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Just before I left for Europe, I received a package from Linen Bee.  I have worked with them for years as a sponsor and a paying customer.  I’ve worn their dresses to China, Europe, and all over the US.

They are my favorite custom-made linen clothes.  So, I’m always excited when I get a package from them!

In this order, I received some shirts and a dress to wear on my trip, but I also received a preview of some new fabrics…

…a smock-style apron, and some napkins.

Isn’t this stack just yummy?

I wore the shirts, dresses, and apron throughout my Europe trip…

I love the weight of these napkins (they are a little lighter than my vintage linen napkins) and the blue and white striped pattern.  I do actually use cloth napkins, so it’s nice to have a few more to add to my collection.  Most of my napkins are neutral, so these add another option for pattern and color.

I love this mini-stripe and want to order a dress to match!  (Not that I need to intentionally match my napkins!)

In a recent tablescape, I folded my napkins into squares and tucked them into a ramekin and I thought that was a nice way to display the napkin and add a little height to the place setting.

When not in use, I bundled my napkins in a piece of twine and store them on a shelf in the kitchen or in the butler’s pantry.

Who else still uses cloth napkins?

You can shop home decor items and custom-made clothing out of European linen from Linen Bee HERE.

They also just launched a new collection of clothing home decor items.  You can check out that collection HERE.  Having worked with them for several years, I’ve loved watching their business and creativity grow.  There are so many beautiful images from their most recent shoot…

You can also get a behind-the-scenes look at the operation HERE.

linen bee napkins

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25 Comments on “linen bee napkins”

  1. My daughter has been begging me to find and unpack the box that has our cloth napkins so that we can start using them again. So…yes, I do still use cloth napkins or will be as soon as I get them unpacked. 🙂

  2. I use cloth napkins. Mostly from charity shops. I don’t tie them with twine. Does this keep them together?

    1. We have been using cloth napkins for over 15 years. If you have lipstick on yours from guests dab the areas with alcohol being sure to have a paper towel on the other said as you dab. Then pretreat with Shout and throw in washer. I wash everything on cold. You will be so surprised when the it’s done washing. Also, for ketchup or red sauce I use salt and the back of a spoon with a paper towel on back of napkin. With a little bit of water use the back of a spoon and work the salt in. Once done , treat with Shout and launder as usual.

  3. Our family has been using cloth napkins for at least 20 years. I have made most of them, and have many different colors, prints, and even some that are holiday themed. I often give a dozen as a housewarming gift, and they are always well received. When my son was in school, he even took cloth napkins in his lunch. I can’t imagine ever going back to using paper.

  4. I have used cloth napkins for years, even when my children were very small. Most stains come out with a little pre-treatment but I have always had an everyday set and a special occasion set.

  5. I also use cloth napkins, but, usually for special meals. Many of mine are vintage also and belonged to my great grandmother. Several are also monogramed and as it’s our Thanksgiving this weekend I’ll be using them on our Thanksgiving table .😊

  6. I went to a party forty years ago at the neatest old house in the world. Two things stayed with me: an antique pedastal table cut down and used as a coffee table, and a square basket containing cloth napkins of different antique print fabrics on the dining table. I immediately made some similar napkins, but I’m still hoping for the coffee table…

  7. I’ve used cloth napkins solely since my first apt in 1995! Back then, I bought napkins. Around the time I had kids, I grew tired of allllll the folding of the cloth napkins (in half, then half, then half again) in addition to folding allllll of the baby clothes, lol. I found someone on etsy making napkins that were only folded once. They measured approx 8″ tall x 10″ wide (folded was 8″ tall x 5″ wide). I sew, and could’ve made my own….but at the time she had access to the Amy Butler Love fabric….that wasn’t available yet. So I bought hers. Then made my own, in a variety of fabrics. I still make my own….we have a drawer full of them. We still use those original AB Love napkins….daily use and they held up well! (I keep a bucket under the sink for used/dirty cloth napkins, dish towels….which I also make with pretty cotton fabrics, and dish wash cloths, and I pop the items in with our towels every couple of days.)

  8. Thanks for introducing us to Linen Bee’s they have the cutest stuff! I love the smocks and dresses you wear. Very unique and classic. These napkins are beautiful! I don’t use fabric napkins on a typical day but for special occasions.

  9. I use cloth napkins, have for years. One year for Christmas I bought red washcloths from one of the big box stores and made felt Christmas napkin rings and gave a dozen a piece to each of our married children and also for us. I have also bought a number of hand towels in my favorite color – blue- and I use those also for napkins. I still use paper napkins but only because I have received them as gifts or I bought them to make cards.
    Jean McGee

  10. I use cloth napkins, and have for many years. I’m picky about the size (20″), and fabric (soft). I have found that I like to store them folded and turned up on edge in the drawer of my buffet. This lets me see the number of napkins, colors, patterns. I first saw this idea on Stone Gable blog.

    I’ve always loved that photo of you – you look like a little girl….and the picture of you in the linen apron, with the painted trunk is really good!

  11. I have used them for most of my life. I love the ones that don’t seem to require ironing, although I do use that kind, too. There are only the two of us now, but we start fresh each day, more often if necessary. I find that if I use a bit of fabric softener and a dryer sheet, then fold as soon as the dryer stops, most of the time no ironing is needed. I think of it as just one little effort to save trees.

  12. I also use cloth napkins. I buy them at antique stores when I see them on sale. I usually buy white so I can bleach them if necessary, but I have other colors as well.

    I like that I am not using paper napkins (more environmentally friendly), and I love the fact that they are vintage and have a story.

    Thanks for all you do!

  13. I’ve used cloth napkins forever. Probably have a dozen different colors/patterns. It’s a little splash of special in an everyday world.

  14. Cloth napkins always. Even, or maybe especially for picnics. Even when the kiddos were small, and the Grands. Altho my style and colors have changed over the years, the cloth napkin is still a must have. Some of the fabrics are “so you” it looks like you might have designed them! Annd, thanks to you inspiring me years ago, I also use my Grandmother’s silver and have picked up odd forks, spoons and butter knives to use every day. Nothing beats eating Honey Nut Cheerios from a vintage transferware bowl with an authentic silver spoon and a using a cloth napkin to daintily wipe my chin. 😀

  15. Marian…I love to go to estate sales and pick up beautiful cloth napkins for a song! Quick question….which dress are you wearing in that first photo (solid blue) and which are the aprons you wear that are longer? I was overwhelmed by the simple beauty in the LinenBee catalog….so pretty! Thanks!

  16. These are beautiful! We use cloth napkins all the time. I love for the napkins to “feel” ironed, but since I despise ironing, I found a trick … I smooth the just-washed napkins onto the top of the dryer, overlapping each just a little. Then when we dry the next set of laundry, the warm top of the dryer dries the napkins and gives them a crisp, “just-ironed” starchy feel. .. without the trouble of ironing!

  17. Oh, the napkins are heavenly! And I think it’s perfectly fine if your clothes match the napkins. 🙂
    I’m going to have to pay them a visit…thank you!

  18. Cloth Napkins! This brings back sweet memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at my Aunt Doris’ house. She is almost 90 now and lives in assisted living. We always had our dinners at her house and she loved and collected cloth linens. Good memories! I love your dishes and those forks!!!!

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