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It occurred me to, as I was angst-ing over spending my entire Thanksgiving trying to get this room holiday-blog-ready, that I haven’t even shown our master bedroom in this new house.  I started doing a room-by-room home tour when we moved in and I got busy with other things and never finished.

It also occurred to me, as I was even dragging out bins of Christmas decor and planning on buying a live tree and figuring out how to strategically hang fabric to make it look like I’ve made curtains already, that I need to give myself a break.

So, instead of playing with my room like a life-sized doll house just for the sake of pretty pictures, I’m going to share how the room looks now and share my plans for it.  And there’s not one bit of Christmas decor.

The first thing about this room is that it’s huge.  Our last master bedroom was on the smallish side and it was long, narrow, and dark.  There was only one small window that faced our driveway, so it didn’t get much natural light.  The long, narrow orientation of the room made it a challenge for furniture placement.  I think we got the room to the best place we could without major renovation.

This room is relatively square and has beautiful light streaming in from a south-east-facing window.  But, the size poses a different challenge.  Since it’s big, it made some of our furniture, like our nightstands, look dinky.  It’s also a challenge to fill the room with furniture that’s practical, pretty, and feels balanced.

So, we brought our bed from our last house and night stands as well.  I swapped out my night stand for a marble-topped dresser that used to be in our living room and I’m searching for something comparable for Jeff’s side.

You can see his night stand looks out-of-scale.

We hung the sconces from our last guest room, since the shades from our balustrade lamps were crushed in the move.  (They are huge, so replacements would need to be custom-made, which is very expensive.)  We sort of prefer the sconces now, anyway.  I hung a couple of family pictures up on either side of the bed, but that’s just “for now”.  I’m not sure what I want to hang around the bed, yet.  I think I need to figure out the walls and go from there.

Right now the walls and trim are a pinky off-white, which will definitely be painted at some point.

I’m considering doing a fabric wall treatment behind the headboard, like I did in our last house, but I’m still thinking that one over.  I’m even considering a bed crown with fabric.  Hmmm…

For this large wall, between the closet and bathroom, I’m on the hunt for a buffet or something along those lines.  Whatever it is, it needs to be on legs, so it doesn’t block the air vent.  And, obviously, I’ll put some pictures up on the wall!

I’m also looking for a writing desk to put under the window.  I’m not 100% sure what I want it to look like, but I’ll know it when I see it!  The curtains and rod (with is barely hanging onto the wall) will be replaced.  I already have the hardware and a lovely blue and white toile, so now I just need to do some sewing.

On the wall opposite the bed, I have my antique French wardrobe and the Lily Chaise Lounge by Birch Lane in the corner.  (Disclosure: Birch Lane gave me a gift card as a part of the Seasons of Home blog tour.  I waited until the chaise was on sale, applied the gift card to the bulk of the cost, and chipped in the rest.)

I’ve always wanted to have a chaise in my room!  It really is a nice spot to curl up and it will be even better when the corner is cozied up with pictures, a floor lamp, maybe a small table, etc.

The chaise is very comfortable, well made, and fills that corner perfectly.  (And, believe it or not, we couldn’t fit our wing chairs through the bedroom door, so it was a small miracle that this fit!)

I’ll share more about the bedroom as I work on it.  I’m planning on focusing on the family room, kitchen, and other rooms on the main level before I start doing too much work up here, though.

It’s such a beautiful room and I can’t wait to put my stamp on it.


  1. Nicola

    Thank you so much for keeping this real, Marian. I think all of us who’ve read your posts recently admire how much you’ve achieved in your new home. I suspect you fall exhausted into that bed most evenings!!
    Your plans sound wonderful- definitely go for a half-tester behind the bed!! – and I look forward to seeing this lovely room evolve.
    Have a fantastic Christmas with your family xx

  2. Joyce

    I adore the bird picture above the chaise – where is it from?

    • Marian Parsons

      I found it at Home Goods

  3. At Rivercrest Cottage

    Your room is lovely and appears a wonderful large size. I actually love those drapes because I have a rather brownish home, but I can imagine how much better your room will be with the blue and white ones. I have only one question and that’s why you wouldn’t put your desk on the wall? It seems a better place for it.

    • Marian Parsons

      They are really not bad! They are very faded, though, since they are unlined and the windows are south-facing. I don’t decorate with much brown/beige either. 🙂

  4. Susan

    What a lovely space! I think I can safely speak for most of your readers that we don’t expect your rooms to be perfectly finished before you show them to us! It’s fun to see the process of how decorating evolves. I would enjoy seeing a whole hour tour even if some of the rooms are completely empty! Also, we’ve seen the front door and porch, but have we seen the whole house from the front? I’m truly amazed at all that you have accomplished since you moved in!

  5. Caro

    Lovely to see things in process because my house is always in process. What a lovely room to work with.

  6. Amy

    I would love to see a bed crown in this space!!!!!!

