no. 100 & manet master copy

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In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (or you missed it), I wanted to share that I finished number 100 of my #100oilstills series!  It’s pretty amazing to think that I have painted over 200 oil paintings in the last year, especially since it’s just a side hobby.

And, I was so pleased that number 100 turned out as well as it did and I could clearly see how all of the hours put in at the easel between numbers 1 and 100 have paid off.

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

One of my followers on my art Instagram account said it was like a bouquet of yellow fireworks, celebrating the achievement.  I loved that description of it.

As a comparison, here is number 1 and number 100 side by side.

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

Since progress is my goal, I would say that goal has been met.

I have continued doing still life paintings since I have enjoyed them, but I have mostly been working on assignments for my online art class over the past 2-3 weeks.  I do need to start a new series, though.  Having a goal keeps me focused.  So, I’m not sure what it will be next.  Structures and portraits are two things I’d like to work on, so those are contenders.

So, speaking of my assignments, we just finished the module on master copies.  The instructor selected Renoir’s self-portrait, but she encouraged us to select an artist and subject that we were drawn to and that was close to our stylistic goals.  I knew, without hesitation, which painting I wanted to copy.  It was one I recently saw in person at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris…

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

It’s a portrait of Berthe Morisot (also a famous impressionist artist) painted by Edouard Manet.  (Just to clarify Manet and the more famous Monet are two different impressionist painters.)

As a side note, I have really enjoyed reading about the impressionist painters as I’ve been studying art.  I always thought of them as being rivals; working in secret in their studios in order to prevent their contemporaries from copying them.  It was quite the opposite, though.  They painted together and often.  They painted portraits of each other and each other’s family members and they even painted some of the same scenes.  And they worked together to refine this new and radical art form and fought to have it accepted by the conventional art world.

Anyway, I just love the story of community in the greater story of the impressionist movement.

So, I picked Manet’s portrait to copy…

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

Because it’s a portrait, I had to go bigger than I ever have before – 16″ x 20″.  It seemed gigantic, but once I started working on the portrait, it felt right for the subject.  It’s helped me break through the fear of a large canvas.

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

There were times that I thought I bit off more than I could chew, but I enjoyed the process of painting this portrait.

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

That outfit and hat were so fun!

I struggled a bit on the face but pushed through the awkward stages and I love how it turned out…

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

It’s definitely not a dead ringer.  But given that it is my first ever portrait painted in oil, I’m pretty proud of it!

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

Even though it’s not a true copy, I like the choices I made and how she turned out.  It ended up being my version of Manet’s painting.

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

I was happy to find that I had an antique frame that fit the painting perfectly.  I varnished the painting yesterday and now it’s hanging in our living room.  I’ll have to show a picture of it hanging in there because it works so well with the blue fabrics, gray walls, and black curtain rods.

Miss Mustard Seed - Manet Master Copy

I’m definitely going to be on the hunt for more antique frames, so I can fill them with paintings.

Next up is our portrait module, so I’ll be painting more portraits and I may even take that on as my next series.  Not sure if I can handle 100 of them since that will take me an eternity, but maybe I could take on 25 or so…

If you’re interested in the online art classes I’ve been taking, you can find more information HERE.  (This is an affiliate link, but I would share it either way.  It’s been a great course that has helped me a lot!)

no. 100 & manet master copy

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58 Comments on “no. 100 & manet master copy”

  1. I have a copy of that portrait in a frame that a supervisor of mine decades ago made for me….I love it. And I love that you have your version of it in your house.

  2. I think you captured this very well. I see similar nuances in your painting as were in the original. I always found faces incredibly difficult and leaned more towards landscapes, so I feel you are showing a very broad range of skills, which is so awesome! I have really enjoyed your paintings and seeing just how artistically talented you are. Wouldn’t it have been great to have been a student of Manet?

  3. I absolutely love this painting Marian! You are so talented in so many ways and I appreciate how you push yourself to try new things.

  4. Love the sunflowers!!! Love the apple!!!! Love the re-pro!!!! You amaze!!!!
    I just can’t believe you only recently started painting. Amen!!!

  5. Wow, wow, wow, Marian…gorgeous!! You are SO talented! And the portrait looks perfect with that frame. Wonderful job!!

  6. Marian,

    This is really stunning! I have been taking acrylic classes for the last 2 years and we’ve always painted on larger canvases. I did take 2 oil classes and it is SO different! Do you like oils better than acrylics? Did you try acrylics? I know you have also done watercolor. Would love to know. Most of my friends paint with oils but I’m more comfortable with acrylics. I would love to take on the 100 painting challenge….thanks for the inspiration

  7. I like the very first comment, because it was exactly my reaction. “Is there anything you can’t do?” Your talent is endless! I love this portrait, and as usual, you styled it like no one else. Which is why we love it!

  8. Stunning portrait. Truly. I admire how you push through your fears without fail. For your next series, perhaps “bodies of water”? You could do oceans, rivers, ponds and even puddles.

  9. When I was in college and trying to remember which painter was which…Manet has “man” and did more portraits while Monet, of water lily fame, did more landscapes. Which is not to say that one never painted portraits or landscapes, but if you look at images of these two painters, you can see the difference.

  10. Great work and impressive progress! Love the portrait hung above that particular piece of furniture – fantastic. I remember that when I was a child my mother took an oil painting class and the fumes – either from the paints or the turpentine were so strong, she had to stop due to headaches. Do you notice strong fumes while you work? I just lost my mother, who was such an inspiration to me this past summer and my daughter is in college and when I think of my “second half” of life, I know that I want to make time to pursue artistic growth. Would you please share the name/contact info for the online art class you’re taking? I think I need the structure of a class to go from wishes to works. Thanks!

