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We launched our line of MMS German Glass Glitter just before Lucketts and, in such a busy time, I didn’t get to announce it until after the fair.  Now that I’ve had the chance to catch my breath and get back into a bit of a routine, I’m ready to start giving you some ideas for how you can use the glitter and showcase the different colors.  Really, it’s simple.  You can use it anywhere you want glitter, but I know some people like a bit more direction than that!

Here’s what I came up with today…

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

This project is a good example that a little glitter adds just that extra something and it doesn’t have to be reserved for froo-froo-sparkle-princess projects.

I started with a tattered vintage children’s book.  I love the old illustrations and the colors, but the book was in really rough shape with a lot of scribbling, tears and some moisture damage.  I cut out bunting flags, approximately 3″ x 4″ with a triangle cut out of the bottom center.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

And I decided to pair it with the blue glitter carried under my label – Carnival Glass

vintage children's book bunting with "carnival glass" german glass glitter | miss mustard seed

To adhere the glue, I simply use Elmer’s Glue-All, but you can use any all-purpose, clear-drying glue.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

Brush it lightly on the bottom edges of the bunting flag…

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

…and sprinkle the glitter on the wet glue, allowing the excess glitter to fall back into the container.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

We opted to use wide-mouth jars for the packaging, so you can use them for smaller glittering projects.  If you’re glittering larger pieces, you might want to work over a cookie sheet or baking dish to catch all of that sparkly goodness.

Spread the glittered flags on a flat surface to dry.  I like to cover the surface with craft paper, wax paper, parchment paper or tin foil to keep it from sticking and make for easy clean-up.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

Once the flags are dry, hot glue them to some twine or ribbon.  I used the light blue baker’s twine available in my online shop.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

And there’s the finished bunting…

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

It took about 15 minutes to make, with an additional 30 minutes of dry time added on.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

 Of course, the pages with the cows are my favorite.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

Since I imagine this bunting being used for a kid’s birthday, shop display at a kid’s store or in a nursery, I styled the photos with props borrowed from my boys.

vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed


vintage children's book bunting | miss mustard seed

…and some more hydrangeas from the yard.

hydrangeas | miss mustard seed

  I have a few jars of Carnival Glass Glitter available for sale in the online shop.  It can also be purchased from Meyer Imports directly at retail and wholesale prices.

"carnival glass" german glass glitter | miss mustard seed


  1. Melissa

    I love this-such a simple, clever project. now I know what to do with my stash of old children’s readers. I am in awe of your font of creativity!

  2. Jennifer

    Super cute! Looks like a great summer time activity 🙂 Happy weekend –

  3. angela

    I can’t stop looking at the blue cabinet. It is just gorgeous and I love this color… it flow blue from your milk paint product line? Thank you.

    • Katie B.

      Not to be redundant, but the hutch is gorgeous. Did you paint it or is it the original paint? Beautiful either way!!

  4. Gail LeMay

    The book bunting and German glass glitter each spark a ga-zillion ideas! I was wondering/hoping you could explain the difference between German glass glitter and Carnival glitter which I’ve never heard of. A couple years ago I had the idea to buy a box of vintage looking Christmas cards and highlight them with German glass glitter. These cards were to be used as place cards at a Christmas table top event. I had great difficulty even locating GGG at the time. I finally settled for craft glitter. Oh what an experience that was! What started out as highlights became a two-sided endeavor that took on a life of it own!! Think Lucy and Ethel with gads of glitter [I never thought of using a cookie sheet layered with paper for corralling the glitter but everyone should take special note of that!] Thanks for your always inspiring posts!!

    • Shelly

      I believe the glitter is German glass and the color of this glitter is”carnival glass” because it looks like carnival glass which is vintage glassware that comes in that blue color.


  5. Karen

    That is too cute. I’m crazy about that hutch too. Seeing those illustrations took me right back to first grade reading circle. Yes I’m so old that I was taught to read using the Fun with Dick and Jane primers as they were called.Well actually my mom taught me to read before I went to kindergarten by reading the funnies aka the comic strips in the news paper.I used to be bored to death reading those repetitive stories… Run Dick run oh oh oh funny funny Dick LOL. I still love the illustrations though. I have a thing for childrens books.

  6. Ren Taylor

    In stead of gluing the flags to the twine, I will be using small clothes pins. I’m impatient and it will cut down on drying time. I will, also, be able to change the distance between the flags depending where I hang them. I can’t wait to try his!

  7. Linda Carroll

    Simply elegant….genius!

  8. Maaike

    I love repurposing old books! The bunting is especially cute! What book was it from? A Bobbsey Twins one? I remember reading Bobbsey Twins Adventure in the Country when I was young, and that’s what your bunting made think of. .:)

  9. Jamie

    I confess to be a paintaholic, I would,very much, love to know the hutch color too!
    Thank you for all your inspirations!!

  10. Toni Ehle

    I’m thinking ahead and wondering what Fourth of July projects you will be doing with this. Very nicely done

  11. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    Super cute! I would never normally think about blue glitter for a project, but it looks perfect with the children’s book pages. Love it!


  12. Talitha

    I love the last picture with the spoon in the jar: beautiful. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that one in a magazine too!

  13. Ter'e

    I don’t even have any kids………but I loved this idea. Excellent. Now to find my fav glitter!!!!

  14. Pam

    Dick and Jane??

  15. Leslie@FarmFreshFun

    Ok, this is way too ME! 🙂
    I love all your projects but vintage books (especially when cows are featured) and bunting are a fave of mine. I still adore the german glass glittered letters that I bought from you many Lucketts ago.So happy to see how great your biz is going ~ Congrats! Yes, I’m full time back to horse training again and loving it. Hope our paths cross again soon!

  16. Shirley@Housepitality Designs

    Love, love the bunting!…I have some old Dick and Jane books….hopefully one day I will get to making that wonderful bunting!!!

  17. Cindy

    Ok, THAT is an adorable idea! I love my german glass glitter by the way 😉


  18. Cassie Thompson

    I just adore your primitive blue cabinet! Where in your home do you have it? I’m just curious how it fits in with your other decor.

  19. Kirsten

    Thanks you, now I know what project I’ve been saving all those christmas cards for over the years! With your white glass glittter I would look lovely!

    I also love the layered blue hutch – PRIMO!!


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