Guide to shopping my booth at Lucketts – 2015

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For those who have attended before, I’m in the same place I’ve been for the past four years.  If you’re new, I know an overhead view of the event might not help very much, but here it is.  My booth is located in the red circle.  So, I’m located on the gray gravel at the corner of the pea gravel.  If you’re in grass, I’m not there.  If you’re in pea gravel, you’re getting close.  My tents are white with white bunting and we’ll even be flying a Miss Mustard Seed flag that was custom made for me. If you can’t find it, the best thing to do is to ask at the entrance and most of the folks working will know where I am.

The fair is happening rain or shine and I will be at my booth all three days.



The event is this weekend, May 15-17, 2015.  Friday is a ticketed event and the tickets are sold out.  If you have a ticket, the event is open from 10:00am – 5:00pm.  Saturday and Sunday are open to at-the-gate admissions from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Saturday) and 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Sunday).  Usually Saturday morning is our crazy-busy day, but since we have the Friday sale and Saturday is opened two hours early, I’m not sure what to expect!  I do know that if you just want to browse and hang out in a more leisurely way, come Saturday afternoon or Sunday.  I’ll also put a lot of things on sale on Sunday, so if you’re looking for bargains, that’s the day to show up!



I thought I had a lot last year, but we blew it away this year.  We filled a 20 foot truck, plus a van, plus another car and we still have one more van load to take over.  It’s maybe too much, but I hope you all prove me wrong!  We didn’t get fully set up today, but we got most of it done and Kriste and I ran around and snapped some pictures, so you could see how it looks and everything we have…




























We have – over 500 pieces of ironstone (plates, bowls, platters, compotes, tureens, casseroles, pitchers, sugar jars, coffee pots, tea pots, mugs, lids, etc.), over 30 large pieces of furniture, 14 upholstered French chairs, benches, stools, farm-style wood chairs, 10 hand painted signs, alarm clocks, typewriters, cameras, scales, wooden totes, dozens of bread boards, antique European hemp sheets (the ones I use for upholstery), preserved boxwood wreaths, preserved mini-basil wreaths, dried lavender bunches and lots of fun, unique finds.  We will also be selling the full line of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products (all 24 colors in quarts and sample sizes, hemp oil, all the waxes, Tough Coat, brushes, aprons), milk paint and MMS t-shirts (now in blue), my first book, Inspired You, and the MMSMP Look Book One.

There is a lot packed into our space, so if you’re having trouble finding something specific, just ask.



If you want to buy something in my space, but it’s too big or awkward to carry to the checkout counter, just pull the tag and take that to the checkout when you’re ready.  (If you pull a tag and change your mind, please let us know, so we can tie one back on.)  We’ll put a sold tag on it for you and hold it until you’re ready to take it home. We’ll also bag and label pieces that are too bulky to carry around with you as you continue shopping.  My dad is the “packer & holder” and he’ll take good care of you.  Regular shoppers at my booth are very familiar with him and he has a great memory, so he probably remembers you, too!

We have several people lined up to help this year and we’ll all be wearing MMS or MMSMP t-shirts and vendor tags, so grab someone if you need help with anything.  That’s why we’re there.

For payment, I accept cash, checks (as long as you have a valid ID) and credit/debit cards via PayPal Here.  Cash is obviously easiest and best, but I know how cash can get away from you at a place like Lucketts.



We have quite a lot of help this year…  My mom (Kim) and Kriste will be the main ones running the checkout counter.


Courtney is coming to help again with checking people out who are making quick cash purchases.


Jeff, Sean, Jonathan and Mike will be helping hands to hold purchases, move furniture, whatever you need.  My dad (Warren) will be running the wrapping station again and will have one of the guys helping him when it’s really busy (with all of the ironstone!)  He loves shrink-wrap and is very thorough, so you might need some scissors or a pocketknife to get into things when you get home!  This year, I got some really nice totes with reinforced bottoms and rope handles for people who are buying the heavier pieces of ironstone.  If you plan to buy a lot of ironstone, I would suggest bringing some totes and/or boxes, too.