  11. Okay, will you please just let me buy this one? It is amazing! And I agree with the others, your talent seems to be endless. Thanks for sharing this. If you ever run out of ideas for posts, perhaps you could provide some advice for all of us out here who would love to learn to draw and paint and have no idea how to start. In exchange, I will give you plant/yard/garden advice.

    1. I could always use gardening advice. I try, but that’s an area where I don’t have a knack beyond the basics. I’m better than I used to be, though, so that’s progress! 🙂 As far as drawing/painting advice, I’m only about a year into it (I did a few classes maybe 2 years ago and some as a child), so I would suggest learning from people who have more experience under their belt. Jeanne Oliver has some amazing courses (Michelle Wooderson’s workshop on watercolor landscape journaling is great and so is Christy Dranak’s class on watercolor portraits.) I have been taking art classes from Jessica Henry and they have helped me a lot. I also read a ton of art books and I’ve shared some of my favorites in other blog posts.

  12. WOW! Great job on the portrait. I love the impressionists. The sunflowers are beautiful too. They are my favorite flower!

  13. You are talented not only in art (large portrait—check) but also in blogging. You always find a way to present your accomplishments, no matter how formidable, as something followers like me can achieve. Thanks for being both amazing and encouraging.

  14. WoW! I tried to post one word and it’s interesting because it wouldn’t post saying my post was to short :). SO,

    WoW, again 🙂

  15. Marian, I just love your painting! You are truly an artist! Wish I could paint !

    You have the gift! Anything you do seems to turn out fabulous!!

  16. I actually prefer your version Marian. It is slightly softer and I think a little more ‘finished’ looking.

    I used to paint & did hand drawn portraits of peoples pets many years ago, but moving into the digital arts for work I haven’t done much using traditional media for a long time – you have inspired me to to try & get back into it next year & maybe do a course.

  17. I knew when I saw it that it was special. You did a terrific job and it looks wonderful over your new black dresser.

  18. I love your progress-amazing and those new paintings, I swooned. So impressed. Congratulations on all the hard work and the great example and inspiration you continue to be.

  19. I love your progress-amazing and those new paintings, I swooned. So impressed. Congratulations on all the hard work and the great example and inspiration you continue to be.

  20. Yes you have natural talent but what no one is saying in all of these comments is that you also put hours of disciplined study and WORK into your natural talent which is what made that natural ability flourish. To the people who say they have no talent or could never paint like that, you are a perfect example of how we can give ourselves permission to follow a passion and learn to be good at something new by putting in the time. And you never said, “oh I can’t paint faces, or I can’t paint landscapes”. You said, its challenging but I’m enjoying the process of learning. It’s a positive example for us all. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride.

  21. You have me fascinated with antique furniture & now oil paintings. You are really talented & I wish I could paint like you do. So I have to select oil painting copies. Will you ever get back to selling copies of your paintings? I so would love one, or two, or three…….

  22. I am so proud of you for being brave enough to try all of this but especially the Manet copy! Carry on!

  23. WOW! Definitely your best to date! I had to keep going back and looking to make sure I wasn’t still looking at the original. Incredible job!

  24. Marian, when I first saw this painting in your Typewriter dresser reveal, I thought for certain it was something from the 19th century you found at the Paris flea market! That old frame is wonderful, I love antique things that are shabby chic or imperfect; it really adds an old-time authenticity to this painting. You did an fantastic job with that Manet copy, it looks amazing! Your skills have improved a lot, though you’ve always had a natural ability and talent for all things artistic. You should be so proud of this piece, I hope you keep it for yourself.

  25. Her face is exquisite! How blessed you are at oil painting, and thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

  26. Oh wow Marian! That was an unbelievable showing for your first portrait attempt! She is stunnng and I had to keep looking and checking that it wasn’t the original. You are truly gifted but it’s like someone in the earlier posts said, you put in the practice and painting is a skill that anyone can learn if they’re disciplined (like you obviously are), and put in the practice time. A painting a day. However some people have just that natural talent, I call it a gift, and you definitely have it. Bravo! So proud of you!! Have a great day tomorrow!

  27. Fabulous work! You are an inspiring person and I love seeing your art…. thank you so much for sharing your journey. Sadly, I can’t drop by very often because of the depth of traffic on your site. The ads on your website are seriously distracting both visually and technically from enjoyment of your wonderful posts. I realize you need the commerce, however, so I get it.

  28. You are just so talented in SO many areas! God definitely gifted you talent and treasures! Best part, you use them wisely. Love the painting and the chest. May try typewriter on my powder rooms cabinet doors. They have absolutely no interest otherwise….might help!! Bless you!

  29. Berthe Morisot was the only female among the Paris Impressionist group whose work is in collections at Muse D’Orsay. Mary Cassatt also painted and studied with this group but she was regarded as an American and was not collected. I discovered this from the beautiful book which Musee D’ Orsay which you posted. there are only a few references to Cassatt, a prolific painter of the impressionist style. now I also see that there is an first time internationally touring exhibit of Morisot’s work. Dallas and Philadelphia are the US sites.

  30. Your paintings are just beautiful! You have such great artistic talent! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  31. I just came over from your recent post of hanging this in your living room. She is beautiful and you did a gorgeous job coping her. Just stunning! I also enjoyed reading about the artists, you have a great blog.

  32. Thanks for sharing your beautiful painting. I love it–very Victorian feel to it. Is that actually an old frame or did you age it? Could you share how you aged it if so. 🙂 Also if I may ask where did you source the easel. Looking for one for a xmas gift.

  33. I love to see your paintings and I have been wanting to do oil painting for some time. I have a lot of oils that I have picked up over time. But one question that I have for you is, what kind of pencil do you use to draw your pictures on there first?

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