milk painted paper eggs

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After making the Pysanky eggs last week, I thought it would be fun to break out the MMS Milk Paint and make some more eggs!  I selected a color palette of Mustard Seed Yellow, a custom green (2 parts Boxwood + 1 1/2 parts Lucketts Green), a custom pale blue (2 parts Eulalie’s Sky + 1 part Linen), and Artissimo.

I found these paper eggs at Target and knew they would be perfect for milk paint.  I was planning on just painting some small papier mâché eggs, but these were even better.  They are larger, about the size of duck eggs, and the fact that they open up makes them easier to paint and they can actually be filled!


No prep work was required.  I just painted on one coat of each color.  I painted the white eggs in the lighter colors and the craft eggs in the darker colors.

The paper soaks up the milk paint and they dry quickly.

They really could be left as is, but I wanted to add some decorative painting to them.  For that, I like using a paint that has more “body” to it, so I used acrylic paints – Titanium White mixed with a little bit of Unbleached Titanium to make it a soft, off-white.  I added some matte medium to make the acrylic flow a little better.

I used a round brush and painted repetitive, simple designs that look more complicated than they really are.


This was the part of the tutorial where I really missed my studio side-kick and assistant, Kriste.  She would’ve been my hand model or taken the pictures while I painted.  I need to pull out my old trick of holding the shutter remote in my teeth.

I allowed the paint to dry and then they were ready to fill and photograph!

This really was a simple project and would be a great way for a first-timer to try out milk paint.  Our sample-sized bags are perfect for these.

A bonus to using the paper eggs is that they can be used for many years.

And, because they are so darn cute, here are a bunch of pictures of the different colors and patterns…

I made a second take on milk-painted eggs that I’ll share later this week.

You can buy MMS Milk Paint online HERE.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

milk painted paper eggs

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49 Comments on “milk painted paper eggs”

    1. I’m not sure. They are resized, so they are not too large. They pop right up for me. Perhaps it’s the device you’re on or the speed of the internet connection?

      1. It is your photos. Your personal photo is 6.7mb (6700kb). It should be under 100kb, preferably under 70. All the photos in today’s post are over 500kb and you have about 15. Each should also be 70kb or under. Resizing isn’t the only thing that needs done to photos for the web, you also need to compress them. Run a free page performance test, you’ll quickly discover your blog fails dramatically for common standards of load times.

        1. While your information is helpful, your tact in wording the information is not…

          Like others, I have no issue in loading the page quickly on multiple devices and viewing her images.

        2. Thank you, Sara. I have always been curious as to why some pictures take a long time to load. You are very informative.

        3. I used to have the photos automatically compressed when they were uploaded, but it made the pictures slightly fuzzy. As someone who is obsessive about camera focus, that was driving me crazy! We made some adjustments, so the pictures stay crisp and clear.

        4. My pictures load instantly when I’m using a fast connection. At home, where we have multiple devices connected at the same time, they take a little longer to load but I found it is always worth the wait!

          Marian, this is such a simple and beautiful project! Thanks for the inspiration, as always

      2. Jus tFYI: I have no problem whatsoever loading your beautiful blog and pictures.
        I just adore these milk painted eggs! Thank you for sharing such a sweet idea : )

  1. I love the eggs. Absolutely makes me want to paint some. And your photos are definitely worth waiting for. Cause my computer is in slow motion this morning. I love that they are timeless and be saved forever. Awesome and thank you for sharing with us.

  2. I agree that your website frequently takes longer to load than the other sites I visit. Your content is always worth the wait.

    1. The eggs are the greatest find! I am hoping I can get there before sell out!
      Your egg decor paint is very inspiring.

  3. We are on the same mental wavelength!! I was planning on doing the paper egg painting today myself! Haven’t yet decided on pastels or “colonial colors.”

  4. I really love the slightly darker colorways you used here; they are perfect for the northern climates where warm spring weather hasn’t quite arrived yet and Easter pastels look too pale and washed out – really nice!

  5. These are beautiful, and I love your tablescape! You’ve probably answered this many times before, but what is the china pattern for the small, handless cups? (or maybe they are consomme bowls? or egg cups?) Maybe that’s the other question … what ARE those beautiful small pieces of china? Thank you!

  6. Love these eggs!!! Will have to try. Question if there is left over milk paint how do you store it??? Thank you

    1. You can store it in a lidded jar or covered container (even just a cup with plastic wrap) for about a week. It’s a good idea to try to just mix what you need for that particular project, so you’re not throwing away product.

