Measure Twice, Hang Once

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First of all, I decided that I am not going to host FFF this week (again.)  I am a guest judge on The CSI Project for furniture makeover week, so if you have something to share, link it up over there and I will be picking ten of my favorites and one winner.  Will it be you? 
I love decorating with plates.  They are cheap, pretty, and versatile.  I buy a good transferware or iron stone plate whenever I see them at yard sales, antique or thrift stores for a reasonable price.  I am putting the finishing touches on my dining room and that involved hanging some plates to flank the archway into the living room. 
Here are some tips for hanging your plates in a nice, straight line.  I’m hanging a collection of three on a small piece of wall, so I measured the width of the wall and then divided it by two to find the center point. 
I held my bottom plate at a good height and made a pencil mark where the height and width intersected.   
I hung the first plate and held the second plate above it at a distance that was pleasing to the eye, making a mark with a pencil at the hanger height.  I measured from the edge of the wall to the center point to confirm that the second plate was not only hung at the right height, but in line with the first plate.  I used the measurement between the first and second plate to dictate how far apart all of the rest of the plates would be. 
I repeated this process with the third plate and then on the opposite wall.
These plates are the perfect way to bring some color around the archway. 
The plates on the top and bottom were very cheap yard sale plates, but the ones in the middle are over 100 years old and quite valuable.  They were passed down through my husband’s family. 
Almost done with the dining room…
Miss Mustard Seed
Measure Twice, Hang Once

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19 Comments on “Measure Twice, Hang Once”

  1. I just hung the 19 Christmas plates ( see post) and after the initial math over the doorway, the rest were easy! Now that I have the measurements in my mind, the new plate each year will be a cinch! Thanks for the vertical hanging tips. I need to even up some in my dining room!

  2. I love the tips. I can't tell you how many times I've hung plates or pictures only to have to remove them, plug the small nail hole and try again. I LOVE your dining room by the way, antlers and all!

    Karen @ Garden, Home and Party

  3. I have been hanging plates and banging holes inwalls forever! But new to me was this different kind of plate hanger that has a favric disk on the back and a hook. I guess it is adhesive and you apply it to the plate. nancy at The Daily Dish featured them, as she sells lots of priceless and not so priceless plates. I once had a lovely pricey antique blue willow platter fall off the wall using the wire hangers. Well I still haven't bought any of the new type, but I plan to. Nancy sells them I think if you are interested in protecting your special plates.

  4. Those plates look so nice, and thanks for the tips. I usually have about 7 extra holes when I hang anything in a group! Your dining room is so pretty–understated elegance but not too formal at all. The wire basket holding the tureen and the hanging doors add charm and whimsy. Love it all!

  5. Goodness, I just love your dining room decor. It is SO cute! Very elegant, subtle, and just the right amount of color. Love it!

    I love hanging plates in home too. I have 3 blue and yellow chicken plates in my kitchen that I found at Goodwill. I love those little plates!

    Hope you're having a great week : )

    Lots of love,

  6. The room looks fantastic! I too love using plates. I finally broke down and bought a laser level a few years ago…we were doing a "family" wall of pictures and it made the process so much simpler! And, I have gotten my monies worth out of it since.

  7. Your dining room is just gorgeous. I absolutely love your style, and am quickly becoming a huge fan of your blog. Once again, I'm lovin the blue & white!
    Gorgeous, classic & pretty.

  8. Great tutorial! I bookmarked it, since I usually end up with no less then 100 holes to hang a picture!! Will be sure to follow your directions in our next home!!
    Thanks you 🙂

  9. Your plates look great! I love using them on the walls too. Rhoda at Southern Hospitality features a website that sells a new type of plate hanger that you adhere to the back of the plate and it eliminates the wire hangers. I have seen so many other bloggers who are using them and loving them. They are not expensive and shipping is free if you order $5 worth of product. Check it out. I want to order some. Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Beautiful plates! I hate to admit it, but I'm an "eyeballer." I swear, if you take a picture off my wall, you will see about 5 little holes around it where I needed to adjust my nail. Haha. I definitely need to follow your advice. Thanks.

    Just linked up my faux zinc dresser to the CSI contest. Thanks for making me aware of another great blog.


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