  7. Karen L Chaudoin

    It is a lovely cozy room! The color is actually quite soothing. I know you are eager to do more but your house is large and you have a lot on your plate. Best wishes and I hope you enjoy the journey!

  8. Betsy

    What a beautiful room. I can’t wait to see what you come up with design wise. I have a very small bedroom and I’m thinking about painting it a dark turquoise but I’m kind of afraid to make the leap. Over the past weekend I attended a Christmas Open House for smaller historical homes and one of the living rooms was painted dark turquoise and I loved it.

    • Marian Parsons

      I say go for it!!!

      • Teresa

        I second that motion…dark walls do work in smaller spaces.

    • Sarah

      Behr paint called “Tealish” is something you might like. I have used it. Lovely and great in a historic home.

  9. Jen

    Thank you for being honest with your readers and not pushing yourself to get the room blog ready. It is refreshing to see the process and makes me happy for you. I have loved your blog for years and bought your book. Thank you for pouring yourself out for others. You are a blessing!

  10. Gwen

    How about a family update? How are you all adjusting? How’s the new job for your hubby? How are your boys doing? We see you are busy and have made tremendous progress on your home, but how are you doing?

  11. Beth

    Very nice! I too just built a new home. The bedroom is big and the ceilings are 10 feet tall! I’m being challenged also with my furniture and walls. I’m looking into sconces also. May I ask where you got yours? I also love that crane picture!

  12. Debby

    Were you by chance at the LANA home tour?

  13. Laura L.

    I have been a follower for many years, love your taste, your talent, your sense of humor! But I want to tell you that I am enjoying watching the evolution of this new home more than anything you’ve ever done. Want to know why?? Because it is a “regular house!” It is gorgeous for sure, but it is also the kind of house that many of your readers probably live in. I live in a “regular house” too, and always look at farmhouses, cottages, and quirky bungalows with envy when I see them in decorating blogs and magazines. Things just look so much better surrounded by vintage molding, original hardwoods, and funky fireplaces! But it is SO exciting for me to see what you are doing to incorporate the decor I love into a newer style home. It can be done, and I am learning so much!

  14. Cecilia

    I love how real this is. You do a great job and I love following you on Instagram as well. I’ve been looking for some sconces like what you have in either side of your bed. Yours look like antiques, they’re perfect. I would love to find some. Keep your wonderful ideas coming and Merry Christmas!

  15. Julie Briones

    Love the mini soup tureen-planter. I’m now on the lookout for one! 😉 The room looks so peaceful and serene!

  16. Lucia

    Love your new home, love following the decorating, but are you going to be painting furniture again any time soon? I so miss that!
    Have a Christmas full of blessings!

  17. Amy Brawley

    Do you still have the patterns for your pillow initials on the bed or where to find them? I’m looking for an A. &. B. Loved all of your blogs for years ❤️ Welcome to Minnesota. Hope to meet you soon.

  18. Linda

    Hi Marian…I too have a large bedroom! Nice problem to have, I guess. I haven’t done that much to it (concentrating more on first floor and other bedrooms, but it’s time to give my husband and I better treatment). I remember writing to you about my bedroom awhile ago because the bedroom wall had only one window…and one of your bedrooms suffered the same fate!

    I will anxiously follow what you do because I have a lovely chaise and a beautiful armoire in my room as well.

    I hope you are enjoying your new state and new home.

    Linda Leyble

  19. Jill Marden

    Hi Marian, it is Jill from Australia. As I have mentioned before, I am a carer for my husband, and this is the information I love in your blog. The moment I get a chance to sit with a coffee and check for your post, is my time in the day. I am sure I am not alone when I say it is motivating. It has given me some enthusiasm for some changes and some painting etc. so in a way it is therapeutic.
    I look forward to joining in for more.

  20. Elizabeth

    Marian, you are so funny. Your master bedroom is beautiful already, so there is no need to angst over finishing it (philosophical question: are we ever really finished with a room?)

    It’s interesting that you see the work-in-progress acvount of your room as giving yourself a break. I see it as giving a gift to us, your readers. The before-during-after of a room is far more instructive than just the after, or even the before-and-after. Thank you for letting us in on your ever-creative thought process.

  21. Mary

    Your bedroom is great, all that room, you can make it into your own cozy retreat. A bed crown would just add to the homey cozy feel. Hope you find just the right nightstand for your husband soon, but I know half the fun is the hunt. But I’m like you, I’d want to complete the downstairs (where company comes) first.

  22. Jeannie

    Your home is lovely. You have already done so much in such a short time. I have all sorts of ideas but actually getting them accomplished takes me forever! I love to see before, during & after pictures. Would love a tour of your whole house.
    Hope you & your family are having a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas.

  23. Mary Lou

    Love your blog. Always gives me energy to start another project.

    Just a word about the wing chairs. I suspect you already tried this but this is what we did to get two large wing chairs through a door. Turn chair on side ( 90 degrees). Put back ( one wing up and one wing down) through door and then bring chair around an imaginary pole baring to your right. Our chairs would not go through straight on either but once we did as I explained they went through. Worth a try.

