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Some days I just need to paint.  It’s therapeutic for me and it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.  With a two hour school delay, I didn’t have a lot of time to get things done today, so I picked a small project I’ve been wanting to work on – painting this little stool.


It’s in our master bathroom, so I decided to use MMSMP Artissimo.


It’s a deep navy blue.  A yummy color, in my opinion.


Now, I painted a lot of chairs and stools before I realized that I should start with the piece upside down.  That eliminates a lot of the awkward reaching and neck strain and paint on your forearms.  Maybe you’re smarter than I am and figured that out on your first try!


I decided to apply the paint without prepping the piece at all.  I had a pretty good feeling it would adhere well, so I didn’t feel sanding or the Bonding Agent was necessary in this case.  I also didn’t mind if it chipped.


As I was painting it, I realized there was a signature and date under the stool…


I believe my Opa wrote that.  Those are his initials anyway, and if so, he would’ve been about 11 when he made this stool.  He went on to be a home builder and all around handy guy, so it wouldn’t be surprising.


One coat covered the stool nicely.


You can see the color is rich when it’s wet, but dries lighter, which is the opposite of a lot of paints that are lighter when they are liquid and dry darker.  Milk Paint is a rule breaker.


This post is about the stool, but I’m using a couple of new MMSMP products, so I thought I would show them off.  The first is the brush…


…the second is MMS Brush Soap, which will be available soon.  It comes in a cake and does an amazing job at cleaning gunky, paint-caked brushes.



You just rub the brush on the soap until it’s clean.  And it smells nice and feels good on your hands.


I have to give you a little behind-the-scenes here.  I shot the “brush soap” sequence in my half bath, which is teeny-tiny and has zero natural light.  So, I pulled in our new video lighting to see how it would do and it worked great.  Now, imagine two bigs lights, my camera on a tripod and me in this teeny space trying to get pictures of myself washing the brush.  I ended up taking the two-handed pictures with the shutter remote in my teeth.

So, you might think Mustard Seed Interiors is some fancy operation, but it’s actually a girl crammed in a little bathroom taking pictures with her teeth just before she has to go get her kids from school.

Once the stool was dry, I took it to the basement for some distressing.  I sanded the edges with a coarse, 80 grit, sand paper and then went over the entire piece with a fine 220 grit.  As you can see, the color looks even lighter now it’s been roughed up.


And I finished it off with a coat of Hemp Oil to bring out the color of the paint and richness of the exposed wood.  I brush it on and work it into the paint with the brush.  A little goes a long way, so you don’t have to slather it on.  I used just 1-2 tablespoons on this entire piece…if even that.


And I wiped off the excess with a clean cloth.

MSI_3964 MSI_3965

And that’s my therapy and sense of accomplishment for the day!

The stool is just a bonus.

stool gallery

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