Lucketts Eve 2015

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Today is about resting up for the three day marathon that is the Lucketts Spring Market.  I lingered in bed, took a long soak in a hot bath with lavender epsom salts and had a nice breakfast.  I’m getting my post done early, so I can get a full night’s sleep before the big day tomorrow.  We do have to pack up the van with the final things to take down to the market, but that’s pretty much all that needs to be done.  I can honestly say that I have never worked so hard and so focused on a specific event.  Now, all I can do is watch how it all unfolds over the next three days.  The weather, the crowds, how things sell…  I’ll keep you posted.

Before I go, I realized I had one more piece of furniture to share.  It’s this sweet little wash stand…

Here’s how it looked before…


I liked the hardware and the shape, but it was looking pretty orange.  I painted it in Shutter Gray and added some simple decorative painting to the front.

It’ll be for sale at Lucketts along with the ironstone slop bucket and I’m bringing some French lavender topiaries as well.


See you at the market!

Lucketts Eve 2015

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17 Comments on “Lucketts Eve 2015”

  1. What a transformation. That color is so soft and I love the embellishment you added.
    Have fun this weekend and enjoy all you have worked so hard for.

  2. Good luck Marion. You’ve worked hard and it will all pay off. Enjoy. Everything you have done is fabulous. Wish I could go to Lucketts. Someday we will all say … “I knew Miss Mustard Seed when ….” 🙂

  3. That is a sweet little washstand. I love the hand painted embellishments you added. I really wish I was going to Lucketts. i would love to shop your booth but the event falls on my youngest sons birthday. Its a big one this year. He’ll be 16. So since I cant make it would you share where you found the french lavender topiaries? I love them!
    Good luck this weekend. Enjoy!

  4. everything looks wonderful. I wish I lived closer to experience Lucketts. Your going to do great, can’t wait to hear all the details. Best of luck.

  5. Marian,
    Best wishes for a fantastic 3-day sale at Lucketts. If only you knew how many times this spring I have thought about getting there from Texas. There are so many things in your photos that I would love to have…. the little blue stoneware bowl, the blue bordered quilt, and one of the mirrors. I’m sure there would be scores of other things I would love if I saw them in person. One day… Lucketts and MMS…

    I am so excited for you,


  6. Beautiful, what a transformation! I really like the decorative elements you added with the hand painting. So complimentary to this piece. Love the lavender, too! Good luck with the show!

  7. Your work is beautimous! If the slop bucket doesn’t sell I have dibbs on it, haha! Living out west ironstone isn’t as easy to find. Sell everything and have an amazing time, you deserve it!!!

  8. I LOVE your posts and think that your work is amazing. I wish I could come to Lucketts, but I’m afraid you’re too far away for us. If you’d ever consider coming to Nashville, TN there are some outstanding pop up shows coming up this year that I’m certain you’d do well in. If you’re ever inclined, please check out City Farmhouse in Franklin. The store is owned by Kim and David Leggett. They will be having two pop up shows – one in June and one in October. They bring in vendors from all over and it’s just a great time. I would love to see you and buy up a bunch of your goodies!

    Best of luck to you at Lucketts. I’m sure you’ll be a terrific success!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! I wish you record sales!! What a hard worker you are Miss Mustard Seed! Maybe next year I will get to Lucketts…I know , I said that last year!!

  10. Can we shop your leftovers?
    How do we do this?
    Good luck!

    Tell me more about the lavender episode salt soak!!!!!!! Please

  11. Everything looks so beautiful! Wish I could be there to see it! Also, I found one of these big ironstone slop buckets just the other day and knew just what to do with it!!! It now sits with a little boxwood in it! Thanks so much for the constant inspiration! 🙂

  12. Lucketts was great today. I was so excited to meet you,kriste and your mom. Can’t wait to get painting with Lylas mint and lucketts green. Your colors are gorgeous!!! You put such effort into your booth….that was obvious. Good luck and make lots of $$$!

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