  24. Kristin McCullough

    The chaise would be a clothes holder for me. I just know it.

  25. Goedele

    It was refreshing to read that you’re going to give yourself a break. I moved just a little while before you, moving is exhausting … therefore I loved seeing a ‘normal’ bedroom and things in progress.

  26. Sheila

    Stupid question, but, where are your dressers?

  27. Leslie

    Oh the possibilities with your bedroom size and your endless talent…..I am sure you will turn it into a wonderful sanctuary for you and your hubby. We all will benefit from the transformation. Really adore the chaise, such a nice luxury to have a room large enough for one of those. I bet you can even hear it calling your name. LOL

  28. Kathy

    I almost didn’t get my wing chair in my bedroom. We finally put it on its side and by angling it inch by inch, we got it in. It was almost as difficult as parallel parking! If your bedroom door is tight against the wall, forget it.

  29. Jane

    Love this post! The room looks lovely as is. But will be even more pretty later on. Thinking through ideas is all part of the process. Please no pressure on yourself.

  30. Vickie White

    I LOVE that you showed us what you’re starting with. It’s already lovely but I can’t wait to see how you make it over. I hope your holiday is filled with love and light…

  31. Norma Rolader

    love your master and thank you for sharing with us

  32. Kim P.

    Love that you blog about your ideas gives us in on the fun. I have a small bedroom w awkwardly placed windows. I was thinking of doing something over the bed so I can cover the one off center window and make the bed centered on that wall. Even tho the room js small i thinks its going to work well. Love to see what you will do with yours.

  33. penny gharst

    I try not to have things match so I am in favor leaving it as is. It is gorgeous.

  34. Margie

    Benjamin Moore Lily white might be a lovely color in your room. It is a very soothing , very pale gray or off white with just a hint of blue. – Might be a place to start. I have it in my dining room and love it.

  35. mary m

    Love it! I too have a blanket chest one side of our bed and a family Victorian dresser on the other side. You know the kind with “glove boxes” on each side with a mirror. I was able to find two marble slabs for over the glove boxes at a tag sale that fit perfectly. Over the bed I have a Victorian mirror. Can’t touch it or even
    dust it because the filigree will fall off. lol It has been there for over twenty years.

    You must sleep like a baby in your lovely room.

  36. Debbie

    Hi Marian,

    I have an adorable small French desk that would look great under your BR window. It is cream with some gold touches and it is as it was originally. It’s very well made with deep drawers. It came from NYC and you can email me if you are interested and I can send pics. I bought it about 10 years ago here in Atlanta off CL. I have thoroughly enjoyed it but I am changing BR decor. I was going to take it to consignment shop next week. I have never shipped furniture and have no idea what it would cost. No problem at all if you are not interested.


  37. MaryLisa Noyes

    I love your chaise! I used to have one in my bedroom and miss it. So glad you brought the armoire with you. Did you sell your dress form?

  38. Marlene Stephenson

    I love your bedroom and can’t wait for you to put all of it together like you want it. I love your style and always get ideas from what you do, so thanks for sharing.

  39. Mary S

    Hi Marian,
    What a great room!! I think I would forgo the fabric wall. I think it limits your decorating options. Think of the possibilities and moving furniture from time to time. You’re off to a great start!

  40. Charlotte

    I love the room and all of the furnishing and beddings. You said you were looking for a comparable table for your husband’s side of the bed. Did you not have the one in front of the windows on his side in your other house? I love those tables, they so compliment each other. I remember when you wrote about finding that second table on your blog! Then, you could put the one on your side in front of the window! But, then again, you know what you like and you always make everything work together so beautifully. I wish you and your family joy, peace and love in your new place in life!

  41. Mary S

    Hi Marian,
    One more thing…. It may be too late but have your ever considered a ceiling medallion???
    I have them all over my house and I love way they add to the look of a chandelier. Just a thought.

  42. Rebecca Neustel

    Betsy, Amalfi from Sherwin Williams is a beautiful dark turquoise, as is Bosporus also by Sherwin Williams.

  43. Rebecca Neustel

    I love your bedroom and that it’s not perfect, yet. It’s not the color you want on walls and trim, it hasn’t got all the furniture pieces that you want, it hasn’t got the curtains you want or all the artwork you want on the walls. I’m glad you show us it’s ok and that we can have beautiful homes even if it’s not completely decorated like we want!

  44. Barbara Kemp


    You might want to sell those bedroom drapery. They are pretty! I always hate to see things go to waste.

  45. Sheila

    Are you still looking for curtains? Country Curtains is going out of business and their whole website is on clearance? I saw some grommet topped navy buffalo check curtains and thought of you!!

  46. Annalise

    Hello! Could you share where you got your bed frame? Thank you! 🙂

  47. Michele

    Love what you have done with this room! Can you share where you purchased the sconces on either side of the bed? Thank you!

  48. Jessica

    I actually love the warm glow of this paint color. Can you possibly share what it is? Love your bed too. Thanks!


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