Megan’s office makeover | desk chair slipcover

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Remember the “Franken-chair” I made out of two broken desk chairs for Megan’s office makeover?  Well, it has a new dress.

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

Here’s what it looked like before…



The base is from the chair on the left and the seat is from the chair on right.

And the slipcover is made out of Megan’s old cream cotton curtains!


We’re replacing them with a pretty green buffalo check that works with the farmhouse style Megan is moving towards, but relates to the traditional style (and other greens) in the rest of the house.

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

I am planning to make a small pillow for the chair, but threw one in there for the pictures.  Ha, a little not-so-subtle branding.  Actually, a very sweet reader made that pillow for me and it was the only one in the studio that was the right size.



Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

The ties in the back are decorative, a little feminine touch, but they are also functional, so the slipcover can be tied on tight and is easy to remove for washing.

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed


We have more to work on before we “install” everything in Megan’s house, so these pictures were taken at the studio.  Just an FYI, if you’re confused by how different the space looks.  You’re not crazy.

(Well, maybe you are, but this is a different space.)

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

I did sneak in a few accessories I bought for Megan’s space…

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

This adorable fan…

antique mint green fan | miss mustard seed

…a wind-up wall clock…

antique green wall clock | miss mustard seed

…and the wire waste basket.

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

And I had to show off the “weed bouquet” Kriste made for the pictures.  It actually looks pretty cute given what she had to work with!

bouquet of weeds | miss mustard seed

Everything is coming together so well!

Megan's office makeover | desk chair slipcover | miss mustard seed

Lastly, I wanted to share a peek at the wardrobe I found on Craig’s List for the main storage piece for her office.  It was $175 plus $50 to the Mustard Seed Moving Co.  That’s my dad.  So, it was a grand total of $225.


And it looks almost exactly like the one in my inspiration sketch!


More on that next time!

If you’re new to this series, catch up here…

part 1 | the before

part 2 | the “franken-chair”

part 3| the plan

part 4 | wall colors & design elements

Megan’s office makeover | desk chair slipcover

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33 Comments on “Megan’s office makeover | desk chair slipcover”

  1. I have loved following your posts for about a year now. I have to say that the ads were overwhelming on this one…distracting to the point of making me abandon reading. Disappointing.

    1. I read this blog on my ipad usually and the ads are all in a column on the right where i use my finger to scroll down…when i read this comment, i actually had to scroll up to see the ads…i guess i am just focused on the blog content and pictures and just ignore that column…the ads are part of the American way…I choose to ignore them!!!

  2. I LOVE how the chair makeover turned out! We need a new chair for our desk, but I have been unable to find one that meets all the criteria…comfortable, functional, affordable, and stylish! Most of the affordable desk chairs I come across would look awful with the casual, cozy, cottage farmhouse style I was hoping to achieve. I never considered slip covering an office chair. As usual, you provided an inspiring idea, but the question is if my basic baseline sewing skills are up to the challenge 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing the completed transformation of Megan’s room. Thanks so much for sharing this series.

  3. I love the chair slipcover. That would be a great alternative for my chair. I even switched from using my oh-so-comfortable upholstered computer chair to an Ikea Henriksdal chair with a white slipcover just because it looks so much better. I’ve got to say that there’s no way I’d have that fan in my house. It just looks dirty to me. There are some really cute retro-style fans at Target right now that I’d go with, but my work space is a no-rust zone.

  4. Following the transformation is so fun and so frustrating at the same time. 🙂 I find myself getting to the bottom and thinking….”Nooooo, what happens next!”. Like when I’m watching Scandal and they leave me with a cliff hanger.

  5. beautiful!! I love the old door behinds the desk. I am currently working on my office makeover and I have a ton of old doors in my barn… Might just have to give this a try!!

  6. I love the old vintage/antique fans…just featured the rewiring of one that is at least 80 years old and works better than most you buy today! If someone isn’t into the “rust” look, they are super easy to prime and paint since they are usually metal or cast iron bases! Some people shy away from “rust” but it is SO easy to deal with! Featured that process as well! The ONLY issue with these old fans is the safety factor…the cages are a little too “open.” But if you don’t have small children or idiots in your home, you are probably okay 😉

  7. I work out of my home 2-3 days a week because I have to travel so far to the office on a daily basis.
    My boss is a nice guy that way. I’m very lucky and don’t want to lose this gig…ever!

    Your makeover must be in my subconscious because I’ve caught the bug….time for a change!

    Behind my desk I have a rusty/cream tall iron headboard. I bought it years ago with no purpose but that I loved it. I love that slip covered chair and now I must try it. The room gets painted over Labor Day weekend and making new curtains soon. Not too sure what to do with my desk yet.
    It belongs to the company but my boss said I could paint it. (Again nice guy.)

    You are the Queen of Craigs List I must say. That cabinet…sigh.

    Thanks for the inspiration MMS!

  8. Oh man, I sure wish my office chair was so classy! My paperwork might feel a bit more fancy!

    Fabulous details, I love seeing how things are coming together. Love that chippy green fan!

  9. She’s a beauty! The ho-hum office chair will never be the same again! And Kriste, I love the *free* flowers, too!

  10. She’s a beauty! The ho-hum office chair will never be the same! And Kriste, I think your *free* flower arrangement is adorable!

  11. The chair turned out great! I love that green buffalo check, too! I’m currently going through a buffalo check stage. Excellent buy on the cupboard. Can’t wait to see the final reveal of the room.

  12. I love this series. It so nice to see the steps/process of putting a room together “Miss Mustard” style. Would love to see more like this!

  13. It’s going to be fabulous! Love your slipcover and the cupboard is one of your best buys ever! Perfect.

  14. Normally, I’m 100% on board, but I’m not in love with the chair. (sorry!) It has a little “linebacker in a mini skirt” vibe for me. Would you considered painting the black base a softer, less solid, color? Maybe a soft gray?

  15. Love that clock! I have a similar one in 40’s green, but it doesn’t work. I think they are so cool. I love all the accents. Can’t wait for the final reveal!

  16. Great finds!!! Clock, fan, and storage unit! Can’t wait to see them installed…Is the door coming with the clock? lol

  17. since this is MEGAN’S office….and it’s ALL being done with MEGAN and the SEED….it really doesn’t matter what anyone doesn’t like….MEGAN, you are one lucky girl….it is FANTASTIC!!!! all of it.

  18. The particular lounge chair turned out fantastic! I adore of which natural buffalo grass check, too! I’m at the moment under-going the buffalo grass check stage. Excellent obtain around the cabinet. Can’t delay to find out the final show from the space.

  19. It is just wonderful what you have done and i know Megan is getting excited about using it i have been on this blog 2 weeks and it is great,thanks Marian.

  20. love this and the slipcover. PLEASE give us a tutorial on how you made it. I know sizes would differ but the basics would help greatly. Especially the wonderful ties in the back. PLEASE!

  21. Love that adorable slipcover and the accessories. My one suggestion would be to paint the bottom of the office chair as it looks heavy and clunky.

  22. Marian, thank-you for venturing into the new client realm. It is quite enjoyable to see your style in a “mash-up” with another’s. I would love to see you here in San Luis Obispo, CA [“the happiest town in the USA” via OPRAH]. You could be the guest author @ “Remnants of the Past”. I purchased your book a few years back at our local Parable book store & need you to sign it before I have completely worn it out. 😉

  23. AAAHHH! That chair is sooooo cute. Just look at the little ties in the back! I love the way you put it all together by switching out bases. So fun …


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