David, Kriste’s husband, is going to be helping out some of the time and capturing everything on video the rest of the time.  We are setting up a GoPro camera to try to capture the flurry of activity and he’ll take some hand-held footage as well.

And, of course, I’ll be there.  I’ll be helping, fluffing, meeting, greeting and generally enjoying the culmination of all of my hard work.


I’m going to get some rest tomorrow (maybe even take a nap) and get a few final things done.  I want to have lots of energy when I get back to my booth to fine-tune everything before the market officially opens.  I’ll post updates Friday and Saturday nights to show you what’s left in the space and give a quick recap of the events.

I look forward to meeting some of you this weekend!

Guide to shopping my booth at Lucketts – 2015

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41 Comments on “Guide to shopping my booth at Lucketts – 2015”

  1. Girl, you’ve got a lot of stuff!!! Wow!! And I bet you won’t come home with any of it! I’m going to say some prayers that it doesn’t rain…I had to move my market, Vintage Market by Shabby Shed, back a day due to the severe weather forecast. (That’s life in the tornado belt) it ended up great and we had a good crowd that was in the mood to buy! Whew, what stress! Thanks for the pictures, can’t wait to see videos of the day!!

  2. Wow, what a great looking space. You can see how much work has been put in to this space. I hope you have an amazing weekend. Thanks for sharing all of these pictures, you are an inspiration!

  3. I love this time of year when you post about Luckett’s. I feel like I have been reading your blog for awhile, I get excited when I see the pics. I will never be able to make it and vision what it looks, sounds and smells like there. Enjoy the weekend. I certainly will be waiting for the wrap up post!!!!!!

  4. Holy cow. I cannot wait, your booth alone could keep me occupied for hours! It just looks so YOU all put together (which obviously was what you were going for) but it is better than I imagined. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet you, you have been such an inspiration!

  5. Oh, I bet you don’t sleep until it’s over! How could you? I’d be laying in bed, counting all the pieces, all over, again and again (it’s just what I do). Oh, and btw, I think I’m changing my mind on some of what I’d snap up if I was there….I forgot about that china cabinet with the wooden shelves I had asked you about! Then there’s the handsome boxwood green pieces, the shaggy pull toy dog…….have a blast – you’ve moved mountains!

  6. What a treasure trove! I’m hoping to talk hubs into a nice day away on Sunday – I hate crowds. I may miss out on some things, but love a bargain too! And, I love the new blue color shirts! I have the gray one and wear it all the time!

  7. For the people who can’t make it to Lucketts remember there is THE MUSTARD SEED PAGES where Marian helps her readers sell things she likes!

  8. Tomorrow is the big day! I was incredibly blessed to WIN a free ticket to Lucketts early shopping day through your blog! I tried taking my daughter last year for the first time…ohhhh that was bad! Funny thing is, I didn’t know the traffic was for Lucketts or because of the bad weather we had gotten…sometimes ignorance is bliss! I really am so thankful for the chance to come this year and on Friday to boot! Thank you so much for your blog and this opportunity. I look forward to seeing your space!!

  9. I am dying looking at your photo’s. Amazing! Take time to enjoy the moment that you (all of you) have worked so hard for.

  10. Your booth is drool-worthy! Bet everything’ll get snapped up in a heartbeat. Once you’ve recovered from this smashing success, I’d love for you to refinish a chest of mine to look like your “Mora” (so beautifully appointed in your booth). Please let me know how to connect with you on this, Marian.

  11. I occasionally see you mention “Lucketts”. For someone who doesn’t know (and a Google search just confused me more) – what is Lucketts? A town, a store, a fair? Also, in the ‘Where’ you might mention where it is – city, state, location. Def looks like a place I want to visit!

  12. Lucketts is a town, a store and an antique market, all in Virginia. Look up “Old Lucketts Store” and that is the store and where the market is held. I used to be a full-time vendor there, but now I just sell at the fair once a year.

