Lucketts Day Two

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Well, the main story on day two of Lucketts was rain.  Major bummer.
My feet were wet from 8:00 am until about 9 pm and I had some seriously pruney toes.  My dad was an Airborne Ranger, so he was a real trooper and kept a smile through it all (except when he was nodding off from exhaustion!) 
It was pouring in the morning, so I retreated to the comforts of Molly’s booth inside. 
I had to snap some photos of her beautiful display as well as those of her co-workers at Chartreuse and Company.  They all share a consistent style, so the booths blended together seamlessly.  It was a real feast for the eyes. 
I think I would describe the style as French Industrial Chic.  There was a lot of chippy paint, zinc, warm woods and sparkle. 
I am kicking myself for not buying this dresser.  Molly’s partner bought this off another dealer for super cheap.  I spotted it when the dealer was setting up and thought about that very thing, but I think Gail had purchased it already.  Oh well, can’t win them all!
Aren’t these wooden cogs cool?  I think Sherry bought one of them. 
I sold a ton of pieces, but brought my settee and sheet music dresser home with me.  I think I would’ve sold them if it hadn’t rained on Sunday.  Both pieces had a lot of interest, so I put them back in the shop. 
The weekend was an overall success, but it always stinks when it rains at an antique fair, especially when you’re a dealer.  I did get to meet some great bloggers and readers (like Sharon, Colleen, and others) and I made more than enough money to say it was worth it.  Thanks for all of your well wishes about the event. 
Some upcoming posts will include my Lucketts finds, some new projects, slipcovered wing chairs, how to start and run a business, and three giveaways!  Stay tuned…
Miss Mustard Seed
Lucketts Day Two

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28 Comments on “Lucketts Day Two”

  1. Hi,

    I was so sad I missed you when you stopped by our space at Lucketts! Molly was so excited she met you and made a point of flaunting the fact that she had and I had not! (Darn potty break!)

    And yes, wasn't that dresser fabulous? It sold Sunday afternoon and I was sorta sad myself because I would have loved it in my own house!

    I hope to meet you some other time! Thanks for the kind words about Chartreuse!


  2. I was thinkin of you all. So sorry! Sorry too that your beautiful dresser won't fit beside my bed, or I'd be buyin it super fast! I also appreciated your older post on why the gorgeous settee was not practical for your home right now. I needed that bit of reality as I'd anguished over losing my white matelasse sofa for the (craigslist) leather one… Leather is awesome for our family, and the dirt slides right off but so do my cute pillows… sigh Looking forward to seeing your creative sofa replacement here and visiting your shop soon.

  3. Ooh that chest does look all shabby and yummy, too bad you didn't bring it home with you!

    I know the rain had to be a real bummer but I'm glad that you did well. Lots of hard work, I know.


  4. Glad you sale went well…now it is time for a hot bath and maybe some hot tea with honey! To warm up those wet toes of yours.

  5. Sorry for the rain. 🙁

    Your dad is adorable. 🙂 Are those cheezies he's holding? Hard cheezies?? If so, he's got wonderful taste!

    Whadda trouper he is! And you! So glad it was worth it!


  6. Yes, I believe they are Cheetoes Marian's Dad is holding – that is because Marian's Mom was not there to supervise! Those are contraband in this house. So now he's caught! He is adoreable though! What a great Dad to go sit at an Antique Fair for 2 days for his little girl rain and all. Wish I could have been there. Ahhh next time. MMS's Mom

  7. Looks like fun and friendship in spite of the rain!!!

    We're heading your way in the next week or so! Hope we get a chance to stop by the shop!!

    I agree with the other gals, your dad is adorable…and now I want hard crunchy cheesies….really bad…but I can't see…I got this tummy thing sitting on my lap..well, you don't want to read about that…

    I love that you sold "a ton of pieces"!!! I'm looking forward to your upcoming post topics!!!

  8. Dear Marian, It was such a pleasure to meet you at Lucketts. You are just lovely and have an amazing talent! I was so excited to meet you that I couldn't even concentrate on your booth. Your Dad was so cute huddled under that tree. And he is clearly very proud of you. And now he's met some of your fans and knows what a star you are in the blog world. Continued success in your life and business and I will continue to read your blog and be inspired! Sharon

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