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 Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to get my house cleaned and back together post Lucketts.  While cleaning is sometimes a total pain for me and I am a part of the laundry-loathing club, most of the time cleaning is therapeutic in a strange way and gets my creative juices flowing.  I put on some good music, pick up the clutter, vacuum the fur balls (created by my wool rugs) and that almost always leads to rearranging something.  Or several things.

When I added the child’s hutch to my desk a couple of weeks ago, that meant rearranging the pictures and plates above.

DSC_9913 (424x640)

That meant removing one of my favorite family photos and leaning it against a wall until I found a new home for it.  (The little girl with the big bow is my great-grandmother and my mom still has the rocking chair they are sitting in.)

DSC_0163 (640x424)

As I was cleaning the master bedroom yesterday, I noticed the blank wall next to my bedside.  I was leaving the wall blank until I found just the right thing to hang there.  The family photo and blank wall were a perfect match.

DSC_0159 (424x640)

I topped off the picture with an ironstone platter…something that kept the picture from looking too lonely, but was simple and wouldn’t detract from everything else going on.

DSC_0161 (424x640)

I also brought in the needlepoint chair I had leftover from Lucketts.  It didn’t sell the first day, so I brought it home with me.  It makes a very nice vanity chair.

DSC_0165 (424x640)

DSC_0170 (640x424)

The last new addition is the necklace on my dress form that my 4 year old son made for me.  It has accessorized a few of my outfits lately and I thought it deserved more than “the drawer”, so I decided to display it.

DSC_0172 (424x640)

My son, the maker of the necklace, noticed it on the form.  “Mommy!  I made it for you, not for her!”  I explained to him that she would only wear it when I wasn’t and he seemed satisfied with that.

I just love “playing” with my house.  Don’t you?


  1. Leena Lanteigne

    Love that wonderful white chest with the mirrored topper! Great finish! Adore the dress form too! I want one of those so badly! Your room looks charming and so inviting! Hugs, Leena

  2. cheri

    I had a play day at home today, too! Preparing for a bridal shower here, and moved things from here to there, and a few things “outa” here. Feels good. I love seeing the changes you make. Thanks for sharing so beautifully.

  3. Jaime

    Please, where did you get that pretty scenic picture of the trees and field with the pathway in the first picture? I have been staying at home a lot the last couple of weeks too and getting caught up on house cleaning, organizing, and yes, laundry too. It feels soooo good! We were talking in our ladies Bible study today about how much our homes can effects us. One of the ladies said, ‘cluttered heads cluttered house’. Well, I don’t know which one comes first, like the chicken or the egg, but having a clean home makes you feel good about yourself!

  4. Kristina

    Gorgeous! Adore the chairs! Rooms look so fresh and light!

  5. Brandi

    I love the petite size hutch!

    I just bought a similar scale dresser with mirror on top (plan to use for American Girl doll clothes…although it’s much taller than a doll) I was told it was a salesman’s sample dresser back in the day. I thought yours was the same thing only a hutch?

    …I still love your baluster lamps 🙂

  6. Marilyn

    Love your blog — bought your book and enjoyed it and it is now making the rounds to my sister and her daughters. Love your attitude — you inspire me to move mountains in my home. We were recently blessed with a Roomba 595. It is the best — put it on your list. We named ours Wilford and he works like a Trojan. He is programmable and starts on his own and re-docks when his battery is low. (best prices as Costco and Sams) We live in a wonderful home built in 1933 with the original hardwood floors that are absolutely gorgeous. We also live with too large lovable shedding dogs. The Roomba not only gathers up the dog hair and grit, but shines the floors as well leaving time to pick up the clutter and clean a little. Wilford goes under the beds and does a great job where the baseboards meet the floor. He goes from carpet to hardwood with ease. Wilford has made a huge difference in our daily lives.

  7. Cynthia

    I love the vanity chair! I have been searching for a beautiful vanity chair. Your photos have inspired me to continue my search and find a vintage-inspired chair. Blessings to you and yours~

  8. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    aww. I love that you displayed his necklace. makes me melt. 🙂 I have to say I love the picture and platter in your room. That photo is awesome…I can see why you love it! so nice to have a family treasure like that!!

  9. Cindy

    Yes…I do love “playing” with my house…and it always sets off a chain reaction…a new way of looking at things that might go together. I love your blog by the way!

  10. Stacey

    I love “playing”. Did the same thing yesterday. I call it “shopping my house”. Yours looks great!!!

  11. Linda

    I am interested in the chair – what is the price? Thank you!

  12. chanda hakanson

    I’m in crazy love with the little hutch!!! By far my most favorite thing in your house also having a baby love affair with you dress form and handmade necklace from your son….sigh!!!!!

  13. Mandy Loescher

    Yes I live playing in my house also..great post!!

  14. Heidi Long

    Love your family photo. What a nice display you’ve made for it! Do you cut your own mats or buy them stock? Also I would love to know how you hang plates without the plate hanger showing. I see them on the platters (not very noticeable) but do not see them on the smaller plates over the child’s hutch. How, please? 🙂

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, I do cut my own mats. I asked for a mat cutter a few years ago for Christmas and it’s been awesome.

      I hang smaller plates with the Velcro command strips.

  15. BethM@Under A Pile of Scrap!

    LOVE your pieces and your knack for pulling them together, even when you wouldn’t think they would. I’m also curious about the middle ironstone pitcher in the first picture. I found one similar to it at a sale yesterday and was curious as to what maker yours is. I can’t seem to locate any info on the one I have. Thank you!

  16. stacy

    I was so excited to see the mustard seed neckl ace my friend Chanda (aka Redheaded Vintage Girl) made and gave to you when we came to meet you at Redhill in Fayetville, Arkansas earlier this year. It made her heart so happy to see it made it to your girl instead of the drawer. Chanda is so talented,like you, and will be at the Dallas Market next week with her wonderful jewelry. I hope you enjoy it as much as she does mking her upcycled sweet jewelry….and it looks so nice next to your son’s beautiful creation!
    Stacy (aka Calamity Jane)

    • chanda hakanson

      I WAS so excited to see that the necklace I gave you is in such an “honored” spot…,hanging with your sons handmade necklace on that fun dress form … wow!!! I told Stacey (aka Calamity Jane) i must feel like what you were saying you felt like when you saw your bedroom on HGTV’s web site. My necklace was on “Miss Mustard’s” website!!!!!!! It’s all so very much fun to have creative friends who inspire such as yourself!!! Happy Day to you!!!!

  17. Diane

    Try they are experts at keeping the house picked up and ready for company always. It has helped me organize and be positive.

  18. Jennifer

    Wow! I absolutely love those chairs. They match the room perfect but the details have color that make them just pop out in the pictures. I bet they look absolutely beautiful in person.


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