  7. What a fun use for milk paint! We don’t have a Target close by, but I’ll have to see if you can order online. Happy Easter!
    PS – Just following the comments, your blog loads well on my computer (and phone) here. 🙂

  8. I LOVE these!!! Going to find these eggs at Target and order MMS milk paint right now! Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

  9. Hey Marian, I’ve stored your milk paint longer than a week, ( farmhouse white )almost a month! and still mixed it up after that, ( added some water) a bit more of the MMS powdered paint, then I used it some more on smaller projects, it smelled a bit stronger, and definitely need a good stir up, but was fine! and worked just how I wanted it to, I was really happy with that! I’ve painted it on wood, primed metal, always LOVE IT ! 🙂 so reassuring and glad it’s the safer way to go!

    1. Joan, I push the limit on my mixed MMS milk paint too! Just put a piece of saran wrap over it and when I come back to it, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s dry. I’ve even taken the dry paint pieces that are on the side of the plastic cup and stir them back in. No problems here!

      1. YES what you do sounds like what I do too! lol, I use every little last bit if I can too! ( I just use cottage cheese containers, or similar etc. …plastic containers with lids and have used saran too! 🙂 Both have been great! Just like Marian mentioned above! … saran over the paint let’s you keep a good eye on it…!

    2. Ha, yes! You can keep it longer than a week and I often do as well, but that’s just the recommendation. 🙂 I have a friend who mixes the entire bag in a quart can and just keeps it at the ready like any other paint! I’ve never pushed it that far, though!

  10. These are beautiful eggs, i really like what you did. Thanks so much for sharing, i enjoyed.

  11. What will you put over the paints to preserve the color and prevent dings?

    Do your blue print fabrics come in reds?

    1. They really don’t need a topcoat. The limestone in the milk paint hardens, so it’ll be durable and it has soaked into the paper, so it won’t chip. You’d have to scratch it down to the paper to remove the paint, in this case. If you want to add shine and some waterproofing, you can spring with a poly finish. It’s not necessary, though.

      This first line does not, but the second line will have a red colorway.

  12. Those are so sweet, and your photos are beautiful! For me, your blog loads very quickly on all my devices…phone, laptop and desktop.

    1. Perfect, glad to hear! Sometimes an ad will hang up the loading, but most of the time a delay is on the end of the user.

  13. I love these eggs. Honestly, I’m impressed not only because they’re so beautiful and clever, but because I can’t believe yoiu did all of that detail work yourself. This project would’ve taken me quite a number of days. I’ve never noticed that your site loaded significantly slower than any others I go to. I find that loading times, in general vary from day to day.

    1. I kept the designs very loose and, even though they look complicated, they can be finished pretty quickly once you get in a groove!

  14. Beautiful eggs Marian! And no loading problems for me either. And If there is anyone that would have tech problems it would be ME :).

  15. Bravo! I was looking for a project for this weekend with my gkids….and a great way to use up the bits of MMS I have on my paint shelf from various furniture projects. As for picture loading, I think your site is about the same as others sites, but your photos are so lovely and artful that I hardly notice if there is a wait! PLus, why be in such a hurry?! Linda

  16. The photos do load slowly for me. I’m sure the advice given was intended to be informative. It was certainly a lot of detailed info.

  17. Hi Marian!
    I absolutely love your blog! Love the decorated eggs. I didn’t have any problem downloading the photos. They’re beautiful! Thanks for the great Easter decorating idea.

    Mary M. Writing as Juliette Hill

  18. I always look at your photos before I read your text. While I’m interested in the eggs your china caught my eye more. I don’t think you’ve had this many close up photos of it before.! Yea for close ups!!

  19. I never even have to consider the load time, it is always just ready to read as soon as I click on it, and my computer is nothing special.
    These people probably have trouble with lots of other things loading as well, I am sure it is particular to their systems.
    Thank you for all you do, you are a great inspiration to us all.

  20. Love the Easter eggs and would love to give them a try. I see a trip to Target or Hobby Lobby. Your pictures load just fine on my computer and it sometime slow on other things. The previous comment with the instructions should have read her text before she hit send. Sounded kind of angry. Maybe she was having a bad day. Keep doing what you so beautifully do. These instructions are a keeper.

  21. Do you know when the red color will be released? Oh, I love it. Can’t wait to make drapes like your blue!
    Where should I be shopping for this line? Thank you. Congrats on your success! You have earned it.

    PS any more tool ????? available that you have holding crayons and the old silverware for sale?

  22. I have no trouble loading your photos, either, and I use a geriatric computer! And I would also opt for clear, in-focus photos.

    (Sara, I think you were trying to be helpful, but the way you gave your feedback has a very critical tone to it, especially the last sentence.)

    I love those papier mache eggs. So simple and yet so pretty. By the way I checked out some of the websites that sell the blue and white transferware and, wow!, it is pricey! Not quite in my budget, but still some really beautiful pieces. It’s very tempting–that is if I cut way into the grocery budget for the month! I still enjoyed looking. Thanks for the links, Marian.

    ALSO, the paintings are very professional looking. You have done a wonderful job with the still-lifes. I like those in particular. You are truly a woman of many facets!

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