  13. Wow, wow, wow! I can’t get over how good it all looks considering how windy it was for you all setting up yesterday! Sure lucked out on the great weather!

    Hope to get over the mountain via Stumptown Rd to see you on Sunday!!

  14. Loved looking at all the projects that you have thrown up on the screen this past year. One is nicer than another. And you are having beautiful weather compared to last year. Mary

  15. Wow! I am so disappointed I live in Michigan! I have been following your blog and now this! It sounds like a festivity I should not miss. Be there next year, for sure! Good Luck!

  16. I wish you were in California!!!!!!!! I wish you all the best in sales this weekend!!! I especially love that little yellow cabinet with the white flowers. I’m inspired to paint a piece I have in that color.
    I love your stuff and I love your blog!!! 🙂

  17. Words don’t quite cover how fabulous everything looks. The best of luck and I hope you sell everything!!

  18. Gorgeous! So wish I could be there. I attended the Brimfield Flea Market here in MA yesterday and bought 3 of those vintage green pendant lights that are hanging over your Mom & Kristi at the checkout counter. Love them!

  19. I wish I lived closer to you, I would just love to empty my house and fill it again with Miss Mustard Seed furniture. At least I have a pretty good collection of white ironstone, but I don’t think I could go to your booth without buying more. Hope the weather is perfect and you sell everything.

  20. You always inspire me. Can you tell me what floral stencil was used on the light grey/blue dresser? Beautiful and peaceful.

  21. Love everything, as always. Hope the weather is good to you. I’m hoping to see you on Sunday- probably you and your helpers sitting in an empty booth. for you for me

  22. Love Love Love! Yellow is my favorite color so I really love your yellow piece . I live in Columbus OH which is only 6ish hours from Lucketts so one of these years I’ll need to attend this event to see all your beautiful masterpieces and also meet you! Good luck at the show but I don’t think you need it 😉

  23. Hi Marion. I had plans to come for the first time but my mom had surgery and it is not the right time. If by chance you don’t sell the “K.E.” chair than I would LOVE to buy it as those are my initials. I would be happy to drive the distance to pick it up at you studio. Long shot I know but you never know! Your booth looks lovely and I am certain that you will have a wonderful event! Enjoy!

  24. Soooo sad I live in Southern California but at least my bank account is safe. Thank you for posting the pictures. It looks like you are going to have a great time.

  25. Marian,
    I spotted the little blue stoneware bowl….it’s sitting on top of a gray chest with whited painted flowers that has a huge clock on it. There is another bowl sitting inside the blue stoneware bowl. I would love for you to sell it to me over the Internet since I cannot make it to Lucketts. Just tell me how much and I will pay by Paypal. This is a serious offer.


  26. Almost like being there! BUT I can’t buy!
    This California girl needs to plan a Lucketts spring trip!
    Hope you have sun filled days!

  27. Hi Marian, what a great heads-up on what to expect. See you Saturday or Sunday.

    I’m still debating which day to come. I suspect Saturday for better pictures but Sunday for better deals-lol. However, I feel like if I wait until the last day all the best things will already be snapped up.

    Lovely pictures from last year and it looks like you have some wonderful helping hands to keep up with everything.

    Good luck with your booth all weekend.


  28. This girl from New Zealand has started saving, hopefully I will get there next year….don’t think my suitcase will quite be big enough though!!
    Enjoy the rewards of all your hard work and I’m sure you won’t be packing much up to take home at all 🙂

  29. Arrrrrgh…your booth looks beautiful. And to think we left Fairfax on Friday. Would have loved to have made a swing by to see you…don’t think a bus load of 8th grade boys on a DC field trip would have appreciated it as much as I would have. Maybe there will be some remnants you can sell on line for us out of towners…

  30. I really enjoyed seeing all the things you had in you show. I live in KS so likely will never see your work. I especially liked the signs……milk and cream plus the sign bread and biscuits. mmmm do you ship items direct in addition to your big outdoor sale?

    I do like to see the transformation of the pieces. Amazing!

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