“miss mustard seed in a box” giveaway

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As I’ve been working on my “how my business began” series, I have had to dig through old posts to find pictures and I’ve been reminded of some things I had forgotten about.  One of the things I tripped across was a giveaway I ran when I reached 2000 followers on my blog – the “Miss Mustard Seed in a Box” giveaway.

I offered up a few of my favorite things, including ironstone, a feed sack, bakelite knives, a balance scale and more.

Seeing that old post made me smile.  It reminded me of a time when I counted every single follower and watched my numbers with eagerness.  I still do that at times, but it’s not like opening a daily Christmas present, as it once was.

After “the post” I wrote, asking you what you wanted from my blog, I feel like it’s been a fresh start and some of that excitement and anticipation for the future has returned.  I have all of you to thank for that.  For your honest feedback and for your encouragement as I shifted gears.  And, as a thank you, I would like to offer up a giveaway from me of some of my favorite things…

…another “Miss Mustard Seed in a Box”.


What’s in the box…

Three quarts of MMS Milk Paint in the colors of your choosing.


Six MMSMP samples, our full line of European Colours.


   …a Parsons West brush


A brush soap and distressing wax puck


A large bottle of Hemp Oil


A bottle of Bonding Agent


A container of MMS Glass Glitter in Tiara (silver)…


A spool of blue & white baker’s twine…


One of my books, Inspired You, and a MMSMP Look Book One


And some typical Miss Mustard Seed antique finds, like this wooden tote…


One antique hemp sheet…




An antique blue & white compote…

mms-1373 mms-1374 mms-1376

An alarm clock…


A set of six knives with bakelite handles…


And a covered ironstone dish…

mms-1385 mms-1386

If you’re interested in winning, just leave a comment letting me know what your favorite item in the box would be if you won!

The giveaway is only opened to those over the age of 18.  International readers are eligible to win.  The giveaway will end Friday, October 16, 2015 at midnight PST.  A winner will be announced on Monday.

Good luck!


And, for those who have been asking, I finally scheduled a few workshops in the Mustard Seed Studio.  I’ve listed a Milk Paint BYOF (bring your own furniture) Workshop for Oct 30, a Milk Paint 101 Workshop for Oct 31 and a Glass Glitter Workshop for Nov 21.


“miss mustard seed in a box” giveaway

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2,320 Comments on ““miss mustard seed in a box” giveaway”

  1. It all looks wonderful but I’d be most excited about the hemp oil and the milk paint… I have so many projects and I’m dying to try both!

  2. I’m so bummed that I missed the deadline for the giveaway but I have to say I love the ironstone and would love to play with paint. Equal favorites.
    Thanks so much.

  3. So cool that you put this on!!! It was exciting just to see all the goodies! You are so awesome! I have been watching and learning from your blog and videos for a while and I so appreciate you time and energy! Thanks! Cheers to more milk paint adventures!

  4. I’m so upset I missed out on this giveaway! Everything in the box looks amazing… If I HAD made the deadline, I’d be most excited about the hemp oil and the milk paint. I have an old pie safe my grandpa gave me. It’s currently in pieces in my apartment (he took it apart to strip it and clean it), so now I just need to put it back together again and give it a face-lift!

  5. I can’t decide between the white ironstone covered dish (I collect white ironstone and use it frequently) or the hemp sheet which is simply delicious.

  6. OH MY GOSH!!!! I would love to win this.
    I would have to say winning the milk paint would be the best. I’ve only started using your milk paint & I’m loving it. I would love to see all the colors in person & use them on my projects.

    Fingers crossed!!! ?

  7. This would be amazing to win (I never win anything but it’s worth a shot!). I’m somewhat new to this paint, so I would love to get more. But I also really love the covered ironstone dish. Fingers crossed!!

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