery store and filling them in my basement.  Literally!  (Why do all of my plans involve me boxing up stuff in my basement?!)

missmustardseed (427x640)

So, to get me out of my basement, I have partnered with Meyer Imports, who is going to distribute my custom blend of fine & course grits that makes, in my opinion, the perfect glitter.  The coarse grit gives texture and the fine gives full glittery coverage.

NEW.2.5 inch

So, how do you use German Glass Glitter?  You can use it like any other glitter…as an embellishment for crafts, projects and decorations.  Here are some ways I’ve used it…

glitter crowns/tiaras


glitter pine cones

pinwheels with glittered edges

…and, where it all started, glittered letters…

I need to make a new tutorial for those, since my video was accidentally deleted!  It’s so simple to use, though.  Just apply glue, sprinkle on the glitter and let it dry.  

It’s different from regular craft glitter in that it is actually made of crushed glass, so it catches the light in the most beautiful way.  Tinsel glitter just can’t compete with that.

We’ll be carrying it in five colors to start (that I got to name!)  

Silver (Tiara), of course…


…a gold (14 Karat)…

14 karat-2

…a light blue (Carnival Glass)…

carnival glass-2

…white (Fallen Snow)…

fallen snow-2

…and black (Flapper).


I’ll explain the color names (that may need an explanation) and share more projects in the days and weeks to come.

Meyer Imports is still getting things ramped up, but you can place orders now in their online shop HERE (wholesale or retail).  You can read more about the announcement, plus FAQ’s on Meyer Import’s blog HERE.

Announcing – MMS German Glass Glitter

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33 Comments on “Announcing – MMS German Glass Glitter”

  1. please recommend the best glue to use with the glass glitter. I used Mod-Podge in a heavy coat on some glass votives and the glitter continues to fall off every time I pick up the votive.

  2. You are just amazing! Congratulations on your new product line! You deserve all the best and I’m looking forward to seeing all your great ideas. Way to go Miss Mustard Seed!

  3. Wow! congratulations.
    I can’t wait to see the projects, new tutorial and…. of course hear about your zany name picking!
    I know it’s a doozy!

  4. FYI
    I also like Martha Stewart’s glitter glue and it has a brush attached to the lid for easy application.
    LOVE the glitter and all the color choices MMS!

  5. Oh la la. Guess who just added this to their birthday wish list, which is actually a “I must have these items post haste list”! It’s me in case I wasn’t clear. 🙂

  6. Eweee, this is very exciting! This is the glitter I am always in search of. Can’t wait to see the other colors.

    1. I was honestly under-pricing it quite a bit. I wasn’t paying myself for my time to package and send it out.

      1. “I was honestly under-pricing it quite a bit. I wasn’t paying myself for my time to package and send it out.”

        Thank you for reminding us that time is a cost factor in a business that wants to thrive. Even the tags and yarn used must be included in the cost.

  7. I love German glass glitter, there is no substitute! But I find my Meyer Import glass glitter tarnishes, is there something I’m doing wrong to cause that? I just use normal Elmers glue.

  8. No, it’s not poisonous, but it is crushed glass, so you definitely wouldn’t want a pet eating it.

  9. I love this glitter! There is nothing else like it! One question…I love the way it ages and gets an antiqued patina to it. However, sometimes I think it gets too much of a patina. Am I using the wrong glue? Or is this just the nature of the product? Thanks!

  10. Marian, I love the German glass glitter and was wondering if it would stick on a piece of silverplate. I do use the Elmer’s Glue and I think I have a great project if you think that this will work.

  11. This is so exciting! I’m so happy for you, Marian! Your brand is really taking off. You are an inspiration! I love German glass glitter and now it’s even better under your brand.

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